So a lot of people have been putting up stickers in their local communities lately and that is very good to see. It’s good for a number of reasons; it shows others like us that they are not alone and that our ideas are prolific enough that people are willing to go out and spread them around, it pisses off and agitates our enemies (which often eventually leads to our propaganda getting picked up by the jew news media and thus amplified far greater than any amount of people who would see the actual sticker themselves in person), and it a great disruptive activity on its own merit alone.

So what we’ll be doing in this article aside from presenting some of our recent propaganda stickers that we made for dissemination in the real world, is talking a bit about the best methods for putting up stickers, where to put them and so on, for maximum effect.

So first things first. Making of the stickers. So what you’re going to want to do is go out and buy some full sheet sticker paper, so for example Avery sells decent sticker paper like these:

So these can go right in your printer like normal paper, make sure you put them in the right way so that you don’t waste ink accidentally printing on the backside of them. In the printing process you can click the option to print about 9 images per page which usually come out a perfect size for stickers. This isn’t too hard to figure out.

Next thing you want to get is a simple paint brush, a cheap one because you’ll probably be throwing it away.

Now you want to get is some wheatpaste. A brand called Mod Podge is really good for this. Here’s what to get:

Now here is how to use these all together. After you got your stickers printed out and cut out and ready to go, you’ve picked a location (which will be talked about more in a minute), made sure you’re following some sort of protocol to not get caught (wear hoodie and ball cap to avoid face being on cameras, wear gloves, park your car very far away farther than 2 miles away), packed your bag, this is what you’d do to apply the stickers;

After you’ve decided the location to put a sticker, take your paintbrush and give the surface a small coat of the Mod Podge, then press your sticker on top of that, afterwards use the paintbrush again to apply a liberal coating of Mod Podge over all of that (careful it will ruin your clothes). It doesn’t take long to dry, and if it is left to dry (which it will be) it will be impossible to pull off with just your hands, no faggot tranny or limpwristed jew is going to be pulling these down. What will happen is someone with tools or a pressure washer will have to come to remove them. Trust us, we’ve been doing this for nearly a decade.

Next and this is arguably the most important part LOCATION, because if your sticker is somewhere were nobody or very few people will see it, then what’s the point of doing any of this?

So this should be obvious but apparently is not from what I’ve been seeing lately: your stickers all need to be in high traffic areas. High traffic areas would include places like: cross walk signs, bus stops, bathroom stalls, doors, tables, vending machines (or any similar thing that requires user interaction). So don’t waste time putting stickers on random telephone polls, the examples listed are a much better use of your stickers. Another thing about stickers and location is this, the ultimate goal for maximum reach is to get the media to whine about them, that way tens of thousands of people will see your propaganda instead of just 20 or 30. The best place to get this kind of attention for your stickers is on university campuses, this is a tried and true method that almost always works.

Another thing to keep in mind is that stickers must be simple. Sticker designs should be easy to read, have short phrases or quotes, and not have too much going on in them. They should have simple web address link at the bottom. NO QR CODES people DO NOT scan QR codes so don’t waste your time with that, however cool it may seem. Make sure if text is overlapping on images that the text is very visible.

So all that being said, good luck, stay safe, don’t get caught, and very importantly: HAVE FUN.

BONUS: another clever thing you can do is stamp currency with propaganda messages. Money is seen by everyone so this is very effective for obvious reasons. You can get a rubber stamp and ink pad for about 20$ here:

Just keep it simple so it turns out well, perhaps phrase on top and bottom and simple image in the middle. I don’t think this requires and guide or instructions.

Here are some of our propaganda stickers that you can easily print out and use: