That’s Mighty White of You

That very old saying was probably last heard over any popular media in one of the “Dirty Harry” series starring Clint Eastwood back in the Seventies. The context was Harry doing his best to further antagonize a gang of vicious Blacks as he was invading their headquarters. I actually encountered it again most recently in a William Powell/Myrna Loy film dating from the Thirties where it was used naturally in a perfectly normal, social setting. Just a nice thing to say to someone.

But, of course, if one were to try to use it today it would always be taken within the “Dirty Harry” sense. My, how things have changed. And not for the better.

Before things in general got lost and there stood a common knowledge as regards those other people out there, those “native” types, it was simply understood that the only real decency and civility that might be expected was only to come from Whites. Why, those colored types weren’t even kind or civil to one another, much less toward any Whites. They might grovel when held under the gun but the hatred and resentment was ever there, at a slow burn.

History, as it is written and known today, is the story of Whites as they regrouped and rearose from out of a colored world in revolt. Back-to-back in Europe where they could make a unified stand, they resisted and then conquered the mightiest colored menaces then in existence in the world.

The great Madison Grant wrote of the Whites returning to the Western Hemisphere following Columbus, that the enemy they faced there, especially the Plains Indians, were the worst, most terrible scourge ever faced since the Mongols. You just wouldn’t want to be at their mercy… because there was none.

This mess at present in Afghanistan. If the British Empire couldn’t do it and if the Soviet Union couldn’t do it, then what in hell makes this country believe that it can do it? And why, after all, would anyone even be interested in subduing such a place anyway? Rudyard Kipling, in one of the poems he penned in the Nineteenth Century, included – roughly – the line which I attempt to recall: “If you find yourself wounded on the Afghan plains, just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains.”

Nothing was more looked down upon, even as I am able to remember White, life that some dirty lout… and I’m talking here about Whites now. We would hear it repeated that a “nigger” was some low down individual which had nothing to do with color. Certainly there was the term, “niggardly”. Men like George Washington – tougher than steel – could comfortably wear powdered wigs and white lace. Women in those days as property? We had elevated them to a super-status and they literally had it made. Look at what all this supposed “freedom” has done!

I nearly laughed myself sick the other day while watching for the first time a W.C. Fields comedy from the Thirties, “Man on the Flying Trapeze”. One had to remember a time when it didn’t require all that much to create a scandal. And Field’s screen persona was always that of a drunken lecher. This was outrageous then. That kind of ridicule went far in keeping the general populace in line with regard to their common decency and morality. No one wanted to be a general laughing stock… unless he was getting paid handsomely for it as an artist the way Fields was.

Then there was Erich von Stroheim – or just “Von”, as his friends called him. No matter what film he might be playing in, the posters always were headed this way: “The Man You Love to Hate”. I remember while watching” The Great Gabbo” of his for the first time, as he and his pretty stage assistant, Betty Compson, were having a back-stage argument, with her catching the worst of it. She told him that she wasn’t going to take it anymore and he smirked and said; “Oh, is that so?” As he was peeling off his jacket in what looked be preparation for giving her a beating, I found myself halfway up out of my chair before even realizing it.

These were the ways NOT to act if you were any sort of White man.

The old Klan didn’t focus all of its attention upon Blacks who had gotten out of line. If any White man of the community either wasn’t properly caring for or was outright abusing his family, they’d pay him a midnight visit and he’d be taught a lesson not soon to be forgotten, by him or by the rest of the community.

But then in came liberalism and supposed “freedom”. “Progressive” became the word. And Whites began acting like coloreds. Some of my fondest memories are of the office chats I’d have with the old family friend of ours back in Ohio, Judge J. Don Ratcliff. (He was whispered to have been a “racist” by some of the lesser in the legal profession there back then… heaven forbid!) It turned out one time that he – now in private practice – was representing the husband of one of the daughters of an ex-wife of mine. Some coincidence. He gasped and said of that person, “He’s a super-bum! A scoundrel!!” Few people these days have even heard that reference. I guess it’s because there are too many of them and it might be offensive to them.

Rather, it’s merely the new norm.

Later, same girl, new boyfriend. My wife and I arrived at one of my rentals where the girl was living and found her crying and practically hysterical. Seems the boyfriend had beaten and raped her. She indicated that he probably could be found at the “Blackhawk” bar and grill and so, while her mother stayed with her, I went over to the “Blackhawk”. Sure enough. I quietly took a seat next to him and whispered that if he should ever set foot on any property of mine again, I’d kill him. He never did. But soon thereafter the girl moved out in order to be with him.

Not very “White” of either one of them, I should think.

Civilization – true civilization – obviously then is a very thin, red line. (And that very term – “Thin Red Line” – originates from the worldwide phenomenon of those British colonial troops, in their red coats, holding the line of civilization against the teeming hordes of savage coloreds. Thin and actually very delicate a line as well. Those savages could do nothing about it on their own. Instead, it had to take place at home, with the creeping liberals and outright Jews in our midst to begin poisoning the popular spirit. Look at the wonders that has produced!

Are even the coloreds themselves any better off? Hardly! “Free”, I suppose. No more White colonialism but I know and many of them realize that they had been far better off before so-called “liberation”. These people have NEVER had the capacity for self-government. It’s a difficult thing for anyone to have to admit but what is the alternative? You can see it on the news any night of the week. ANY word from out of Africa is one of awfulness and terror.

They went ballistic when Trump referred to places like Haiti as “shit holes”. Well, they really ARE shitholes! I use the term “shit-hooks” as that denotes people rather than places. But if you gather enough shit-hooks into anyplace, then you have created a shithole. And that is exactly what they’re trying to do here!

I wonder just how few actually know any real part of the history of Haiti. Up until the time of the French Revolution, Haiti was the most prosperous spot in the entire Western Hemisphere. The French planters had their Black slaves working all those sugar mills, etc. With the disruption caused by the French Revolution in 1789 and afterward, the coloreds saw their chance, rose up and slaughtered all the Whites… thus gaining their “freedom”. I guess you could say they kept their eyes on the prize.

But what a prize! Ever since that time, Haiti has been one of the poorest, most backward and miserable places on earth. A SHITHOLE!!!

Direct, colored revolt is one thing. But the great masses of Whites allowing themselves to be degenerated, reduced to the cultural level of mere coloreds is another thing completely. And that is the threat and the danger which we face today.

Few even know what it once used to mean to be White.

We owe this to the slowly creeping, alien domination of our institutions, our government and our media, etc. They have turned a formerly White – that is White and ACTING White – population into a population of shit-hooks -or at least WOULD BE shit-hooks. And doesn’t the general atmosphere reflect that perfectly?

The way out of a thing like this always in the past has been, first, the total collapse of that afflicted culture, nation or state. Followed by the getting out of the mess on the part of whatever healthy element of the former society as may have remained untainted. The singular exception to this iron rule of history was the example of the Third Reich in Germany under Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists. He peacefully retook power away from the alien occupiers and in an orderly manner restored to the German people their natural dignity.

But we know how the rest of the world reacted to that. (And still does.)

So here today will it go the one way or the other?

One thing is certain, there is today no longer ANY PLACE for any healthy remnant to repair to for safety and a chance at a fresh start. So I believe that rules that option out.

And a man, a leader like Hitler only comes along once in every couple thousand years. So don’t look for that to happen again very soon.

However, we have the lesson from the previous two-thousand-year phase of civilization. It looked pretty bleak in the Year 1 A.D. But we also know how that eventually turned out… With White, Western civilization and its own glorious Thousand Years!

But it is important to note that they, then KNEW and WROTE that this, too, would run its course and indeed it has.

We are going to be required to have a maximum amount of COURAGE and FAITH, coupled with knowledge, wisdom and action, if we are to be the redeemers and founders of any renewed, great cycle of civilization. Somehow I feel assured of this. But then – to borrow from Farmers’ Insurance – I’ve seen a lot and I’ve covered a lot.

But I’ll assure you of this: To be in possession of the TRUTH is the one thing that can’t be done without.

Those who hold the truth will be the ones. Period.