Seeds of Doubt

Over the last 2 years –and this is something I have touched on before– many significant things have happened. But the underlying trend to take away from the events of the last two years (with Covid, BLM riots, Trump losing office in questionable ways, failure in Afghanistan) is the sewing of the seeds of doubt. And all it takes are these seeds of doubt to take root for an irreversible process in the minds of the populace to take place, thus disrupting the view most have in mind of The System. You see, most people view The System as a type of God, which they pray to, and supplicate to, and prostrate before, for material benefit and protection.

When events, such as those mentioned of the last 2 years, takes place it plants the seed of doubt in the mind of the populace, once this is done the process begins for the power-grip and legitimacy of The System to erode. Like our fiat currency, The System gains power from the belief in it’s power, it’s a self-propagating System (as mentioned by Ted Kacyznski in “Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How”) who’s interests are only for preserving and propagating itself, not for the benefit of me and you. So much like our currency which is just worthless paper, The System only exists by the lemmings lending mass belief towards it, much like a God of sorts. This is an unspoken religion for the masses of lemmings. Now as with all false religions, a tiny little seed of doubt is all it takes for the destructive process to begin ending with it’s demise.

The events of the last 2 years have sown this seed. These seeds are continuously being planted and watered. The System is not infallible, like all systems it is prone to screw ups and failures. We are seeing a lot of this happen now as they become more emboldened, cocky, and arrogant. So as these events continue to erode the religious faith in their legitimacy, it is a major boon for us revolutionaries. We’ve seen this before time and time again in past revolutionary movements of every variety. We live in revolutionary times. With this erosion of faith in The System, people seek out alternatives, which if extrapolated out, leads to us to victory over this system. This lack of faith in The System leads to many negative symptoms which collectively spell out a deadly virus threatening The System’s existence.

Whatever restores faith in The System is bad, for instance the winning of petty elections that ultimately have no meaning or revolutionary purpose to it. In fact in some cases, controlled opposition such as with the Republican Party and Trump losing the 2020 election for example, has been a massive gain for us as more and more conservatives radicalize to our positions. The System is self-aware of this and knows that people are losing faith in it, so in response it allows for front groups to operate that SEEM like they are in opposition to The System but in reality heavily support it, such as Antifa, BLM or the various Patriot Militias/Proud Boys. This is articulated very well once again by Ted Kacyznski in his piece “The System’s Neatest Trick” which I highly suggest reading (along with all of the works of Ted Kaczynski).

The System as mentioned earlier is a self-perpetuating system who’s main goal is its own continued existence, this is unsustainable if the masses see The System as an illegitimate farce and have zero faith in it to provide comfort and safety for them. What is now happening globally is people are waking up to the detriment posed by this global System and are contemplating how to either exist outside of it – to “drop out”— or how to resist it and help it along on it’s death spiral which is inevitable. If the mighty Roman Empire couldn’t last forever, what makes these people think that this rotting system can last for more than another 10 years? Not even the urban lemmings could honestly think this thing will survive to 2040. It’s coming down fast, and faster still with the lack of faith people have in its perpetuation, the wheels of collapse and destruction are spinning. These wheels are accelerating with each passing day. Rectitude comes not through reformation, but from glimmers of oblivion, the most beautiful thing in the whole universe. Vladamir Lenin said it best himself when he said “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”.

For further context on what I mean by this article, I will be including some history videos on how people lose faith within a system and turn to revolutionaries (like ourselves) for change and what exactly leads up to this: