Trump II

Those who have been with us for awhile will know that we launched this series about a year-and-a-half ago with a feature entitled simply, “Trump”.

One could say that we are now two years in with regard to the Trump presidency. I think it’s time to take some stock on what’s been transpiring during this time.

The most salient thing, without a doubt, has to be in regard to Trump’s own statement regarding the media. He stated quite plainly during his campaign that the media is the worst enemy of the American People. We concurred then and we most certainly still do today.

The “Russia” thing. I was saying it then and I’ll always say it that IF Russia or anyone else helped keep the dirty, old hippie from winning the election, we as a nation owe them the deepest debt of gratitude.

The so-called “investigation”. For anyone who was around throughout the “Watergate” affair, this will ring so absolutely familiar. And, to boot, one of the two Jews responsible for “breaking” that story actually came out with another book on the Russia affair, implying that Trump had a bad leak within his own White House feeding these bastards of the press every sort of “information” with the further implication that there was a “resistance”, a la the July 20th plot against Hitler. That received one, good blast over the media and then… nothing. Too spurious even for them to play along with.

The steady drum beat. The brow-beating. The crucifixion. So very familiar. Sure, Nixon was no kind of hero. But he was a nationalist and what he and his men did with regard to bugging the Democratic National Headquarters was the RIGHT thing to have done under the prevailing circumstances. This country was at war with a communist power and the Democratic candidate was undisguisedly a pro-communist. But, as far as the Jews and their media are concerned, to be a nationalist and to actively oppose communism is anathema. Besides that, Nixon was the one who got the communist stooge, Alger Hiss, that had been planted at the right side of that other Stalinist puppet, FDR. And for this they never forgave Nixon, either.

But that “investigation” dragged on and on as well. Being fed also by their “Deep Throat” source within the FBI – one more Jew named Felt – Nixon’s own base of supporters, his “Silent Majority”, was tortured right along with him by the Jewish press even as one after another of his “right hand men” caved and cracked, about like what we’re seeing today with Trump’s former side-kicks.

Dirt? Sure, there’ll be dirt until such time as a truly racial-nationalist regime can gain power and rule, more or less, by direct decree. And, what would be much more, after the media, etc., has been absolutely and 100% removed from the hands of these enemy, alien Jews. (Don’t you think that their own boys and girls aren’t filthy as hell in all aspects? The game board simply is not level.)

I believe that they’ll drag this “investigation” out until time for the next general election. Pure poison. They let slip and suffered an amazing loss in 2016. They have been furious about it ever since. I see these jokers on these network news broadcasts as they fight hard to maintain straight faces even as they twist and turn the latest “development” in the “Russia investigation”. To a discerning and intelligent mind, most of these “developments” amount to nothing at all.

But Trump, just like Nixon, had already surrounded himself with Jews. Nixon at least never had them within his own family, however. No matter. Word has been how Nixon and Billy Graham would get together at the White House and discuss “Satanic Jews”. G. Gordon Liddy, the only one of the Watergate crew to never break and never talk, would screen showings of “Triumph of the Will” at the White House. Nixon’s daughter, Tricia, sent word of congratulations to Lester Maddox in Georgia for the way he was handling the segregation problem there.

Nixon and Trump had this also in common: Both men seemed to be sincerely dedicated to this country even if their perception of the dangers was: off kilter. Both men tried to tell the honest truth about the situation as they saw it. And the way most decent Americans saw it as well. Hence their initial popularity. But this rankled with the Jew/Liberal/ Communist conspiracy, their intelligentsia and their media. It was not at all according to their program of ruining and destroying the fabric of this country as fast as they possibly could.

So they brought their power to bear. Yes, they murdered Kennedy right in front of God and the whole universe and got away with it. It was not only a coup d’etat but a WARNING to any and all other politicians as to what awaited them should they not tow the line properly once they had sold themselves to the conspiracy. But neither Nixon nor Trump had sold directly out the way Kennedy had done. And so it became the slow crucifixion in the press. Character assassination. Their support base was as much a target as they were themselves. And, by that, I mean White America.

As William Pierce once commented of that whole Watergate affair, Nixon – at least in theory – COULD HAVE called a national emergency and placed the military in charge, arresting all these Jews and communist/liberal traitors, etc. But he knew the lesson of Kennedy. Today, the military is no longer dependable the way it might have been nearly a half-century ago. Things have shifted and not in a good way.

I wonder what’s going through Trump’s mind these days.

Then there is “The Wall”. I used to never bother about watching the “news” until after I learned that this fellow, Trump, was wanting to build a wall along the border with Mexico. Now I seldom fail. Democrats and other bastards whose top priority is to further poison the national bloodstream just can’t have any talk of this at all. And so, to date, no wall. Now these scum-suckers have the majority in Congress. A sad day but one which I saw coming. (But, even as our own movement suggested over thirty years ago, you don’t need a wall, all you need is a mine field and then just let ’em come on ahead.)

But, on that topic, you really don’t need anything except a DECLARED WHITE STATE where anything “of color” is illegal right off the bat. That plus an entire, White populace fully armed and deputized to act.

The mess over health care, etc. This really makes me sick. No one, absolutely no one breathes a word regarding the one and only, genuine fix for this absolute disgrace: SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. End of problem. (And end to the profits of the gougers.) Exactly the same for the outrage of these damnable “student loan debts”. SOCIALIZED EDUCATION. A nation which fails to pick out its best and brightest and give them the fullest benefit of the highest education – all at State expense – is criminally stupid. And keep all these damned foreigners, etc., the hell OUT of our institutions of higher learning. DO NOT GIVE THEM OUR TECHNOLOGY!!!

Finally, perhaps, the alleged ‘boost” which the Trump presidency has given to the “Alt Right”, etc. Yes, I’ve said it myself that I find it even a lot nicer just getting up in the morning knowing that there is a man in the White House who is not either a nothing or an outright sell-out. That plus the screaming and hollering done by the enemy at this very same thought.

But, yes, it’s true. Leadership, even implied leadership, even false leadership pointed in the right direction, can and does provide wonders. It’s only natural. I addressed a recent article under the heading “No White Leadership” very recently. Rockwell said it again and again that it was this lack, even ahead of an enemy-dominated media, which was killing our people. So many viewed, and still do, Trump as their leader and they respond to his message. The entire point of the press black-out against Rockwell then and the rest of us today is to keep White America from even realizing that there is a White resistance, a White leadership present on the scene and to, thereby, deprive them of any hope, of any chance at all.

Their HATE and their FEAR. Concentrate and strike exactly where they themselves point.

As for the personal attacks involving women and Trump. I do play it perfectly level anytime a thing like this is brought up. I couldn’t have cared less about any of Clinton’s affairs. It was what he was doing to the country and to the White race that infuriated me. And I don’t give a single damn what Trump does involving women just so long as he has the national interest at heart and acts upon it accordingly.

Well, I think we have the next two years all mapped out for us. The slide into racial hell a little slower due to a nationalist being in office, the fury of the enemy media pumping at a high level as it rails against this, and a Hard Right which will remain on a somewhat more encouraged level as a result. But change? No.

I must doubt much that Trump will win reelection. That will be sad and we will probably slip back into a more “terrorist” frame of mind. Well, what can we really expect?

Might give it some deep thought now, while it’s still quiet.