Starved & Poisoned

Most ought to know by now that my own “Big Three” symptoms of national death are as follows: Illicit use of narcotics; Homosexuality; and Miscegenation or race-mixing. But there really is and should be a fourth and that would be Culture Distortion. Actually, each one of these four represents distortion in one form or another and, as I was able to discern some long while ago, it is distortion that is meant whenever the “mystical” term “evil” is brought up in the Bible. (And, in the Bible, each one of these, under names like “sorcery”, “sodomy” and the more complex ones like “worshipping other gods” and “giving and taking in marriage” – a thing only mentioned whenever cross-breeding is taken up and forbidden in the same breath – carries sentence of death.)

But this piece is devoted to culture distortion.

I am, of course, a “Baby Boomer” even though I have always hated that reference. My parents were perhaps a little older than the average when they had me. But I’ve seen that a little can mean a lot in social development beginning with my own generation. Things have been moving – or deteriorating -that fast. I’ve witnessed it markedly demonstrated among siblings in the same household. I think my awareness took off earlier than most and, pairing this with older parents, I have identified more closely with their world than that of my own age group. And for this I am most grateful.

Music especially. My own large collection of vinyl LPs is built over the foundation of my father’s record collection and I still refer back to them not infrequently.

One good illustration and a proper way to start may center around New year’s Eve, an annual occasion just past. I get asked what I’ll be doing for New Year’s Eve and my response invariably is that I’ll be at home in bed asleep. And invariably I relate my “Guy Lombardo” story.

Next to no one today knows the name of the band leader Guy Lombardo. But he and his music were carefully introduced to me by my father at an age when he assumed I was capable of comprehending and retaining the information. He was right. “The Royal Canadians” and with “The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven.” From the beginning and to the end of my life, Christmas music will always be represented best by his album, “Jingle Bells”, where he is joined by the Andrews Sisters, if that tells you anything.

But Lombardo was best known as “Mr. New Year’s Eve” because of the annual gig he began playing at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York in 1929 which lasted until his death in 1975. This ritual I grew up with. Toward the end of his life, Lombardo was being interviewed and made the comment that when he died he planned on taking New Year’s Eve with him. And, for me, he did. The night of every December 31st and into the New Year, the occasion would be nationally televised and there would be the dancers on the floor – an all-White crowd, I assure you – with the old dames and their diamond tiaras in their hair indicating that they’d been coming there ever since 1929.

But if you ever wondered how and why the tune of “Auld Lang Syne” became associated with New Year’s Eve, it was because of this regular ritual involving Guy Lombardo whose theme song it was.

Now to the point. I guess they sometimes still play Auld Lang Syne around New Year’s but you’ll play hell hearing a straight version of it. It’s all been “niggered” up, filthied up. Not pure, not strong, not “sweet” any longer. It would genuinely cause real consternation among one of these modern day crowds if it were to be played properly and correctly. I think it would cause a reaction like unto one of Donald Trump’s letting loose with one of his racial, political or social slips.

Not caring about any “reputation” of my own, I am saying that the common culture has been deliberately poisoned and there will be no tolerance of it ever being cleaned up.

Same with the national anthem. Why some screaming, screeching Negress or the like slurring her way through this beautiful anthem? Don’t we have any White, male baritones to perform it right? Or do I miss the point? Again, I believe it is done deliberately.

What I am now calling the “Big Four” involved in national death must all go hand-in-hand. Any one of them could not have survived to get a foot in the door of our national life minus the presence of the other three. You just don’t get high while screwing your male nigger lover and listening to Guy Lombardo.

One more true story quickie. Early in this century during a time when I was managing a rooming house, the owner and I heard a loud screech and then a bang out in the alley. It was broad daylight. We ran to investigate and found a small car hung up, obviously crashed, on a heavy metal post. We determined it had been stolen from one of the nearby car lots, raced down our alley where it had struck a dumpster and then caught on that post whereupon the thieves abandoned it and ran. With engine still running, both doors wide open and the radio blaring “rap” music. The building owner exclaimed at the sound, “Isn’t that disgusting?” And I responded, “What did you expect, Mozart?”

As a kid of approximately kindergarten age, I plainly can recall a moment when probably a baby sitter was playing her A.M. radio in our kitchen and I was hearing for the first time some “Rock ‘n’ Roll” or “Doo-Wop”. This must be a joke of some kind, I thought to myself. Why, these people can’t even speak correctly much less presume to play music. But it was no joke. Or was it? A joke the kind of which is outlined in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

It was taken seriously and it caught on. The careful deliberation of that is documented and well known. “Payola”. Money paid out by these promoters to the stations to see to it that these songs were broadcast a certain number of times each day regardless of any complaints on the part of anyone. The purest of brainwash techniques. And the story is also well known that many stations in the South would not play a record performed by a Black. The answer? Find “artists” who were White but who could “sing Black”. Elvis, Jerry Lee, etc. And music began to be destroyed. Today it is destroyed with not even recognizable melodies present.

The likes of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, etc., were Black but basically playing – and even composing – music which was White, even if somewhat sullied up. Today it is the complete reverse. Whites doing their damnedest to come across Black. It’s even reached Nashville.

It’s poison and don’t tell me that you can’t become addicted to poison. A physical dependency or a subconscious dependency. Starved on the one hand and poisoned on the other. Why, there’s been for quite a while now what they’re calling “Christian” rock and rap. I tell them that it isn’t in the words but in the alien beat that the damage and the infection takes place. They don’t get it.

So it should be no wonder why we Nazis can’t get our hands on enough music from the Third Reich, whether military or simply popular. And we WERE starved for it way back in the day when about the best one could come up with was the album, “Hitler’s Inferno”. Some of the best music to be had then or now but interspersed with the vilest commentary. Today, thank God, we are literally AWASH in it! Like dying and having gone to heaven. But… there doesn’t exist a decent band to play this sort of thing live and with a healthy, White gathering there to enjoy it.

You can see anytime a slime-dripping “march” down any city street formed of niggers or queers or the like and with the accompanying “music” coming off some “boom-box”. But how about a formation of healthy White men really MARCHING down the street to the sound of an also marching brass band`!? The reaction? Starved? I should say.

Common culture. Not what the individual may choose to seek out but the COMMON culture. On the television then, with all of three channels to choose from ordinary commercials to the nightly station sign-offs, some of that music was positively glorious and inspirational. Promos for the armed forces were especially so. Then came Vietnam and all that was taken care of. Even the Wilkinson Sword razor blade commercial, reciting famous battles while “Rule Britania” played, was enough to cause vest buttons to pop.

Was it that the nigger element of consumerism couldn’t quite identify with that or was it something else? I believe that it was the latter, that “something else”, which set the ball rolling and that the monetary interest permitted it to go forward.

The common culture has been deliberately starved and poisoned. For it is the common population – the population base – that is targeted for ruin and destruction. Paranoid?

Distortion in all things is what we have.

With no place to turn.

A death trap.

Can you wake up?

I never fell asleep.