The Constitution: A Fail Document?

The short answer to this disturbing question has to be: Yes.

It has been under the Constitution that this country has been taken over and sent to hell. This is undeniable.

Though not part of the Constitution, the words of Jefferson one may sometimes see up on posters about the need for some blood to be spilled now and again in order to preserve and renew liberty are revolting to me because they are not being acted upon on the grand scale which they need to be acted upon.

About like, “Freedom Is Not Free”. Makes me sick. Mere blurbs and buzz words without backing of any kind. (And don’t point to the military veterans as none of the wars this country has involved itself in since the War of Independence itself has had any bearing on “our freedom”. Indeed, quite the contrary.)

Whenever the hidden masters of this country have an enemy they need to have destroyed – as with Germany in both World Wars – they are very much the “patriots” and the flag-wavers. This in order to help whip up the dumb masses – or is it dumb asses – to go off to kill and be killed, all for an agenda totally unknown to them. If the enemy is communist as with Korea and Vietnam, then victory is denied while the numbers of the real enemy here at home parade about carrying enemy banners and cursing this nation.

Talk about a protracted conflict, agonizing many nations across the Middle East, consuming billions of U.S. dollars and killing and maiming thousands of U.S. service personnel! And no “peace marches; etc., on the part of these same Jews on campus as in the Sixties and Seventies. No one standing up in Congress to oppose these wars. No denunciation from the media. Why? Because these are wars that are popular with Jews and deemed by them as necessary.

And everything today is “proud to serve”, etc. They’re even hailing the same Vietnam vets they once were cursing and throwing eggs and rotten vegetables at. All in the “national spirit” which they require to perpetuate their wars in the Middle East. All supposedly for “freedom” and “democracy”. Such complete bullshit!

What does all of this have to do with the Constitution? Merely to illustrate the way things have been and are being yanked around, back and forth, arbitrarily, by these Jewish masters as it suits their purposes and whims. They’re doing the same with the Constitution, manipulating it to suit their pleasure.

There is a Biblical concept which deals with the SPIRIT of the law as opposed to the LETTER of the law. We know that practically all of the framers of the Constitution were slave holders and when they declared in the “brother document” to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” they were referring to WHITES ONLY. Plus, later on, in the Constitution itself, this is underscored when it came to the regular taking of a federal census: Black individuals were to be counted as only three-fifths of a human being.

That last part is harder for them to get around than the much more familiar first part. And that is why you’ve probably never even heard of it. But none of them ever latched onto that first famous line harder than the liver-lipped, communist nigger agitator, Martin Luther King, once again, to fulfill his own filthy purposes.

They’ve gone over, under and around the Constitution until this country barely even resembles its former self even as I can easily remember it. Washington, Jefferson and the rest would puke their guts out to see what their fine efforts have been turned into.

This country came up fast, the fastest ever. We were told in elementary school that this nation was the miracle of all time because of this. Very true. But they needed to have gone into the reasons behind this phenomenon. However, to have done so, even then, would have smacked of “racism”. Unless a great principle such as this is nailed positively then it is going to slip and to fade and ultimately be gone.

That’s one of my great objections to so-called “democracy”: You aren’t allowed to really NAIL anything. I’ve described democracy as “managed confusion” with the Jews – the media masters – as the managers. And that is precisely what it does amount to. They establish this philosophy of general confusion while only they themselves are in a position to set trends which, under these circumstances, will ultimately carry the day.

But the point is that this country was already GREAT no later than the turn of the Nineteenth into the Twentieth Century. It was a world power, a dynamo of industry and economy plus it had a culture of its own. And all of it – the Civil War not withstanding – as a STRICTLY SEGREGATED society. Negroes and coloreds of all kinds PLAYED NO REAL PART other than that not far removed from draught animals.

And this country will be recorded as having GONE DOWN fast.

It arose so swiftly because only the BEST elements from Europe had come here and held all franchise. With them they brought all of the knowledge and experience of a thousand years of Western civilization. It was fast but it wasn’t easy. As we were told in grade school, this was a “roaring wilderness”. True. But more than that, those woods and those plains were full of hostile Indians which had to be conquered, subdued and very nearly extincted before we could fully complete our task of nation-building.

Imagine a bunch of liberals, queers or niggers accomplishing this.

No, these types can only affect the DECAY and DESTRUCTION of a great nation. And that is exactly what they are now doing. All with the help of what began as our own institutions long ago subverted and twisted by the slithering, slime-dripping Jewish enemy.

The very Constitution itself perhaps foremost among these originally White institutions.

It has always been thus. Whites – among the many facets of their inborn genius – have always created GREAT STATES and GREAT CIVILIZATIONS. But they have always made the terrible error of IMPORTING CHEAP LABOR – meaning COLORED labor – and then going decadent themselves, “emancipating” and then making “citizens” of these colored types. The worse confusion of all and the kind which can never be reversed is that of the CONFUSION OF THE BLOOD. And that very thing can be seen here today ramping up to a crescendo. This place which began as an extension of Europe is headed toward becoming an extension of the Third World. Some future, some goal, some “ideal”.

Along with the rest, even this awful downward turn for this country sets a new record. As I’ve said, something like this used to require centuries of carelessness and depravity to realize. Now it’s taking place inside of a few generations. I’ve seen it happen. And that is because it has literally been RED-LINED by the enemy Jews who hold the reigns of real power. Quite actually a deliberate DERAILMENT of a society!

Manson was no doubt the first to face and declare that THE INSTITUTIONS ARE GONE!! Stick with them and they’ll take you down along with them.

Now for the long answer to the lead question of this article.

Enlightened good faith has gone out the window. It’s not even a nation anymore. It’s a collection of groups, ethnicities that do not even belong together in the same space, under the same government. Lincoln himself would proclaim this very idea to audiences of newly freed slaves. (But we know what happened to Lincoln.) Everybody is using what’s left of the former framework as a means to jockey for their own interests and certainly all of it at the expense of the Whites who built this place.

For our part, it’s the right to free speech and the right to own guns. And I’ll be the first to admit that these things are most crucial to us now and into the foreseeable future. So we must tacitly support even a Trump if he declares to support these things.

In too many nominally “White” lands, I’d be quickly jailed just for what I’ve written into this article so far. And in too many formerly White colonies, the settlers are being picked off – murdered – by local “natives” because they have lost sovereignty and the right to bear arms.

It’s a great lesson of history that you cannot and should not attempt to revive that which has gone down. I would include the U.S. Constitution in this. Perhaps it has not failed us but the fact that it was not iron-clad sufficiently so as to preclude absolutely the internal and hostile takeover by a sworn enemy of our people now renders it as a future relic of history and literature.

What is needed here is more along the lines of the Nuremberg Racial Laws of the Third Reich. Let them try to get around that! (And very few words did that document contain as opposed to the daunting look and length of the Constitution.)

Only the RACE is the NATION and vice versa.

So here is one more argument which would go to separate us from any of the conservatives or reactionaries out there on the scene. Be assured that, should any side feel the confidence that the tipping point has been reached in this country, they will suspend the Constitution and go after their opponents with both feet, gloves off.