The Aeonic Futurist Manifesto

A submission to us has been made by a group calling themselves “The Aeonic Futurism Team”. We’ll be linking their Manifesto and a video they included with it for download. They’re inspired by us and hold many of our ideas with some small differences. So good to see other individuals taking it upon themselves to be as creative as possible.

Click on the book cover below for download:

Please note that The American Futurist is itself a separate organization. We, The American Futurist, are not involved with the Aeonic Futurism Team. They simply requested we advertise their writings and propaganda on our website. We will advertise any and all NS/Fascist organizations that are in line with our worldview and interests as it is stated in rule #8 in our media submission rules. We are not responsible for what any individual members or its leadership within the Aeonic Futurism Team do or say.