The Greatest Generation

This is a term that’s been heard more over the course of the past twenty years or so. It’s something which struck me at the beginning as it contains connotation and now, after all this time, I want to get all of its implications solidly down for all to see and understand.

That group being referred to are approximately those from which my own parents sprang, having been born at about the time of the First World Way, having fought in the Second World War and having sired the so-called “Baby Boomer” generation of which I am a member (even though I dislike the sound of the title.) It is said that those remaining are dying at the rate of six hundred per day. Soon there’ll be no more.

But I want to begin by emphasizing that, yes, they were the Greatest Generation. Here is where all similarity between my take on this and all of the others ends.

Why were they the Greatest Generation? Simply because they represented the absolute height of White Civilization and society. After them, it was downhill all the way. And I include and condemn my own generation in this in a most profound way. We were the first generation to break with the traditions of our ancestors going back a thousand and more years. From that time to this, a little less has been passed along from parent to child with each succeeding generation until there is practically nothing worthwhile remaining.

I distinctly remember even as a child thinking to myself as I observed the world around me that my generation could never hope to measure up that of my parents. What a strange thing for a child to consider. But when the term, “Greatest Generation” was first coined, my suspicions were confirmed although, once again, for quite different reasonings.

The mortal enemies of our people okayed the creation and circulation of this term for their own purposes which are always of a nefarious nature as far as the best interests of our people are concerned. As far as I could see, and it turns out I was right, the subsequent generations weren’t made of the same mettle as that of my parents. That, by default, placed them at the top of the grid. Not a happy thing. Our enemies, on the other hand, decided that it might serve their secret agenda by “honoring” those who had permitted themselves to be duped into going to war to fight their brethren in Europe who – ironically enough – were equally part of that same “Greatest Generation”.

While I lamented the downward turn of affairs for White Civilization, the common enemy heralded it as the dawn of their own great day… which we see the symptoms of all around us and spreading like the proverbial cancer.

“They saved the world.” This short statement comes usually in conjunction with the afore mentioned appellation. But while they most surely were the Greatest Generation, and for the reasons I have cited, they sadly did not save the world. No. Rather, they not only left the world in awful jeopardy, they were duped into shattering the very essence of the spirit which was the very foundation of White Civilization: Racial awareness, unity and loyalty. From that point onward to today, everything they supposed they had been fighting for – their “way of life” – no longer had a leg to stand upon morally. And downward it gradually began to go.

Instead, it was the other portion of the world-wide, white “Greatest Generation” which truly saved the world. Specifically, those heroes and martyrs of Germany and its allied, European states, who rose to the tremendous challenge of preventing Jewish Bolshevism from rolling across all of Europe as it was set to do by the summer of 1941. This was total sacrifice. And, of the so-called “Allies”, their mission was accomplished in historic terms.

During the Sixties, it was not an uncommon thing, especially for me as a member of a National Socialist outfit, to encounter German veterans who had immigrated to the United States following the war. They wondered at nothing nor were they perplexed at anything. They had known what they were fighting for – as well as against – and they too gave it their all. With defeat came every harsh reality that their leaders had warned them of. Yet they had performed their duty magnificently. Hail to them all and especially those who lived to see the collapse of the Soviet Union. Vindication!

Conversely, I well recall my own father – who had served in the United States Navy from 1938 until 1945 and had seen the worst there was – hating and despising all that he saw developing within his own beloved country post war. What the hell was going on!? This isn’t what he had fought for. And all of his comrades, insofar as I could tell, felt exactly the same way. I remember the evening a friend of mine and I dropped into a tavern just outside my old home town in Ohio and saw some poor devil, obviously a victim of shell shock, at the bar. Jerking violently as though the burst were still going off all around him, he tried to enjoy his beer. We engaged him in conversation and he revealed that his condition had occurred during the Battle of Kaserine in Tunisia against Rommel’s Afrika Korps in 1943. At the end of it all, his indication was that, should he have it to do all over again, this time he would be WITH Rommel and not against him.

These days even I still regularly have coffee with former customers of mine from my days in the professional world. World War Two veterans now in their nineties but still sharp and vital (and providing much personal hope for those of my own age group.) A genuine pleasure to sit and converse with those of my own background and values. I take the place of my own father who has been gone for a very long time. They wonder what went wrong. What has happened to their country. One of them hints at what I am stating here but, generally, they cannot or do not dare to make the connection. And I do not press the issue. Why, after all?

But with an immediate menace successfully stymied, that of militant Jewish Bolshevism, what with the impelling of American Forces into Europe at the collapse of Germany to see through the Cold War to its conclusion, there was hand-in-hand the sharp and steady decline of Western society and all the subsequent generations. And not just in America but in each and every White nation. A threat just as deadly and stemming from the same source, just not as sudden or as imminent and one which we ourselves are guilty of being “in bed with”, of providing it with the “legal entry”. The final round, the “death dream”, or “death sleep”, if you will.

That total loss of moral footing which came as a result of the Second World War when the Jews behind the scene sought to “criminalize” everything which a nation must have in order to perpetuate and advance itself by associating it with “Nazi Germany”, that “most evil of all societies and political regimes”. After all, why had our own heroes fought and died? The answer, again, that no one can countenance, is that they were all lied to and duped, USED to go and fight a war basically against themselves, against literally their own brothers. Brothers, by the way, whose own societies were approximately just like their own with one critical difference: The leaders, the governments, the media, etc., on the Axis side were truly representative of and acting in full accordance with the best national interests of their respective people. Not so in the West or the East where secret agenda having nothing to do with the welfare of the people but quite to the contrary.

The treason, the sell-out, the brainwash, etc., all kept up apace. I witnessed it all and hated instinctively every bit of it.

The political scene has been one of “Conservative” versus “Liberal”, or so it is thought. But the “Conservative” of today would more resemble the “Liberal” of several decades ago. Hence the steady, uninterrupted downhill decline of the Western societies. The key to the understanding of this phenomenon is this: The Liberals have at their backs the hard-shell and essentially Communist establishment with all the force of high finance, government and media. The Conservatives have only – exactly as the title presumes – only “what’s left”. And that much is dwindling all the time.

What’s worse, they can’t effectively fight back with the one weapon that could win for them: The issue of RACE. That has been assigned – even by them – to the anathema world of “Hitler and the Nazis”, who “we” fought. And “we” couldn’t possibly have been misled, right?

The Greatest Generation. The highest height before the decline. That is a historic trend if ever there was one. You can see it in Rome, in Greece, in the whole of Classical Civilization. Now it is the turn of Western Civilization. That is precisely the point at which we find ourselves at present. Just as with Rome in the Year Zero, still dominant in the world economically and militarily but rapidly dying of unchecked internal cancer. And as this country moves from White to Third World, a certain tipping point approaches.

One might despair were he not aware of every bit of this was fully anticipated and written of – prophesied – thousands of years ago. Had Hitler and those wonderful heroes of long ago somehow managed to stalemate the war and to have survived, then all of that prophecy of much longer ago would have been invalidated. There was a critical job to do and they did it. But what was written then has but to play itself out to the very last letter.

During the meantime, what of the individual? Awareness and faith. Awareness and faith. Awareness in not being fooled into believing in or being part of the game. Faith not in anything blind but in loyalty to the traditions of our own noble ancestors who built White Civilization over the course of the centuries, before our own institutions were invaded and compromised – turned against us – by the very enemies of the White Race.

Maybe, just perhaps, the Greatest Generation will be yet to come.