The Three Disgraces

No, not the Three Graces but the Three DISgraces.

In one generation how things in this country and the entire West have gone literally to hell. And, again, I saw it go.

As a kid and a young person there actually were three major disgraces as viewed by the society in general and this was, of course, a White society. These were: Queerism; Dopism; and Race-mixing.

These were – and still are and forever will be – sins, mortal sins. Why this? Simply because each one represents something which is ANTI-LIFE and moreover, anti-WHITE LIFE.

Western Civilization had survived and grown great over the past thousand years because its people had escaped from rotten and dying cultures where these things had become the norm and in which any people remaining would ultimately become caught up and infected by these social cancers and, thereby, ERASED as a people.

They were however remembered. One needs to look no further than Genesis to read of the deadly peril caused by these things to our people thousands of years ago and to read of the condemnation against them as spoken by the Lord through his prophets. And right across the Atlantic into the New World the lessons came. Written into our state laws and standing in effect at least into the 1960s were prohibitions against these very things.

The talk has been of late to “Make America Great Again”. Supposing you could roll back every social legislation not just covering the past generation but back a good century and a half, then you might stand a reasonable chance of restoring this country to greatness.

How did we deal with these topics back then? As to queerism, my mind at least just didn’t run in that direction. Sure, we had “sissies”. But QUEERS?! The consideration just wasn’t made. The serious thought wasn’t at all entertained. But I will say that within the middle school jargon and humor of that time, you were out of the loop unless you were adept at impugning the other guy’s manhood. But even at that the whole thing was kept where it belonged through harsh ridicule.

At serious glance, we each one are but microcosms of an even greater biological experiment. Things will go wrong. In nature these mistakes do not survive. Here is where modern humanity deals itself a potential death blow. A “born” homosexual, transsexual or whatever the hell is a freak of nature. But, when a society goes terminally ill such as the way this society has gone, these sort of thing becomes literally like a spreading cancer even among the otherwise “normal”. Of course, within the system of KZ Lagers in the Third Reich, the homosexuals had their very own classification: That of a pink triangle.

As to dope, I well remember the opening of the school season in the fall of 1967. It were as though someone had thrown a switch because in there suddenly came the tong hair as well as the dope. I had never even heard the term “pot” until I came across it on a Tom Lehrer record in about 1966. Still, it was an extremely fringe thing and I only recall a joke told to me by one chum at the time: What did the hippie say at his trial? Give me liberty or give me meth! Still the ridicule.

Dope was always part and parcel of colored, Third World cultures. It was of course rampant here among the coloreds. Some rotten Whites might slip into Chinatown or Harlem for a little indulgence but the vast, broad base of White America remained untouched by this scourge and this poison. And America remained great.

As to race-mixing, just as within the pages of the Bible itself, that was and is an offense against God and Creation so severe that language describing it has been carefully couched so as not shock and offend the decent, average reader to so excessive an extent. Things like “apples” and “serpents” have been introduced in place of the actual, disgusting details. In the recent past I’ve made mention of examples of the illuminated Kama Sutra which graphically depict inter-racial intercourse. And have a look at India today – where the Kama Sutra originated – in order to know exactly where that sort of activity will get you.

That, of course, was the lowest of the low. It still is and it will always be. Yes, we most certainly did have our nigger jokes. But we did not joke about miscegenation. It was too grievous. Too grievous even though we never saw it through the 1950s and 1960s.

Yes, there in southern Ohio in those days we had our share of mulattoes. Very few actual Blacks but plenty of mulattoes. Hell, we even had a family carrying my own family name. But these types were confined to the south end of town. And, yes, even Ohio was segregated with the exception of the public schools.

These people in those days amused me, approximately like monkeys in. the zoo. But just as Rockwell said, they represented early immorality. In practically every case there were older Blacks in the rear of the classroom because they had been held back a grade or two. Development in them, as a result, was further along. I clearly recall one, lunch time when so many of us would retire to Rieder’s Pharmacy. There sat India Mason at the soda fountain. In walked Charles Beverly, a typical basketball type. India took hold of her skirt and hiked it up way above her thigh in order to convey a certain message to Charles.

The overt race mixing didn’t commence until after I had gotten myself out of school even ahead of the early Seventies. It involved actual Blacks, upper-crust, sicko White bitches and, of course, the liberalized Church. It had begun.

But note how it all seemed to go together. Never in a vacuum, it all came in concert. And about like someone having thrown a switch. Not to omit the so-called “music”, either. Must have the proper “atmosphere”.

And you bet, I began to HATE.

That was small town, mid-west, conservative, Republican southern Ohio. But just as Rockwell illustrated in his second and final book, White Power, the disease was far worse and had penetrated much deeper in the bigger cities across the country by that time. I’ve heard some say that all of this represents but an “aberration” among our people. I think that misses the mark by a very wide margin. As Saint Paul outlined, previously this sort of thing came after century’s worth of lust and proximity had had their way in the empires of antiquity. The actual concept of race apparently had not yet been conceived of. But, Paul said, now was the time to take careful note of it and play things accordingly.

Well, of course, race has long since been identified as a very real consideration. The most real and most important of all considerations in human dealings. The Bible states it. Our own laws here stated it. Good common sense and healthy instincts declare it. The farmer in his barnyard knows it. And, yes, the enemy knows it.

That’s what makes this time unique. As I said, none of this appears within a vacuum. Take the three disgraces and place them all together because that’s where they belong. They together represent the hallmarks of the sick society. They together represent DEATH.

I’ve outlined before how the sickening and arrogant liberal types seem to love repeating whenever referring to Hitler and the Third Reich that “those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” I would ask of them, exactly what the hell “lessons” are you referring to? Hitler SAW the lessons of history and fought – and succeeded – in rescuing Germany from them. They went into concentration camps! Then the stupid and duped “Allies” – along with their Jewish-Bolshevik brethren – swooped in and restored the rule of death.

No, the lessons of history have most certainly not been forgotten. At least not by those in the know. The brain-raped masses of Whites in the Western world have had these lessons denied to them, or else have had them associated with the worst EVIL by-the alien, enemy masters of the media to them. This drive to quick death has been deliberately RED-LINED by these alien, enemy occupiers of all of our societal sensitivity points for the expressed purpose of inducing our people to self-destruct. Now, if you want to look for EVIL, look no further than this.

I saw it all happen. So did millions of others. Why am I the only one stating the actual case-of the matter? The enemy would have a field day with this question.

But there is only one reality however many “takes” there may be on that one reality. Most obviously go according to the enemy-generated take on the present day reality.

I’ll attempt to paraphrase a favorite quote of mine. It may well have come from Hitler or it may not have. That doesn’t alter its truth.

“They sat by the side of a corpse and in the signs of decay they saw only signs of ‘new’ life.”