Right into Bed

Even as I was contemplating this article the point of it was driven home to me only this morning for about the ten thousandth time.

That initial titling, “Right Into Bed”, has to do with everything and everybody – except ourselves who are the disenfranchised – having long ago gotten into bed with the SUPER superstition of all time: That of so-called “‘racial equality”. And remember that superstition can be described this way: Belief in the absence of facts. Conversely but just as accurately: Disbelief in the presence of facts.

Every age, it seems, has its Big Number One with regard to the preferred superstition. One used to have to worship the emperor or swear that the sun revolved around the earth, etc. Otherwise he might be burned or nailed to a cross. Today it is “racial equality”. (It’s also “The Holocaust” but that’s another story.) To fly directly in the face of all direct evidence, all reality, and every lesson of history is, to me, an amazement. And yet it is everywhere universal.

Back east when I was a kid we had lines like this: Where I come from we breed animals, we don’t fuck ’em.

But in all seriousness, we too ARE animals and fully subject to the same laws of breeding – in our case EUGENICS – as any other animal. Any farmer, as it has been said, in his barn yard knows the value of good breeding. And yet, somehow it doesn’t seem to apply to us “humans”.

In all honesty this insanity of “equality” is not the exclusive estate of the sick, Jewish left. It’s been around for quite a while. Certainly, it took off here around the time of the Civil War. Craziness. Prior to that time I think the issue was overlooked generally thus allowing for a gradual deterioration of the national stock. But as far back as Saint Paul the notion of carefully watching your breeding was introduced when he observed – and I paraphrase – that previously this sort of thing God “winked at” but now, in the present, you must take care with it. This was at the time of the obviously approaching death of Classical Civilization and just before the start of Western, Christian Civilization. Race, as Paul knew, was pivotal to both phenomena.

But it was Count Gobineau – a French nobleman of the Nineteenth Century, who first, it is claimed, codified and expounded upon racialism as a principle. Took long enough in the history of mankind, I should think to have come up with this realization.

William Pierce in his fine publication of the 1970s “Attack!” newspaper, reproduced a poster circulated by the Jews which was headed, “Jews! Don’t Mix ‘n’ Match!” The message given therein was this: Leave all that nonsense to the stupid Goyim – the Whites – and let them thereby destroy themselves genetically. But we Jews must be on guard to preserve ourselves. Joke however was and shall always be on them: As the great Reverend Jack Crites loved to comment, “All mixed up as they are with Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites, etc., we know that they are bastards. And I think we also know that they are DIRTY bastards!”

No. It is WE who are the ONLY ONES who have anything to lose genetically. And hovering as we are at about 10% of the world’s population, it would be sheer childsplay to get ourselves completely lost in that great bio-mass of mud. Indeed, it isn’t even the billions of India or China that we need to concern ourselves with as they can affect nothing situated where they are. It is however the millions that we have here among us as “citizens” Polluting the national bloodstream in the present and threatening national death in the future.

Here’s another one you may want to share: I believe that one speck of shit in a gallon of ice cream ruins the whole gallon.

You mean you don’t?

But it’s true. The significance of the slightest racial taint is present all throughout the Old Testament. The Books of Leviticus and of Deuteronomy – that is, the spelling out of the Law and then even the REPEAT of the Law – deals with matters such as how many generations of correct breeding would be required to cleanse any racial taint. Six generations on average. No accident was it that one had to prove his genealogy going back six generations before being admitted in to the membership of the SS. (And then there were the “Nazirites” of the Old Testament but I’ll leave it to you to research that one on your own.)

To destroy an enemy or a marked victim. Even then, thousands of years ago, they knew they couldn’t achieve this in head-on, military confrontation. And it remains true to this day. As I’ve said, they won’t permit you the chance to FIGHT because they know you’d win. They won’t send their colored rabble against your armed citizenry because they know you’d CREAM them! No. They’ll be satisfied to wait and allow their poisoning of the s0ul and spirit of you, your children and your grandchildren via their media and “educational” control together with their control of all other formerly White institutions until the level of “voluntary” race-mixing has reached the point of no return. Then Satan will have won.

Now to the second element of the title of this feature: “Fine Folks with Fatal Flaws.” This conspiracy – for it IS a conspiracy – could have no hope of achievement without the cooperation of many of those within our own race. The White race possesses the most highly developed sense of ideals. To this we owe our great civilizations. But that which is most highly developed is at the very same time the most vulnerable to twisting or perversion. The enemy – the Jew – knows this which is why he went after and attained over a century ago mastery of all media and education. Massive brainwash was, after that, mere childsplay.

And so we see everywhere some really fine folks who are completely taken away by all of this “racial equality” bullshit. People who are hard-shell conservative, people who are even anti-gay, people who voted for Trump, etc. But they espouse this. “Equality” crap! Otherwise intelligent people who staunchly stand by this garbage! And they wonder why things are continuing to sink, why God has turned his face from them. They can’t be woken up.

If anything is holding this mess of a society together, it is people like these together with their fine sense of ideals, etc. But they are fatally flawed. They are themselves lowering their posterity into the grave in carefully measured increments. Would that it could break loose, get out of control so that we might get the chance to fight.

Forget the coloreds, the Jews, the communists, etc. They are doing as they might be expected to do. But the supposed White conservatives?! Unless and until they embrace RACIALISM as the single greatest factor and principle in human affairs, the present trend will only continue.

If you lose your racial integrity you’ve lost everything. And you can’t get it back. Anything else which today plagues our race may be overcome and gotten over. Anything. But to go non-white is forever. You don’t need a crystal ball to peer into this kind of a “future” if that is what it even can be called. Merely take a look at any colored, Third World venue. Even those people are trying to get out of there. Hopelessness. Human life is dirt cheap, a glut on the market. And many of these places are among the most “conservative” on earth. A lot of good it is doing them!

Our eternal enemies, the Jews, have taken this perennial, “White Achilles’ Heel” and have codified it into our own very death sentence. And the most have indeed jumped right into bed with it. And even the very crème of the crop of our community, our society have embraced it with a vengeance. Headlong to suicide.

Most will agree that without some sort of extraordinary and sudden intervention this arrangement will end up just that way for at present there stands nothing to halt or reverse it. We have ourselves of course. But we are marginal at best. There have always been keepers of the flame. However, should the broad yeomanry of any nation succumb to miscegenation then all is ultimately lost. As David said in his Psalms, “If the foundations be destroyed; what can the righteous do?”

As events rush toward their climax, an already predetermined climax, it is necessary to note that we have Hitler who came to prepare the way, just as he himself stated. And we need to realize that every bit of this was anticipated and spelled out thousands of years ago, right along with its foregone conclusion. Someone went to a hell of a lot of trouble to give this planet a Super Race. They themselves have stated that it is not their desire or intention to stand by and watch it go down the drain.

But there will be that “Last Battalion” and we are it.