The Delirium of the Twenty-First Century

Sure, this notion of racial equality has been around for a very long time. But it’s not been a part of the way Western Civilization worked and grew great. Some idle crack brains in their off hours whipped that nonsense up mainly from out of a very weak and shaky grasp of the Bible. Even during the Civil War, men from Abraham Lincoln on down to the common foot soldier wanted nothing more to do with Negroes than any man of the South. The issues then were, on the one side, the increasingly ill treatment of the South by the Northerners in Congress and, on the other side, the determination to preserve the Union.

Even enemy sources today are admitting that, by standards of today, Lincoln would be considered as a “racist” because he was an outspoken advocate of racial separation up to and including repatriation of Blacks to Africa or elsewhere and away from the midst of Whites. Lincoln, sadly, was partially in bed with this same enemy which was at work even back then and, with the South defeated and the slaves turned loose, they arranged his assassination before he could implement their repatriation. The enemy had plans for these masses of coloreds.

Through the heroic efforts of the Ku Klux Klan, the South was able to retain its own society for the next hundred years. But all the while the babble about “equality” went on and on, in the schools, in the legislatures, in the media, etc. Black influence penetrated the common culture. Things were gradually being softened up. The enemy – Jews – went to work to speed things up as with their creation of the NAACP – National Association For the Advancement of Colored People – in 1909.

Colonel John Beaty outlined in his early masterwork, Iron Curtain Over America, that soon after this move on the part of the Jews, they next moved to literally take over the Democratic Party which long had been known and understood to be the White Man’s party, especially in the South. All of this was taking place within the same time frame as the violent and bloodthirsty communist revolutions in Russia and in central Europe, also put on by more Jews following the wake of the First World War. Same leaders and same object in mind: The overthrow of White, Christian civilization and its replacement by some form or another of hell on earth.

They triggered the Great Depression in 1929 in order to “redistribute” wealth while the communists over there were doing the same at gun point. Also, to generate enough panic here so as to be able get their own man into the presidency. And this man was Franklin Roosevelt. The “D” in the Delano part of Roosevelt’s name contained the Jewish element in his own background. While in the Soviet Union it was “Uncle Joe” Stalin who was world communism’s boss, it was Roosevelt over here who was – in line with iron communist discipline – his direct tool. But what a tool! In charge over the nation with the greatest economic and military potential.

Together they took care of the social and political renaissance that had taken place in Europe, known to the common mythology as “World War Two”.

Roosevelt had a wife also, Eleanor. A cousin of his. A communist lesbian as it is now generally admitted even by her fans and admirers. More outspoken than he, especially on matters of race, he nonetheless was shrewd enough to realize that he couldn’t come out too far or push too hard on such matters lest he stir up the kind of White revolt which might derail the communist plans for this country and the Western world. It had to be done by increments, carefully.

The man back in Chillicothe, Ohio, Sylvester Bookwalter, who was my barber from the time I got my first haircut until the time when he passed away in the mid-1970s, had been a bombardier in the Second World War. And thus he had taken part in what can only be seen as the suicide of the West. But he was something to listen to as he would cut your hair. As he saw it this country was headed for blood being splashed from one side to the other. That Martin Luther King was nothing more than a communist agitator. But my favorite vignette from him was of the time during his military years when he and his fellows in the Air Corps were “treated” to a visit from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Her husband had been stricken in the 1920s with polio and was unable to travel freely. (The media held him as such a darling that the result was 90% of the American public didn’t even realize he was a cripple.) And so she donned a kind of uniform and globe-trotted to visit the troops in his stead. And so, according to “Bookie”, she appeared up on stage accompanied by some Black junior officer. His impression at the time was that he and not just a few others in attendance received the feeling that “she was screwing that nigger.” Probably right. Eleanor Roosevelt was a notoriously ugly female but, as it is well known, niggers will screw even a snake.

But there’s an excellent example of just what was in charge even way back then. There’s the anecdote about her traveling to Tennessee by car – after the death of her husband – with a gun in the glove compartment lest she and her companion be waylaid by White rednecks on their way to attend a meeting of the Highlander Folk School, a communist training center for colored agitators. Martin Luther King, one more attendee, may have even met her there.

John Kennedy, now the scion of the rotten-to-the-core Kennedy clan, when he was being pushed toward the presidency by his father, Joseph, went to Eleanor to ask for her open support. She said yes but on one condition: That he come out openly for so-called “civil rights”. This he promised to do and the rigged election was delivered to him. The man was widely hated by those who knew, realized and cared about anything. To those who only knew or cared about media image-making, he was an idol. But Kennedy was dragging his feet on “civil rights” even as the national pot was boiling with increasing resistance. Commander George Lincoln Rockwell was part of this resistance.

The decision was reached by Kennedy’s handlers that he had become now worth more dead than alive. His own vice president, Lyndon Johnson, stepped up and offered to take Kennedy out of the way… “Just send him to Texas.” Then “civil rights” went into high gear. Also, the nation’s strict immigration laws went down at that time. You can catch a glimpse of the way things have gone from then until now. The slippery slide got steeper.

But they and their media then made a “god” out of Kennedy, their boy that they had just murdered. Next was to be Martin Luther King once the Black communities across the country began voicing their wish that “Dr. King stay out of our affairs.” Same treatment. Same elevation to “god” status in order to create and further propel the myth. And the masses being what they are fell for it in their droves.

That – along with the so-called “Holocaust”, marca registrada – have entered as twin pillars of the new religion. You cannot question so-called racial equality. You cannot question the veracity of the “Holocaust”. You can be jailed. Like posing the opinion a thousand years ago that perhaps the sun does not revolve around the earth or that just maybe the earth is not flat. These could get you burned at the stake. (When men of greater antiquity knew the real truth.) But falsities regarding astronomy, etc., could not harm the race whereas lies about “equality” most certainly can and are.

I don’t think there was any evil intent a thousand years ago. Just ignorance backed by a blind determination to support the official line of the Church. In any case, we continued to move forward. We at least were under our own leaders, even if they were flawed. And our societies were still strictly our own. Jews had not yet made the inroads which they were later to make.

Today it is different. An enemy has taken control over the workings of our society, over every nation of the West, and has put forward this new false “religion” that no previously White nation any longer has the right to keep itself White. And the stupid idiots are falling for it. While at the very same time they are falling like the proverbial flies as a result. If ever there was a move toward genocide, this is it.

This then is the Delirium of the Twenty-First Century, the new and all-powerful superstition which will, unless broken up, lead an entire people to its destruction.

How will it resolve? Will the enemy system collapse before its own end goal can be achieved? Will the voices of truth somehow be able to awaken sufficient numbers of their own people to cause a reaction against this conspiracy? Will it require an off-earth intervention – as promised by the holy books – before it can go all the way?

I believe, just as I must believe, that it will not succeed ultimately. Why? Two reasons: One, such an outcome goes against all logic; Two, every piece of this was anticipated and written of thousands of years ago and in the most minute detail. We wait.

Some will go with the truth while the most will go with the superstition of the age.

Where will you be found?