The Rockwell Centenary

For the image of a man who was so alive and in the times to have reached its centenary this March 9th is sobering beyond the power of words to convey. He departed this life while still in his physical prime just over a half-century ago. To have been associated with his organization then was so very cutting edge, so completely modern. To have marked someone’s centenary then would have placed you back at the time of the Civil War. A half-century back then would have taken one from the time of Queen Victoria and well into the Atomic Age.

Yet here we are.

And we are, after all, still here.

I want to make it a point to remember how the Jews and all the rest of the system smart-asses were calling Rockwell – when they weren’t ignoring him – a “failure” in life as well as in his chosen path, that of radical politics in the form of the American Nazi Party. And it always upset me down deep in my gut when these same know-it-alls would borrow from somebody when saying – as some sort of veiled warning/condemnation/threat that “those not learning the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”

There were and are many lessons of history that these types either have not learned or who, for their own deceptive purposes, choose to cherry-pick. One of these is that the men who have had some of the greatest impact upon history have only done so well after their deaths. Rockwell knew this and was careful to state it in regard to himself in the pages of his autobiography, “This Time the World”. “I knew I would not live to see the victory I would make possible but I would not die before I had made that victory certain.”

I state this now and dare anyone to try and contradict it: Rockwell’s presence is greater today than at any time during his own life. We’ve seen this reality jump dramatically just within the past one year through the efforts of Atomwaffen and Siegeculture. And being somewhat in a position to know, I can tell you that it represents only the barest of beginnings.

One of Rockwell’s earliest supporters, Floyd Fleming, never tired of referring to him as some sort of cosmic genius. He actually was. His grasp of history as well as of the present day led him to declare of himself and his role that he was the “Saint Paul” to Hitler’s “Christ”. In this he was right again and things over the course of the last fifty years have only gone to bear this out.

But it required centuries for Christ’s message to finally take on the power of the State under Emperor Constantine. We feel today that we don’t have that much time what with the way things are deteriorating. To be sure, the Classical world was then irremediably stricken and was going to fall, no matter what. The future was all in the hands of the pagans to the north who were still to receive the Word. Paul realized this then but still acted as though it were “a house on fire”. As I was setting about demystifying the words of the Bible – and certainly those of Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament, it came over me that here certainly was one more cosmic genius.

One of the things I feel I demystified then was the often used term, “salvation”. We’ve all heard of salvage yards where the usable material is separated from the junk. It is no different with human material. We find ourselves today in the midst of a great salvage yard as we attempt to spread the Word to as many of those worthy to receive it and thereby be represented in some sort of future as we are able.

Our circumstances may be less than glamorous, the work may be dirty and at times even dangerous, and the “junk” element may well outweigh that of the more valuable. But had this very same task not been willingly and knowingly undertaken by the likes of Paul back then, then I assure you we would not be here today attempting to successfully bridge the gap between one civilization and the next. Cycles of civilization have been and are perhaps the one great lesson of history. As great or even greater than that is the reason for it.

Look at Germany today. Even the voice of the enemy has no choice but to admit that Germany leads Europe. Then look at Germany all throughout the latter half of the Forties. A burned-out waste land. Enemy occupied and cut into pieces. I say look at that and then look at all of these so-called “developing” nations throughout the Third World. And then the words of Hitler as he wrote in “Mein Kampf”. “A people does not go to ruin through lost wars but only through the loss of the purity of their blood.” Case made beyond the power of enemy lies and propaganda to deny or obscure.

However, the great reality of these times is that all of what has been known as White, Western Christian civilization is in the same boat with regard to the common threats facing it. No longer an “Eastern Bloc”, it even includes what had been encompassed by the Soviet Union. But in this there is great clarification and clarification is always our ally as opposed to the distortion and confusion of the enemy.

As is my way, I won’t waste time and paper bewailing these details. For it has already been done and in detail far greater than anything I could hope to replicate. Former speech-writer for Richard Nixon and presidential candidate, Patrick Buchanan, issued a book in 2002 entitled, “The Death of the West”. I recommend this book to anyone. The subtitle to this book was, “How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization”. All very reasoned and fact-based. But Buchanan was received – or treated – as one of us when the book was first released by these grinning and arrogant, over-confidant Third World invaders among us.

Rockwell was saying much the same throughout the 1960s. It was as true in 1965 as it was in 2002. Only the symptoms have gotten worse. If you as yet haven’t read Rockwell’s second book, “White Power”, then you must. But Rockwell from the start took the high ground, got in front of the situation and declared himself a Nazi, took the Swastika as his symbol and worshiped the image of Adolf Hitler. The enemy thus couldn’t accuse him of this the way they did Buchanan. And, by this, Rockwell created a legend which will live throughout eternity. Buchanan today is practically forgotten.

It makes a person wonder how many “runners-up” may have existed at the time of Paul. Trying to disguise or “sugar-coat” the message in order to, perhaps, escape the kind of horrible death that standing up openly for Christ could get you. And there were plenty of those. But they are forgotten, Paul is remembered and the job got done. What job? The salvation of an entire people – the White race – and a chance at one more glorious cycle of civilization. The times of Paul have returned and that is where we presently find ourselves, like it or not.

But you’d better KNOW IT. Because if you don’t, if you insist upon continuing along in some sort of personalized delusion for the sake of safety or ego, then you are wasting your time and indeed your life.

You will be forgotten. In the meantime, you are helping spread distortion and confusion. You are, in effect, part of the problem and not of the solution.

So then, are we radicals and extremists because we are so far ahead of the times or is it because we pull absolutely no punches? Probably a bit of both. But what do we care? Has anyone or anything managed to do any better for the situation? We don’t feel we have time to waste. Really, does anyone have time to waste? Unless, of course, their entire existence has been a waste. And, yes, there are plenty – too many – of those. As Hitler said, all consumed by the daily price of milk – or maybe the sports page. Or as I say, placed on earth only to exhale carbon dioxide and shit in the water.

I was actually born over anxious. Got to do something NOW! That, when not gotten under control can get you all fouled up, ruined and killed. This sort of thing, tragically but not accidentally, is not taught anywhere. I guess you either survive long enough to get the picture or you just do not. That’s even worse than the law of the jungle. But what a test! The numbers, the numbers. They forever appear to be against us. And yet we have made it to this point.

Time running out? Whether it is or whether it isn’t, there is no time to waste.

Rockwell was one of the very few who WASTED NO TIME. He gave every minute of his existence to the cause and, in the end, he even gave his DEATH. Legends aren’t easily made and it is the true test of a genuine legend when – as it was and remains – that the lying, manipulating, opinion-forming and taste-making enemy media does its very damnedest to see to it that the person is literally BURIED from the sight of the public, and still the legend not only lives on but grows.


ur race has seen worse days than these, I assure you. As I carefully scanned and studied the Bible – knowing that the people at the heart and core of it were OURSELVES – I marveled that we were able to come through at all those thousands of years ago. And today we don’t face the kind of terror that they faced then. On top of that we possess the kind of miraculous weapons and tools that they couldn’t even imagine.

It’s within and within again. Within our established borders and institutions that the threat lies. And within each one of ourselves that the division and confusion, the inability to act and to act effectively exists. If, to borrow from the Book, the veil could be but lifted from the eyes of our fellows, then the abysmal situation which now exists could be reversed effectively overnight.

That’s our task. To attack it as capably and well as we can.

To do less is a waste of time. To remain inactive because one desires to do more at this time – when the means do not exist – is equally a waste of time.

Personally, I could not look in the face any of our great heroes who have gone on – Rockwell among the foremost of them – if I were to permit myself to fail in such a manner.

“A Man with his Camera”

Or, more precisely, a man with at least three cameras. For it is the output of three cameras that goes into the making of this program which is entitled, “Thora and Link”. Commander Rockwell was always, it seems, a shutter-bug by nature. He had trained in Navy photographic school during the Second World War and had gone into business as “Maine Photo Art” after the War. And thank heaven for all of this as it made possible for us today and ever after to see and know that much more of the rich and meaningful life that this special individual led.

Rockwell was also a man with two great loves, both of which he came upon in his life practically simultaneously: National Socialism and a woman named Thora Hallgrimsson. Previously over the course of his young life Rockwell had been searching and struggling toward both of these things. Much philosophical and spiritual confusion and yearning plus even a marriage that was to end in divorce. But, once found, Rockwell, true to his nature, locked on.

This collection of photographs covers the period from 1950, when Rockwell was recalled to active duty in the Korean War and ordered to San Diego, California, to 1958 when the moment came in Arlington, Virginia, to make the terrible choice between his beloved family and the Movement, the future of which now rested entirely in his hands. Self or posterity? He made the choice only a great man would or could make. From that very moment, all of it – past, present and future – became legend.

We’ve arranged the presentation in three parts: The output of a 3-D “Viewmaster” camera; a series of black-and-white prints; and a series of large-format color slides. In essence then, we’ll be covering the same ground three times but in three separate ways. Of course, it was necessary to have the two sets of slides printed and, in the case of the “Viewmasters”, it wasn’t easy or cheap. The black and white prints had only to be carefully removed from their album which was practically falling apart. The large, color slides were all jumbled up, bent in many cases and cracked in some.

In processing the “Viewmasters” I made a discovery that is worth sharing. The opening frames in this program are of several of the so-called stereo “reels” themselves. A number of things are to be noted: On some, the Commander has made inscriptions in his own hand; on others he has put his initial “R”; on at least one he has written out long-hand “The 3-D Company”. But on still others there is printed professionally and in color a label also bearing a logo for “The 3-D Company”. The first actual print from one of these slides is of a photograph of a construction of this same logo. It’s all his own artwork, his own design. It is obvious to me by this that, while stationed with the Navy in San Diego, the Commander – ever the entrepreneur – started up this company himself as a franchise or the like. Then, as we know, he was transferred to duty in Iceland where he would meet and fall in love with Thora. But he took his own “demo” model of the camera along with him.

However, San Diego is doubly significant in the life of George Lincoln Rockwell at this point because it was while there that he first read Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf’ and became instantly converted to National Socialism. It was as a committed National Socialist that Rockwell would spend the remainder of his life. The true instinct and steel-trap intellect of the man, the honesty and the bravery, the zest and the lust for life, the talent, the personal charisma, the utter devotion to duty. Any one of these attributes would be remarkable by itself in any individual. But to have them combined together in one person is something unique. And the result, once again, was legend.

With the noted exceptions of the shots we made of the reels in the beginning, each of the three segments opens in Iceland. It would be an invaluable aid to the viewer if he could have with him or at least be familiar with the story as told by Commander Rockwell himself in his autobiography, “This Time the World”. A number of the illustrations in that book were taken from these very same collections. One may be aware of the end of one segment and the start of another thusly: When first color changes to black and white, we have gone from the opening to the second segment; when color returns, we have moved into the final segment.

The first part ends in Memphis, Tennessee, about 1956 when Rockwell was working with Conservative Robert Snowden. Why then and there? I suspect it was because of the added expense of the “Viewmaster” process coupled with the ever-tightening financial straits Rockwell and his family were having to undergo. The next shots off that camera are not until after the founding of the American Nazi Party in 1959 and will be included as part of the next program devoted to the A.N.P.

The second part ends in Arlington, Virginia, in the summer of 1958 with a backyard birthday party for one of the kids at Williamsburg Boulevard. This house had been provided by Harold Arrowsmith with the arrangement that Rockwell lead an openly anti-Semitic group backed by Arrowsmith’s financing. It held until things got too hot and Arrowsmith bailed. These shots would have been from about the time of the July picket of the White House.

But note the carefree looks not only on the kids – with miniature “Heils” all around – but also on the face of Thora herself as she caters to the party.

The third part ends with, as Rockwell captioned the same shot which he reproduced in “This Time the World”, the final take of the kids before his family’s flight took off for Iceland late in 1958. The fury of the Jews at this sign of renewed resistance – the first since 1945 – and the complete cowardice of the so-called “Conservative” or “Right Wing” instantly rendered it impossible to maintain a family safely or comfortably. Seldom in any man’s life does there come this sort of complete break, a total end and a total new beginning, but this was such a time in Rockwell’s life.

In between, to help the viewer better appreciate what’s taking place, there are scenes from around the Navy base at Keflavik, Iceland, which look more like an Air Force base as Rockwell was a Navy flier. There are in the second segment a couple of rather dark shots of a review taking place in a hangar. The Commander is the tall figure in the center of the group of officers. That year was 1952. Unless I am badly mistaken, there at the opening of the second segment are photos from the diplomatic party in Reykjavik where Link first met Thora. There was, naturally, a courtship period although Link admitted a love-atfirst-sight passion between them. The little boy there at first was Thora’s son, “Ricky”, by a first marriage.

There was the wedding at the National Cathedral in Reykjavik on October 3rd, 1953, and the reception following that at the home of the Hallgrimsson family. Then the honeymoon to Berchtesgaden, Germany. We have a couple of shots taken during the military flight over as well as a nice grouping of shots from the famous Tea House, atop the Kellstein. There will be a few more shots from the honeymoon in the second segment.

     “In May (1954) my wife gave birth in the Base Hospital to my first son, Lincoln Hallgrimmur, whom we came to call ‘Grampaw’. I was overjoyed! After three daughters (from his first marriage), at last a son!

     “We came back to the U.S.A. (in 1955), arriving as I had at Brown University, in a hurricane, at Brunswick, Maine, where I was to be attached to inactive duty.” “Thora, Ricky, ‘Grampaw’ and I took a little cottage on Bailey’s Island, at the very height of a roaring gale, and I set about methodically preparing to publish a full-color national magazine. We had exactly three hundred dollars to our names.”

The series of shots of the log cabin, the lake, Rockwell in the boat and at the typewriter most probably are from this period. There also comes a series of views starting with a rather poor-quality one of Rockwell’s D.C. office of “U.S. Lady Magazine” followed by a dazzling display of Rockwell’s own art, presumably outlining that first issue. In the second black and white segment will be a few shots of Rockwell’s “U.S. Lady” staff. A couple of secretaries and the man who ultimately bought the effort out after only a handful of issues, John Adams, I believe.

     “…I drove down from Maine to Washington, D.C., obviously the only place such a magazine as ‘U.S. Lady’ should be published. After staying again for a while at the Icelandic Embassy, we rented a lovely old Virginia plantation home about sixty miles out in the ‘hunt’ country south of Washington. We got the place for a hundred a month, since it was so very far out. It was really luxurious. There were bathrooms with fireplaces, chaise lounges and oil paintings! But commuting a hundred and twenty miles a day in my little Plymouth station wagon was extremely difficult. I began to sleep some nights in the tiny office I had rented in the Walker Building, a block away from the White house.”

In the black and white second segment there is a nice series which depicts this home in Flint Hill, Virginia, along with a festive occasion attended by neighbors or perhaps in-laws. In 1956 Thora and Link have their first daughter, Jeannie Margaret, who was born at George Washington University Hospital in D.C. Hopefully, by this, the viewer will be able to keep track of the children as they are appearing. The third segment is practically all given over to the kids. There are at the beginning some nice shots of the father-in-law with friends in Iceland on horseback with little Ricky. In that grouping as well will be a portrait of Admiral William Halsey with the Rockwell logo clearly visible at the bottom, right.

And, also in 1956, Rockwell loses control of his magazine, “U.S. Lady”: “Once again, I had created what I set out to create, but lost the fruits of my labors because of the lack of capital.” It was at this time Rockwell decided to go directly into politics. In line with this decision, and arising out of a political contact had made as a result of a Conservative meeting he had held on July 4th, 1956, at the Mayflower Hotel in D.C., Rockwell and his family traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, to assist in the Hard Right effort of one Robert Snowden. We’ve included a couple of scenes from that period, especially of Snowden seated at his desk. These are about the only shots with a purely political content in this program. If I included the extra scene of the younger man also at a desk in the same office, it was to determine whether or not the man is Rockwell. He is not. But, after the failed attempt at the Mayflower Hotel previously to accomplish anything with Conservatives, this experience in Memphis was his second bitter let-down. It was around this time that Rockwell purchased a trailer as a hedge against more Right Wing instability.

That Thanksgiving Rockwell was back in New England meeting with DeWest Hooker and some of his men who were active on the streets. It was at this time that Rockwell realized that only an openly Nazi approach was worthwhile.

While we have no pictures of the momentous meeting Rockwell had with Hooker – apart from that one reproduced in “This Time the World” – we know that at this point he was moving about the eastern United States with his family in the trailer looking for that one leader, that one organization that might hold a key to a future. There was to be none. It was going to be he, himself, or nothing at all ultimately.

But the period was a harsh one for him and his family. The second segment of photos dramatically reproduces part of this by its emphasis on the “trailer’ period. Some of these shots will be at Haines Point, D.C., on an island in the Potomac River, with others being from a park in Moonachie, New Jersey, across the river from Manhatten. The Moonachie period Rockwell recalled fondly, however. And despite the very real hardships of this life, all of the quite intimate black and white photos of this second segment tend to reflect only a happy domesticity. It surely must have been love. Rockwell had by this time traded the Plymouth for a 1949 Cadillac to better tow the 1944 trailer. The year 1957 saw the birth of Thora and Link’s third child, Evelyn Bentina, at Hackensack, New Jersey.

At least one black and white photo clearly depicts the Christening of a new born infant. And one will notice a small series of black and white prints showing some different children. These are the three girls from Rockwell’s first marriage: Bonnie; Nancy; and Phoebe Jean. (Nancy will also be the pretty one in the “Mickey Mouse” cap.) A rare visitation for him. Who is the elderly woman shown with Nancy? A mother-in-law, perhaps? Another move with the trailer, this time to Lincoln, Pennsylvania, situated between Lancaster and Reading, as the quest continued.

At about this same time, Rockwell was contacted by DeWest Hooker and asked to represent him at an upcoming meeting of Hard Right types in Knoxville, Tennessee. Out of this meeting was to evolve the long-lived “National States Rights Party”. But at the meeting also was one Wallace Allen – later to figure in the creation of the American Nazi Party – who convinced Rockwell to come join him in Atlanta, Georgia. As Rockwell wrote, the family in the trailer arrived in Atlanta in January of 1958 on the coldest day there in record and was quartered in what Rockwell termed “a dump” of a trailer park. One more Conservative effort fails.

The Right Wing contacts never ceased, however, and next it was on to Newport News, Virginia, to work with a William Stephenson, publisher of “The Virginian” magazine. It was here that Rockwell was introduced to Harold Arrowsmith and the plans were laid to start an organization that not only told it exactly as it was – accusing the Jews – but was dedicated to taking the message into the streets and to the public, thus breaking out of the dead-end and nowhere Right Wing cycle. Arrowsmith was a millionaire and a research scholar who would not only finance Rockwell and his family but would provide much damning evidence on the Jews to be published. Rockwell, at last, would lead.

A house was leased in Arlington, Virginia, on Williamsburg Boulevard not only as a home for Rockwell and his family but also to contain presses and photographic equipment by which to print the new organization’s – “National Committee To Free America From Jewish Domination” – literature. In quick order the decision was made to stage a live picket before the Eisenhower White House in protest over U.S. support of Jews in the current crisis over Lebanon. Men from Hooker’s group were bussed down from New York for the occasion which took place that July. Simultaneously, contacts Rockwell had made in Louisville, Kentucky, and Atlanta, Georgia, picketed as well.

Things went surprisingly smooth until October 12th, 1958, when the Atlanta Synagogue was mysteriously bombed. Rockwell’s men in Atlanta – including Wallace Allen – were arrested on the charge but never convicted. However, it was the resultant “heat” from all the national publicity that proved the most decisive. The media “barricade” was broken, to be sure, but at a cost. Arrowsmith – terrified – pulled out, together with his finances, demanding back not only his presses but the house. And physical attacks upon the home began. Late in the year, Rockwell sent his family to live in safety with Thora’s parents in Iceland. That very final shot of the third and final segment was taken at Idyllwild International Airport as the family was about to depart.

Thora and Link would meet only one more time. The next year was, by Rockwell’s own account, the most lonely, desperate and miserable of his life. But he overcame every obstacle and every threat and, on March 8th, 1959, (one day before his own forty-first birthday) he formally announced the creation of the American Nazi Party.

But in the interim the in-laws went to work on Thora with threats of disinheritance, etc. Rockwell made it over to Iceland in the fall of 1959 but it was no good. Separation papers were signed that October 28th… the date of one of their daughters’ birthday. Rockwell prepared to fly back to the United States when…

     “She (Thora) had come to say goodbye! She was pouring tears. I took her in my arms and sobbed uncontrollably. So did she. I begged her to tell me why… but all she would say was that she wished it could be otherwise more than I did!

     “Had I managed to fight my way back to a united family up there, after the brutal and heart-breaking battle I had experienced, the warm love of my wife and children might have overcome my sense of duty to the Cause. I might have postponed for too long the all-out battle we have fought and won here, as a shell-shocked man eschews the trenches when he can. Who would leave a warm feather bed to jump into the icy torrents in which he most probably will be drowned?

     “Irrational or not, I have now come to the conclusion that my beloved wife acted only her part in a drama neither of us understood… which is the only explanation for the crazy goodbye at the airport. She booted me brutally back into the fight I told her, almost from the first day I met her, was the whole purpose of my life. In hurting me more terribly than I believed possible for a human being to be hurt and survive, she gave me the one last weapon I needed to fight and hold my victory… and she forced me out into the battle.

     “In addition to all these things she did for me, she gave me the most impenetrable armor on earth.

     “As I began to recover from my spiritual collapse, I found myself steeled and hardened and almost somnambulistic in my attitude. And for the first time in my life I just didn’t care what happened. I became virtually a tool of the giant Forces which I realized had shaped my life.

     “My wife had given me the most priceless armor available: Fearlessness.

     “I began slowly to realize what she had done for me. Even unconsciously, this wonderful woman had given me what I needed at the right time.”

     (Quotes taken from “This Time the World”, Chapter Fourteen.)