What properly to make of Trump?

I’ll start with my own initial impressions.

These days I’m finding myself needing and wanting to break free of the habit of watching the evening news on television. This bothers me about myself because I never used to do it. Never, that was, until about a year ago when having coffee with friends and the subject of Donald Trump came up in connection with the then hotly contested presidential primary. One companion happened to mention that “this guy Trump wants to build a wall along the border with Mexico.” That was all it took to hook me.

From that movment until the election itself, I watched his climb. And on the very night of t he election, in the wee hours of the morning, as I sat in near amazement. I am not ashamed to say that I shed a tear of joy at his win.

But I am not fooled and neither should you be. There’s a very old adage which has it that if one is thirsty enough he’ll drink even dirty water. And for anything that remotely smacks of decent leadership in this country, this populace – the white populace – is dehydrated unto the brink of expiration. I was telling everyone that, of course, I expected “that dirty old hippie” to win the election. Why? I would go on: “She is the shit-hook candidate and I’m afraid that we are out-numbered in this country by shit-hooks”.

Sometimes it’s impossible to not discuss personalities. So a look at the man himself. Not since the early part of the 1960s have I even bothered to study any of these people for, as I’ve been saying ever since about that time, “these people don’t even deserve names.” But I bought literature popularly out on Trump. He is not a dupe or a brain-raped zombie a la Clinton. He is a nationalist and realizes the importance of ethnicity. But he is surrounded by Jews. They’re throughout his own family. Indeed, if he did not meet the criteria of the real Jews who hold the real power, he never would of have made it in the first place.

And you simply CANNOT have any truck with the Jews. Ever!

Secondary to the hints of genuine nationalism that we were getting from Trump was the very literal and real outrage being spewed forth by the liberal and communist media and establishment against Trump. That wasn’t faked. It was funny to watch. The low-down and dirty attacks upon him by the media – which he rightly declared to be the worst enemy of the American people – were breathtaking. The attacks upon him from within the Republican Party itself were equally telling: A blind person could have seen that the people were responding to his message of nationalism. To attack him was to attack them. What are any of them doing unless striving to represent the will of the people?

The answer? Serving some alien-inspired, secret agenda. Who could possibly kick at a slogan like, “Make America Great Again”? The answer is again: Those who know damned good and well that america was at its greatest when it was an overwhelmingly WHITE nation! Know it but hate the idea because they themselves are not white or else they have become so depraved that they cannot tolerate anything remotely clean and decent.

Trump spoke it and the people – the white people – responded. Here is a huge lesson.

As I said, I personally did not expect Trump to win and for the reasons I stated. The population has been so altered in this country and with the remainder so brain-raped and poisoned that I did not believe that it was possible for a good man to be elected. I am of the belief that these people voted themselves into this mess and they’ll not be able to vote themselves out of it. And, yes, I still stand by that conviction.

It was close, too close. Trump was correct, I believe, when he asserted that there were millions of fraudulent votes cast by illegal aliens in favor of the “dirty old hippie”. That same coffee-drinking friend of mine outlined to me personally how ridiculously easy it was to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, get an I.D. and then use that to cast in an illegal ballot. The enemy media, of course, pooh-poohed the very notion.

However, I felt at the time that, the way population trends are moving, in another four years or eight at the most, another rabbit-out-of-the-hat miracle like this would no longer be at all possible. The tipping-point will have been reached. Then the electorate will be of absolutely no use at all, even to the proverbial blind person.

But many took heart at the Trump win. Admittedly, I myself feel “better” just on an average, day-to-day basis. It’s wonderful. Sort of like the way nostalgia works: It was so very much BETTER than it is at present! Like the cancer sufferer a year or two ago. He still had the disease then but it hadn’t yet advanced so far.

So-called “hate crimes” reportedly took an upswing. The mood shifted. Trump denounced these actions and distanced himself from them. But the redneck in some instances was calling this the “Trump Nation”. A lot of people stand ready to take action. They require leadership. They require a media of their own. They need to be properly educated, not brain-raped.

Through the Trump win can we assume that the enemy apple cart may still be upset? We’d be fools to rule it out. There is an entrenched enemy system in power in this country. Just look at how it is moving to block each one of Trump’s lightweight moves to nationalistically protect the sovereignty of this country. Their desire is a one-world – THIRD WORLD – bastardized hell-hole. That is their goal. When they cry, “Keep your eyes on the prize”, that is their “prize”.

At the same time, we surely cannot depend upon any “legalistic” recourse to the nation’s and the world’s dilemma. We’d be even bigger fools to bet on anything like that.

Trump talks about legalities, etc. And you see the treatment he receives from the enemy system. We, as National Socialist revolutionaries, are not concerned with “legalities”. We realize that the only issue is RACE! Should millions upon millions of decent, white folk enter this country minus the proper procedures of immigration, etc., we would shout, “Hallelujah!”

Trump talks about curbing “illegal drugs”. That man who is president of the Philippines has the only answer: His police force is shooting drug addicts on the street. He has gone on national television to invite drug addicts to commit suicide. That is the only way to handle a national cancer. And the rest of the sick world uniformly condemns his action.

And what of the race mixers who openly parade forth on these streets here today more and more? We know the answer and so do you. A great hero who shall have his statues on display here one day was Joseph Paul Franklin who claimed some forty-odd of them late in the last century.

And what of the queers also holding forth brazenly?

But do not misunderstand.

“Make America Great Again.”

The Trump win probably one day will be seen as an attempt of some sort at a revival here. But I don’t believe that it shall last. Race again. The flood of coloreds plus the trend toward race-mixing here goes on untouched. Historically, you cannot go back. You must go forward. And we continue to go forward into a darkness. That darkness, as said, must have its own tipping point.

I posed the question decades ago that will this enemy alien system be able to perpetuate itself long enough so as to be able to snuff out effectively all white life here and in the world or shall it crumble or be destroyed ahead of that time?

The Trump win points up certain weaknesses within the system. It also points up grave weaknesses of our own. We would desire a certain climax. But it is the strategy of the enemy system that the whites of this country and the world should not get the chance to fight. Slow, lingering death is their strategy. And a winning one thus far.

With regard to so-called “Hate Crimes”, I would strongly remind each one of you of the words of Nathan Hale when he said, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”. In modern parlance this would translate to: Don’t sell yourself cheap!

You – we – are too valuable for that.