They certainly don’t advertise it and there’s nowhere you may go to get a copy of their strategic plan but the proverbial “eyes with which to see” will tell you that high on the enemy’s preferred list has always been: Never give them the chance to fight. Why this? Because even today, if you were to fight – fight as a people – you’d win.

Had the Rhodesians fought, really fought, they’d still have their country. Had the South Africans really fought, even as the minority which they were, they’d yet be free. They permitted themselves to be sold out from within, betrayed. The price, apart from the degradation of it all? An explosion of rape, murder and general chaos. (Is this sounding at all familiar?)

But things like this never just “happen”. There must be sound and genuine leadership and this, too, has been carefully, scrupulously denied our people by secret masters. Only turds and more sell-outs are allowed to get anywhere near national politics. Not leaders, but managers. Selected, okayed, to manage the gradual downfall of this once-great land and its people. And down to what? Down to a Third World level.

Remember the last time this country or any country of the West was allowed – even encouraged – to really fight? The two disastrous World Wars when the biological best fought the biological best in the name of lies and some happy crap about supposed “democracy”. And all of it at the behest of those conspirators who had wormed their way into power and media. The result? You see it all around you.

Francis Parker Yockey wrote in his “Imperium” that one either fights a true enemy or else he fights himself. Of course, when you fight yourself, you can only lose.

They say and are probably right that the United States citizenry is the most heavily armed in the world. But you’ll never get the chance to use it. They’re depending on you aging, dying and your grandchildren inheriting your guns. And, furthermore, they’re depending on those grandchildren to be non-white. You lose finally and irretrievably. That’s the extended strategy and it is, for their purposes, an apparent winner.

Under the conditions which they have brought about through their media, their sell-out politicians and their having ram-rodded through so-called “integration” decades ago – plus the ruination of the culture, the plague of dope, the explosion of queerism, etc. – all that remains to seal the deal is time and proximity. A sure thing unless something gets changed. An “accident”? I don’t think anyone that deeply asleep would even be reading this.

The country has gone to hell with the citizens fully armed. It has gone to hell with many of the citizens at least still voting (but always for those same shit-hook candidates picked for them by their worst enemies.) It has gone to hell nominally under its precious Constitution. It has gone to hell with its imagined “free press”, long ago having been brought and otherwise monopolized by its mortal enemies. It has gone to hell right under its old flag, the red, white and blue.

Outrages the number of and kind of which we dared not even dream of in the 1960s are rampant and customary. From within and without we are assailed by colored trash and are told that we must bend over and grab the ankles. “Candles and Teddy Bears.” We are told we must hold to “legalities”. We need to be told, just as Goebbels told the German people: “People arise and let the storm break loose!”

Again I stress, there is not only no leadership, there is what amounts to ANTI-LEADERSHIP. An all-consuming VOID of anything remotely positive to guide our people. That and, again, a poisonous media which keeps them down and divided, brain-raped and in far too many instances turned against their own people and best interests.

You will not be granted a chance to fight. It has been the height of folly for decades, generations, for those of a nationalistic or racialistic bent to have hidden behind the delusion of having their weapons on hand. Life a “blue blanket” while the colored tide, the mud flood steadily arose around them.

Now to harsher reality.

We attempted to force the issue ourselves during the latter stages of the last century. Good and brave men sacrificed everything in the name of sparking a fighting revolution in this country. In the name of the Fourteen Words they sacrificed and died. And God bless them all. All was given. But the spark didn’t catch. All honor to them but let that lesson be well taken.

It’s rather like two sides of the same coin. While Whites as a people are to be denied the opportunity to fight for their sovereignty and survival by the machinations of the occupying enemy, then we – as the remnant – must deny to the same enemy any sort of target. High-profile won’t work. Grand-stand plays won’t work. They’ve been tried over and over with diminishing results as the population sinks ever deeper into its death slumber. And we cannot afford – never could afford – to sell ourselves cheaply for any reason. It has been tried. It has not worked.

Joseph Tommasi in 1974 declared that the White Man has lost. He was right. When you lose all control over all of your national institutions to a hostile enemy, what else can you call it? But that needs to be SEEN and acknowledged for what it is. Only then can something really begin. One cannot proceed on delusion.

As a child, when they would quote to me things like “Turn the other cheek” and “Love your enemy”, my instinctive response – even as a child – ranged from total disinterest to revulsion. Who needed this after all? This was alien to any proud American, any proud White. But that was the Fifties. This is nearing the second decade of the 21st Century. This have altered. Context has proved to have been the key.

With the Roman Empire, as rotten and corrupt as it has become, those being conquered by that System did try running out with sword and flame against the odds. We know how they wound up. And nothing changed. The idea was to survive and to go on as a remnant so as to be able to influence, even to MAKE the future once the current filthy and rotten System collapsed. Those who followed this instruction, and those who fully understood the score, were liberators or the liberated. The “barbarians”.

A big pill to swallow, I know. But no bigger than the falsity of the so-called “Holocaust”. And unless one does get this fully digested he is condemned to go round and round in unending delusion and mystification.

“Resist not evil.” That’s the short and sweet – and clean – way of saying as Manson did that the best and only way of dealing with outrageous bullshit was not to bat it back and forth but to let it drop to the ground and die there. Die there while you go on about your far more important business.

The litigious society. A parable lesser known of Outlaws has to do with avoiding at all cost your involvement with the officer, the magistrate and the jailer. Easy it is to get involved with the State. Hard it is to get uninvolved. “Avoid even the appearance of evil.” Commander Rockwell might have used this one himself had he not been so committed to staying clear of any religious overtone. It simply meant, as he himself stressed over and over, that the strictest adherence to non-criminality must be maintained in order to… not make of ourselves easy targets for the waiting Jew system and its police.

On and on I might go with this sort of illustration, but hopefully some by now are getting the point.

There will nevertheless be losses. Witness the arrest of Charles Manson himself. He had been deemed too effective, too dangerous. He was set up by them and criminalized, in hopes that would stop the movement then.

Jewels of information and truth can be found in all sorts of places. My father was a great collector of the magazine National Geographic. At that time all so-called native peoples were represented as exactly what they were: Merely part of the local flora and fauna. Sometimes to be exploited. Sometimes to be handled as dangerous gadflys. Never to be taken seriously. Today’s version of National Geographic has crumbled and deteriorated right apace with everything else. Sickening to make the comparison.

One particular issue recently devoted to the topic of the Apostles revealed something to me eminently worth sharing here. While literally each and every photographic representation of a “modern Christian” was of some disgusting Third Worlder, there was let slip a short quote from the Roman historian, Tacitus. He was speaking of the recent persecutions of Christians following the burning of Rome. He expressed doubt that they had any involvement in the arson but rather that it was used as an excuse to go after them because of “their hatred of humanity.”

The first “haters”!

History does repeat.

We have a heavy responsibility with all of this and only through the fullest awareness and most careful procedure can we hope to render justice to it. Outlasting total destruction, be there to ensure racial survival.