The Satanist Question: A Proclamation from the NSO

Given its unfortunate subversion of the Atomwaffen Division, the question remains whether the NSO accepts the philosophy of Satanism in any way, shape or form.

It is in this official proclamation that we the leadership answer with a definitive NO.

National Socialism is the pure expression of natural law, encompassing a perfect balance of both the collective and personal betterment, all in service to the strength and perseverance of the Aryan folk. Conversely, the various schools of Satanism maintain a narrow tunnel vision of strictly self-centered motives as they, like leftist ideology, seek to magically defy Nature. Satanists pathetically seek “transcendence” by munching on graveyard dirt, mutilating themselves while spinning around naked in the woods based off of hollow doctrines proscribed by writings which reflect a lazy plagiarism of both Lovecraftian mythology, along with foreign ritualistic practices of the kike Sabbati Zevi, among many other bizarre influences.

It is with great remorse that this utter nonsense was allowed to taint AWD’s integrity but as NSO has previously stated, we seek to learn from the mistakes of the past and it is with this decree that we have truly adapted and have thus grown stronger by removing this ideological cancer from our ranks permanently.

When the big picture is given even a cursory glance, Satanism has proven itself to be a destructive parasite that feeds off of National Socialist imagery and terminology for its own selfish ends. One can observe many degenerate aspects of this self-proclaimed “ally ethos”, from the o9a’s open endorsement of homosexuality, ranging from magical uranic (gay) sex to rural lesbian covens, to the exposed federal psyop known as the Tempel ov Blood which produces a wealth of text that fetishizes the murder and rape of white children. It was outright admitted by an active member of the o9a in a recorded interview that if Hitler had won, then they would be pushing values that contradict National Socialism instead. This is clearly because they do not see National Socialism as the desired endgame as we of the NSO do, but as an expendable tool to exploit in order to feed their self-important sense of edgy “magical” contrarianism. They NEED our ideology, but our ideology does NOT need them whatsoever.

Thus it is decreed that the National Socialist Order, the forefront herald of SIEGE and the heirs to AWD’s legacy, fully disavows all forms and sects of Satanism in its entirety henceforth. Any individuals or self-proclaimed racialist groups who either embrace any form of Satanism or sit indifferently on the fence shall have no association with us. Fence sitters, choose your side and choose wisely, lest you wind up behind bars due to federal entrapment.

Aryan culture overflows with rich, documented traditions and spiritual forms of its very own. Thus it is crystal clear that we have no room for any subversive, federal psyop, blatant New Age garbage.