That Poisonous Crap

I lambasted the Church pretty well in the pages of SIEGE nearly forty years ago and have had no occasion to turn back upon anything I wrote then. Let it stand.

But it was Manson who stressed that all of the formerly White institutions had died and rotted away, becoming in essence, tools in the hands of the common racial enemy against the very people who first gave them rise. This is not anything new but one must have a grasp of history in order to see it.

Had I not served a several-years sentence for some bullshit charge in the Nineteen Nineties, I never would have been able to come up with the proper answers to these critical questions which certainly bothered me and obviously still bother and confuse millions of others, laying the way open for them to be fooled and mislead… as always by the common, racial enemy whose greatest weapon is confusion and the exploitation thereof.

People I would not call stupid still fall for what I call “this poisonous crap”. I’m not trying to sell books here but it is all explained to all but the self-blinded in those volumes we have released over the previous year. With one more to go, it’s all there for any who sincerely seek for the truth.

Nothing which has lasted the ages could have started out as bullshit. But nothing left in the hands of man has ever escaped from becoming bullshit. These are my words. I stand by them.

There are many millions of sincere people who, it would appear, follow the book. Some of these people are liberals and some are conservatives. Here we go again. Losing sight of the kernel of the issue in favor of petty, bullshit issues.

Well, here it is: A misread. Yes, a misread.

“Belief”. In these works just described I said that a person can “believe” anything up to and including that he is a pair of needle-nose liars. And if he REALLY believes it, does that make it any the more “real”? Of course not. It just makes that person a little further out than the rest. “You MUST believe!” Bullshit, I say!

I found it on my own and it was RACE. Everything else is either a spin-off from that or else it is a direct LIE. Either way, it represents nothing more than a DIVERSION. And do we have time for diversions?

Then there is what I came to call “desire and capacity”. Who really WANTS to know and who is actually ABLE to comprehend? That narrows it way down. This cannot be fitted into professional sports. Pretty sad and obvious that that is where the common mentality is to be found.

In a forthcoming book I talk about being a kid and all wrapped up in a large, cardboard box out in the back yard when there is a big and beautiful house right there. Something that one feels they can better comprehend and control. Any FOOL, IDIOT or SAVAGE might “comprehend” some message of “universal salvation” to the complete overlooking of the FULL MESSAGE contained in those sixty-six books which make up the whole Bible. And that message has only to do with the struggles and near-misses of only the White race.

Period. But people, as ever, go only by what they’re TOLD. I tell the true story of the dear friend of mine, a woman then in her sixties, who said to me that she had studied the Bible all her life and still didn’t know what it was about. Then the young and tough supporter who once chided me over the phone, “Are you still reading the Bible?” And to this I quickly answered, “No. I read it. I got it and that’s it.”

To absolutely CLING to something, blindly, fanatically, without reason or insight. That is what these religious types do. Many of them quite simply have suffered in their lives some kind of burn-out or melt-down. And to this they have retreated. Others turn to dope or alcohol or sex. But it is BLIND and it is UNTHINKING.

Liberal or conservative, what does it all have in common? If the person only BELIEVES, then ALL IS EQUAL!!!

Is this or is this not the very basis of the communist program and agenda? Is this or is this not the very same foundation as VOODOO? That voodoo doll with the pins stuck in it has NO POWER except that which YOU GIVE TO IT!

This is insane.

Those with both the capacity and the desire who actually read the Bible will come away seeing and knowing that it is OUR BOOK, that the story of the development of the JEWS is a terrible and tragic story which has afflicted us ever since. That RACE is everything as set forth by God himself. That it is our own transgressions from the LAW which has had all of these grave consequences for ourselves. And that JESUS CHRIST was sent to GIVE US ONE MORE CHANCE, the savior, in short.

But these “Judeo-Christians” – an impossibility in reality – have it that he came to somehow wipe out our sins by permitting himself to be murdered by these Jews, our own LIVING SINS. So now all is okay. All of the rest of the dire lessons given within the pages of the Bible, both testaments, are now INVALIDATED somehow.

That is exactly like taking a pair of high-power binoculars and looking through them REVERSED. It is exactly like taking the words of the Founding Fathers regarding “all men are created equal” and making that into a recipe for race-mixing. Most of the Founding Fathers were SLAVE HOLDERS and it is absolutely clear that they were referring to WHITES ONLY.

Instead, I take the entire book and apply it to the sacrifice that Jesus made. The CONTEXT. That can only come from DESIRE AND CAPACITY. But that can’t very well be applied to the masses of humanity. And that is why early Christianity had to finally come to taking STATE POWER… so that the racial doctrine could be ENFORCED over the masses for their own sake as well as for the sake of the future. They could attach any sort of “belief” to this but they had to CONFORM. Coloreds were driven out and so things were secured. But Jews were eventually permitted to re-enter and so the danger reemerged. And here we are today.

Empty “belief” and swarming with coloreds.

The genuine UNDERSTANDING of all this is called National Socialism.

Merely leaving it up to tradition and to the general conception of what was right and decent wasn’t good enough ultimately. It lasted a thousand years… The Thousand Years of Christ. But then the adversary was released from his prison to go forth to once again deceive the nations. The Jews got out of their Pale of Settlement and have re-infected the nations of the West and we are feeling the painful results. Our people are left without a moral leg to stand upon. And National Socialism has been criminalized by these same “adversaries”.

The plain, straight truth is that Jesus came to THROW THE SPLIT between White “Jews” and colored “Jews” there in the ancient Holy Land. He did so by the shedding of his blood. By so doing he bought for us this one, last cycle of civilization which now is threatened. But all of this was previously foretold.

The actual Whites, the true Israelites, the genuine Hebrews not only became Christians but LEFT THE AREA ENTIRELY to go and build a new future in Europe and, later, in places like America, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Again, all of it foretold.

The original command was that we have nothing to do with foreign races or any of their ways. What do we have today other than “diversity” and “plurality”, etc.? And are we not paying the price? But you can’t sell that to a bunch of morons or a bunch of coloreds. The big bucks just aren’t there. The safety isn’t there. The immediate gratification isn’t there. No meaning at all. “Easy believe”. Crap. And poisonous crap at that.

The Muslims of the world don’t hate Christianity due to any promise of any “afterlife”. No. They are smart enough to know that it was from the beginning the CREED OF THE WHITE MAN which permitted us to survive and to repel their onslaught of the first millennium A.D. They know this while our own people do not! But they also know that our civilization is being run and controlled by RACIAL JEWS who represent the asshole and armpit of humanity. They know this and they are resisting it.

I walk past these grand, old edifices called churches and see the banners they have displayed upon them, “All Are Welcome”, “Peace”, “Co-Exist” and showing every filthy religious symbol of every non-white “belief” in the world. Something for everybody is really something for nobody. And where there is “tolerance” it only means that somebody has in fact laid down and died.

One day I would hope that these magnificent examples of our own genius at architecture will be returned to the service of God.

And all of the CRAP will be out in the alley, waiting to be picked up and deposited where it belongs.