Those Who Want To Live

“Those who want to live, let ’em live. Those who want to die, let ’em die.” The words of Charles Manson. And Manson will always be with us.

Here he was speaking of the dope epidemic in not only this country but the whole Western world. Better put, the WHITE Western world for we are one and we are all in the same boat. By the very same token, the causes for this plague – only one of several – are the same as well.

I discovered quite a while ago that all high civilizations die in the same way, with all the same symptoms. Always, truly high civilizations are WHITE civilizations. Colored civilizations don’t fall because they don’t rise. White civilizations fall due to infusion of colored influence.

A thing like that can’t get a foothold unless and until White consciousness, awareness, pride and unity have been damaged and done away with Along with that tortuous process comes what I have called increased alienation, lack of direction and lack of purpose. The core of the atom has been removed. There isn’t even any longer a sense of up or down.

Into an atmosphere such as this may be expected to enter every sort of aberrant behavior, including the use of dope.

Manson also had this to say regarding the dope epidemic: If it is in your agenda to get a class of kindergarteners to throw rocks but you cannot come out openly with it then you proceed as follows: Inculcate into them that they are not to go near the pile of rocks; That to throw the rocks is the worst possible thing they could do. Then go on to piss them off – or to alienate them. They’ll go to the rock pile, throw the rocks and believe that it has been their own idea.

These people here today do their dope with an air of defiance – about like a child – in the belief and with the cry of “freedom”. It’s the same with race-mixing and queerism.

None of this is anything new, as I’ve said. What is new, as I’ve also said, is that here, today it is all red-lined. Pushed, enabled and protected by the so-called “late Cleaned up and made to look “respectable”, even “glamorous” by the enemy-controlled media. Remember that it was ALWAYS there but not only did it have the stigma of shame attached to it but it was firmly outlawed. And so the society held together fairly well.

With regard to the crime rate I had been kicking around a piece to have been entitled something to the effect, “We Need to Get Back a Thousand Years”. I just love to recount the actions of the Philippine President as he sanctions the open killing of the dope addicts over there. I wouldn’t have thought it possible for any of my attitudes to harden further but they did during the time I worked security for a major retailer. Dealing all day, every day with the shit-hooks and scum-bags of the universe. “You act like it’s your stuff.”

“It’s more my stuff than it is your stuff.” “Why are you chasing me?” “Why are you running?”

Around here the vagrants have a thing going which they call, “The Right to Rest”. This is a trick just to enable loitering. As a result, you see bums lying around all over the place. The problem was rife when I first came to my main store. “I’m tired of you fucking bums!!” I would shout. “I’m not a bum!” would come back. “Homeless”, is the enabling term.

During my wintering over at the Cincinnati Workhouse in 1974-1975, I learned many things. One was that the town used to be known as “Rag Town”. A person had to have at least a dollar in his pocket or else be subject to arrest for vagrancy.

During my professional period, I promulgated this one: “Those with the most attitude are the ones that can least afford it.” Gradually company policy would embrace a no-chase rule as well as a no-touch rule whenever dealing with thieves. This sort of thing spreads like cancer – as I told them -and it was no time before the thieves, whenever confronted, would arrogantly boast, “You can’t touch me.” But we generally ignored the rules and this would get them “touched”, thrown to the floor, cuffed up and dragged back to the office even as we risked reprimand and perhaps even loss of job.

This represents a general caving in.

However if one but notices, it all goes hand-in-hand. Low-life Whites, niggers and other coloreds, certainly dopers and not just a few way-out-in-the-open queers, etc. As I viewed all of this at my beginning, I declared that the age of the self-service department store was over, at least as it had been envisioned by the likes of F.W. Woolworth, J.C. Penney and S.S. Kresge, etc. Thank God I was able to retire before what I could see coming actually took place. Today there are no more of my old stores operational in this city.

Manson spoke a lot about WILL. An enemy might be expected to use any kind of weapon, psychological or otherwise, against his intended victim. But the intended victim population which doesn’t possess the WILL to react accordingly to brash incursions against its peace and order sets itself up for elimination sooner rather than later.

Will and HEART, Manson would talk about. I guess “tough love” would be the approximate equivalent used by these enablers today. But here the point is missed for without the core of the atom and without any sense of direction it’s all a waste of time. With regard to the dopers, the “success rate” of so-called “rehabilitation” is about one in a hundred. Recidivism on the part of convicted criminals who go to prison is notorious. I used to overhear them as they would talk about how they were going to commit their next rape as soon as they were out, knowing now how they had been caught. (This was while I was a political prisoner in maximum security.) Well, you HANG rapists. No lengthy process. Biblically, if you catch a thief, he HAS NO RIGHTS. YOU OWN HIM!

In certain Arabic countries, they still cut off hands or brand faces. In our own Anglo-Saxon lands, we used to have hanging, drawing and quartering.

And all of this was a community spectacle.

Biblically, queerism carried the death penalty. It also carried the death penalty in the Third Reich.

Actually, the Third Reich was most humane. They establish their concentration camps to place these types into – every sort of anti-social type – first to protect the general society and, secondly, to see whether there was in existence any hope of individual salvation. “Arbeit Macht Frei”. One did not get up in the face of his Camp Commandant with a phrase like, “You can’t touch me.”

The Age of Satan began with the Age of Reason, so-called. The Age of Liberalism, so-called. The Age of Enlightenment, so-called. Things had softened to the point where racial aliens – Jews – were permitted back into our midst and they went right to work on these “causes”. To overturn our civilization and to destroy us as a people.

To the dopers, no more endless waste of civil service time in resuscitating them. Let ’em die. For those incarcerated on dope charges, apart from actual dope DEALING, cut ’em loose out the front door with the warning that if they are caught again, it’ll mean hanging publicly. No appeals.

Coloreds are ordered out, period. No concerns over “legalities” or anything else. Just COLOREDS OUT! Then, after a time, should any colored face be seen within our renewed White society, it would mean another public hanging. Crime would just about disappear. Prisons WOULD disappear.

Now, that’s real WILL and real HEART!!

Rights? As Hitler said, there is but ONE right as well as ONE duty and that is to keep the race pure.

It was said that during the days of Ghangis Khan a virgin carrying a sack of gold could walk clear across Asia without fear of anything.

But rights? A man’s home and property is sacrosanct. A man’s family likewise. His right and his duty to make a decent living. Certainly to bear arms. Protest? As Hitler told those whose nerve was failing them as the War turned against Germany, “You can tell ME that but don’t tell anyone else!” Strikes? A National Socialist government would see to it that all effort went toward the GOOD OF THE RACE and never toward anyone’s personal profit. When profiteering and other crimes against the people were uncovered, the immediate result would, again, be public hanging.

Heart and will.

Getting back a thousand years.

Taking this people once again in hand.

No one would WANT or need dope. Indeed, it wouldn’t be available. No one would want to face the SHAME of queerism or race-mixing and, indeed, no coloreds would be available.

The family core would be reestablished.

But what an obstacle is it that has to be removed first, before any of this real healing can start to take place. It is a. DETERMINED enemy and it has too many of these people in its grip shouting “freedom” and “equality”. It’ll have to be BROKEN. Or, if not, it’ll have to fall apart from within. But there’s the “Catch 22”: What might be left remaining should all of this poison and insanity go on, uninterrupted, to its logical conclusion?

If it were to be left up to the gods and their return, they could quite easily take control of this planet. Then what do you suppose they’d do with all this teeming, overwhelming human mess? Right! ZAP!! And for the rest? Get with the program. They will not be running for office.

Those who want to live, let them live.

Those who want to die, let them die.

Or, when it’s necessary, help them along with it.