The Media

Unlike in the past, I’ll not tell you now to disregard the nightly news as this piece directly addresses it. And I’m not going to continue to fall into the error of past decades by citing to you every kind of statistic demonstrating how the mass media is own and operated by Jews. For one, I’m not currently up on those statistics and, two, it’s gone beyond that sort of thing being important.

We for a long time felt that by exposing those damning figures the White populace could be awakened. Wrong. “Truth” and “facts” in their raw state won’t do it, that much has been proven. Reason and logic might when they are based upon the truth and the facts. The enemy lacks these things: Reason and logic. He relies upon the manipulation of emotion in tandem with the “cherry picking” of facts, etc. That plus his favorite, tried-and-true weapon: Lies.

So when Donald Trump exclaims that the media is the worst enemy of the American people, I don’t think he even realizes exactly how right he is. One can see the war that has been declared against Trump, by the enemy media any night on the televised news. They themselves are stating that it has already far surpassed the war that they waged against Richard Nixon in the mid-Seventies. Let’s hope that Trump has not committed any faux pas of the kind Nixon did which allowed them to unseat him.

Neither man however, Nixon or Trump, could do what needed to be done and seize air time, plus invoke Executive authority, to call upon the people and the military, etc., to literally take back this country from its seducers, the Jews and their fellow-travellers. The people – that is, the Whites- are not in the same shape they were in the Seventies and the military, I fear, is no longer dependable at all. Plus the reality that both men were and are surrounded by, literally, in bed with, Jews themselves.

Why is this? Simply because of the enemy alien media and its influence over the minds and hearts of the people, and I will always be referring to Whites as “the people”. Law enforcement says to all potential victims of car-jackings, “Don’t get into the vehicle with the hijacker.” This is simply because the hijacker will remove you to a place and situation far less advantageous to you and more advantageous to himself. This country as a whole “got into the vehicle” with its hijackers a long time ago and has certainly been taken to a spot where its survival, and the chances thereof, have tremendously reduced.

It is Psychology 101 that people will listen to and rely upon that source of authority and information that, to them, appears to carry the greatest clout. So easy it is to take over and control a society. Over a century ago they – the Jews – began making their moves to monopolize the media. Buy it up as in the case of the newspapers. Move in on it as in the case of television. To invent it as in the case of Hollywood. Leaving any of the rest as mere pikers, virtually without a voice.

Lenin saw this at once when he viewed his very first motion picture. Sarnoff knew it when he wrangled control of television away from its White inventor, Farnsworth, who, from that point forward, never would allow a television set within his own home. The Jewish clothing merchants knew it when they grabbed some of Edison’s movie cameras and headed for the West Coast and bought up some lemon groves and called it “Hollywood”.

An old saying has it that a people will eventually come to resemble its true masters. So true that is. Fascinated as I have always been with old Hollywood, the amount and degree of degradation there from the beginning is still disturbing. My favorite area was always the horror films of the old period. That and comedy. Boris Karloff was once asked in Universal studio where the toilet was. His reply was that the whole place was a toilet. Vincent Price commented that Hollywood was a “very evil” place. And the great W.C. Fields remarked that “Hollywood is a golden crown… over a rotten tooth.”

But the public flocked to see the latest releases from Hollywood. An escape from their own, bland lives. A means by which to escape the terrible austerity of the Great Depression. Whatever the reason, it couldn’t help but have its gradual effect. The watershed came with television in every American home. Nothing like this ever before. “The lying wonder.” I first caught that as I was reading the Bible for the first time in my life during my mid-forties. Well, it IS a wonder and it DOES lie. And it was at that precise point that an entire generation – my own generation – departed from the traditions of its ancestors and set upon a path of national, cultural and racial suicide.

Charles Manson once pointed out one of the master strokes of these mind-manipulators and taste-makers as it concerned the epidemic of drug use in the United States. Some burrowed enemy while posing as an “educator” or the like whose secret agenda was to get a group of kindergarteners to throw rocks would proceed this way: Inculcate into the children that the worst, most horrible thing they could do was to throw the rocks which were conveniently piled nearby. Next step would be to “piss off”, anger or otherwise alienate the children. They then revert to throwing the rocks and believe that it has been their own idea.

Race mixing is the same. Homosexuality is the same. Abortion, the same.

You are free according to these people to do anything to destroy yourself. Somewhere I saw it recently, “Don’t tear down a wall until you know why it was built in the first place.”

Remember always that these people are the very inventors of so-called “psychology”.

George Lincoln Rockwell once was asked by a reported as to why the Jews are doing this. Rockwell’s reply was that he didn’t know. This country has been so good to them, Rockwell said, that he couldn’t understand why they would want to harm – or mutate – it the way they were doing. But it has long ago been observed – even by Rockwell – that unless one harbors such propensities within himself, he cannot see it or understand it in others. As Stroker wrote in his novel, actually an allegory of Jews, “Dracula”, the greatest strength of the vampire is that no one believes in him.

The filth portrayed by Hollywood and television. Is it just trying to keep up with popular trends? Or is it actually leading the way? I assure you, it is the latter. “Monkey see, monkey do.” And that reality way predates even Psychology 101. If it’s up there on the screen, then it must be “okay”, even “cool” for me to do. We used to gas out theaters showing these kinds of films in the late Sixties and early Seventies. Bucking the tide, as it were.

And so we have long had a nation full of would-be Jews. Idolizing the fantastic images coming out of Hollywood. What else do they know? What else CAN they know? There are no other sources. Image-making. Going straight to the emotions, to the subconscious, to the viscera. There is nothing to compete with this, anywhere.

Brainwash, or, as I like to call it, BRAIN RAPE. Rockwell compared it to the misuse of even the best computers: Garbage in; Garbage out. Manson declared that the media only reports about five percent of what’s happening and even that much is distorted. And, as was just touched upon, we don’t need any longer to count the Jews. They have long since raised up more than one generation of “would-be” Jews. Those helplessly locked into the Jewish mind-set of liberalism and racial, national and cultural death.

They were exceptionally fond of this one during last year’s election: Those supporting Trump hadn’t had the “benefit” of “college enlightenment”. In other words, those with any sort of nationalistic bent – any who desired to “Make America Great Again” – had to be stupid and ignorant. If anything typifies the Jewish attitude of arrogance and disregard, then that is it! The rush to death is the only “enlightened” way to go!! For it is not “enlightenment” that one receives in these colleges today, it is rather CONDITIONING.

And it is THEY who are too stupid to see this.

Not much can be expected to happen as long as this awful menace continues to grip the minds and imaginations of by far the bulk of not only the American people but the people of every White land. Not much, that is, apart from the continued gradual decline that I have been witnessing all of my life.

Gradual, yes. But everything that we have learned tells us that there has to come a tipping point. Will that tipping point come sooner or later? Forcing the issue has been tried. Every lesson of history tells us that this is the way every high civilization has died. The one difference is that here, this time, all of this process has been carefully and deliberately RED-LINED by a conscious conspiracy with a hidden agenda. Every other time, as with Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc., it has been more or less by accident as well as having been over a great deal of time.

Maybe it is they who are forcing the issue.

It seems as though we cannot depend upon some calamity to disrupt the sway of the evil system and its media. Naturally, it would occur to anyone with healthy instincts that certain action must be taken. Truth – that and every law of reason, history, physics – is our weapon. It is up to us to wield this weapon in an appropriate and responsible way. Nothing apparently “junior league”. Nothing skirting the one issue: Race.

I personally have witnessed and experienced more than one turn-around of what even sympathetic “experts” have informed me were “hopeless” or “impossible” situations. Couldn’t it happen on a grander scale? One, I never quit. Two, I knew I had right on my side. Three, I fought skillfully. Four, I gained valuable allies along the way. And five, my adversaries were the most rotten of bastards. Couldn’t this be expanded?

Some are saying that the media is beginning to suffer. That more people are giving it a vote of “no confidence” and are turning to the web, etc., for their sources of information. The media of course, being what ist is, will never admit this.

“Make them BE what they ARE!”, Manson said. To be seen as what they really are is one thing which they can’t stand. To isolate and distill the truth and present it professionally. To hold the mirror up to the vampire. For the vampire – and the media – can fool indefinitely the masses of people. But he – and it – can’t fool a simple mirror.

We must be that mirror.