UNIVERSAL ORDER (Circa 1997-1999)

These are a series of articles from the website universalorder.com that was launched in the summer of 1997 while James Mason was incarcerated in the Colorado prison system. The pieces were written under the pseudonym “Robert Burns” aimed to catch the interest of those interested in unpopular and suppressed topics delving into race, what others would call the “para-normal”, pre-history, the Jews, and UFOs. These areas yield up the broader picture of the human experience on this planet and thereby define the very principle of race that we began with.

The website abruptly came to an end in the autumn of 1999, removed from the internet for violating the host’s “anti-racist policy”. Nonetheless, what is contained here is what somebody wanted removed from the Internet, removed from your access. With this information archived for your viewing pleasure now, you will come to an understanding of just who the enemies of truth really are. The time is late.


This website was opened in the summer of 1997 and dedicated to the examination of what might be called para-normal phenomena. The object then an now was to tap the vast and growing interest into this other side of reality on a world-wide scale so as to be able to bring into focus the meaning of it all to the curious and the searching.

Let us say now at the outset that there would positively be no such thing as “phenomena” if the world was governed be truth and enlightenment rather than the forces of lies and confusion that it unfortunately is. Because we maintain there is only one reality which encompasses the whole. There are, however, endless illusions and interpretations of bits and pieces of “reality” as fostered and allowed by the Masters of Deceit to ensure that people never find their way.

It is then that whenever some glimmer of slip of the rest of the whole reality manages to penetrate through the curtain of the present, state-sanctioned version of what they would have you accept “reality” as, people begin to wax “weird” or “spooky.” A perfectly natural human response to that which they do not know or understand.

So then we of of Universal Order choose to define phenomena as any happening, thing or concept either not accepted by or directly suppressed or attacked by this present world system. Not for fun or diversion do we undertake this. Certainly not for profit. It is because the biggest phenomenon of all is, quite plainly, the truth. And in this world where lies govern, you cannot sell truth. You can make millions with lies but you’ll die a pauper in the truth. The world hates the truth and always has. But it is the truth that we offer.

The System media forays into the so-called “para-normal” are kept, pocketed and disjointed deliberately to prevent people from taking the pieces and finishing the puzzle. True to their time-tested formula, they’ll allow you just enough to draw you down one more of their endless blind alleys – to nowhere. Their aim always is to promote confusion, never understanding.

And so, next to truth itself, the biggest aspect of the whole field of phenomena is that of conspiracy. Who, how and why, as to any move to confuse or suppress the truth. These twin factors encompass it all. Those who doubt or do not even suspect the truth – or who may have been tricked by the System into even hating it – would do well to take not of the effort against it as well as the source of that effort. There should be all the confirmation any individual would require. Such ado over nothing? Hardly.

To go further toward the core of this, as it involves you personally, pay attention to the way things were, the way they are now and the way the trends suggest they will become under the control of the world System we’ve been mentioning. Not merely an enforced mode of false thought but hard, physical reality for an entire planet – Earth!

It is not curiosities and anomalies that we are dealing with. It is the fate of a people. “My people perish through a lack of knowledge and the leaders are responsible for it.” That is a paraphrase from out of the Major Prophets of the Old Testament.

With this in mind, one might begin to understand why so little by way of anecdote is to found in this website. Because once something is established, it is time to move forward with that piece of the puzzle and on to the next. To dwell on small details delights this System of Darkness. It is rather the essential principle that must be grasped if anyone is to find their way and become immune to the machinery of lies.

If the study of the various types of phenomena serves a purpose, it is to get you thinking. If the System will lie about this, what else will it lie about? A great man once said: “You don’t have to drink a quart of milk to know the whole quart is sour.”

We try to be at least engaging in these articles but it is not our aim to titillate. We have seen by the statistics we have recorded that visits to our site tend to increase and decrease according to how “serious” we become. People in the main prefer the “fun” and “fluffy” stuff. The “safe” and non-threatening stuff. Another man said “Once I become an adult, it is time to put away the childish things.”

Our efforts to illustrate the truth are intended then to point the way onward to the greater implication.

“Narrow is the gate.” And, “many will be called but few will be chosen.” Garbage and falsehood in abundance out there and seemingly a world population that can’t get enough of it. But can you see where it is heading. Do you care? Do you want to share that fate?

To most – just as it has forever been – the truth will be a “bore” or “drag” – “too profound.” To many it will be disturbing and frightening – “unpopular” and “unprofitable.” To those on the other side of the issue entirely as well as those they have managed to entrap, the truth will be something to attack, all-out.

Not asking that you take our word for anything, we lay all of this out so that you might be able to begin to make your own judgements. And not only that but to possess the capability to validate and confirm those judgements once you have learned how to read the System like an open book.

Our devotion to the topic of phenomena then is as a tool toward understanding. It is our desire to place this in your hands – for free – so you can use it on your own and, hopefully, pass it on to others.

Toward this end we also maintain an e-mail address for you to send your questions and critiques. Our responses to your comments are posted as well as well on the website in complete confidentiality to you. Inquire or poke fun, as you choose. But we will answer you, in truth and sincerity the way the System and its representatives never will. Perhaps you’ll have something to offer us as well. But even your questions will tell us in what areas we are deficient in shining the light.

Please accept these articles and essays in the spirit in which they are intended: As a doorway into the rest of reality.

A World Beyond

That was the title of a book that came recommended to me over twenty five years ago, written by a woman who claimed to be a psychic in contact with the spirits of the dead. At that time in my life, I was more than skeptical of all this sort of thing. In fact, I was more than skeptical of all this sort of thing. In fact, I was a militant atheist. Reading that book was however a first for me in that it marked the divide between mere skepticism or dismissal and a case wherein I was clearly able to discern deliberate deception.

The religionists in the world are burgeoning, taking in millions of people and raking in billions of dollars. A former contact of mine who was a business person once pointed out to me that even in the worst of economic times, you’ll still see insurance high-rises and churches being built. My own intuition told me that if the message and works of these Christians was truly on the mark, what with all the vast resources and wealth at their command, this would be at the very least a world on an upswing rather than teetering ever closer to the brink of the abyss as it is.

Terms like “mass taste,” I was familiar with even though “politically correct” had yet to be invented. By then I knew all about media monopoly and thought control. Now I was seeing it’s effect at work. Certainly by that time I was deeply into what is called “revisionist” history. (And that term “revisionist” is widely derided by all the mainstreamers as being somehow cooked to reflect a certain agenda whereas what we all were taught in school is the straight stuff. At the very least, getting a take on history from an opposite slant should permit one to formulate a more complete conception, that is if that is what they really want.)

It is tragic that practically everyone is subject to this riged taste-making and information black-out. Someone once compared the human mind, even the most brilliant, to a sophisticated computer: Regardless how powerful or even well-intentioned, if critical data can be withheld from it or if misinformation can be fed into it, valid answers cannot possibly be forthcoming.

As a dyed-in-the-wool conspriatorialist, I maintain that is the object.

People, in the main, go on what they have to go on. So a very large part of the mess the world is in can be ascribed to. In this instance it served to unmask one more scam on the part of an “occultist.”

In the old standy, pie-in-the-sky of churches and occultists alike, the author of the book went to lengths to paint a beautiful, idyllic picture of this “World Beyond.” The “brotherhood” and “tolerance” preached by these types here on earth is an estblished reality “over there.” To illustrate this she cited an encounter she was able to overhear between Adolph Hitler and Martin Luther King. The best of comrades on the other side, they were sharing all the “love” that is latent in the living flesh but which is given full bloom in the afterlife.

Of course it didn’t stop there. It was that the “evil” and “misguided” Hitler had “awakened” to the “righteousness” of the position of King. Gee – how very reassuring. So heaven is P.C. too and, by that, if P.C. rules the earth, as it surely does, then we ought to be experiencing “heaven on earth.” But it ain’t necessarily so.

This woman was but a product of the educational system which raised her. A sincere liberal type. To make a name for herself, to help put across her own impressed liberal ideas and perhaps to make a few bucks she decided to become a “psychic.” But anyone tapped into the omniscient mass-mind of the cosmos ought to at least be as well-informed as any novice revisionist. Instead, she brought with her into this venture just what state-of-the-art bunk she had been taught. And she used that to attempt to convey to others what heaven must be like.

Had she been in possession of the rest ofthe balance sheet, she’d have known – as did J. Edgar Hoover, himself no lily – that Martin Luther King had been a highly-trained, carefully placed agent of the international communist conspiracy, with his task being to lead his fellow Blacks from a course of nationhood for themselves and toward “integration” with White Society with the destruction the latter as the goal. More a vision from hell than from Heaven. One must ask themselves how, in plain practicality, all this is working out after all these years of being pushed into official policy.

She’d have known that King was a loathesome sexual degenerate and was surrounded in his organization, the “Southern Christian Leadership Conference,” by more communists and perverts. So much so that Hoover at one point advised King to commit suicide. She’d know that King’s own bosses murdered him when it become obvious his leadership was being rejected by a majority of Blacks who were interested in nationalism and not one-worldism such as integration promised. Then his killers elevated him to the status of a “god” – one which would be of infinitely greater use to them than the person had been.

If King had awakened into some hereafter, a universal plane free of all lies and deceptions, he’d hardly be expected to still be clinging to the old dialictics drilled into him by his Cominterm masters, especially realizing they had just snuffed him for his trouble and devotion. Whether there’s a hereafter to awaken into and whether he’d have gained admittance to it is another question entirely.

But the author of the book knew nothing of this and it clearly showed through in her work. How many readers were taking in by it all, gratified that their own prefab notions were being so nobly edified? The cyclone of disinformation feeding itself.

Then there’s the matter of the “pop” conception of Hitler as evil incarnate. The most cursory reading of Mein Kampf” would have revealed to her or anyone else the importance Hitler placed upon the reservationof the British Empire, the Catholic Church, “the humane removal of the Jews – a stubbornly umassimiliable minority – from Europe where they weren’t wanted and safely to a land of their own – the rich island of Madagascar. The absolute urgency he placed upon, the military destruction of World Communism. The stringent laws passed for the protection and humane treatment of animals in the Third Reich. And after the rest of the world had declared war on him for having taken Germany out of the New World Order, he neither sought to develop what he considered to be inhumane weapons, like the atomic bomb, nor did he utilize the ones he currently had, like poison gas.

The most lied about man in history has had innumerable volumes written against him alleging every foul thin imaginable. Upon investigation -revisionism- none are found to stick. The exact opposite of the treatment accorded to Martin Luther King.

It’s not the man nor is it his actions. It is rather what any individual represents to the interests of the power which is fully capable to make darkness appear light, ugliness appear as beauty, enemies seem to be friends, etc. Image-making as a tool for the instrumentation of a secret agenda. Can you conceive the kind of power this is? the degree of control? Above all, why lie?

Truly a “world beyond.”

Is living in a world moved from truth and reality any less incredible than living or existing in an entirely different dimension? Or might it equal the same thing?

Hoax. Something I hate. One more aspect of the lie. “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” In this case a knowledge of suppressed truth not only exposed a hoax, it demonstrated again that the truth is always far stranger than fiction. But while knowing the truth when the power of the lies sits in dominance may free you mentally, it will also bring you into direct contention with all the force which tha lie has at it’s disposal.

The great secret of it all is revealed by this. Instead of falsely concentrating on making it appear as though the eternal is in support of all this insane monkey business on earth, better to realize that this is unholy nonsense stands in direct defiance of the eternal. With or without an omnipotent god in some intangible heaven, it is the laws of nature, of biology and physics which are being flouted. And, either way, it cannot last and cannot go unpunished forever.

Why No Contact?

Of all the questions that can be asked pertaining to the matter of extraterrestrial presence close to Earth, the most important one has to be: Why no contact? It is because if you can answer that one question, you’ve answered it all.

Who do we ask anyway? We have only our own reasoning to rely upon.

We can skip over any question of the existence of other intelligent life forms in the universe as the mathematical odds in its favor are overwhelming. And we can dismiss the question of whether they are visiting Earth as the reports have been too many, too constant, for too long for the matter to be written off as a complete hoax.

Though there are countless descriptions, drawings and even clear photographs of their appearances, it is not a critical issue what any of them may look like, Though it is fascinating, it does not matter whether they have green blood or not. It’s both futile and risky to put forward guesswork on where they may be from and in the end it doesn’t matter either.

While our own understanding may be advancing to where we can entertain faint glimpses of how their craft may work, that, for our purposes, is also unimportant.

To the surprise of many, it doesn’t even matter whether or not they are friendly or hostile as, in any event, we would be powerless to do anything about it one way or the other. even matter whether or not they are friendly or hostile as, in any event, we would be powerless to do anything about it one way or the other.

However, that question of friend or foe is one relating to contact. We can assure ourselves that if they were interested in conquest or annihilation, they’d have made their move by now. There would be no reason to wait.

Science seems to proceed on this assumption: Any intelligent beings out there ought to be trying to contact us via the means which are familiar to us, perhaps utilizing some recognizable mathematical code. And so huge radio receivers have been erected for round-the-clock listening. This assumes two things: That “they” are somewhere very distant and “they” perceive us the way we see ourselves and relative to how we imagine them.

Science, therefore, thinks that these extraterrestrials might one, being to stoop to modes of communication to them on a par with tin cans tied together by string and, two, that they’d have anything to say to any who would.

“Respectable” science doesn’t allow for them being here, literally right on top of us now. Conceited and overblown human thinking cannot allow for certain critical considerations such as-is there anything in anyone’s heart or mind that they don’t know or couldn’t know if they wanted? Can anyone be so stupid as to believe that language could possible present a barrier? Mostly, what could we possibly have to offer them apart from our own darkness and confusion?

Why no contact? The only thing that counts. It is because that would explain their presence as it relates to us. That is the only thing we have a hope of figuring out on our own, without ready answers or hard evidence to examine.

Obviously they’re having benignly observing for reasons of their own. Reasons we may be certain contain no foolishness. The object of all this would have to be of greater importance to us than them as they do us great honor and distinction just by their presence from deep in Space. On the other hand, they would scarcely bother were this not of some primary concern to them as well. We can do nothing for them while they could do much for us.

Is it conceivable that they would keep this up forever or would one day grow tired and depart? No.

Why no playing out of the old 1950’s gag, “Take me to your leader?” Simply because they know more about our situation here than we do ourselves. They’d have to be ignorant fools to allow themselves to be presented before some sold-out political hack. Besides, these same hacks are fully aware of their presence and are committed to denying and concealing it.

These so-called “leaders” are the very last ones they’d want to address. If we had any true “intelligence”, we’d see and know this ourselves and react the same way as the extraterrestrials.

To the question of “Why no contact?,” the answer is that there has been plenty of direct and prolonged contact between extraterrestrials and humans, detailed and well-documented. To limited perceptions, this occurred a very long time ago. To higher intelligence, this was only within the same moment. No fools, they gave their message and departed, promising to return. In that message, they made it known the exact kind of mess they fully expected to find upon that return.

They were here to provide all and explain all. More than once. Even at that -face-to-face- all this fell on blind eyes and deaf ears. “Show me!” demand childish people. They were shown and still it did no good.

Only a fool wastes his time repeating himself to other fools who don’t listen.

They outlined how they would make their reappearance and what signs to watch for and a copy of this rests in practically ever American and European home. It’s the Book of Revelation at the close of the Bible.

But who makes the connections? That was then and this is now, right?

The World they left then has sunk into these modern “religions,” held among what amount to superstitious savages. When they again reveal themselves, it’ll be at a moment of crises for the Earth and they will come to salvage what is salvageable among the beings that they planted here- from their own seed- back before time even began.

To them, this has been a biological experiment and they will be only interested in culling the most successful results. Even Jesus himself said that no one not having originated from Heaven will have a chance of returning to Heaven. This will disappoint and enrage nine out of ten people. Things on Earth are precarious enough already without them setting off a sudden conflagration of this sort.

To them, this will be no more, no less than the promised fulfillment of their Word. To most on Earth, just as they say in Revelation, it will be a time of terror and mourning. In short, it will be seen as an “invasion from Outer Space” just as portrayed by Hollywood in their horror films.

Their advice only was to be ready. This would translate to mean being aware. That is what these articles are intended to produce: Awareness.

Nazi UFOs

Just as with Harry Houdini who took the occult so seriously that he undertook a personal campaign to expose the hoaxes which serve to confuse, weaken and debase the whole topic, so I cannot tolerate deliberate hoaxes where U.F.O.’s are concerned.

For years there has been the business of both “Nazi U.F.O.’s” and “Nazi Bases at the Antarctic,” Both are linked together with the old theory which held that Hitler escaped from Berlin in 1945. Plenty of pseudo-documentaries, plenty of “eye-witnesses” to support it all.

In the summer of 1976, the author of one of the foremost volumes of this subject told me flat-out that it was a complete hoax and that he himself had produced the extensive line of blueprints and illustrations for the “German Flying Saucers.” he said that it was his intent to get the wire-pullers of the New World Order looking over their shoulder – as well as to sell books.

Were it not for the tremendous standing body of disinformation surrounding Hitler and the NSAAP such outrageous fabrication could never be put forth in the first place. Lies breed more lies. People cannot grasp that the NSAAP was a very down-to-earth, meat-and-potatoes political party which addressed the most basic problems of the common people and which came to power through the most intensive – but entirely conventional – political campaigning.

People are fixated upon the panoply and stylized oratory, the stupendous military exploits of the Third Reich and Hitler and do not suspect the actual uniqueness was in this having been the first-ever racial state which naturally brought it into direct conflict with the budding New World Order. People are taught to believe that Hitler was “mad” and intent upon world domination. They do not know that Hitler had no interest beyond Germany, and, for that reason, he would never have left the German nation.

Therefore, it must all have been “magic” or “evil”.

One thing stands clear to any who study history and that is that the greatest technical strides are achieved during time of war. Not World War Two but the U.S. Civil War still holds the record for the number of innovations made. Everyone is acquainted with Germany’s pioneering efforts in rocketry and jet propulsion. But England, the U.S. and the Soviet Union were not far behind. Who was it after all that developed the “devil weapon,” the atomic bomb, but the United States?

Because Germany was confronted by an eventual array of fifty-two nations around the world and was out-numbered by a hundred-to-one and out-supplied by a ton-to-an-ounce, they had little recourse but to pin their hopes to their,”geheimwaffe”, or , “secret weapons.” This boiled down to a little more than a faith in quality over quantity. Of course, quantity won. And as always, always in history – the winners are the “good guys” and the losers are the “bad guys.”

With demonetization comes the capacity for any ridiculous thing to be heaped onto the pile of lies. This would certainly include the patient falsehood of “Nazi U.F.O.’s.”

Beyond that it is important to note that there has never at any time been a great and sudden leap in man’s technology. No unexplained jump in development as to allow for “flying saucers” either in the 1940’s or today. All of the wonders that appeared during World War Two were in one way or another on the drawing boards during the 1920’s. Every bit of it traceable along a straight, slow, painful and unbroken line. Brilliant but conventional.

Today’s automobile is little different from the Model-T and today’s jets aren’t far removed from the identical principles behind the German WWII “Swallows” or “Arados”. Clever but hardly miraculous. Very gradual and in many ways very backward. So it remains. There is no “alien” technology in human hands.

This is not to say that the U.S. government may not posses captured or crashed U.F.O.’s. It is only to say that they have not been able to figure them out and apply them. Not merely a more advanced technology but a completely different technological concept. Like handing a computer to a group of chimpanzees. It could hardly be applied to removing termites from their mound for a light snack even with all the “reverse engineering” in the world. Considering the nature of what it is that holds power in the world today, to me, this is very reassuring.

Yet it is undeniable that U.F.O.’s made their dramatic appearance during the closing months of World War Two over Europe. Official debunkers may attempt to write off sightings in 1947 as formations of top-secret delta wings but what of the “foo fighters” buzzing Allied war planes in 1944? The time, the place, the circumstances would indicate some link to Nazis and U.F.O.’s but since they were clearly independent of one another, what link would that be? What could their purpose be since they made no effort to involve themselves in the world hostilities even though they could have easily and drastically altered the outcome?

Quite obviously they arrived at a moment of great crisis for earth as observers. Neither blessing nor condemning, being present yet remaining aloof. And so that remains to this day.

Those who have carefully studies Hitler will be aware of his pronouncement in the 1920’s of his awareness of being the one who would prepare the way for the last. What had to be done had to be done. The War had to come and it had to end in sacrifice. In his final address on January 30, 1945, Hitler still spoke of the victory to come even as Communist Forces closed in around him aided by the Western Allies.

Who will be the last? What victory?

Anyone who watches television or reads the tabloids will be familiar with the name of Nostradamus. Especially now as we approach the end of the millennium these sensation and fear mongers are selling papers, etc., through their second-guessing of who the Anti-Christ will be immediately prior to the Apocalypse. According to Nostradamus, Napoleon was one such Anti=Christ and Hitler was another. More recently they are claiming it is Saddam Hussein.

Note carefully: Each of these popular and “easy” Anti-Christs was out of the world “loop” in his own day and was militarily defeated by what amounted to the World Order than and the New World Order today. Ergo – all should be well and secure. But that’s not how the scenario plays out in Revelation. Elsewhere in the Bible warning is given against paying heed to such as Nostradamus.

The field of psychics, seers and prophets is every bit as rife with it’s own fakers and hoaxes as is the are of U.F.O.’s. This, however, does not discount the basic reality of such things. Even the Bible does not call them frauds but only says that they will mislead. Some power enables them to see many of the same things as seen by the Biblical prophets. The important difference is in the direction from which this power comes. That will determine how the visions will be taken, interpreted and presented. Remember, thie “winner” will call it as it suits him. And the prevailing power on earth, the temporary “winner” in the terrestrial sense is not God or the power of good.

Just as with those saucer over WWII battlefields, he could end it at any time but chooses to allow it to play itself out.

The P.C. force which governs the earth today is the same P.C. force which provided Nostradamus his insights and was the same P.C. force which murdered Jesus. And they’re going to identify someone as the Anti-Christ? Just like the government denies knowledge of U.F.O.’s. Who do Jesus identify as the “father of Lies”?

Taking cheap shots at this or that personality as being the Anti-Christ may sell books and magazines but, I assure you, to point him out when he arrives will only get you vilified, imprisoned or killed. Simply because the duped populations of earth have long been prepped to see and welcome him as a literal “savior”, espousing every P.C. ideal that the New World Order itself represents. To call the Anti-Christ the Anti-Christ would be a “hate crime” or an act of “terrorism”. He will be hailed all over the world, his will be all power. He will be in the mold of one of these smiling, mealy-mouthed, three-piece-suit, sold-out, tim-horn politicians. Furthermore, all the petty, little sell-out bureaucrats in the communities will serve him willingly – because it is “the law” and because it is their “job” to do so.

Can you see it coming?

Then Satan will step forward to claim open ruler-ship. Not some horned red devil but those for whom Satan is allegorical. And if Satan’s form can be real and physical, why not that of God?

The U.F.O.’s are not Hitler’s though they dramatically upgraded their visibility at the time of his death. Nether are they the New World Order’s. They are here, watching, and waiting for that moment – “known only to God” – when the worlds of Revelation are played out. That moment became imminent – “condition red” – when the New World Order eliminated it’s last opposition in 1945. Evil will sit in total control then. Is that not what Revelation says? Is that not the New World Order?

At the moment it raises its head and drops its “democratic” mask to make its grandstand play – just as the legendary pride of Satan will demand it does – when it sheds its sold-out front men and reveals itself, those hovering and elusive U.F.O.’s will move into action to fulfill the prophecy of St. John and crush the Satanic System.

The Hitler connection? Same enemy. Same victory.

They’ll come blasting everything in sight in much the same ways as in these Hollywood films. Not just the overt military power of the System, not just the hordes of those arrayed against God’s people but also these churches and their armies of false believers. And not “monsters” but the Biblical God and his angels returning – as promised – in the physical form which inspired all the subsequent mythology.

The Roots of Racism

Recently it was announced that a study was going to be launched in order to discover whether there is some genetic cause behind racism. Apparently the motivation for this study is the failure of State integration programs, re-education and media exposure to bring about a hoped-for end to racism. We are able to state right now that, yes there is a definite genetic cause for racism and we will take time to explore it here.

First, one must step back and consider what different races are and how they originated before any real understanding of racism or it’s cure can be reached. Obviously, if something is genetic then it is going to be very deep seated.

Science differs as to how separate races of man appeared. The theory most in favor today is that we all evolved from one common ancestor, assuming our different appearances and cultures from having developed in widely divergent locales. A second theory has it that each of the primary races arose separately, independently. Of the two, the evidence of both biology and religion supports the latter.

The way certain diseases affect different races, either to varying degrees or exclusively, strongly tends to indicate that there is more than the color of the skin to racial distinction.

Cultural differences, themselves genetically governed, refuse to be submerged even under the pressure of a multi-cultural society of mass taste. This instinct is so strong that, among the minority groups, it is misunderstood and mishandled, being viewed as a “crime wave” and “gang activity.” Entire ethnic groups suffer poverty and prison due to this.

These contemporary considerations plus others can all best be understood and summed up, by consulting the ancient texts as they can be seen from today’s vantage point.

The somewhat cryptic language found in Genesis pertaining to the creation of mankind now has been unravelled and clarified through the discovery and translation of Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets and cylinders. These texts are what the originators of Genesis drew their information from though, in their translation, they greatly abridged their contents thus leading to today’s confusion.

The story as related in the first person – which would be taken to be God – has it that an exploration team from a distant world came to earth a half a million years ago. The purpose of this expedition was to find a source for gold with which to attempt to stabilize the diminishing atmosphere of their home planet. In the form of dust. The presence of the scarce mineral ascertained, the extraterrestrials required a labor force to get it form the ground.

Already obviously the master of space and time travel, they had also unlocked the secrets of DNA and genetic engineering. “Let us make man in our own image.” Choosing the most advanced creatures available to them – primate apes – they added to test specimens a measure of their own DNA in order to produce a new kind of being, one capable of carrying out orders and performing competently in mining gold.

Anyone familiar with the tale of “Dr. Moreau” and the “Island of Lost Souls” will recall the “laws” given by the doctor to his menagerie of beast-men which he had created by surgically speeding up their evolution. “Do not spill blood.” Was a major one. It was much the same on earth eons ago between the gods and the first men. There was the “Tree of Knowledge” and the “Tree of Life.” Until now, the real meaning of these had been lost.

Evidently, according to the text, there was a mutiny among the extraterrestrial crew. Rather like the “Mutiny on the Bounty” when some of those crewmen of the two hundred years ago became enamored of those islanders and broke discipline. Genesis states that the “sons of gods” found attractive the “daughters of men” and took them as wives.

The leader of the mutiny – given as Enki in the text but known to us as Satan today – taught the people how to reproduce themselves independent of God’s test-tube thereby eating of the fruit to the “Tree of Knowledge.” Sex, one-on-one, as described in Genesis both in terms of “desire” and “pain in childbirth.” As a result of this loss of higher control over human reproduction, the attainment of the fruit of the “Tree of Life” – that is, the apparent immortality of the gods themselves – was lost to humankind.

As punishment, God condemned Enki/Satan to life here on earth working alongside his creations in the mines “on his belly, eating dust.” As portent of the strife to come as a result of this mutiny, Genesis makes reference to on-going, eternal enmity between different seeds. Here then was the original sin as well as the birth of racism.

Genesis traces humanity from the line of Adam but at the same time makes plain other people were in the world already. Who was it in the “Land of Nod” to where Canin took refuge after killing Abel and where he found a wife? Who were the “giants in the earth” then?

The extraterrestrials established their gold mines all over the earth, wherever gold could be found. It would only follow that they would use the resources most readily at hand in whatever the locale. If they were working with mutated apes then different areas of the globe would indicate different species of ape. The birth of races. A chimpanzee for Whites, a gorilla for Blacks, an orangutan for Orientals.

Our modern science has revealed that chimpanzees and humans share 98% the same DNA and that chimpanzee DNA is closer to that of humans than that of gorillas. To my knowledge, they either have not made the comparison between chimpanzees and separate races or between other apes and races. Or they have chosen to conceal their findings. However, that missing 2% must obviously have come from the stars. Human races may share 2% similarity – more or less – but they still maintain a 98% difference.

The predominant difference is the same difference as between a lion and a tiger. Between a moose and an elk. Between an eagle and a hawk. Species in nature never will mix or cross-breed. Indeed, one species intruding upon the territory of another will be driven out or killed. Racism in nature?

The word is artificiality. Animal societies are organic, not economic or political. The word is domestication. The domesticated form of wolf – dogs – will readily interbreed. The domesticated form of ape – humans – also are prone to cross-breed whereas their progenitors still in the wild never would. Imperfect, artificial societies throwing these different breeds together unnaturally and imperfect, artificial domestication through mutation has confused their natural instincts in may cases – but not all.

At that, the remnants of our ancestry are still very physically evident just as they are instinctually. Racism.

The question then becomes whether it is even possible to eliminate racism without eliminating all races. Beyond that, whether such a goal is to be desired.

For the answer to these questions, we may return to the present. Looking to those areas where human hybridization has reached saturation – as in most countries of the Third World where continents cross – the most abject of human misery is what reigns. It would appear human mineralization fares no better than mineralization among canines. Look at what populates these dog pounds awaiting euthanasia and look what populates these areas imminently facing mass death through starvation or disease.

“Tree of Knowledge.” “Tree of Life.” The revolt against God. The work of Satan. Lust. The wages of sin.

Integration is State policy among all of these modern governments and societies. Forced amalgamation of distinct human species or breeds. The argument that they can interbreed is used as a reason that they should interbreed. However, examples are documented of “successful” mating between humans and chimpanzees. How desirable is the result of that then rendered? What effect upon any society?

When the gods departed from our midst, leaving behind a potentially disastrous situation, they also left behind laws and wisdom which they hoped would guide us safely until their promised return. To Western Civilization, these collectively are know as the Bible.

These laws throughout the book are surmounted by “thou shall not commit adultery.” Sexual intercourse outside of wedlock or with the wife or husband of another is the contemporary understanding but it would do well to consult any dictionary for the other definition of adultery. (Adulterate – to make impure or inferior by admixture of other ingredients corrupt and debased.)

The references go on to include Noah – “a man pure in his generations” – who would be spare out of a world having gone “corrupt.” The birthright of Abraham passing over Ishmael – whose mother was a slave – and going to Isaac instead. The plea of Abraham that Isaac’s wife not be a Canaanite but a Hebrew. The “two nations” in the womb of Rebekah – Jakob and Esau – of whom Jacob married true and Esau did not. Afterward, this resulted in a race war, Genesis 32.

Leucitus goes on to “do not mate different kinds of animals,” “do not plant your field with two kinds of seed,” “do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.”

Numbers describes the plague against the Israelites for their having sexual relations with Moabite and Midianite woman and for worshipping their gods, a plague which consumed twenty-four thousand. It was inlay ended when Phinehas drove one spear through both an errant Israelite and his non-Israelite wife.

Deuteronomy deals with setting up a new nation. “When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you and have settled in it and taken possession of it, be sure to appoint over you a king from your own brothers. Do not place a foreigner in charge over you…”

Deuteronomy again. “No one born of a forbidden marriage nor any of his descendents may enter the assembly of the Lord, even down to the tenth generation.”

And again. “The alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. He will lend to you, but you will not lend to him. He will be the head, but you will be the Tail.”

From Joshua 23: “if you ally yourselves with these nations that remain among you and if you intermarry with them and associate with them, then you may be sure that the Lord your God will no longer drive out these nations before you. Instead, they will become snares and traps you, whips your backs and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from this good land, which the Lord your God has given you.”

From Ezra 9 and 10: “The people of Israel have not kept themselves separate from the neighboring peoples with their detestable practices. They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons have mingled the holy race with the people around them. And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness.”

“Therefore, do not give you daughter’s in marriage to their sons or take their daughters for your sons.”

Nehemiah 13:26, “Was it not because of marriage like these that Solomon king of Israel sinned? Must we hear now that you too are doing all this terrible wickedness and are being unfaithful to our God by marrying foreign woman?”

Isaiah 13:14+15, “Like a hunted gazelle, like sheep without a shepherd, each will return to his own people, each will flee to his native land. Whoever is captured will be thrust through all who are caught will fall by the the sword. “all who are caught will fall by the the sword.”

Hosea 5:6+7, “When they go with their flocks and herds to seek the Lord, they will not find him he has withdrawn himself from them. They are unfaithful to the Lord, they they give birth to illegitimate children.”

Matthew 15:24+26, Jesus said “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel. It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.”

Second Corinthians 6:17, “Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord.”

Galatians 5:28-31, “Now you brothers, like Isaac, and children of promise. At that time the son born in the ordinary way persecuted the sons born by the power of the Spirit. It is the same now. But what does the Scripture say? ‘Get rid of the slave woman and her son. for the slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son.’ Therefore, brothers, we are not children of slave woman, but of free woman.”


Out dated, old fashioned?

Who’s got it right: These modern priests and ministers or the Bible?

Is it possible to pick and choose the “nice’n’easy” parts of the Law and get away with it for long?

Is it all garbage anyway? At least we know that is what destroyed ancient Israel.

Could the evils being suffered here today be the same as the punishment dealt to first Satan and then Israel?

Could the real evil not be with, other people but in the act of mixing and crossing people? That does seem to be the message that is explicit in the Bible.

The laws of nature and biology, first having devolved into myth and then having been discarded altogether by an arrogant and conceited humanity. Enlightened? When the logical and inevitable consequences being to catch up with them, they not only do not make the correlation, they indulge even harder.

Tempting God?

Such is the “Law of the Land.” Such is the message broadcast to every child and adult by the media. So has become the popular belief, State religion. Remember the Golden Rule: “Those with the gold make the rule.” So-called “evil” and “wrong” is whatever is in opposition to the ruling power and it’s best interests for only they have the power to make it so through rewarding that which serves them and punishing that which does not.

It would tend to follow then that we have “racism” only because divergent races are artificially thrown together. And it is only the volatile problem that it is because the government attempts to force upon the people that which they instinctively do not want. In short, there sits in power a government which has not only declared war upon it’s own people but upon God himself.

Whose government would that be?

And who will win this war? At what cost?

Whose side will you be found on?

The State policy of racial integration will – if allowed to go on – result in the destruction of all identifiable races and an end to “racism.” However, to espouse the destruction of a race, or races, is called genocide. What does it matter the means or time table?

The concept of “racism” must be reexamined and redefined. Obviously the intrinsic evil lies elsewhere, within an unnatural System whose programs have given rise to all the hatred, violence and misery in order to promote it’s own power and wealth. But will they launch a study into this?

Don’t bank on that.

My Religion is better than Yours

Two things I instinctively had no patience for even as a child growing up: Myth and religion. Things which were obviously fantastic being presented as serious repelled me. What sense? What purpose? If the object is to be entertained by fiction then let be seen for what it is. I could go whole-hog for classic horror but, for the rest, I demanded facts and truth as could be provided by science.

Of course, the reaction is called atheism.

What was that about “the best of times and the worst of times?” To have been born mid-Twentieth Century. To have never known a time without the atom or jet streaks across the sky. But to have known the last steam engines on the regular line. To have seen the announcements of the deaths of the last Civil War veterans and the announcements that man could now clone himself. To have seen the film version of “War of the Worlds” and the discovery of actual life on Mars. To recall the polio scare and then to have seen polio wiped out. From the milkman and doctors’ house calls to convenience stores and HMO’s. From vacuum tubes to transistors to satellites orbiting earth. Cars with curb-feelers and cars with air bags. The Berlin Wall going up and coming down. From coal furnaces to solar panels. From the days of the British Empire to watching a man walk on the moon.

Heroes shown to have had feet of clay and villains being rehabilitated. Corner grocery and drug stores giving way to supermarkets and malls. Never locking your doors to barring your windows and installing sophisticated alarm systems. The 78 rpm, the 45 rpm, the 33 rpm – all replaced by the CD but containing sounds which perhaps should not exist. Government going from background arbiter and manager to up-front, Big Brother social engineer. Media going from entertainer and educator to PC opinion and thought maker. Elements if the society formerly left to themselves, now thrown together – with hatred and violence about to blow the lid off.

Things in general appear to be moving the wrong way. The advances in technology do not compensate for the drop in the general quality of everyday life. It’s hard to feel “at one” with these surroundings unless one is numbed by drugs or by the chase after material acquisition. The ancient mythology remains unchanged in it’s dusty volumes but the “living myth,” the modern religion, can be seen being made to adapt to accommodate the trends. Very disappointing and disturbing to think there is nothing fixed or stable.

This might serve to reenforce the atheistic position.

While society took a precipitous down-turn at mid-century, technology and discovery shot straight up, with civilization about to crash bottom and science literally reaching both outer and inner space. The best and the worst – it’s now possible to catch a real glimpse of God even as a eternal night threatens to overcome all. A huge climax can be felt coming even if most can’t quite understand it’s nature.

Religions clearly do not represent the light but are squarely on the side of darkness, just where they’ve always been. They preach more of the very things which have brought us to this spot. The harder they preach, the worse things become. And it’s all backed by the same laws they enforced by State power. Most of it reflected by the State media. It by right, could accurately be termed “State Religion.” Again, if one were to accept that this is the Word and Will of God, then judging by the fruits of it all, this would add much ammunition to the atheists argument.

Any wonder then the turn to everything from Odinism to Satanism?

Some religions have long been traced back to certain origins. Odin, Confucius, Mohammed, etc., were real people who performed great deeds or wrote great words memory has, over the centuries, been transformed into something larger than life – into that of gods. New truths – or new takes on the one truth – always run into difficulty with existing State power as all are familiar with the Roman persecutions of early Christians. In this century, State power so feared the defeated Nazis would form the nucleus of a new religion that most of their bodies were burned, the ashes scattered, and most buildings and locations most closely associated with them were demolished.

Other religions are harder to trace because they appear to go back so far. Christianity stems from the life and work of Jesus of Nazareth, a real person, whose birth is still used to mark the beginning of the current age. But he is quoted as saying that he had come to reenforce the Old Testament of the Bible, parts of which are know known to predate Egypt and Sumeria. Was he here to generate something new or to clarify and adapt something very old? Someone said that the truth is one, that truth never changes.

What does change is interpretation over increasing retellings. The “creationist” religions around the world seem to share a common origin. As though God – or someone – handed down the truth to humans so they wouldn’t forget and lose their way. Following that, God – or gods – departed. In time, and we don’t know how much, wisdom and knowledge became confusion and superstition. Imagine the owner’s manual for a VCR falling into the hands of primitive jungle dwellers. Assuming the words could be read at all, of what use would it be to learn to repeat them all by rote?

Minus understanding and application, all is useless.

All the ceremony and worship, all the fire and gongs in the world cannot supply understanding where it is absent.

The best and the worst. Mid-Twentieth Century, where the bottom was reached regarding religious darkness and where the breakthroughs were first made toward penetrating the ages-old mysteries.

The truth is there to be found in a telescope or in a microscope. Then, armed with that, one may go back to the most ancient texts and realize for the first time what they actually are saying. What a time to be alive! To discover then the full truth, one has but to unravel how it came to be lost in the first place, to get on that trail and follow it all the way back. From perfect truth to perfect untruth. Knowing this to be the case and that a World Order is based upon it, one needs to know that if he is to stand any chance of inheriting the earth, he’s best be pretty meek about it.

Otherwise, the power will move to silence him. What kind of power would have interest in killing the truth? Maybe the mythology of “Good” versus “Evil” also has its basis in reality.

One event, one God, one truth, given to one people. Then disruption, confusion and chaos. Untold thousands of years. Now different people each holding a variant of the truth, every bit as bastardized and hybridized as they are themselves. Each one as valid or invalid as the other. What is religion? Only a facsimile of an actual experience. What is myth? A confused remembrance of real events. The real difference between myth and religions that religion is a myth with active State power behind it. That only renders it dangerous, not as the truth.

The dominant myth has been carefully tailored to mirror the one-world political and economic philosophy of the ruling power. Opiate of the masses in that sense. Total myth, total corruption. No basis in reality. A concoction to benefit the few who are in control. Yet with millions clinging to it for their system of values and beliefs. And the condition of the society reflects it.

Truth is anything but an opiate. It is the most jarring of stimulants.

The test of the old texts, aside from their tellings of how it all began which – though seen through a thick veil of time – jibes with the latest scientific discoveries, is their prophecies of how it will end. Here quantum physics and “unified theory” all are stretched to their breaking point.

To describe fantastic scenarios and the most dire fates is one thing but to outline the social conditions which would lead up to and prevail at such a time – to hit the nail right on the head – is another. In an unending universe, what answer could there be except that it’s already happened, that someone was there to witness it, and for reasons of their own decided to tell us all about it thousands of years ago?

Does it then all come down to how well one can hold to that truth. The truth in its pristine state as well as inheriting and passing along the correspondingly, pristine state of their physical creation? Wouldn’t the rest be corruption?

If its all been played out already, wouldn’t the point to it then be so that no one can say they weren’t told? If it’s all set in stone already what else does the individual have in how own hands to control?

What else would any creator be concerned with upon making his dramatic and promised return to render judgement? Not in some “hereafter” but just as stated, right here on earth.

What then if it’s a culling of scientific experiment that’s about to happen? Just as Jesus said to Nicodemus, any not having originated from Heaven will have no chance of returning to Heaven.

With religion redefined, it would also be necessary to redefine atheism.

The Secret of the Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza is not only the last surviving one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is also the oldest. So unique is the Pyramid that it properly never should have been classed along with other, completely contemporary, if spectacular structures all of which have long since crumbled to dust. Even within a land dotted with pyramids, the great Pyramid is unique. No wonder at all the universal fascination over this enigmatic edifice.

It may be said that there are several secrets connected with the Pyramid and these would include: Who built it? When? How? Why? Each one of these has had entire volumes devoted to them, not always yielding much enlightenment as to the truth of the matter.

We all were raised being told that all of the pyramids were royal tombs, built approximately five thousand years ago, utilizing vast slave labor over periods of decades. None of these theories holds water upon serious examination. Even in light of what commonly is known of Egyptian burial practices of that period, none of that fits. Construction theories ranging for the use of “ramps” to “levers” have all been tried on a much smaller scale and have failed. So then, aside from just standing pat – or stonewalling – with these outmoded ideas, modern science simply doesn’t know the answers.

We have evolved a magnificent technology today but it is a different brand of technology, or “wisdom,” from that which existed long ago and which is responsible for the pyramid. The two hardly resemble one another. Each had or has a different mindset and approach behind it. Trying to make this other wisdom fit into the framework of our own understanding is what results in completely false representation as we have in the case of the Great Pyramid especially. That would translate to taking a P.C. approach to science or archeology. Obviously, that can’t hope to work.

If one can have no use for bending the evidence to fit a pre-conceived supposition, then they might go far toward discovering the truth.

The Great Pyramid was constructed by a people referred to by the Egyptians as Hyksos, or “Shepherd Kings,” who variously had invaded and occupied Egypt. These people later came to be known as “Hapiru” or, more commonly, Hebrews. Still later, of course, as Israel.

The same tradition has it that it was at the direction of Enoch, the father of Methuselah (himself famous for being Earth’s longest-lived human), that the Great Pyramid came into being. That would mean that the Pyramid pre-dates the flood of Noah and would place it’s age at approximately twelve thousands years – more than twice that estimated by today’s science.

It should be noted here that the Book of Enoch is one of those books deliberately left out of the Bible for the reason that the framers of the Bible in the form that we know it found it too difficult to fit Enoch into what their own conceptions of what God and Creation were. Enoch was one of the fewer than a handful of those who reportedly never suffered a mortal death but who were taken bodily up into Heaven by God directly.

Why the geometric form of a pyramid? Simply because that is the design best suited to withstand the ravages of time. Not some baroque structure like the other six Wonders of the World which have all long since collapsed, the Pyramid is so elegant in it’s simplicity that it is positively Futuristic. Originally rising to a height of five hundred feet and covering thirteen acres of ground, the Pyramid was surfaced with polished white limestone. Those surviving casing stones which lie at the base show a fit so precise that a playing card can’t be fitted between their joints. And yet those joints are mortared.

Being no mathematician, I won’t go into great detail there except to point out that the Giza site lies at 30 degrees northern latitude and 30 degrees longitude and that the sides of the Pyramid are perfectly aligned with the cardinal points of the compass. On a global projection map, the Pyramid sits astride the crossroads of three continents, at the very center of Earth’s land mass. Aside from being a thing of surpassing beauty, the Pyramid was also a thing of absolute practicality.

Mysterious yet revealing features about it include it’s missing capstone; the vacant and unadorned “King Chamber”together with the empty “Coffer”; the totally incongruous “Grand Gallery” with it’s oddly corbeled walls; the accompanying network of steep and originally stairless passageways which make no sense in terms corridors; and it’s original entrance which had been designed to swivel open at a mere touch.

The Arabs, who were the first modern, recorded ones to have entered the Pyramid in the year 820 A.D., found it’s condition to be so pristine that they could not detect the presence of the entrance way. Noticing bats coming and going from what were considered air shafts closer to the summit, it was decided there had to be rooms within and it was assumed these rooms must contain trasure. The Arabs were required to force their way in using fires and cold vinegar to shatter the impregnable limestone sheathing. Once they managed to join with existing passageways, they had to remove huge stone plugs to gain access to the core of the building.

What they found was nothing. The Pyramid was empty and deserted. No riches, no gold. Not even a mummy. In the disappointment, all the Arabs could do now was strip away the gleaming white outer shell for use in building their city of Cairo nearby. Plunder and vandalism of the greatest monument of all time. Actions indicative of a woefully deficient value system that still persists today in a science which yet can only see these structures as “tombs” for egomaniacal rulers.

Key to the mystery both of the Pyramid’s construction and purpose can be found in the pages of the Old Testament, in the Book of Exodus as regards the heavily detailed story of the Ark of the Covenant. It’s specific dimensions, the fact that it was covered and lined with pure gold, the obvious fact that it contained dangerous power and also that it could be used to communicate directly with God. When the Philistines managed to capture the Ark following a battle with the Israelites, they found it so deadly and unpredictable that they dumped it in the desert and notified the Israelites to come and pick it up. At the completion of Solomon’s Temple, the Ark was placed in the Holy of Holies, later to be stolen by the offspring of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and removed to Ethiopia where it remains today.

However, all over Egypt, throughout most of the actual crypts and tombs that have been discovered containing their treasure, many such arks were found. Gold covered boxes albeit without their power sources thus rendering them no longer active. Assumed to be mere “chests” – empty – just as the Pyramid was considered a mere “tomb” – also empty. By the very vivid descriptions of it’s power in Exodus, i.e., the toppling of the walls of Jericho, etc., we may assume the Ark held the force of anti-gravity. In the proper hands, the convergence of the power of two or more of these devices – capacitors, actually – could have been used to build the Pyramid.

The “King’s Coffer” in the uppermost chamber of the Pyramid is of identical proportion to that of the Ark. It has been suggested by some that the Pyramid’s now-missing capstone was made of solid gold. Engineers have postulated that the inexplicable “corbelling” of the sides of the “Grand Gallery” leading near the “King’s Chamber,” could have facilitated the backward and forward motion of some large, geared mechanism. Finally, as indicated through the original design, the clear intent for easy and ready access to the interior – yet, by the presence of the granite plugs, not all the way to the core.

As one who knows antique radios, I can readily see the similarity with the bulky and cumbersome – even crude by present standards – tuning devices of these technical dinosaurs of the early Twentieth Century and the kind of mechanism as may have occupied that “Gallery.” Gold, as anyone ought to know, makes the most marvellous of conductors as well as being corrosion-proof. Whatever was contained in the Ark as well as within the “King’s Coffer,” it was some mineral substance highly radioactive, thus providing a power source.

Whereas the small and portable Ark, made as it was of wood,was notoriously unstable, the massive stonework of the Pyramid would have grated great stability – and safety for any operators who also knew how to open the entrance way. The size of the Pyramid in comparison to that of the Ark would have meant at the same time a proportionate increase in range and frequency. And whereas the Ark could be used to communicate with God when he was relatively nearby (somewhere within Earth’s atmosphere), with the Pyramid acting as both transmitter and receiver, God could be reached anywhere at anytime whether he may have been near Orion, the Pleiades or on the surface of Mars.

One of the messages, perhaps the final message, received through this medium may have been the urgent warning that the flood of Noah was imminent and unavoidable as a large heavenly body was quickly approaching. Earth’s orbit and world certainly cause cataclysmic disruption even if it didn’t actually strike Earth, through it’s gravitational force.

The word would have been to get ready as best you could. The only realistic and effective way to endure and survive what was on the way would have been inside huge and unsinkable vessels – referred to again as an Ark – for which also the specific designs were supplied. All of existing humanity could not possibly have been accommodated. Only a very select few. Only those who could be reached, only those who would listen, believe, and act.

During the global devastation which lasted for many months as the stray planet moved into and then out of the solar system, not only was there the deluge as the atmosphere was torn but, as recorded in Genesis, the “fountains of the Earth” opened up with geysers thousands of feet into the stratosphere. A slippage of the Earth’s outer crust would also have created giant tsunamis which would have literally scoured the Earth’s surface clean. Aside from what information man could have packed up with him, there would only have been what remained of the structures from the anti-deluvial world. Paramount among these would have been the Pyramid.

The Pyramid was already an ancient leftover into a new age of the Earth. Due to the atmospheric changes alone, man no longer lived to the astronomical ages given in the Bible. More than his physiological nature had been changed by this, his wisdom and understanding suffered accordingly due to the disruption. Here was Egypt and all of subsequent civilization in it’s steady decline into superstition and darkness.

The worship of cats and jackals and, not least, the mummification of dead bodies. Some memory of the greatness of the past remained in myth and legend but the link with reality had been broken.

Ignorance may have caused the survivors to attack the Pyramid as having been the cause of the world disaster, stripping it of it’s gold capstone, removing it’s power source (and causing the damage to the “Coffer” in the process), dismantling the machinery and – because it was beyond their power to tear it apart – leaving the stone edifice to remain as the colossal oddity it is today.

The irony didn’t end with the Arab looters who hardly realized the laugh was entirely on them. The loss of memory, the lack of respect, the lack of imagination was staring back at them in silent rebuke from thousands of years before their own mercenary time. And despite more recent rediscoveries in conjuring and trickery (technology), man’s nature and real wisdom continues to sink.

That is not the final secret of the Pyramid, however.

The literal masterminds who built the Pyramid were fully aware of what they were doing. And why. Into it they build what today might be called “back-up” or “fail-safe” system to it’s original purpose. If that purpose is understood as communication with God, then the contingency plan would have been for a written record should the verbal one be severed. Hence the eternal nature of the construction. This record would need to survive the ravages of time and the elements as well as to successfully resist the predations of man himself. That is until such a time as this record could be rediscovered and understood.

Today some experts are convinced that as yet undiscovered chambers exist within the Pyramid. Modern techniques of both sound and radar penetration have revealed structural anomalies within the stone mass and specially constructed robots have explored the so-called “air vents”, shafts which lead to nowhere, only to reveal more stone plugs and evidences of metal fasteners. Behind this? The “treasure of Cheops”? Or the original, first-person story behind Creation? All of the answers plus the destiny of man?

Unless these records are preserved on some material other than leather or papyrus, we may be certain they have long since crumbled to dust. Stone or clay tablets, perhaps. Though that seems unlikely owing to the volume required. Among Sumerian records are accounts of “malleable glass” in very ancient times. Things akin to compact discs or computer chips? These would last the ages awaiting the proper retrieval system. We now of course have this technology at our disposal.

Not satisfied to leave it at that, dependant upon means that might be found and conceivably destroyed or purloined, the great engineers literally encoded what amounts to the contents of the Bible into the courses of the masonry and the angles of the otherwise nonsensical passageways of the Pyramid itself. The undying language of mathematics and geometry, incapably of lying. All that is required is the human intelligence to see, recognize and comprehend. No technology needed.

Western Civilization achieved that level in the previous century and it was during the Eighteen Hundreds that the Pyramid was decoded. The entire march of time from the beginning of the age to the end. That end is set to occur within the next century. In this, the Pyramid concurs with calculations made from the Mayan calendars. Of course, that translates as the message contained in the final book of the Bible, Revelation. Except that the language and the account would be far more clear and straight forward.

If we each have this information in our personal possession, what then could be the significance of learning it if it is repeated within the Pyramid?

With regard to the Bible, who reads it, who understands it? People attend “Bible study” groups all their lives and yet know nothing of it’s actual message. Churches pervert it’s message. This having knowledge of such vital information may spare the holder from the sheer terror and despair as prophesied in Revelation among humanity when an angry and exasperated God returns to Earth a-knocking personally following mankind’s having “hung up the phone” on him and subsequently gone totally stupid and degenerate.

Who Left You God?

The premise I and many others have been pushing is, straightforwardly that “God” was and is a race of extraterrestrials.

This is not to discuss the evidence in favor of that conclusion. Neither is it to ponder whether there may be more than one “God” – or race of ET’s – or when and where they might have originated.

If the theories are correct and these ET’s not only inspired the events in the Old Testament three to five thousand years ago but indeed are responsible for the “creation of man” a half a million years ago, then a more relevant question presents itself.

Five hundred thousand years ago, these beings not only knew everything there was to know about space travel, they also knew all about such things as D.N.A.

The chances are that they themselves were not “created” but did evolve all their own even before the earth or it’s solar system were in existence. Modern science here has a new term for it’s own use: Terraforming, that is converting an uninhabitable world to a habitable one. This in regard to projected colonization of Mars.

Had this taken place on Earth, in the dim past, the retelling of that very thing would amount to no more or less than the story told in Genesis.

Our own science is at the point where none of this should sound too far fetched. Nothing technological should be of any wonder to us the way our own knowledge is expanding. The only wonder is how they managed to make it to that point

We don’t know what went on out in the universe but we do know what has gone on on Earth over the course of recorded history. We know that there are people on Earth today who, upon seeing a helicopter descend from the sky into their midst, immediately hail the occupants as “God” or “Gods.” And we know the height that earlier civilizations reached, only to collapse and be followed by “Dark Ages.”

“God,” therefore, would appear to be an entirely relative consideration. Magic and supernatural? A digital watch would have gotten you burned three hundred years ago in Salem.

What isn’t relative or subjective is the the disruption or destruction of the upward climb of civilization to the point where one is required to start off again from square one – if at all.

Earth in it’s long history has seen mass extinctions and world cataclysms repeatedly. From the disappearance of the dinosaurs to the end of the world prior to Noah. These things were due to cosmic happenings, beyond anyone’s control. And there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again.

But since the time of these global disasters, there has been a parade of civilizations far more brilliant and long-lived than our own having come and gone. Egypt, India, Persia, Greece and Rome, to name a few.

Had any one of these somehow managed to endure to the present day, who can tell at what level their technology might be? In effect, for example, had not the past three thousand years been spent in recovering old ground from the demise of Egyptian culture, it would presently be the year 5000.

How did the ET’s manage to escape this themselves so as to be able to become “God” over this galaxy and who know what others?

By five hundred thousand years ago, their own evolution had reached perfection – if such a thing is possible. The odds against that are what is astronomical, not the odds favoring other intelligent life in the universe.

If something doesn’t snuff out today’s civilization before man can leave Earth to colonize other planets, then having made it onto that level will remove the threat of extinction through cosmic disaster or the eventual death of the planet or the sun. This they obviously had well behind them.

Apparently they also already had the other two deadly danger to high civilization well behind them.

Perhaps they were blessed with having had their own home planet all to themselves. It seems this would have been the only means to having been able to avoid war and – what’s worse – genetic pollution which will erase a people as surely as any meteorite or hydrogen bomb.

And there is precisely the threat which now stands envelop Earth in a perpetual shadow of stagnant development, meaningless existence and impending destruction of the environment. Quantity is overtaking quality.

The ET’s came to Earth and elsewhere, it may safely be assumed, gave their DNA to boost evolution, gave their early technical and moral boosts as well to the original civilization they founded.

Was it too little? Were too many variable left unresolved? Or was it done this way deliberately, stopped just short of perfection, to see whether we could make it the rest of the way on our own in an isolated, controlled experiment?

Positive evidence for direct ET involvement with man in his affairs in distant times is certain. Equally certain is that involvement was severed. As tantalizing as it may be to guess why this separation took place, it too is not as important as the next question – which isn’t even a question.

In all of the religions inspired by these events which have since devolved to mere myth, one of the things that continues to run true is that God promised to return. Christians call this the Second Coming of the Christ. Revelation describes in great detail a huge space vehicle.

By “return” what is actually implied?

Have they really been absent or have they just stood aloof over several thousand years? Would they have abandoned their experiment blind, not knowing what they might find later, or would they have remained nearby constantly monitoring?

In the latter case, it would seem then that the moment to step back into the picture – just as a parent having left his child to attempt to swim on it’s own – would be at that moment when it was unmistakably clear that the child was going under for the final time.

Or – to rescue that child from self-destruction through his own willful foolishness, despite himself. The same development of fact and truth into myth and falsehood could also be expected to pave the way for just such suicidal belief and practice.

Why else would revelation express that this moment of sudden return be for many a moment of mourning?

Not due to the way any individuals may may have lived their lives and not for any narrow concerns over punishment or reward in some “hereafter” would these beings who themselves have survived all the odds dramatically reappear.

They came here to colonize to duplicate and replicate themselves for the most urgent and down-to-earth, practical reason of all: Survival of the species. As an insurance policy for their own DNA.

They know in whom that DNA is best represented and they know also that it is imminent danger of vanishing from Earth forever, drowned in mud.

They indicated they knew it would come to this and they made it clear they wouldn’t allow it to come to pass.

The only final question is whether we are talking years or decades before we witness this going on the basis hard statistics and their logical projections.

The Fallacy of Heaven’s Gate

Several decades ago the consideration of actuality of extraterrestrials could be seen to have achieved a certain degree of respectability when the following question was asked for the first time: How would the establishment of other intelligent life in the universe affect the concept of God and religion? Strange that the question hasn’t been asked in a long time.

It has an either or answer, both of which would tend to trash all conventional values and beliefs. Either God as he is understood according to this religion has been carrying on illicit “affairs” on the other planets with other beings he does not want us to know about or – God in reality is and has been all along a race of extraterrestrial.

And for those who pooh-pooh the whole idea of extraterrestrials, we need to ask them their view on God and religion. Is one or the other or both garbage? Is one or the other or both real? On the basis of what evidence or what prejudice? If God and angels are real, what form do they take? If extraterrestrials and UFO’s are real, what is their origin and what purpose? One is as “crazy” and “impossible” as the other.

Though this is a world that literally turns on lies and untruths, I personally cannot see an institution so ancient and universal as the Church having arisen out of sheer fantasy and falsehood. Though the reality and the meaning have largely been lost, huge masses of people-primitive and civilized still cling to something represented by the facsimile of an original event.

After having survived several thousand years since the tales recorded in the bible took place, only within recent, living generation has our own technology developed to where we have in our hands many of these same “miracles” that until now were mere fairy tales. Its been half a century since the term “flying saucer” was first coined and the official denials have never let up. Yet today we are approaching an understanding of the propulsion system of that which has never existed.

Their myth is today a religion.

During the fall of 1996, on one afternoon talk show, there was a panel of those claiming extraterrestrial contact. Sadly there were the obvious cranks and hoaxers which came attached to each and all controversial subjects. Grossly obese females claiming sexual violation at the hands of extraterrestrials which were clear cases of wishful thinking or “look at me” or of ETs with absolutely no self-respect.

But also on that panel was one attractive and intelligent blond woman who, through all the audience taunts and cat calls, was trying hard to convey a message of rationality right through her own obvious fanaticism. Not “contact”, as such, but more a direct lineage from ETs was her theme. I was on the edge of my seat straining to catch her words until, after all the interruptions, time ran out. I caught that her name was Vanna, and she was from southern California. Attempts to reach her through that show failed.

Then, in the spring of 1997, came the world headlines of mass suicides of the Heaven’s Gate Cult. After hearing all the talk of space ships etc., and learning the group had been headquartered in southern California, my thoughts returned to Vanna. Whether she was a member of the group or one of the deaths, I never learned.

It’s difficult to own a piece of the truth and still be rooted in the fallacy of the world. Onlookers will take this and use it to write off that kernel of truth as mere insanity. Those caught up in it may become it’s victims as did the Heaven’s Gate people. They say a little truth is a dangerous thing and is it proved in their case. The discover of the truth is a hard path and the pitfalls and casualties are great. Most won’t make the attempt, some will end down a blind alley, some will lose their lives. A few will go on to make it.

State religion and State media don’t help.

These people, so professional, intelligent, and idealistic – and so committed had some inkling of the great truth behind it all and yet brought with them into it so much the false and poisonous superstition of the world that it ultimately killed them. The end result once again: The possibility of there being extraterrestrials visiting Earth is for the eccentric and deranged.

What were some of the points on which Heaven’s Gate were so terribly wrong?

Of course, the whole episode coincided with the arrival of the Hale-Bopp Comet near Earth, for some reason, the leader of this group imagined that a spaceship was traveling in the tail of this comet. This belief in fact was what triggered the rash act of mass suicide among the members of the group so that their “souls”, or whatever, might catch a ride on it to some destination.

They had convinced themselves that this was necessary in order to achieve “higher evolution”. So deeply ingrained was this loathing of their own animal nature that some of the men had undergone castration. The whole emphasis seemed to be only one more variant on the old world institutions as the Catholic Church and Communism. It is beyond me why such a philosophy of denial should be able to continually exert this kind of fascination over people’s minds.

A spaceship might need or want to follow in the wake of a comet in someone’s daydream or inaccurate, incomplete conception. In reality, it would be a very bumpy ride, if not altogether a physical impossibility. Beyond that, why would any extraterrestrials feel the need to take such an odd course? At dead bottom, it would be unneccessary and pointless for them and – realizing we are regarding “perfect” minds therefore wouldn’t happen.

If there exists a true “soul” them it would have to be part of a mass or universal mind, coming from and returning to the whole at birth and at death. If this is the case, no artificial means-such as hoping a passing spaceship-is required. If this is not the case, then no such “soul” exists. One great danger then is in mixing one’s concept. It reminds one of some of the very earliest attempts at flight. Looks silly now but deadly serious at the time.

They were correct that God does indeed ride a UFO but missed the point that death may well be our own, personal end. God – or that race of extraterrestrials – is mortal. They may have figured out ways of cheating death genetically, medically, or mechanically but they are mortal. Remember the earliest patriarch of the bible lived for centuries – unless that is all bunk. We literally devolved from them. These space-farring ETs certainly took the opposite, uphill path from their own progenitors. They obviously experienced no “fall”.

If there is any “short-cut” to higher evolution it does not come through killing yourself. It could only come through direct intervention on the part of some higher being using DNA mutation. And if one reads Genesis closely enough, hits is exactly what is being implied. The implication would also be that the higher DNA would belong to these same being and, by extension, make us their literal offspring.

So I am reminded of Vanna’s claims and assertions in the face of that howling audience.

But this is not nothing weird or spooky. It is purely scientific and biological. That’s what happens when wisdom is lost: It becomes confused superstition.

Whether due to atmospheric or climatic conditions, God may have been prevented from completing what he began with Adam and Eve or whether, through human folly or Satanic intervention, the perfect work at Creation has been partially undone since that time, we may be certain the only path back to that state of Godlike perfection is through very carefully breeding over many generation. Healthy sexuality is the direct means to that, not self-denial or castration.

“Get it all now” is the philosophy of the worldly System just as it is the philosophy of Satan. For everyone just as for the members of Heaven’s Gate, it means death.

The “spirituality” enters with the awareness and the devotion to lock onto the upward path and to not be moved from it by any force or temptation on Earth.

The world is at a great crossroads now. While we have arrived at where all these truths are beginning to manifest themselves to us through our own expanding technology and we are rapidly finding ourselves capable of implementing them to our benefit, we are nonetheless in imminent danger of succumbing for all time to darkness and superstition which are, unfortunately, expanding much more rapidly and which are fostered by the State.

A fanatical separation would then surely be indicated just to ensure survival. Nothing was ever accomplished minus such fanatical drive. Heaven’s Gate fatal mistake was in bring with them and amount of State-sanctioned lies and falsehoods.

The Cup of Iniquity

How is it possible for an atheist to agree in favor of such a preposition as ultimate and eternal retribution for human behavior that is known to religionists as “sin”? That would seem to suggest images of the proverbial “super spook in the sky” who, like Santa Claus, “is making a list and checking it twice”. A belief for children, the mentally feeble or those who really don’t care and who are just going through the motions for whatever ulterior reason.

Speaking for myself only, it is for those very reasons that I have always been atheist and anti-church. Whether humbug or hypocrisy, there can be no tolerance for its institutionalization in society.

A terrible game is betrayed by carefully observing one critical fact. Modern, contemporary atheists and religionists are united in idealizing and promulgating all that which is a poison to any healthy society. At the same time, they are in sync as to who and what to attack and condemn. What does it matter whether the one is motivated by “humanist” concerns and the other by “spiritual” orientation if the results are to be the same?

This world suggests to me that, as per my original impression, the religionists have it all wrong but that, after a lifetime of observation, the traditional crowd of atheists have it equally wrong only from the opposite end of the spectrum. They both are brothers, again by virtue of insisting to you that theirs is the only way and if you don’t agree, you are a hopeless fool or are damned to hell.

Religion started somewhere, with something. That appears to be Square One. The appearance of man and the appearance of religion – belief. Did he invent it out of whole cloth or was there an original event? Was it the result of a primal reaction to fear of unknown or death or was it the result of some actual creator – or race of creators – concernedly imparting certain laws and guidelines to ensure the well-being of their own progeny?

In light of the very real wisdom included within texts untold thousands of years old I am inclined towards the latter.

How then could it devolve into something so debased and meaningless as to be merely a fool for State control or for unscrupulous money-makers? Even as Marx put it, as an “opiate for the masses. So much so as to give rise to formal atheism and the advent of the “apostate priest,” etc. Any signal, even one set down in writing, will fade and blur given sufficient time. Deletion, embellishment – done on the part of a scribe or translator who, through his own misunderstanding, sought to aid the “understanding” of those who’d follow him in the direction of his own misdirection.

In short, be made to fit prevailing conception. “PC.” It is nothing new. Each age can be identified through it’s own pet superstitions which are popularized through their handiness for the ruling elite and convenience for the masses. The truth be damned.

Reverse-engineering in reverse. Some great technological wonderment captured or given is dismantled and examined so as to reveal its secrets and to thus expand learning and development by a huge leap. Instead, a great cosmic truth one imparted and now bastardized almost beyond recognition becomes fossilized into meaningless ritual and of repeated words containing no relevance. Has it ever worked? Can it go any way but down, handing brilliance or perfection to those who didn’t have the capacity to create it in the first place? No. One has to take it, hold to it and keep it pure. But can even that much be done? Apparently no.

But – there’s a concept also known as flying directly in the fact of. When things begin to slip so fast that they move out way ahead of the corruption of the old texts which have guided values and behavior for literally thousands of years, then there exists a very special situation which only appears every once in a historic while. We have the distinction of living in just one such time.

“Why god believes exactly the way I do.” The book has become a flat-out embarrassment.

This struck me when the topic of one discussion show was announced as being, “Has Adultery Become Passe?” Perhaps a poor example of a mortal sin is adultery but it is nonetheless one of the “Big Ten.” By a quick count I note that all but two – murdering and stealing – are no longer much of a concern for these laws today although these final two pose an immediate and dire physical threat to the survival of the society. Would that be a coincidence or only the course it would have to follow?

“Let anything and everything else go to hell as long as nobody bother me.”

Only after a lifetime of independent thought and study did I sit down by myself, on my own, and read the entire Law. It was shocking. I had in effect returned home after having come full circle. Not wanting to second-guess the great author, it does seem to me that so many of the other laws laid out in the Old Testament ought to properly appear on the “Top Ten” in place of some of those which do.

To personally go by many of these laws would cause one to be charged by this society with “Hate Crimes”. There’s a huge conflict here. Who’ll win? Take one guess.

To pose the question, “Has Adultery Become Passe?”, does one mean no one is doing it anymore or everyone is doing it to where it is a commonality? Of course, it’s the second choice. If that is the case then it really means the act isn’t “passe,” only the label and the condemnation. So now it’s “okay”? Some may kid themselves this way. It’s not a matter of “okay”. It’s a matter of whether there are to be any results, any consequences. And not in the “spooky sense” but in a real and concrete social cost.

As I said before, adultery may be a poor choice for a “sin” but, essentially, it is the perfect illustration of the way this works. After all, who cares? Who’s hurt? Where’s the immediate damage? The sanctity of marriage went long ago so what is the big deal? Naturally, the “easy” ones will go first. The rougher ones will hang on until last. When no one cares or is able to do anything about killing or looting, where will things be?

“Ah, but it’ll never come to that.”

If you dare, take a trip to certain sections of the Third World or – for that matter – to certain “blighted” areas of the United States.

There are “rules” and then there are truths. This System and this society have made a mockery out of both. It gets worse when the two are seen as the same. Unless some cop is standing by to pinch you if you do something you’re not supposed to or do not do something that you are supposed to. Things are upsidedown and this situation is enforced by the State.

Rules can be made up. Truth is eternal. They don’t necessarily compliment each other. As a people goes rotten they have a certain knack for shelving or discrediting the old laws and wisdom. Every generation and every age is – according to itself – the smartest and most enlightened of all time. They’re quite willing to have it their own way and consequences be damned. Like the chronic smoker and his “cancer stick,” that day will never come but, of course, when it arrives, it is too late. Nothing “spooky” about that.

As an alumnus of a conservative Republican, later a Hard Right background, I’ve wondered for over thirty years when and where all the degeneracy would climax and find it’s end. This during a time when I was militantly atheist and amoral. Some attitudes and behaviors obviously will kill out a civilization and its people. Not everyone shares this outlook or, if they do, only to varying degrees. That’s your “right” in a democracy. Something or someone evidently attempted to assert their “democratic rights” which led to the Battle in Heaven when, according to the story, God expelled one-third of his angles and sent them to earth.

Where truth is concerned, there can be no variance.

One of my favorite stories from the Old Testament is that of Belshazzar’s feast. Babylon was in trouble but the rulers and the elite were confident enough of their mercenaries and fortifications to go on with their revelry. The Persians waded in under the wall with the river running low, unopposed. The proverbial handwriting on the wall appeared in flaming letters. The only thing that mattered was when the Persians burst in and killed everyone. If anyone will deny that this is Babylon anew, here today, then they only pick their side.

One could just as easily cite Sodom and Gomorrah or the flood of Noah. These incidents were real, as science and archeology have established. No myth, no fable.

Where does “God” move in? only when the cup of iniquity is full to overflowing. Then everyone gets it.

Warnings? Aplenty. no one’s listening. Everyone “knows better”?

And how can one known when the cup is approaching full? When mortal sin becomes “passe”. When “everybody’s doing it.” That’s as close as you can get without being there. There’s the hourglass, there’s the measure.

You clock it for yourself.

Tricky again because it doesn’t have to be sudden or dramatic. “Going to hell” or “gone to hell” can simply denote total collapse or debasement. In fact, this is by far the most common result. So common, so ever-present that no one takes any special note of it. At least not for what it really represents. The religionists would have you pour out your dollars on these people and these places that exist in misery and degradation as, to them, it’s all a matter of money. The atheists would have you do the same. Maybe some “education” might help…

The centers of high civilization and development thousands of years ago. Today the centers of poverty and squalor. There was a time when they no doubt “knew better.”

And now it comes here.

God’s judgement or just logical steps one, two, and three?

That part of the world where the Bible first arose. Look at it now. Coming to a neighborhood near you. The belief in the truth goes first. Finally evil and confusion is stamped and embedded upon the very faces of the people themselves.

No chance then of any kind of salvation, either here or in any supposed “hereafter.” Jesus himself made it clear that no one not having originated in Heaven has any hope of returning to Heaven.

Lost the purity of belief and the purity of all else will follow.

Eternal damnation on earth. A living hell.

And who and what is pushing for this?

From Exodus to Esther

Few things are shrouded deeper in mystery than who and what Jews are. Most people just go through life without giving this a second thought. Anti-Semites are generally found to be expert at pointing out the degree of Jewish influence in countries where their numbers don’t warrant it. Seldom, if ever is their nature and origin effectively nailed down. Still, most would assume that the Bible must hold the answer and in that they are correct – though in a way next to no one would suspect.

Taking a time-frame from the time of the Exodus, 1480 B.C., to the time immediately Post-Captivity, 500 B.C., roughly one thousand years, and we are surprised to see the Jews spring in to being within the pages of the Bible. It should not be necessary to state that an awful lot can take place within the span of a millennium, especially in such a turbulent area as the Near East. However, it might be useful to point out that some things are so obvious – yet buried in a collection of works so ponderous – that they are entirely overlooked.

I’m starting off this examination of possibly the strangest tale ever told, it is essential to establish what the Bible was and is especially regarding the Old Testament. It is the history of the people of Israel. Nothing more, nothing less. The God of the Bible makes it plain that he is the God of Israel and of no one else. The laws set down in the Bible are intended for Israel and for no one else. The prophecies given in the Bible concern Israel and no one else. Very sorry if this upsets or disillusions anyone, but the Bible and it’s message are highly exclusive. That the modern perversion of it has made it appear to be a club anyone can join has also been responsible for it losing it’s meaning and potency.

The entire emphasis revolves around genealogy and how to conduct the lives and affairs of this nation so that it might prosper on the Earth – not in some “hereafter.” Matters ranging from breaking free from alien oppression, to invading and conquering a land for itself, to God’s own command to expel and slaughter the native inhabitants “lest I do to you what I plan to do to them,” to unceasing wars with surrounding hostile nations, to a stringent set of laws governing everything form state affairs to personal behavior. Ancient history, to be sure. Religion, practically none at all.

By the time of the Exodus, the Hebrews had changed their name to Israel. “Ruling With God.” The term “Jews” is nowhere to be found. According to the Biblical tale, it was easily apparent to differentiate an Israelite from an Egyptian. This could only mean distinct racial characteristics. Relying on the paramount importance given to birth and genealogy, the conclusion would have to be made that the Israelites had not succumbed to racial mixture the way the broad masses of Egyptians had by then done.

Though the Israelites numbered in the millions inside Egypt and although they made up the most valuable and prosperous segment of the population, it was nonetheless seen as imperative that they must extricate themselves for that milieu for the sake of their cultural and ethnic integrity. However, as is well-known, the Egyptian establishment of that day was refusing to allow the Israelites to depart to a land of their own – that is, to Canaan which was practically an Egyptian province to the north-east.

Nevertheless, in another vignette familiar to most, the conflict came and the Israelites did deport en masse. The Bible mentions that along with the approximately three million Israelites of the Exodus there came a “mixed multitude.” Would not the implication be that the column of Israel was indubitably unmixed?

After forty years of shaking off the effects of having existed for generations among alien people, the Israelites were ready to take by military action the land of Canaan for themselves. And though God had instructed them to spare no one so that their experience in Egypt might not be repeated they nonetheless allowed many to live among them.

A national renaissance took place in the new nation of Israel, comprising of Twelve Tribes under the United Kingdom. Great wealth, great military prowess and great but little-known colonization went on centered around the area also known as Palestine. However, hand-in-hand with that came gradual corruption and division morally and politically. Eventually the kingdom split in two with Ten Tribes of Israel in the north and the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin in the south. Finally, all were conquered and deported by the Assyrians and Babylonians, respectively. Some ten million people by that time.

Yet one can only wonder at how much irreversible damage ethnically that had done. Further, while the people of Israel and Judah had been in exile, their conquerors had imported outside peoples to take over the now-vacant lands. These outsiders were the very ones God had commanded to be destroyed and with whom Israel had constantly been at war. Collectively, they were called Edom.

For such things to happen within a nation’s boundaries is for that nation to effectively cease to exist. Or at the very least, to now exist as something it formally had no been. And it is at this point that the name Jew comes into usage. Loosely, someone containing perhaps a drop of the blood of Judah, or one living in the territory becoming known as Judea, or one professing the religion then evolving a Judaism. But a thoroughly mixed lot, in no way related any longer to Israel.

One’s thoughts immediately turn to the balance of that original ten million that entered captivity and their eventual fate. Here is where ones understanding of the rest of history pivots and whether or not he has any real comprehension of who he is or what power he is subject to.

We know without doubt that about 700 B.C. the vast bulk of these Israelites – by now having lost most of their identity and on the verge of entering history as “barbarians”- migrated in great waves over the Caucasus Mountains and into Europe, evolving new names for themselves as Celts, Gauls, Goths and Anglo-Saxons.

Most but not all left this way. As evidenced by the Book of Esther, a great many “Jews” had now settled in Persia. The Jewish festival of Purim commemorates the events contained in Esther. One hearkens back to the story in Exodus and is struck right away by the almost complete contrast. Having infiltrated Persian society, the Jews have monopolized power and wealth to an extent which has alarmed one of the chief Persian ministers, Haman. Loyal Persians conspire to overthrow and expel this alien dominance over their land under Haman’s leadership and nearly succeed. But Esther, a Jewish woman who is a favorite of the king, manages to upset these plans resulting in slaughter of these patriots.

The Israelites would not remain in an alien land under any circumstances and fought to achieve independence. The Jews would commit mass murder in order to remain within a host society as an internal parasite. There the difference has been achieved. Total and complete. An entirely different people.

After the Persians came the Greeks and then the Romans. Then the Diaspora, the Dispersion mainly into Europe. And in short, the tale of Esther is repeated again and again for the next two thousand years. Except with the Jews not preying upon Persians but upon the Tribes of Israel which have by now made themselves into the modern states of Europe. The saga of Germany and World War Two is but the latest. A neo-biblical myth has already been built around those events and is known as “The Holocaust.” No six million Jews died but at least that many Germans did for having tried to free themselves and their country. And not Haman but Hitler.

Those in control of the governments surrounding Germany – themselves Jews, partially Jewish, or married to Jews as with Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin – arranged to precipitate a general war, to invade and destroy Germany, to deport many of it’s people, to divide it’s lands between themselves and to murder by hanging those German leaders as they could capture – exactly as Haman and his sons were hanged.

As “pagans,” we being Israel – utterly forgot who we were along with the Biblical Covenant as God’s Chosen People. Jews contemptuously refer to us as “gentiles” or non-Jews when, in fact, a gentile is anyone non-Israel. It is they who are the real gentiles, abhorred by God. They clung to the old beliefs, twisting them out of shape in their Babylonian Talmud, as well as the conviction that it is they who are the “Elect of God.”

But them comes the New Testament. Jesus of Nazareth, a man to the tribe of Judah whose bloodline had not been compromised, said he came to restore and to reinforce the Old Testament, said to his disciples not to go to the gentiles but to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel with his message. He confronted the Jews of his day and told them they were the same as their father, the Devil – murders and liars. And as the Gospels tell ,the Jews succeeded in getting the occupying Romans to murder Jesus.

And none of it is religious.

Try to Remember

Does it ever occur to the individual that even the common pedigree reaches back unbroken all the way to the creation? Sound to obvious? No one would deny it’s truth but it’s the meaning of it that’s been lost. For one thing this does not hold true for everyone – only those who today could be the immediate descendants of their most distant forebears. Otherwise the trail has been lost. The word for this is identity. And it is Identity which is under assault by the New world Order.

It’s not at all uncommon today to find those with little or no knowledge of their own grandparents. Many don’t really know the root of their own surname. The majority may generally assume their ancestors came to North America from the British Isles or from Germany, etc. Culturally, they have held before them images of – for example – China, which traces back five thousand unbroken years while “Western Civilization” has barely achieved one thousand. Generically, they see themselves as “white” or possibly “Caucasian”.

The crisis is this: Within this very recent advent of the officially multi-cultural, multi-racial society, with it’s “democratic” government purportedly serving all but in reality only serving itself, these people presently find themselves robbed of all heritage, without any culture of their own and in imminent danger of losing the flame of Identity for all eternity as a direct result. That perhaps the majority might respond, “So what?,” only underscores the reality and the danger.

It’s interesting to start by explaining the popular nomenclature for the respective racial groups. The four major groupings include Negroid, Mongoloid, Australoid and Caucasoid. The first two actually describe the people themselves in terms of their unique racial characteristics. The final two deal in terms of geographic location. When one hears Negro, he thinks black. When one hears Mongolian, he thinks Yellow with hooded eyes. Austrian Aborigine denotes Black again but confined to the continent below the equator. Caucasian means White to most minds but curious to note that the center of White population is far from the region of the Caucasus. No physical description and no accurate geographic denotation. Just a name.

Historically, we seem to pick up with a series of “barbarian” invasions which eventually smashed the Roman Empire, founded a series of modern nations across Europe and which have remained in a more or less constant state of war ever since. The Classical Civilization of the Mediterranean are held up as the ideal while our ancestors were running around in bearskins in the wilderness at the same period. Today, of course, it is accepted as an article of faith that it is of the greatest benefit to us to incorporate various Asian and African influences into our common culture. Indeed, to incorporate them literally and physically into our families by marriage.

One and all might be agree with that if they are any global issues for all to be concerned with they would have to include overpopulation, along with all the ills accompanying that: Starvation, poverty, disease, deforestation, pollution.

On a massive scale worldwide, these things are the hallmarks of what is referred to as the Third World. And even in the midst of the first World, the industrialized West, huge pockets of this same blight exist in the major cites. The plain fact no one is supposed to mention is that this could hardly be seen as anything other than par for the cause for colored, non-White concentrations of people.

Whites – or Caucasians are not seen to be flooding to these places by boat or by sneaking across the border, leaving their homelands behind. On the contrary, it is White missionaries and charitable organizations that go there with gifts of food and medicine and education, pouring it all out on a situation without hope of improvement from a sense of duty and mercy which, if it exists in any other people, remains moot as no other people is in a position to give aid elsewhere. More ominously, the White percentage of the world’s population stands at approximately 8%. And that percentage is shrinking as the world’s population prepares to double in the next century.

Racist or not, one might ponder a future for Earth with no White element at all. The population explosion does not include Whites and because of an almost total absence of any White sense of Identity, it threatens to absorb and eradicate them for those who see this kind of “one-worldism” as any kind of ideal or solution best try to imagine the world as one, big Calcutta only without Mother Theresa.

The United States and Europe will keep generating wealth and goods? In fifty years the United States will be a majority non-White. these are official government figures. What their meaning is – or will be – is not projected. But if we as a people can manage to remember our own extended past, we can know what it means.

Some references use the term Indo-European in place of Caucasian for Whites. That not only places the location further away from the White center of population but it at the same time strongly suggests the role of massive migration as part of their history. The recent image of the “Wild West” or the “Wild Frontier”- was it confined to our own American West or was it only the latest manifestation of an endless phenomenon? Two hundred years ago the frontier was in Ohio down through the Gulf states. Four hundred years ago, it was the Eastern Seaboard itself. Four Thousand years ago, it was Western Europe. All the way back to the Caucasus?

Those pointing to the “superiority” of Chinese culture for having remained steady for the last five thousand years are overlooking something important. Outside of the cities, Chinese life could well be that of five thousand years ago. What modern civilization they have, they received from the West. They are a dead race. They were there then just as they are there now when the flood of the Bible was devastating the West.

As far as the Black races are concerned, the same could be said of them in the jungles of Africa or the deserts of Australia – unchanged in development from the time of their creation. Whites have given them national boundaries, cities and languages but, at bottom, they are incapable even of maintaining civilization the way Orientals can.

Certainly a mountain man in the United States of a century ago would have seemed like a complete “barbarian” to a Londoner of the same period. And yet they would be racially and culturally the same. In fact, as I have pointed out elsewhere, a Cro-Magnon man of thirty thousand years ago could be a rocket scientist at the Johnson Space Center of today. The difference is in staying to develop an established civilization or moving on to perhaps find another. It’s also a matter of older civilization dying while younger ones mature.

Modern anthropologists and historians like to point to Africa as not only the starting place for all of humanity but for high civilization – citing ancient Egypt. While it is easy to see the progression, even the overlaying from Egypt, to Greece, to Rome, it’s even more important to realize that the torch of high civilization was passed from White hands into other White hands. “African” does not necessarily denote “Black”. If the jewel of African civilization five thousand years was Egypt in the north, today it is in South Africa – a White nation despite the fact that it has relinguished governmental control to Blacks.

Those Afrikaners arrived there centuries ago from elsewhere, just as did the early Egyptians. The Blacks which later entered those civilizations and overwhelmed them came, of course, from central Africa, themselves moving north and south, respectively. The same for the White Australians and certainly the same for the White North Americans.

Each of the high or “Classic” – civilizations rotted and fell apart, ending with Rome. The Italy we are familiar with – of the explorers and of the renaissance – is in reality one more of those modern, “barbarian” states founded atop Roman ruins and peopled by fresh blood. This was part of the birth of modern Western Civilization and the nations we are familiar with today.

But it raises two important questions: If Rome was the last of the Classic Civilizations and if it died from within, where did the fresh blood and the impetus for high civilization come from? Why did the “barbarians” wait until that moment in history to begin to stir and to develop? Those questions can be best answered with other questions: Why did it take so long for places like Tombstone, Arizona, or Dodge City, Kansas, to develop into civilized and safe places? And where did that blood come from? Time, movement, and Whites.

Mainly ignored in the study of the early civilizations are the goings on in the area of the Middle East. The progression wasn’t from Egypt to Greece. It was from Egypt through the Middle East and to Greece. In fact, when speaking of the Middle East – that area immediately south of the Caucasus Mountains – one will find a huge staging grand for massive migrations in several directions. Each of the same stock that today populates Northwestern Europe – that is, Celtic or Anglo-Saxon – and which had originally peopled and built Egypt. Not all reached a happy conclusion.

Those who headed first north and then west into Europe are known on account of the fact that they crossed that mountain range enroute as “Caucasians”. Another large group that left nearly two thousand years earlier to head east to find India were known as Aryans, which, in the Sanskrit language they developed, means “Lords” or “Nobles”. Of these, nothing remains except their monuments, dead language and books of lost wisdom. To India, the “New World Order” came early.

The success of the Caucasians in the West is owed to the isolation afforded by the rocky confines of Northwestern Europe. The demise, ultimately, of not only the Aryans of India but of all of Middle Eastern, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilization was due to their immediate proximity to other, darker, native peoples – leading to a confusion of cultures, beliefs and finally blood lines. today, inside and outside of Europe, Whites face this some deadly danger, whether from our having ourselves gone to where other people have existed or from our having literally brought them in as slaves.

As we reach back further into time, two things begin to take shape: Even today, most really responsible works admit that the true White homeland remains unknown but by tracing the footprints of their unceasing wanderings back well into the last Ice Age indicators point to a location central to the four continents bordering the Atlantic Ocean. A place now lost. The would translate automatically as Atlantis. Also , that regardless the disruption or the travel, these people bring with them the spark of high civilization which appears wherever they stop and make their home.

These people are by nature then wanders and colonizers, bringers of civilization. Since we – as their direct descendants – now are reaching out into Space through our own genius, backed by our own wealth, and since these traits are not seen to have evolved in any other people on Earth, the conclusion has to be that back before Atlantis our home was in the stars. Or “Heaven”.

But we forgot that. And we seem to keep forgetting the lessons of history even as they keep repeating themselves. We forget just how delicate and fragile our beautiful civilizations are, just as we forget that a single drop of alien blood will nullify and destroy the spark within ourselves of creating and maintaining these civilizations. Mostly, we do not even recognize that today there is no longer anyplace on Earth to repair to to escape the decline, no longer a fresh source of rejuvenating blood to build a new upon the ruins of a polluted and rotten, lost civilization.

Yet, in our possession today, we have the written promise of our father in the stars that when it finally came to this – as he knew it would – he would dramatically step back into the situation and rescue his children.

If you can manage to remember all this, you will know the meaning, the reason, the nature and even the timing of the End-Time.

Did James Bond Kill Princess Di?

James Bond fans will know that Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, was the real James Bond just as it was the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, who was the actual super sleuth who often aided Scotland Yard in solving mysteries.

Fleming wrote his own personal experience into each of his 007 novels from his days as part of the British Secret Service or British Intelligence. Fleming’s growing dismay at the rapid decline of Western Civilization and especially the British Empire following the conclusion of the Second World War also was reflected in his Bond stories.

Most obvious were the identities of Fleming’s villains: Goldfinger, Blofeld, Klebb, Dr. No, etc. He was trying to tell his readers something. While Fleming’s character, the hero, Bond, modeled after himself, was carrying on a desperate behind-the-scenes battle to hold the line of civilization against the encroaching one-worldism with Bolshevik overtones.

It’s been a losing battle steadily with sell-out politicians in all Western nations pulling the wool over the eyes of their constituents while letting the enemy in through the back door. Worse, an enemy-controlled media has thoroughly eroded the culture and the values of these same people who are marked for destruction. All the intelligence, counter intelligence and powerful police and military are useless against the effects of these rats in the pilings. Everything is rotting from the inside out.

These symptoms of decay had reached into the British Royal family and have played themselves out with the sad story of Princess Diana.

Already having practically flattened the institution marriage among the masses, creeping Liberalism broke forth within the household of the present generation of British royalty with the divorce of Princess Diana from Prince Charles.

The absence of love and even the presence of infidelity has never been anything uncommon. Yet, a sense of duty had always demanded that the marriage continue and a certain front be maintained for the common good. Now all that has been discarded and it has become “do what though wilt.”

That plus the Liberal upbringing reflects itself in the suicidal outlook that it somehow is a virtue, to dedicate oneself to pouring out all their care and concern, all their resources and energy upon people and situations that amount to a bottomless pit. This is what Princess Diana become identified with from the time of here divorce until the time of her death.

Alien domination has resulted in the most vile hyprocrisy on the part of all the people – but especially the rulers. P.C. is one thing but natural instinct and working practicality are another. Officially – as demanded by the power behind the scenes which holds the purse strings and pulls the wires – all is peace, love, brotherhood and one-worldism. While these puppet rulers and politicians, for the sake of their own wealth and prestige, have literally sold out their own people to the dictates of these suicidal policies, an infrastructure of “reaction” and “racism” yet is maintained to hold all together and keep the show running.

It was alright to raise the girl, Diana Spencer, poisoned in mind and spirit by all these Liberal dogma. It was alright to cast her off by a divorce. It was alright to see her now cavorting around as an international call girl. It was alright to see her image splashed all over the tabloids in the arms of wealthy Third World playboys. Magnificent example for the millions of other “Dianas” in the world.

Then it was learned she was about to marry the Egyptian character. It’s alright for all the other “Dianas” of the world to interbreed with whatever as that is the cornerstone of “brotherhood” but even to date on British coins, around the image of the monarch, is engraved “Defender of the Faith.” Immediately following the incident in the Paris tunnel, the Egyptian press claimed that Diana and her party had been set up by British Intelligence because she was about to bring a Moslem into the extended Royal Family, as step-father to a future king.

First the French paparazzi were blamed for the fatal crash and then it was the French chauffeur who supposedly was drunk. Both claims have been brought into question. Now extra car parts as well as different paint scrapings have been found in tunnel. Eyewitnesses have come forward claiming to have seen one or even two more cars speeding away from the crash scene.

Whatever else British Intelligence may be capable of, we know they murdered Rudolf Hess in Berlin in the late 1980’s. Hess, who had been Adolf Hitler’s deputy in the Third Reich, was a man in his nineties, who had been the lone prisoner at Spandau Fortress since 1966 where he had been confined since 1946 following the Nuremberg War Crime Trials. The official version by the British, who were controlling Spandau at the time, was that Hess had committed suicide by hanging himself.

The Hess family never accepted that.

The Soviet Union had been around that time feeling its way toward glosnost as a first step toward an easy let down as the rotten Soviet system was about to fall. For decades, the issue of release of Hess had been batted back and forth among the former Allies, with one or the other always vetoing any such suggestion. Now the Soviets announced that they would let Hess walk when next it was their turn to govern the prison.

It had been the mission of Hess in May of 1941 to fly to England as Hitler’s personal emissary and address Parliament in hopes of avoiding World War Two – which the hidden wire pullers were engineering – but he was immediately imprisoned by the puppet Churchill regime and not allowed to speak. After the War, he was sentenced to life as a “war criminal.” It was fully expected he would die in prison.

Hess was strangled to death to prevent his talking freedom.

Which makes one wonder what the purpose of those guards at the hospital room of the one survivor of that crash may be. To protect him or to make sure he doesn’t do the wrong talking? Like Hess wasn’t supposed to survive, this man wasn’t supposed to live, either.

A situation similar to the unhandy presence of Lee Harvey Oswald after the Kennedy assassination. Or that of Marilyn Monroe earlier. Always “plausible excuse” but always a victim with a dynamite story to tell.

Diana was killed before she could commit a supreme act of abomination. She had become a dangerous loose cannon. Just as with Kennedy after his murder by his very System masters, the same System that killed Diana could feel absolutely free to permit her dead corpse to be canonized by an adoring, if duped, public – harmlessly. Let the people have their cherished illusions if it helps hold them in their chains. The armies of mourners all identified with the despicable, Liberal causes she had given herself over to in life. All sympathy to her and to that Egyptian wog. Fine example again.

Amazing an assassination of this sort, for such a reason, in view of the monarchy presiding over the dismantlement of the empire, the invasion of Britain by hordes of Third Worldness, the knighthoods for a rogues gallery of rotten bastards and their full commitment to the New World Order. Unless the monarchy had nothing to do with it. Unless some element in the British government saw this as too much and took it upon themselves to act. Some large element had been eager for the message Hess was carrying over fifty years ago. That plan was only narrowly prevented.

Did James Bond kill Princess Di?

If so, it was an act motivated by a spirit that should have unleashed itself a very long time ago. Someone or some group apparently took “Defender of the Faith” very seriously. More seriously in fact than the royal family itself. If by faith we understand it to mean that which protects the well-being and integrity of the people themselves as opposed to this popular brand of pure crap that only helps spread the disease of tolerance and one-worldism – the very thing that led Diana and countless others to their deaths.

The Royals

Anyone who spends any time consulting the media cannot have escaped the attention heaped on Britain’s royal family. The popular fascination with so-called “celebrities” – Hollywood stars, rock stars, sports stars, politicians, millionaires and royalty. The hollowness goes beyond the mundane worship of fame and wealth and into pure gossip. Of course, gossip is at it’s best when dealing with the seedy and scandalous. A broad statement on the society and it’s values when the chief source of this emanates from those now positioned at the very top.

Never a moralist by nature, I try not to pay attention to what a Kennedy or a Windsor might do with their private life but, instead, what they’re doing for the people they’re supposed to represent. Many a ruler in history has carried a randy reputation but as long as his people and nation were prospering, what did it matter? But when the nation is sinking and suffering while those in high position continue to cavort – flaunting their privilege to the envy of the common masses – it is generally a time of shame even while certain climax prepares to close in.

The position of the British Royal House is at present unique because for some years now the question has been regularly put to the public whether or not the monarchy should be abolished. And the answer to the affirmative has remained perennially high. Is this but one more meaningless tabloid poll? Is it possible to take a valid position on this? In the context of the times, does it bear any relevance? On the surface, the answers would appear to be, yes, it is meaningless, and, no, there is no relevance. The royals are merely symbolic in any case and, even should their status as figure heads should be eliminated, they’d still remain the filthy rich playboys that they are.

But it is this very superficiality that all aware persons must train themselves to beware of. In general we’re all stuck with the same media. Someone said that the media only reports five percent of what goes on and that much is distorted. In the world very recently have been three things bearing directly upon the matter of British royalty and each one carrying part of the answer to the crucial and unasked question: Is their anything in the origin of this that might yield some light on an otherwise dark and dreary subject.

These were: The release of the successful film, “Braveheart”; The removal of the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey to Scotland; And the latest round of troubles in Northern Ireland during which a most curious sign of an open palm superimposed over a six pointed star could be noticed in news coverage. What’s this? Who knows, who cares? Little things count. It’s often in what the media doesn’t tell you.

Let’s start with that one which the media only inadvertently flashed in the course of their videotaping of Northern Irish rioting without any comment. The Red Hand of Ulster in from of what looks like a Star of David. Strange and out of place? Also meaningless? Not if the story behind it is known. But don’t rely on the media for it.

In Egypt about the year 1600 B.C., before the Exodus, twin sons were born to Judah, son of Jacob and founder of one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The attending midwife saw a hand emerging and tied a cord around its wrist to mark it as the firstborn, entitling it to it’s father’s birthright. However it happened that the other twin was delivered first. That one, Pharez, was granted the birthright while the one bearing the red cord, Zarah, was denied. Another meaningless Jewish fable? It doesn’t stop there.

This blood-feud within one family led to a split, with one descendant of Pharez heading one royal house – as King David of Israel – and two descendants of Zarah – Calcol and Dardanus – founding and heading the royal houses of Ireland and Britain, respectively. Calcol had made straight for Ulster while Dardanus went to Troy, his offspring only, making their way to Britain about the year 1100 B.C. following the destruction of Troy by the Greeks. He gave his name to the Straits of Dardanelles.

Of course, Troy itself was assumed to be a fable until Heinrich Schleimann uncovered it’s remains in northern Turkey a century ago. As for the tale itself, that symbol made it to Northern Ireland somehow, and is in use today.

It is a question of migrations over many centuries of one people going from one part of the world to another. The Bible traces a part of this from Babylon, to Egypt, to Canaan and back to Babylon before it’s story leaves off. That date is about 700 B.C. when the Persians conquered Assyria and Babylon, allowing the by then captive Tribes of Israel, numbering some ten million, to either return to Jerusalem or depart elsewhere. Fewer that fifty thousand made the return.

Our school history books often pick up at about the same time with the sudden appearance into Europe from the east of “Germanic” tribes of “barbarians.” To my own great frustration at the time, their point of origin was either unknown or undisclosed. That they seemed to have come from the general area of the Caucasus Mountains, all White Europeans today are referred to as “Caucasian.”

For some reason, only that half of the story is allowed to be generally known. And half a story is sometimes no story at all just as half a truth is also half a lie.

The truth is that those migrations represented the tail end of a long progression out to the Middle East and into Europe by those people today know as Anglo-Saxons. They were going to join their kinsmen who were already established there, especially in the north-west portions and, most specifically, the British Isles. That in-gathering of the British folk was only completed as late as 1066 A.D. with the Norman invasion, Different branches, or tribes, of the identical same people.

From the United Kingdom of Israel with it’s Twelve Tribes, to the United Kingdom of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Israel began to split apart following the death of Solomon about 970 B.C. Great Britain began to split apart just after World War One with the creation of the Irish Republic.

The name, Britain; is itself of Hebrew origin: Brith, meaning covenant, and ish, meaning people, or ain, meaning land. The other, older names of Ireland, Wales and Scotland – Hibernia, Cambria and Caledonia – also share Hebrew origin. The older languages of the islands – Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish and Erse – remain closely related to the native Hebrew. The heraldry is the same as with ancient Israel: The lion of Judah; The unicorn of Ephraim; the harp of David; Even the ox which is know today as “John Bull.” The Crown of St.Edward contains twelve jewels – representing each of the Twelve Tribes – just as did the breastplate of Israel’s high priest.

Those who watched and were moved by the film, “Braveheart,” ought to remember the supporting character, Robert Bruce. In the year 1320 he issued to Pope John XXII this Scottish Declaration of Independence: “We know, Most Holy father and Lord, and from the chronicles and books of the ancients gather that among other illustrious nations, our, to it the nation of the Scots, has been distinguished by many honors; which passing from the greater Scythia through the Mediterranean Sea and Pillars of Hercules, and sojourning in Spain among the most savage tribes through a long course of time could, nowhere be subjugated by any people however barbarous; and coming thence one thousand two hundred years after the outgoing of the people of Israel, they, by many victories and infinite toil, acquired for themselves the possessions in the West which they now hold.”

In the news also was the moving of the Stone of Scone, or the Stone of Destiny, form Westminster Abbey after a presence there for seven hundred years, and to Scotland. In a few places, it was mentioned that this was reputed to be the Biblical “Jacob’s Pillow” from Genesis 28, More fable?

That story is that after serving as the coronation stone for the kings of Israel for centuries, and after the capture of Jerusalem by the Babylonians and the sacking of the temple, It was taken to Egypt by the Prophet Jeremiah who escaped about the year 585 B.C., taking along with it his secretary, Baruch, and the tow daughters of the last king of Judah, Zedekiah.

At about the same time in Ireland the arrival was record of a venerated old man whom the Irish called “Ollam Fodhla”, an aide of his they called “Brug”, two princesses and a sacred stone. Their route had been from Egypt, to Spain and Ireland. The eldest daughter, Tea Tephi, married the King of Ulster, a Prince of Zarah, these reuniting the House of Judah in the British Isles. In 503 A.D. the line passed to Scotland with Fergus the Great and later to England when James VI of Scotland, became James I of England.

The Stone had followed the blood line and of this Genesis 49:8-10 says – “Judah, though art he whom thy brethren shall praise… thy fathers’s children shell bow down before thee… The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a law giver form between the feet, until Shiloh come.”

It doesn’t stop there. Almost immediately following the crucifixion of Jesus, his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea – the man who had supplied the “upper room” and his own tomb for the events surrounding Jesus’ death – along with the Apostle Philip and the retinue, arrived in Britain about 36-39 A.D. They built the first church at Glastonbury and had with them the cup used at the Last Supper – the “Holy Grail.” Joseph had been a wealthy businessman who owned tin mines in Cornwall. His tomb was discovered in 1927 and it bore the inscription “I Came To The Britons After I Buried Christ. I Taught, I Rest.”

Interesting and overlooked as well is the that December of 1917, at the end of the Biblical “punishment period” of Times Seven, the city of Jerusalem was liberated from the Turks by British forces under field Marshall Allenby. On the hilts of their swords, each soldier had the symbol if the shield of David. The royal bandsmen carried silver bugles, exactly like those of Joshua’s army. The music of the bagpipes had also returned.

But who knows and who cares?

These royals today are an unworthy and miserable lot, yes. They have stood by and presided over the collapse of the British Empire, they saw that group of people identified in the Bible as, Edom take control of the Holy Land – false “Jews” – and today thy appear content to watch as England is flooded by Third World immigrants. Ireland has already broken away while Wales and Scotland have their own secessionist movements. All while they divorce and cavort around.

Where is the significance?

In the Book of Kings are listed all of the kings of Judah and of Israel following the split after the death of Solomon. A total of thirty-six, evenly divided. Only nine of these, or one-fourth, “did good in the eyes of the Lord” while twenty-seven, or three-fourths, “did evil in the eyes of the Lord.” So it remains to this day.

That however is not the point.

The point is that this unbroken line of Judah is destined to occupy the Throne of David until Jesus himself – a descendant of Judah and of David through his mother – returns to claim it forever. One would expect he will be disturbed to see the abuse and neglect of it’s authority. Nevertheless, there it is.

All this sinking low, talk of abolishing the monarchy, of breaking up the union, of tampering with the Stone of Destiny makes it look as though that time is coming close.

Had any of this occurred to any of you End-Timers?

Who Ordered the Holocaust?

The clash has been on for decades between revisionists and media, system “kept historians” as to the nature and extent of those happenings in Europe during the Second World War generically known as “The Holocaust.”

Especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the access to concentration camp records captured by the Russians at the close of the War, scholars have been able to know that the scope of the concentration camp deaths was but a fraction of what was previously claimed.

For it’s part, the officially P.C. system and it’s branch offices, represented by the various governments of the nations of the world, has been passing more laws preventing research and discussion of the subject while more and more “Holocaust Museums” have been created.

It is only certain that something happened then and there, that it focused upon Jews and that, apparently, the Nazi Germans were responsible for it. Questions that have never been satisfactorily answered include why it happened along with exactly who gave the order for it, when, where, and how.

The troubling and frustrating thing about it is that even though the Third Reich period in Germany represents the single most well-documented era in recorded history and that virtually all of those archives were captured by the Allies at the close of the War, not a single cue has yet surfaced as to the identity of the person or persons who actually gave the order for the Holocaust to commence.

We may be certain also that should any document of this nature exist or be discovered, it would instantaneously become world news. That no such thing is known or has been revealed tends to fuel the revisionist argument that no actual Holocaust ever took place – at least not in the way or according to the scale we have been accustomed to being told.

And still, over fifty years after the conclusion of the War, we have endless survivors from the death camps stepping forward with their first-person tales of terror. Usually these involve that person’s entire family having been sent to the gas chambers. Most lately we are hearing of how these survivors are demanding the considerable fortunes they had deposited with Swiss banks to be handed over to them now – presumably with interest.

In trying to unravel and hopefully make sense of this mystery we have the central character of Adolf Hitler. If we are to believe our history books, Hitler was born a loser, with no talent or ability, with an insane and totally illogical hatred of Jews, and who was appointed by the President of Germany to head the government of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated nation where upon he attempted to conquer the world and annihilate all the Jews.

Yet, with all that solid scholarship, we are left without the solid, hard evidence for a prima facie case of premeditated mass-murder.

On the other end, we have the people known as Jews. Only that they were there, somehow differently distinguishable from everyone else around and that Hitler personally hated them is all the books tell us. Sounds crazy as hell. Some revisionist investigation will show that if one can elevate their attention from the masses of little Jews, they can see that their brethren, the big Jews, first were in control of the capital and the press of the advanced nations of earth and second, they also made up the leadership of the movement known as World Communism and were the government of the then Soviet Union.

That it was their control over the peoples that hosted them, that it was their Communist revolution inside Germany that cost that nation World War One and delivered it into the slavery of the Versailles Treaty, and that it was their Soviet Union which was casting it’s menacing shadow over all of Europe may partially explain some of Hitler’s attitudes toward the Jews.

With all that, we still have no “smoking gun” that it was Adolf Hitler who ordered the Holocaust.

It takes some real investigation but it is possible to locate the document and identify the author behind the idea of the Holocaust.

Since the Nazi files have been combed out and thoroughly exhausted, we may feel free to look elsewhere. Obviously, a second, closer look at the principals is required. When regarding the Jews, one obvious place to begin might be the Bible. The Book of Exodus makes no reference to Jews. Only to Egyptians versus Israelites. As the Israelites prepare to leave Egypt and move into the land of Canaan, tribes of those known as Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites and Jelousites are named. Now it becomes Israel versus these people.

It is utterly critical to be aware that, one, collectively, these ancient peoples were known as Edam or Edomites. Two, that the people we know today as Jews are, as even the Jews themselves openly acknowledge, ancient Edam. Three, that the Tribes of Israel – Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Reuben, Simeon, Gad, Benjamin, Dan, Asher, Naphtali, Epharaim, and Manasseh – following their reversals in the area of the Middle East, migrated across the Caucasus Mountains in the centuries B.C. and became known as “Caucasians”, or today’s modern Celtics or Anglo-Saxons.

God, as quoted in Exodus, said, “My angel will go ahead of you and bring you into the land of the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites, and Jebusites, and I will wipe them out.”

“I will hand over to you the people who live in the land and you will drive them out before you. Do not make a covenant with them or with their gods. Do not let them live in you land, or they will cause you to sin against me, because the worship of their gods will certainly be a snare to you.”

God, as quoted in Deuteronomy, said, “and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy. Do not intermarry with them. Do not give you daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, for they will turn your sons away from following me to serve other gods, and the Lord’s anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you. This is what you are to do to them” Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire.”

“Do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them – the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites – as the Lord your God has commanded you.”

Hitler – whatever else he may have been, – was the only man who could awaken and unite the broken and disorganized German tribes – or states – and lead them into retaking control of their land from the International Jews which had taken it over. Quite an accomplishment and the reason he is most hated today be the Jews and the media.

But as to who ordered the Holocaust…

Take it to God.

The Fourth of July

Something encouraging has developed over the last few years. The fourth of July has found new meaning where, before, it had lost all significance.

Formerly “Independence Day,” all pretense to that now and for a very long time has been a sham. “Taxation without representation.” An internal tyranny can’t be seen simply because it happens to be homegrown. The country is dominated by something as alien to it’s origin as anything found outside it’s borders. A police state governs just in order to keep the pieces from falling apart.

But one that is smart enough to allow the people their customs and their holidays – however hollow they may have become.

In 1996, Hollywood issued a film entitled “Independence Day,” released on July 4th, to also coincide with the now well-known incident at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. In 1997 – the fiftieth anniversary of Roswell – Hollywood released a horror-comedy, “Men in Black,” dealing again with extraterrestrials as a follow-up to their horror-drama of the previous year.

Of secondary importance for the moment is that the fixation seems to be bound up in fear and terror when compared with the significance of this universal awareness. The thought-masters of the System, from their master control headquarters in Hollywood, have caught the scent of money, their own life-blood, associated with the extraterrestrial subject and are playing it for all its worth.

The Fourth of July has begun and will continue to be dominated by this consideration of extraterrestrials and this is a most positive thing even if all their representation in the public mind is presently contained in the worst possible hands. Awareness, even if badly distorted, is far better than ignorance anytime.

Thought is generated by the suggestion of extraterrestrials and even better than that, in a future sense. “Independence Day” now is only an occasion for pyrotechnics and backyard barbecue. UFO’s at least fire the imagination.

As this swing progresses from emphasis upon the past, toward the future, it is very revealing to note “official” response. Great ceremony and piety for an historic event, the real meaning of which was totally subverted and lost generations ago, while the mercenaries who’ve long since assumed ascendancy in the land seize the occasion to sell more merchandise. And though essentially the very same bunch is now pushing E.T.’s for mighty bucks, officially the entire topic and denied and ridiculed.

Beyond perceptions and conceptions regarding the actual sovereignty of the United States or the probability of extraterrestrial intelligence visiting Earth, one thing we may be certain of concerning both is that someone is lying straightforwardly.

Either an increasing number of ordinary people who are coming forward with what they have seen and know are lying or the government, with it’s “explanations” – of which there have now been three – of what took place at Roswell, is lying. There can be no two ways: Someone is consciously and deliberately lying.

Minus any hard evidence at all, the average observer has this to go on. Borrowing form Shakespeare, one would surely begin to think they begin to protest too much. Stonewalling has failed where reports have only continued to mount. Now there appears to be much ado over nothing. To me, this is it’s own kind of confirmation.

Certainly there have been many deliberate hoaxes where UFO contacts and sightings have been concerned. Hoaxes exist in every area of dealings you care to examine. They neither prove or disprove anything. Regardless whether Roswell or 99% of all reports are false – the remaining 1% would be all that’s necessary.

For private individuals – pranksters – to conduct a hoax is one thing easily understood and written off. For a government of professionals – in charge over the fate of millions – to mount a “hoax in reverse”- is quite another and in no sense can be dismissed. What it is actually saying is too huge an important.

So the question next becomes: Why lie?

Again, the common “trick-or-treat” variety prankster and his motives can be readily understood: fun and games, perhaps money. Better that we learn to know the motivations behind the official “I am not a crook” brand of liars. Though they have never come out and said it is because of “national security,” this is the excuse that has most generally been attributed to them by apologists.

“Reverse-engineering” extraterrestrial technology for military application. Though they may well have in their possession several extraterrestrial craft and may well have been holding them under the microscope for fifty years, there is no evidence that it has been of any real use to them. The most advanced of Earth’s technology remains yet quite conventional, in a straight line of slow development with no great “leap” shown anywhere.

The fact here is that the ET technology is of such a different kind that it is worthless to these people even as a gift. Like the Sudanese who pulled up the deep wells sunk by the British and pounded them into spear head. It would not be a welcome thing for these people in control here to have in their hands operational ET technology. More control and domination.

“National security” by whose definition? Security as defined by a government whose dictatorial policies are driving this country toward it’s own destruction? “To prevent panic” in a society so scared already that it is welcoming a police state to keep it safe in it’s homes? If it is a matter of security, it can only be the security of the regime, not the country or the people.

Now it begins to make sense.

Hence the reason why they still go all out for a national holiday that has become obsolete and becoming a bad joke. It is a lie to promote the idea of this still being a free and independent nation , but it well suits the purpose of those in control.

In exactly the same sense does it suit their purposes to deny and ridicule the idea of extraterrestrials monitoring Earth. That 1% of the evidence would still tumble all their preconceived and “safe” notions of politics, science and religion which they have bent and harnessed to serve themselves and hold the people in veritable slavery and perpetual darkness.

In the summer of 1997 in the U.S. Southwest, many citizens observed a craft hovering in the night sky, for a long interval which, after doing some calculations, had to have been approximately a mile wide. “Secret U.S. military weaponry”? If one thinks that’s large they need to consult St. John’s description of a space vehicle one thousand, five hundred miles square in the Book of Revelation.

If that kind of knowledge existed that long ago and it was revealed such a craft would come to Earth in the closing days of this age to carry out a mission, then who really are we regarding when contemplating such things as ET’s and UFO’s?

If the power which controls the Earth at present, “Rex Mund,” so hates and fears this force that it is absolutely committed to concealing it from and, failing that, to ridiculing or painting it as monstrous before the people because it refused to concede any power higher than itself, what then are we actually talking about when we speak of this “New World Order”?

And who is branded as the father of the Lie in the Book of John?

Pose the right question and they, by their very nature, will answer themselves.

Or, if this too troubling or “controversial,” then your are free to wave your fourth of July flag and simply go back to sleep.

The Eleventh Hour

Some while ago I did a piece entitled, “Fourth of July” in reference to finding fresh significance for dates upon the calender that are still marked but whose meaning was long ago lost. My contention then and now being that that is one of the surest signs of death and decay in any civilization: When even the hallowed holidays have become meaningless.

Eleven o’clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 1918. When the guns fell silent on the Western front in World War One. Armistice Day. The end of the “war to end all wars.” Certainly a date worth remembering.

One problem however, the fighting never really stopped. Terrific battles continued across Russia, East Europe, around Turkey. Through the Twenties, into the Thirties and, eventually, the fires converged again to for World War Two. Then, of course, the world was “made safe for democracy.” The Korea. Then Vietnam, etc.

This is not intended as a history lesson. Save to say the whole premise of “the war to end wars”was baloney at the time, a P.R. blurb for the poor fools who were to go and do the fighting and dying for the families they left behind, or never began in the first place. With World War Two, that fact became inescapable to all and so “Armistice Day” had to become “Veterans Day” even though their country already had “Memorial Day” in honor to those who’d been killed in the Civil War. A broadening and redundancy to cover a sanctified lie.

A quickly evaporating pool of the very elderly may yet attach something to these dates, recalling as they do the best years of their own lives, spent devoted to killing their brethren in Europe. Their grandchildren and great grandchildren probably care a lot less as they’re strung out on their drugs and “hip-hop.” So much for the “better world” all the sacrifice supposedly went for. Commemoration of sacrifice for a lie? Not my kind of holiday.

The civilization didn’t know it, the broad masses of people didn’t know it but the foundation of their world had just been shattered to pieces. The outward signs were still in place for reassurance but the core and the direction were gone. Over time, these things would make themselves painfully manifest. But the suicide had been committed in such a “good cause”,the disruption of the natural order had been undertaken in such “high ideals”. The shame and the ugliness were just the price to pay for such “goodness”. Lies, all lies.

That the living symbol of all this, a prophet for the modern age, should also be born November 11 might also have to be considered more than coincidental. November 11, 1937: The birth of Charles Manson.

A date to mark, pregnant with living symbolism. Lies may surround it, lies may be what spring into the minds of most anytime that name is mentioned but truth remains truth, regardless whether anyone may see it or not.

Such total and magnificent clarity, such polarization. Take your side: The World System or Manson. Everything represented by the Beast, Babylon’s Whore, or Manson. Take a look at yourself and decide who you most closely identify with: The System or Manson. The Satanic System, which controls all media, all thought, day and night – represents itself as “good” while representing Manson as “bad”. How deeply do you buy into that worldview?

The unfailing pattern. The “nobody,” the “misfit,”the “criminal,” who despite all, becomes a world icon in his lifetime. If he hadn’t walked in the total truth amidst a world governed by total lies, nobody might ever have noticed. But the darkness cannot stand to be disturbed, not even by a pinpoint of light. Darkness can call itself light but this can succeed only so long as actual light may be suppressed. So Manson, guilty of no real crime, remains locked in maximum security prison, the truth and the light.

Just as the outward appearance seemed to belie the reality in 1918 and again in 1945, so too did a society descending somewhere in mid progression in 1969, the year of the “Manson Murders,” most certainly deride and ignore Manson’s statement to the court to the effect,”These children coming at you with knives are your children. You raised them, I didn’t.”

And totally blind and consumed by the lie, they today, a generation later, can’t make the correlation between that and the officially inaugurated phenomenon of the “Super Predators” – youths who are redefining what violence and disorder are all about. But a lie can’t admit itself to be a lie nor can it take truly remedial measures – it cant “do the right thing” as that would automatically mean ending itself. So Manson must have the blame and all will be well. Right?

If the children are the products of their parents’ homes, of the media and the schools, what then was Manson a product of? Of the very government run institutions – “correctional institutions” – which are supposed to epitomize law, order and the highest values of the society. “The hallways of the always,” as Manson refers to these reformatories he was literally raised in. The message? Obey the rules and all will be well with you.

Not quite right. That’s a cover for the real message only implicit: Participate in the lie and you may share in it’s rewards.

Manson emerged from prison into a world in upheaval in 1967 – “The Summer of Love.” A strong social schism, blind and instinctive, among youth in reaction against the total moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy of their parents. Tragically, this reaction had been foreseen and false avenues and bogus personalities were provided by the powers in control to ensure nothing could come of any of it. Basically, “more of the same” is what it came to boil down to. Where the parents only paid lip service to the lie, the offspring would embrace it totally. More gasoline on the fire. “Idealism.”

Without access to media or the blessings of big cash, reserved only for servants of the lie, Manson, the world-shattering personality, could only affect those with whom he had direct contact. And they dropped the lies and went with him. Sons and daughters of the professional and well to do who had been lost. Bets were on everywhere that the country was about to erupt into race war at any moment. Manson took his group to the desert to Death Valley, not only for it’s physical safety but for it’s spiritual purity. Out of the Beast.

But to leave the Beast is to deny the Beast. To exist outside the Beast, however humbly, to survive without it’s “blessings,” amounts to that very pinpoint to light which the Beast cannot tolerate for fear others might develop, spelling it’s own end. The darkness was too powerful and people are weak. Things went awry. The lie was provided the opening it required to send in it’s paid pigs to go and destroy the Family out there in the desert, doing so under the cover of “legality” so as to keep the masses of people under the spell, the illusion of the lie.

A circus for the media. “Hippies,” they were called. Reactionary America felt vindicated. The “New Left” imagined it had found a hero. That was until Manson carved a Swastika into his forehead. He was aware and refused to have himself be coopted into the some gigantic ruse as all the rest, to be caught up in the Systems own game.

Truth remains truth even if no sees it. If only one man sees it out and claims it’s burden then it at least has assumed earthly form. If it must be one man against the power of the world, so be it. The fulfillment of all prophesy is the “I told you so” as the power of the lie continues to crack more and more as it lurches toward it’s own demise, the physical impossibility of itself in a universe where physics ultimately rules.

From his cell, don’t you think Manson sees and knows all of this and is content with his assured immortality?

An Ugly Place Full of Ugly People

Never out of the news is the Middle East. From the conclusion of the Second World War, through the Korean War, through the Veitnam War, outlasting the Cold War, always, there has been turmoil in the Middle East which bubbles like a cauldron and, at times, boils over, threatening a world conflagration.

Centered upon what is referred to as the Holy Land, or the nation of Israel, or Palestine, depending upon who you are and where your sympathies lie. “Holy” to three major regions yet in working reality the symbol of everything unholy. The focus of hate, war, repression and terrorism. For all the talk of peace there appears to be no hope and no future unless and until on side or another either yields or is annihilated.

If ever there was a festering sore on the face of the globe, this is it. From the Biblical times, to the Persian, Greek and Roman empires. Through Arabs, Turks, and Crusaders. Into our own time with World War One and the Zionists, the evacuation of the British, the Declaration of the Israeli state and all the subsequent Arab-Jewish wars, the Palestine intifada, right to the present day.

A unique spot upon the globe. A sliver of land between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. The literal crossroads of three continents. More hotly contested than any other place. The formerly dispossed Jews, though offered as a national homeland great tracts within the Soviet Union under Stalin and the huge rich island of Madagascar by the powers of Europe, insisted upon taking Palestine and rechristening it “Israel”by 1948, using the identical means of terror then as they and the world media bewail and condemn now when used by the Arabs.

“Israel”, they – the Zionists – insist, is to be the seat of their one-world government that is to come, supposedly as mandated to them by their God. No place else will do. To them it represents the center of the world from whence the Jewish Millennium will issue forth. If the Biblical “Armageddon” is triggered as a result of this self-fulfilling prophecy, then so be it.

Belief. It would seem no one group can lay legitimate claim to the Holy Land as being theirs ancestrally – at least no one more so than anyone else. So it is belief and to what lengths any respective group will go on account of it. Also, at what cost. Determination, resources and who’ll give out first. From a practical and historic perspective, the position of the Jews there today makes a close comparison to that of the Crusaders a thousand years ago with their Kingdom of Jerusalem. And we know how that ended.

Barring a world war over this, and such outcome won’t matter a damn as, regardless, it’ll remain an ugly place full of ugly people. The supreme object lesson of the significance of religion and the power of superstition in the absence of all real meaning and positive force.

Let’s look briefly at those three beliefs for which that narrow piece of real estate is so sacred.

The Jews: it is stated plainly in the Bible that God gave the land of Canaan (yet another name for the area) to the people of Israel after he removed them from Egypt. However, the story doesn’t stop there. It is equally well recorded in the same Bible exactly how Israel began to take it all for granted, forgot the Law, went corrupt, divided against itself and was conquered and deported to other lands. Fewer than fifty thousand of these people returned there after the captivity and those were mixed. During the captivity, the conquerors brought in foreign people to fill the vacant land. Plus, well over 90% of those calling themselves Jews today are descended from the Asiatic tribe – the Khazars – who merely converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages.

Belief. Does a change of mind or the location of one’s birth place one in line for the Biblical covenant, which in any case, has long ago played itself out? These Jews today are practically as alien to the Hebrews, the Israelites, of three thousand years ago as any Chinese or Australian Aborigine. Yet they fanatically cling to this belief. But does fanaticism equal validly and truth?

The Christians: Jesus and the Disciples, together with the events that surrounded them, are all rooted in the area of Judea ( one more designation for it) and so, to the Christians, it is also a place of pilgrimage and of reverence. Yet not since the Crusades have they been so foolish as to think it was either necessary or practical to go and occupy it.

Belief again. Christianity is wide open to anyone who wants to call themselves Christian. Whatever that may entail, it only has to do with some afterlife according to what the church has devolved into in this age of P.C. Though the area is a lace where much happened, where many significant people lived and died, where many special sites exist, it is questionable how much real connection all this has with what Christianity has come to represent. In the main, the Christian West seems content to stand behind the bandit state of “Israel” against the Arab world.

The Moslems: The legend goes that Mohammad upon reading in the Bible exactly what God had to say about the racially mixed, threw his copy down and fled in panic. Being a wealthly and powerful man in his own right, Mohammad saw fit to create a new religion of his own right, as it’s own prophet, tailored to his own people, and so wrote the Koran. And as such, it has been fabulously successful. The Biblical link is provided through Ishmael, the wayward son of Abraham, the father of today’s Arabs.

By sheer default, the whole place is theirs. Four hundred million Arabs can’t be wrong. That is only a fact of life, it cannot be changed and to attempt to fly in it’s face is to invite disaster. The eventual outcome of the issue is clear, or should be to any realistic person.

But realism seems to be a scarce commodity with superstition standing in it’s place. As are the dealings regarding the Holy Land, so are the dealings involving the rest of the nations of the earth. Focus of values is entirely misplaced. Easily understood, the belief systems all overlapping this one spot govern the millions around the world that are subject to them. No wonder at all then why things are the way they are with no hope of improvement.

All this importance upon the Holy Land is effectively the equivalent of the millions who pilgrimage to Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley. Terrific emotional impact but of what real meaning? Elvis is dead. ( Though there are those who insist he is still alive and lots more who go to great lengths to imitate him.) The great religions are no different. What of the long columns of these who still wait in the cold to file through Lenin’s Tomb? That his experiment fell flat doesn’t seem to matter.

The saga of the Holy Land can be summed up thus: If one will read and comprehend the words in the Old Testament and apply what knowledge our modern age are has gained, he will know that those people who abandoned Egypt in favor of Canaan were what are known today as Anglo-Saxons. Then they were known collectively as Israel. Previously, all Egypt was of this same racial make-up. The same thing which destroyed Egypt later destroyed the Kingdom of Israel just as it did the civilizations of all North Africa, the Near East and all the way to India.

Simply put, those who didn’t leave, who did not migrate, were absorbed into what today is commonly called the Third World. Only the rocky confines of time and isolated Europe prevented the same process from happening again there. The story of Adam to Abraham to Moses to David to Jesus is one of a local struggle that was locally lost. The beliefs as set out in the Old Testament were intended as a safeguard for the bloodline of that people. Over time, with carelessness the belief system failed them and they vanished – one way or another. Now, today, in that place is a crowd of essentially non-White types who have fallen heir to the leavings of the great people who once inhabited it.

“Inheritors” exactly like these inner-city dwellers in the United States who may also claim the same religion and even bear names like Washington and Jefferson, or Cortez and Pizarro, etc.

The Holy Land. A patchwork of different religions, different architecture, different races. A mess. All myth, all superstition. Attention to the past, to death. Weird customs and practices. No future, only strife. The mosques, temples, cathedrals, synagogues – mere trappings, mere going through the motions. All reason and purpose lost and forgotten. There’s no “Holy Land”, only a holy race. Israel isn’t there anymore.

Formerly the “Land of Milk and Honey”, now and for a long time past the symbol of literal hell on earth. There is a lesson in that which goes way beyond praying at the wall, bowing toward Mecca or retracing Jesus’s steps. The worth of abstract belief versus geographic separation of races. Look at Europe, particularly the north-west fringes, then look at the Holy Land. Then realize it once was the same over three thousand years ago. Prior to that time the people were White and even the landscape had yet to turn to desert. All the religion in the world is of no use.

Better still to pay close attention to right here in North America in the present. It’s been said that those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. It took a long time for the Near east to go to hell. Some estimate the Arabian world was nominally “White” until the 1600’s. Where as migrating from there and into Europe, we left the problem behind, since arriving in North America we actually imported the danger within our midst. And the belief system dominant here renders the overall situation as a relay race with suicide.

From 1950 to 2050, the United States specifically will have gone straight to hell. There are two great “belts” which are expanding over the globe: The desert belt and the Brown belt. Third world and deforestation. Coloreds, overpopulation, backwardness, poverty, disease, violence. Third World, great ruins of dead civilization. What produces this is today’s philosophical “ideal”. Go to the heart of our own city and see the process in action.

Is the entire world’s fate to become one big ugly place full of nothing but ugly people? If this remains the “ideal”, backed by State power. What and coloreds may believe is unimportant as they are lost beyond redemption anyway. What Whites believe is of critical importance as they are the only ones with anything to lose by it.

One final word as regards the religious element. Each one talks much about the concept of sin. What is a sin? Anything that would contribute to the scenario I’ve outlined. They each talk in terms of “good” and “evil”. What is good? The pristine state of creation. What is evil? That which motivates toward, again, the scenario of this article. At the same time, it answers what hell is: The final and irrevocable arrival at that point.

Knowing that, you also know what real virtue and heaven are.

Pantheons out of Sync

The two theories I’ve heard regarding the possible origin of the Greek and the Roman gods have it that, one, they are – or were – based on the actual, living kings and queens of Atlantis and, two, that they were take-offs on the Hebrew patriarchs which are more familiar to us.

A couple of things must be borne in mind when contemplating a subject like this. First, whether Atlantean, Hebrew, classic Greek or Roman, each of these peoples in thier prime and greatness represented, Aryan stock. They were essentially ourselves in another time and another place. What today is known as Anglo-Saxon or Western European. Second, we know that our story of civilization goes way back, much farther than the five or six thousand years as alluded to in the Bible.

In fact, we know that Cro-Magnon man of thirty thousand years ago was essentially ourselves as well. How long would we expect a large grouping of our own to remain stupid and backward, without civilization or culture, even if dropped cold into a wilderness?

In these essays I stress throughout that God himself was and is a race of extraterrestrials who arrived from deep space a half a million years ago, terraformed earth and mutated man out of creations found here through the intermingling of the extraterrestrials own DNA.

Then there were god-men. Those who lived for centuries until the strain weakened and perhaps the atmosphere changed. That certainly would have included Adam all the way through Noah. Certainly, as far back as Atlantis goes, it would include those people as well.

We know of the great Aryan migrations out of Egypt, those which predated the famous Exodus, which itself was but the final one. Aside from the religion then of the Hebrews which gave rise to Christianity later, there was that which generated ancient India as well as the Norse Pantheon. A common memory of Atlantis? Egypt was Atlantis’ oldest and most sophisticated colony and for a time sought to hold Atlantis’ world empire together even after the final destruction which most probably coincided with the Biblical flood.

The links between the religion of the Hebrew Temple and that of the Egyptians which they fought to remove themselves from the midst of are likewise present. Thoth corresponds to Jehovah and Set to Satan. Could this have represents a cleansing of belief, a getting back to basics, with the dropping of the cats and the Jackal, ect., and the culling of the truth? Wouldn’t that be what effective belief is all about?

The Greeks and the Romans? Other, earlier migrations heading from south to north as the last Ice Age receded? Bringing with them their own version of a common ancient history from an Age of Gold? Remember that the Roman pantheon is the Greek pantheon except having undergone some slight evolution of it’s own through changes in time and location. But still clearly recognizable as the same racial and cultural thread. Are we in any case to believe that our own racial forebears were superstitious idiots who whipped their traditions up out of whole cloth?

The lesson to be learned – one of them – is how truth and tradition can become debased, corrupt and ultimately lost over time. God doesn’t change nor do the events of the past only man’s perception of them. Like the tale of the rumor mill experiment: A story told into an ear at one end and repeated through until arriving back at it’s origin no longer resembled itself. Human nature.

God in the Old Testament told the prophets that he no longer even wanted to see or hear the pleadings and supplication of the people in the temple nor wished to receive their offering. Why? Because their understanding and perception of him had become so perverted that he, in fact, was not the god being addressed. So he “turned his face away” from them and they perished with their superstitions. That very spot, by the way, is where this present culture now finds itself.

Questions remain pertaining to ever the possibility of this theory going on the basis of the time frame. Plenty of time for the usual progression from fact to fable between Atlantis and Athens. But if Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were actual personages, then there is real stumbling block. It’s too recent. Besides , we already have established that “Adam” or the first colony of Aryan types placed on earth, was extant in Western Europe at least by thirty thousand years ago – vastly predating any Biblical chronology and even diplacing the “Garden of Eden” itself, by my own reckoning, to Atlantis.

Others point out more common threads running through these ancient religions. Notably the business of the Zodiac, the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Symbology employed by myth-makers, coincidence, or something more?

Well-established, each in it’s own right, are all three. Certainly before man even realized a year contained twelve months, it was reality. The Twelve tribes are all a matter of cultural and genealogical record. The Zodiac is real enough and for the Bible to warn us against it’s use as a source of divination. In other words, one could justifiably make of it whatever he will.

I’ve seen some remarkable numerology attached to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. No expert in that area myself, they refer to the street number of the first NSDAP headquarters in Munich and to the date of Hitler’s assumption of power, ect. George Lincoln Rockwell did make it a point to refer to Hitler and the twelve hanged disciples at Nuremberg ( if you count the suicide of Ley and Goring.) I’ve said it in several places that Hitler has already assumed godlike status which can only be expected to intensify and spread. How will it be seen in another thousand years after the age of these older, “rotten” gods has passed? I’d hate to think the day would ever come when Hitler’s image and memory would become so degenerated even among his followers to point where he would “turn his face” from us.

But if one has some appreciation of what the truth is then he is sure to keep running into it as he probes history, turning back the pages to moments of greatness and of ruin. I’ve pointed out elsewhere that a lot of this is plain physics, that for the same thing to repeat itself among the same people over and over, despite the location or the moment, certain elements have to present each time. Perhaps with the Greco-Roman gods we see it remembered. Perhaps with the Patriarchs of the Bible and with Adolf Hitler we see it fresh and brand new.

The final, key lesson, is to hold the MEANING of it firmly and clearly in our minds and to not allow it to lapse into quaint and eccentric bedtime story material, much less one more tool by which a State power – always on the side of untruth – can jerk us around.

Three Faces of Satanism

The complacent clueless masses are going wild looking for “Satan” under every rock. Especially where their children are concerned, whether it be in the music they listen to or their mode of fashion. Exactly as when I was a kid, the parents are upset over the ever-steepening downward trend but only able the moan and bewail the latest outward manifestations of a deeper problem. This generation is as alienated from it’s parents as the previous one was from theirs.

Why? Because whatever “values” the older ones may somehow yet cling to are patently, uniformly hollow, hypocritical and rotten. They go in search of something, anything. Unfortunately, the same source that destroyed the traditional values also took care to lay every sort of gimmick and trap out there to snare the lost and the searching. A deliberate set-up.

The worse-than-useless churches are leading the cry over “Satanism” in precisely the same sense that he is a super-spook counterpart to their God. It has the same ring of crap to it as any of the rest of their garbage and, by the unbroken trends, it is having the corresponding effect. That’s what happens to a people when it’s belief system degenerates to total superstition. The people themselves degenerate next. Throwing more superstition at very real social problems is just like throwing gasoline on a fire trying to douse it.

But if we’re going to talk about Satan, let’s at least try to do it intelligently.

It was in 1967, in San Francisco, that Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan. I’m very proud of my original 33 1/3 album of his “Satanic Mass” and my inscribed copy of his “Satanic Bible”. I quoted LaVey extensively in my first book and a number of my closest and best Movement comrades are bona fide high priests in LaVey’s church. A person might be shocked.

I even permitted myself to be billed as a “Neo-Nazi Satanist” to appear opposite radio evangelist-for-profit, Bob Larson. If they want me to be “evil”, I’ll be “evil” for them. Evil sells, evil excites and electrifies. That is what has been done to the image and reputation of “good”. That’s part of the trap. A world deliberately turned upside-down. LaVey himself attacks those who give truth for lies and lies for truth. He borrows straight from the Bible.

Not wanting to tell tales out of class, LaVey has showmanship strikingly reminiscent of George Lincoln Rockwell and knows how to use shock and symbolism to defeat the news blackout and to reach people’s minds and shatter preconceptions. It works like this: To the average person who finds himself disillusioned and alienated by a world full of lies, if “God” is really as nowhere as those churches represent then it only seems logical to take a second look at his opposite number, Satan, in hopes of finding some meaning and worth.

Only an intrepid soul will go a route like this but only the intrepid will, in the end, be worth anything – precisely as George Lincoln Rockwell knew when he adopted the name “American Nazi Party.”

The heavy reliance upon Ragnar Redbeard’s “Might Is Right”, so “Viking” in it’s nature, even provides a direct philosophical link between the two groups. The Norse, the Vikings, the doctrine of strength as opposed to weakness – everything that this Big Brother System and it’s State Religion brands as “evil”. Names and labels are as nothing. If something rings true, go with it and to hell with whatever slander may be flung at you.

One more striking similarity shared by LaVey and Rockwell is/was their insistence upon strict legality on the part of their respective memberships. Plain good citizenship. This so as not to provide the “criminality” to cripple the effort and to enhance their own scam of “good Guys versus Bad Guys” for the stupid masses.

That’s one face of Satanism.

The second face is the one which most catches the public eye and causes the greatest concern. That is the “jokers”and the “wild cards” of the Night Stalker variety. Intent to “do evil” as it is defined by the society as a means of rebelling or attacking a hypocritical and grossly cruel and unjust Big Brother System. They are to LaVey’s group what the younger and more hot-headed Skinheads are to older and more orthodox Nazis – an embarrassment. But they fire the imagination and attract the youth by their exploits.

I even had occasion to become a sort of second-hand acquainted with the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, through a mutual friend during 1993-1994. Intelligent and personable, one of those rare personality types which can make others “fishers of men.” What is Ramirez in reality other than a philosophical forerunner of what has already been dubbed the on coming generation of thoroughly disaffected “Super Predators”?

So we have the one, LaVey and his followers, as a very conscious and careful reaction to the phoniness of the System. While the real nightmare people, like Ramirez, ect., are direct and organic products of a very inhuman System – it’s own sins assuming solid form to come back upon it.

However – and I know I’ll be offending both when I say it – they share one thing in common: Satan himself could hardly careless about either of them.

The directness and exuberance of both betrays an honest and will-to-life that places them at direct odds with what Satan is and is all about.

Not a showman, not a prankster – Satan is “the man in grey flannel suit.” Not out to enlighten or even cause alarm – Satan has a businesslike agenda of supreme seriousness. The words, “I’m the Devil and I wish to do evil.” will never issue forth from his lips. He will never present himself as what he is. His mission being serious, his methodology is equally serious – designed for effect, not to gain superfluous reaction from bored people.

The mission is not to light hot-foots oo plant whoopie cushions in world affairs or even in people’s lives. The mission is to destroy God’s people, to erase them biological and genetically. What else would it be – or hadn’t you considered that? And you don’t do that by making people afraid of you on sight. You do it by leading them over the precipice – with their full confidence and participation. You do it by being “responsibility” personified, by being “legitimate authority”, by actually stepping in and having these stupid people worship you and your doctrine of death as “God.”

There you have it: The third and actual face of Satan.

Big Brother System? No. It’s the Beast System, the Whore of Babylon, the Satanic System. Right here and now.

All power – everything – is solely in the hands of the System. Regardless what anyone may say or do, only it controls the trends which are leading straight up to Apocalypse. The omnipresent corruption of the philosophy of racial suicide. Not to mention the fanatical and irresistible DRIVE to force all this without variance.

No accident. No mistake.

So – if you really want to serve Satan’s cause, enter big business or the media, join one of the major parties, become a minister in a major denominational church. Become a real “law and order”, “vote and pay taxes” person. Fall in line with the “New World Order.”

But now that you know all this, how attractive does any of it really sound?

Time and Time Again

“I don’t want to learn it. I want it to instruct me.” So said Adolf Hitler about the study of history. As to the whole education process itself, Hitler added that the object was to retain the essential and discard the non-essential. He was speaking of the ability to recognize and comprehend patterns and principles as, without this, there is no awareness and, according to the famous quote, people are doomed to repeat the past.

On the subject of Hitler, how many are they who make the study of the Third Reich period in Germany their avocation, right down to all the names, dates and places, the orders of battle, etc. and can recite those from memory as though part of church catechism , and yet know nothing of what it all means. They’ve “learned it,” alright, but they have gained no instruction from it.

How many of us devoted years and even decades of our lives to intensive political activity within the framework of a “neo-Nazi” grave, so taken were we by the Hitler mystique that we shut out the entire context in which he lived and moved to the point where we approached irrelevance? Not even knowing this was not the course had would have chosen for us under the new circumstances. Hitler copied no one, he fit his atmosphere perfectly, and yet he was in a spirit which was constant and eternal.

The religious. Stuck in the letter of the ancient texts to the Bible, they literally can quote you chapter and verse. The man with his beard. long hair, robe and sandals. Approximately as out of place in this world as Hitler with his moustache and uniform. But two thousand years ago he was utterly common for his time and place. Yet, due to a unique spirit, he was able to meet a certain set of circumstances that keeps recurring and do it in such a way that his name has lived on.

Well and good to look back and admire all that devotion among people, times and places so distant to us as to appear like myth. But it was real to them. Among these fans and supporter today, who would face the fiery end in Berlin or death upon the cross? As, “glorious” as the legend may be now, it represented only personal death to them then.

People, it is clear, would far prefer to latch onto something safely in the past, to refer to it only when satisfying and convenient. Then put it away to go on about the business of blindly existing, essentially, serving whatever power it is that sits in control of present-day reality. Why this phenomena of belief systems that are detached from present day practicality? If one wants to retreat into the past, call it as such but don’t pretend to affect the present by it.

It’s an apparent human trait that seems to be inescapable. They forget. They never learn. They can’t see the same thing reoccurring even as they stand in it’s midst. Great suffering, then climax, then a new age. Then they forget again. Each time a Jesus or a Hitler is summoned forth to answer up for and entire people. Then they enter common legend and even their own personal significance is lost with the rest.

It’s disturbing to see and know these “experts” on matters such as the Bible or even Mein Kampf. The ability to quote lines is useless unless one can fully know WHAT IT IS. The regarding of the two as separate, even conflicting fields, says it all. The reality is that they are the same. They tell the same story, sound the same warning, to the same people except an age apart. Time and again. The dynamics never change, only times and manners. How should such trivial considerations disguise an eternal cycle coming back around again? But it does.

Greatness and fall, greatness and fall. Of the same people. For the same reasons. With all the same symptoms. With the same results. With the same enemy. Why is it that only we forget?

Human nature, man’s curse. If the Bible has any special significance it is to outline and make that plain. It’s set to happen, it’s known to happen, it was seen to happen. And there is an outcome. Finally comes an end when awareness arrives in full, never to depart again, so that greatness and well-being may never be disrupted or lost.

If the experience of Adolf Hitler has any significance it is to underscore beyond any doubt that the “age of magic” does not lie hopelessly far back in the dusts of time, beyond modern man’s reach. That it is here with us – or us with it – in the present time despite anyone’s inability to grasp it. That even in the midst of this most mundane of modern times, in reality no different than any other, great things can happen to upset and topple the march of destruction and death as a people.

Above all, not a matter of “faith” but of principle, of physics. If only the individual can see and know all this then it, the awareness of it, can be for him a bottomless, unquenchable source of strength and assurance. This was the identical message of both, Jesus and Hitler. The one as he strove in a deadly, dangerous environment dominated by his enemies. The other as he sat in a prison cell, charged with high treason, as his political party lay in ruins, banned by the “law of the land.”

Events have always, will always, take it on their own. Masses of people will be swept along. A tiny few extraordinary personalities, in possession of sufficient awareness, with courage and ability to act, will catalyze these events. It would be unremarkable had not the conclusion to it all been foreseen and recorded.

That by itself might be of no benefit to us today as we suffer and endure except that this same awareness I speak of allows us to see and know that what was “near” two thousand years ago now is imminent. A spot flare up here and there across the earth over the past ages, only to move on and repeat itself indeed gone on, seemingly without end right to the present. Time and again.

Until the last of the more or less familiar, historical incidents played out in 1945 in Germany.

Now it’s a global lock. Same people, same enemy, same dynamics – except now, for the first time ever, it is global and not a sideshow. Never before.

Magic is about to replay. Should the enemy have managed to convince you that all is dead, dull and gray, that all is contained in his financial bottom line, to the point where you can’t even go on in hope, an intelligent mind should be able to view all this in one of two ways – or both.

Physically, practically, this can’t endure as it can be seen to be eating itself now even as the former greatness and health have been all but consumed. The “cup of iniquity” approaches full. It’s almost full circle.

More than an unmistakable cycle that the astute might spot for themselves, to be able to draw their own conclusions, someone knew it would come to this and detailed it to us many thousand of years ago.

That next to none can see it means nothing. That much was recorded also.

Despite ignorance and even resistance, the pattern and process of birth, death and rebirth won’t be denied.

Except that we are given the distinction of living to witness the last great playing out of this on a world wide scale. For, those who have longed to know the secrets of the beginning, most if not all of them will be revealed now, at the end. This time, so it is claimed, they won’t be lost.

Mormonism – Deliberate Hoax; Unwitting Truth

The trouble with all organized, formal religions is that they are focused upon myth instead of the reality that inspired the myth. This at one stroke removes the belief system from the nuts and bolts working of the government and the society and throws it all to the mercy of business and finance and those who control it.

Worse, even the attention to the myth is secondary to the discipline given over to the form established which surrounds and perpetrates it. Church. Truly it has become form before function. The Church is but one more big business, exchanging a tax exempt status for carefully towing the official government and media line.

If it isn’t already obvious that should the belief system rest on a foundation of sand, so does all the rest, it should be. The object is to find the core of truth and be instructed by it. Then no evil can touch you. This is only true in an individual sense, unfortunately. Forever, there have been those committed to unearthing the truth and disseminating it to the best of their ability, often at great personal cost. And still every world system in all ages has been found to be in the service of lies.

That would indicate on its face that truth and power are not complimentary. “How can they conceal that?!” It doesn’t matter what, take your pick. Or, if only that could be known, things would dramatically change. There’s an actual publication current entitled, “The Truth At Last.” Note always that nothing changes. Change I would describe as a divergence from the present course. Change is not included as only a predictable deterioration as consequence of the present course.

It is that power will do as power will do, regardless. That is determined according to what the power deems to be good for it. A certain order serving the position and wealth of some and the secret agenda of the most high up. Truth be dammed if it is found to be inconvenient to this. Those who hold power simply don’t care and, in order to join this crowd, you must be willing to embrace and share in the lie.

Most common people likewise don’t care and are willing to be led around by the power. They know, consciously or subconsciously, to go along with it or else exist in poverty or perhaps even prison. Of what use then in this arrangement is truth anyway? It simply is not practical. No one wants it. Trouble again is that truth will not be denied forever by petty fools who insist on flying in it’s face. Consequences catch up inevitably and when they do, under such circumstances, the innocent fall along with the guilty.

With that preamble out of the way, I’ll outline the evolution of my own search for truth.

From a life-long background of atheism and reliance upon the scientific method, plus a good grasp of history, I unravelled layer upon layer of myth and falsehood until I felt I understood what it was that animated and controlled the affairs of the world. That was well and good, even if disturbing, but it failed to provide much of an answer. In short, all that ultimately delivered one into the middle of a field where it left him. However, learning the nature of what was in control ultimately pointed the way toward finding the answer.

Realizing that what held power in the world was something very huge and very wrong, that sought to keep it’s nature hidden, that was possessed of an unclean drive and, mostly, knowing it’s ultimate success spells death for even itself, one can see that the answer defies rationality just as does the problem. So it was there that the quest of what lay behind the great myths began.

So it was that just as I had approached the Bible in mid-life, armed with insights to bust every prejudice and superstition, I examined the Book of Mormon. The joy of both was in that my hard won background allowed certain critical aspects to jump out at me through all the wordiness which confuses and turns most people away, leaving it up to others to do the thinking and interpreting of them (so long as it is kept within the strict tax exempt governmental parameters).

As discussed fully elsewhere, the Bible is quite legitimate in that it descends from both cosmic truth and literal history despite having suffered from tampering during editing and translation. The Book of Mormon, however, does appear, to be one of the most elaborate hoaxes ever. Yet, despite that conclusion, it contains much that is instructional and, for the most part, could have actually taken place and does impart some valuable codes of belief. Similar in that sense to the Pagan beliefs of ancient Europe but also, in the end, unable to withstand onslaught from without.

In reading the lengthy text the first thing to become obvious is the great effort to mimic the King James style of prose. An “angel” interested solely in conveying ideas and meaning as he caused an indecipherable script to be understood by a human would hardly concern himself with holding to what was already by then an archaic literary fashion. This is more along the line of a trick that a skillful hoaxer would employ in order to better “sell” his product to a gullible public.

In direct line with that certain references are injected which date the origin of the work to the time its appearance, i.e., early Nineteenth Century. To those people then, Columbus was the discoverer of a totally new land. Had it been “inspired” by an angel, presumably all knowing, or even written in the first person by someone, having come here from Eastern Hemisphere in years B.C., the common knowledge of the land masses of all the globe would have been reflected.

Even more in keeping with the popular sentiments of the early United States are the repeated uses of the word “liberty” which is as alien to the actual Bible as any term could be. It is a modern reference and for it to have been included in any translation of any ancient text via an angel would have to mean that the angel placed importance upon what would be “politically correct.” Angels don’t do that. Only human crafters of bogus documents.

The most glaring thing is the frustrating omission of records of encounters with what the Vikings would later refer to as “skraelings,” variously translated as being either “the weaklings” or “the ugly men” but meaning American Indians. Having no real awareness of what the Indians were or how they got here, the story was invented that it had been the division of these very same “Latter Day” sojourners together with the backsliding of one branch and the fratricide of both which accounted for the presence of savages and the absence of the Godly people at the time of Columbus.

Finally, the great cities of stone built by these people. That the Lord caused them all to be swallowed up by water and by earth is simply too convenient. Even the trace remains of the nuked or submerged Sodom have been located on the shore of the Dead Sea. Is it even possible for such remains to have been overlooked in the eastern United States.

Despite all that, the story contained in the Book of Mormon graces remarkably close to actuality as we only recently have been able to know it. It draws a picture and sounds a warning that are completely valid. And perhaps this was the intention of Smith and company after all. To the credit side, few then or now would be willing to suffer persecution and death for a deliberate, profiteering and damnable lie. I think they know what they were trying to do. However, today we have no need to rely upon myth or invention. We have the truth even though it is every bit as dangerous and unpopular.

One curious thing is that at at the time the Book of Mormon was “found,” or was being written, a thing called British Israel was coming to vogue among Christian circles, including as one of it’s proponents Queen Victoria. The crux of this theory was based upon migration. It claimed to hold evidence that not only had the nation of Israel migrated out to Egypt in the universally known Exodus to claim and settle the land of Canaan but that, following the Biblically recorded split, conquest and captivity, that same nation of Israel migrated on to cross the Caucasus Mountains and eventually settle primarily in north western Europe.

This would open up a cauldron of disturbing possibilities.

It might indicate that what Jesus said about his only being sent to the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” was directly expressed to these “Ten Lost Tribes” who were by his time well ensconced in their new European homes and harrying the Roman Empire on it’s fringes even as it was about to snuff out their former home, the province of Judea.

It might explain all the apparent contradictions contained in so many of Jesus’ pronouncements which so rankle the fighting spirit of what is considered to be Northern European man. His vantage point was from that of a conquered and dying people who had forsaken and forgotten their origins, who were paying the ultimate price of occupation, dispersion, dilution – erasure as a people. Life and existence in the north was fresh and strong and the Pagan beliefs they had built for themselves reflected that.

If this much were true, then the meaning of “Lost Tribes” or “Lost Sheep” would not have nearly so much to do with their being displaced as it would with their having forgotten who they were which led to their downturn of fortune and eventual displacement. This would render Jesus and the apostles as messenger with a reminder that what happened to the “Promised Land” could happen just the same anywhere else if first the belief system went lax and fell into superstition. Though Christianity did ultimately sweep Europe, or “Christendom,” it unfortunately took the form of a “spiritual” rather than a physical Israel, thereby losing all potency.

Worse still, it resulted in true Israel imagining those people now occupying the area of Palestine, as identified in the Bible as Edom, the blood-enemies of Israel, to be “Jews” and the “Chosen People” of God. Viewing themselves thus as “gentiles” while regarding these Edomites as something somehow “sacred,” they are placed in an impossible, even fatal disadvantage. So it stands to this day when we see conditions in Europe and the United States paralleling those of the late Old Testament.

Only a few decades following Joseph Smith and the appearance of the Book of Mormon came one Ignatius Donnelly, a contemporary and friend of Abraham Lincoln, who wrote a book entitled, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World,” which probed the myth as presented by Plato and presented a powerful case for the core reality of a super-culture of vast antiquity. This seat of the world empire was gradually erased through natural disasters but passed it’s mantle on to its’s oldest colony which was Egypt. Migration and colonization.

The result of the decline of Egypt was the Exodus and the establishment of the United Kingdom of Israel. The decline of that a thousand years later resulted in the migration over the Caucasus and the foundation of what would become the modern states of Europe and their royal houses. Following that the return to the Western Hemisphere.

“Return” because great stretches of the Americas had been part of the Empire of Atlantis and remained close trading partners with the Egyptians and later the Phoenicians who were but the Tribe of Dan and, still later, the Vikings. Columbus was guided by Phoenician maps in 1492, at the end of the Dark Ages. World history was coming full circle. Though Joseph Smith couldn’t have know it, Hebrew presence in North America was a reality. This was the very picture he was try to paint with the Book of Mormon.

What had caused these Atlanteans, or Hebrews, or Anglo-Saxons to vanish had not been, as Smith suggested, their slipping into barbarous practices. What happened to them was the same thing that happened in Egypt and, later, Israel, annihilation or amalgamation by or with, aboriginal peoples. Perhaps some of the Indian tribes did contain trace amounts of White blood. Again, what a weird twist! Only picking up and moving on had allowed what collectively could be called the Aryans to survive as a people. Europe geographically provided the most magnificent separation where culture could again flourish and reassert itself.

Among the explorers of the Mississippi Valley region during the late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Centuries arose rumors of “Roman cities” that were wiped out by some of the the worst flooding and earthquakes ever. Not until the late Twentieth Century did men like Von Daniken and Sitchen come along to explain and place into perspective what might be behind such things as “angels” bringing prophecies and revelations.

Smith, it would seem, was quite a visionary after all, way ahead of his time.

Three Lies

Many things are always produced by war but lies are in that forefront. It’s “go for the win” at all cost and that includes the truth when it is trampled or discarded in the course of a wartime propaganda campaign. It’s understandable after all. Must vilify the enemy, must generate solidarity on the home front all in the name of morale. But is it possible to over do this and to believe one’s own propaganda to an extent where it becomes self defeating?

Francis Parker Yockey, writing in “Imperium,” said that one either fights a real enemy or he fights himself. On the basis of that then, no propaganda should be required to either inform a people to it’s danger or whip up hatred toward anyone else. Someone else said that “an enemy is anyone who attacks.” Twice in this century the United States has participated in World Wars totally unnecessarily, with propaganda filling the gap in place of a natural and mortal enemy.

Is there such a thing as a “white lie,” a helpful or beneficial lie? “If it’s in a good cause,” you say? One would have to ask, of what need would any truly good cause have for the weapon of lies? Under any circumstances. Those millions upon millions who go to kill and to die, believing their world is in some kind of imminent danger, are doing so under false pretenses. Somewhere along that line a case for mass murder can be made. A piece of white granite in a military cemetery is small thanks for having been duped into fighting someone else’s battle for them, for purposes never fully disclosed.

This was brought to mind perhaps oddly enough, during a television newscast in July of 1997 when it was perfunctorily announced that it had just been released that the famous band leader, Glenn Miller, had not been mission in action over the English Channel in 1944 but, instead had died in Parisian brothel. Included in the report was that this fact had been withheld all this time, and certainly at the beginning, for purposes of “morale.”

The disclosure had no effect upon my appreciation of Miller’s music. Of course, things were far different then. Miller had also been a military captain and in charge of the Army Air Force Band which had G.I.’s who were marauding all over Europe marching to the tune of W.C. Handy’s “St.. Louis Blues.” Somehow, one just cannot envision James Stuart and June Allyson starring in “The Glenn Miller Story” shortly after the War with the truth of the matter intact.

And on the reverse of all those record albums still being released throughout the 1960’s and beyond, in the liner notes, that tragic, mysterious and legendary ending – lost over the English Channel in December, 1944 – made it seem as though Miller might somehow be still there, in action in ghostly form, unchanged from the days when that brand of sweet music was in vogue even as the world was tearing itself apart.

Better to let the Germans have the blame for his loss. Better to allow the veterans to have their lovely illusions. I wonder what effect the announcement of the actual truth may have had upon those very elderly survivors fro the period who may have heard it. Far too late now in any event. A curious if obscure lie but a definitive example demonstrating the government does lie. Only that, not much more. Nothing really affected then or now. No fuss. Few really even give a damn.

Up the scale of possible significance where lies are concerned is the story everyone is familiar with: Pearl Harbor, December 7th , 1941. The day Japan “sneak attacked” the U.S. Navy and precipitated American entry into World War Two. “Remember Pearl Harbor,” as the song went. Who could forget the intonation of Franklin Roosevelt as he addressed Congress, “… a day that will live in infamy”?

But I grew up personally with one more most curious thing. My own father had been in the Navy from 1938 until 1945 and was aboard the cruiser, U.S.S. Boise. He related to me the story of how his ship had received orders to leave Pearl Harbor just prior to the attack, along with the aircraft carriers and to make it’s way to Manila in the Philippines. Enroute west, the ship sighted a huge, blacked out fleet maintaining radio silence and with a heading of east. Reports of the encounter made then and upon arrival in Manila were ignored. I still have his map pin-pointing the sighting.

Since that time, volumes have appeared, authored by reputable scholars and historians, revealing that the Japanese codes had been cracked and were being regularly intercepted and read. The Roosevelt regime knew the Japanese plan of attack and did not warn the military at Pearl Harbor. The obsolete battleships were deliberately left there as sitting ducks along with the men on them. Murder or “morale?”

The fact is incontrovertible. Fitting it into place puts an entirely different slant on the Second World War. The least little bit of digging now would reveal that it was Roosevelt’s deep desire to get the United States involved in the War. This despite the fact that he had gone on radio to assure American mothers that, “I hate war.” He needed war just in order to pull the U.S. economy out of the Depression where his own “New Deal” policies had failed to do so. And, even more than that, he wanted war so as to be able to militarily come to the aid of the battered and staggering Soviet Union as part of of the linchpin toward the “New World Order.”

The American people did not want war. They well remembered the scam and hokum which had drawn them into the First World War and the terrible mess which came out of that. Powerful U.S. political figures were leading the movement to remain neutral. Charles Lindbergh among them said at the time that if Americans allowed themselves to be tricked into going to fight for the liberty of others again, they could end by losing it at home. Prophetic words. A ruse was required.

Failing in his attempt to goad Germany into attacking first by conducting open warfare upon German ships in the Atlantic in 1941, he succeeded by issuing embargoes and ultimatums against Japan the same year. The propaganda machine took it from there and the duped American people fell all over themselves to go to war. They nuked a helpless, prostrate Japan as retribution for Pearl Harbor. What they gained was the war in Korea, the war in Vietnam, the terror of the Cold War in the grip of the “New World Order.”

These books carrying this information are readily, easily available. Among even amateur historians this is common knowledge. Apologists can only dance around it with weak “maybe” and “perhaps.” During the ceremonies commemorating Pearl Harbor in December of 1991, on the occasion of it’s fiftieth anniversary, I watched a broadcast showing two elderly veterans, one American, one Japanese who had been there in 1941. It was the American who openly cursed Roosevelt and his criminal regime in Washington for having been the ones responsible.

Another deliberate, overt lie. You decide the significance. You decide if the cause was a good one. But you first must be able to determine exactly what the cause actually was. Are you capable of doing that or are there too many other, as yet unknown lies obscuring the truth just like so man unexploded land mines.

But note, just like the story of Glenn Miller, there is no flap, no outrage over this. The truth is laying there for anyone to pick up. However, again, it’s been over fifty years and what’s done is done. What can be done about it now? Perhaps that was the idea at the time – as with any crime.

Finally, we move into the realm of what truly could be called “The Big Lie.” A lie so huge, of such magnitude that a veritable “religion” or “faith” has been erected upon it. This to the extent that, in some places, to even question it’s authenticity can get you fired from your teaching post and, in still other places it can get you thrown in prison. This one, or rather it’s unmasking, is no ho-hum matter. It’s pure dynamite.

Only decades after the end of World War Two did it receive the familiar label the entire world knows: “Holocaust.” People on spot at the time along with revisionist historians all along have been branding it the fake that it is.

Here I can share and appreciate the outraged incredulity of any new person confronted with this allegation. What about all those pictures and newsreels? What about all those “witnesses,” all those “survivors?” Six million dead people is a lot of people. But would you know the difference between a photo of a pile of five hundred dead bodies or five thousand? Would you know who they were or what killed them or why, unless someone told you? Statistics show that the Nazis at no time had as many as six million Jews within their reach.

Arguments of logic can make a powerful case against the idea of a “Holocaust” on the part of the Germans. While holding off the weight of the world, would they devote so much attention and vital resources to an obviously “mad” pursuit? Or would they, as they did in reality, put these people to useful purpose aiding their war effort as laborers? But why concentration camps? Everyone has employed concentration camps. The United States also in World War Two for the Japanese-American. And earlier for the American Indians. Not nice but sometimes a perceived necessity.

But what about the gas chambers? Aside from blurting out “gas chambers,” their existence cannot be established and, indeed, never has been. What about Zykon-B? What about the shower rooms? They were just that: Shower rooms, many of them crudely doctored after the War as the Allies prepared to turn these places into propaganda museums. What of the crematoria? Just that: Crematoria to dispose safely of the deceased.

What of all those piles and heaps, fields and pits of corpses, whether six thousand or six million, discovered in the concentration camps at the end of the War? These were all casualties as the result of typhus and starvation, all inside the final ninety days of the War, all as the result of the disruption of German rail and transportation service by Allied bombing.

What are the facts? Especially, following the collapse of the Soviet Union which had “liberated” the camps in the East (where, by the way, all the so-called “Death Camps” were located) we have access to all the meticulous records kept by the Germans. For example, we know conclusively that a total of twenty four thousand died at Auschwitz during it’s entire history. We are able to accurately estimate that two hundred and fifty thousand persons died in German concentration camps in all. That is of all causes, including Allied bombing, non of them attributable to “gassing.” And of those, only approximately half were Jews.

Bad enough, you say. But a far cry from six million and an even farther cry form a deliberate program of “genocide.” This can’t be dismissed as a slip of the pen. Especially since laws have been passed to make it dangerous for anyone now to even attempt to investigate any of this. Someone is lying, they know they are lying and they are determined to protect their lie.

You need to ask yourself why they would do this and who has the power to do this. Glenn Miller is dead, Roosevelt is dead, a lot of people form World War Two are dead. It happened a long time ago. Is there a significance today?


The same force that instrumented all those lies then remains alive and in power today. And as pervasive as it is, mightn’t it be reasonable to assume that it directly affects you and your future, personally, in ways you cannot imagine?


The average citizen will not make the connection which is in the Old Testament between ancient Israel in it’s dying days and the United States – indeed all of Western Civilization – in present. The signs, the symptoms, all shockingly the same for those with any awareness. Unmistakable. Yet those agonized, detailed lamentations are no more than one archaic word piled upon another for most. The message can’t make it off the pages and into the minds for those whom it was written.

Why? Perhaps the primary reason is the deceptively, overly obvious circumstances of Israel having been militarily conquered, overrun by it’s outside enemies and it’s population having been deported enmasse. Nothing like that here, right? No application, right? Just this kind of subtlety and intricacy whether in understanding the Bible or in comprehending the present, is what prevent the vast majority from taking and message of value from either the Bible or from history in general.

First, it must always be borne in mind – just as history, science, archeology and anthropology confirm to us – that we, the Anglo-Saxons, are Israel. A people of endless migration and colonizations. When we study the Bible ,we study ourselves in another time and another place, by another name. Still, the same blood. Because it’s the same blood, the patterns, the traits, the strengths and weaknesses are the same. Because of this, the fate and the destiny – the prophesies – for Israel are ours as well not only in the present but in the future. Were it not so, then the Bible would be no more than one more volume of curious lore.

Those people did not drop off the face of the planet nor were they bred out of existence. We are they.

Second, just as the old political Movement taught, “our race is our fartherland,” or “our race is our nation.” Israel was Israel even while still in Egypt, centuries before establishing it’s own geographic boundaries. When Israel went into captivity and subsequently migrated into Western Europe, that was the end of the working concept of Israel. Same people but with a new location, a new name, in a new time. Labels change, blood does not. The “Israel” now in the Middle East is a complete counterfeit. As John in Revelation said, “those who say they are Jews but who are not.”

Third, people from North Western Europe – practically an exclusive concentration of Tribes of Israel – came to these shores and established for themselves the United States. Precisely as in the taking of the land of Canaan, they fought fierce battles with natives to drive them out of the land little by little. God had said to Israel to drive out or kill the original inhabitants, to not have any dealings with other alien nations, to not give our daughters or take their daughters, to not permit “strangers” to be in power over us, to not worship other Gods – let he do to us what he intended to do to them.

This is all specific reference to racial and cultural integrity.

Then as now, the society and government went multi-racial and multi-cultural. The very abomination God warned against. He was just as specific as to what the consequences for this would be. They were upon us then just as they are upon us now.

Four hundred years in Egypt, four hundred years under judges, four hundred years under kings. Then captivity. By comparison, events have proceeded here at a lightening pace.

So what a time-frame a little slower or a little faster? So what a venue in the Western Hemisphere instead of the Eastern? So what physical-political boundaries if the people who first created them to serve their own well-being have lost control over them and the government has fallen into the hands of our enemies – just as warned of in the Bible – and the land within has become overrun with aliens – again, just as detailed in the Bible?

Evidence strongly suggests that we founded Egypt in it’s beginnings and peopled it and guided it through it’s time of greatness. Then we forgot ourselves, lost control and wound up as strangers and outcasts, having to literally fight out way out of there and into a corner of our own. Then it happened again and again. Up to the present time.

Conquered? So what if a creeping, invading enemy sees fit to retain the form of nationhood he first came to infiltrate and subvert for his own ends? If most can’t see or comprehend this and instead imagine this “New Babylon” to still be the nation of their fathers, does it make any difference as to the working reality? Of course, if you can’t see it, it’s going to happen to you. That’s the blindness and helplessness which is the thread constant throughout the Bible and it is the same evil which has the same people by the throat today.

“Committing whoredoms.” From the very first slippage, the very first compromise which a mockery of this nation and it’s government in the previous century to the present, when practically the entire people embraces every literal abomination as their way of life – going so far as to brazenly call it days of the Old Testament are present, here and now. So what if no earthly power within or without is capable of going up against the Beast System which has made the United States it’s Citadel?

Worse than Conquered. Unconsciously enlisted into the army of Satan. Waiting to confront a Red Devil with tail and horns. Vigilant for some foreign, Third World “enemy” to attack these shores. Confident in their “democratic” form of government. Proud and satisfied of their “Christian convert” from among the very people God forbade contact with.

On guard against “witches” and assorted weirdos that are but natural and logical response to a society in decay. “Sorcery” as warned of in the Bible for the last days. One more tragic and critical slip in translation for it means literally and refers directly to a society overrun by and consumed with narcotics. Five percent of the world population and yet the United States accounts for over half of the world’s drug use.

The identifying marks of not only the people but the place and the time are there. Take it or leave it.

So it would then follow logically that should you conqueror be conquered you might be liberated. Back to revelation, there is no earthly force to go up against the Beast now in control. Read the words carefully and don’t take it from me that this power can only come from off the earth. And it is very physical, very real.

Why any such intervention? For the best, most easily understood of reasons. As it reads, not because we number many, but because we number fewest. Not because we deserve it as we are known as “stiff-necked people” who have blown chance after chance. But for very personal reasons. “I chose you. You didn’t choose me,” so much for belief system – this is real, with a mind of it’s own. It is a personal thing. An investment in care, a colonization from space. A matter of blood. A matter of supreme insult gone too far for too long, about to receive it’s answer.

A parent coming to rescue – and to chastise – his delinquent child and to once and for all set the house in order.

Why the Denial?

During 1997 both the Air Force and the C.I.A. offered independent explanations for what had taken place fifty years before at Roswell, New Mexico. The former had to do with “dummies” that were dropped in conjunction with “weather balloons,” the latter dealt with overflights of U-2 spy planes.

It would have been better of them had they not moved off their tried-and-true stance of sheer stone-walling, that “nothing happened.” After fifty years, not only Roswell will not go away, countless more such incidents have been reported. The government had made the mistake all liars eventually make: It has contradicted itself.

I’m one who had never seen a U.F.O. But I find the evidence for their existence overwhelming. Beyond that, it only just makes sense. If we can get off the earth after such the short period of technological development we’ve had, then what about the countless other more advanced civilizations that the laws of probability insist must be out there?

Further, it explains much of our own religion and myth. No longer fairy tale but rooted in fact. The kind of fact which we ourselves could not conceive of until only the mid part of this century. Powered flight, wireless communication, escape from earth’s atmosphere. Now even genetic engineering, cloning, etc. If we can figure these thing out for ourselves, why not others from distant worlds many thousands of years ago?

Was it established here on earth in the dim past as a colony from another world? Is the confused tale of that what has come down to us in our holy books to read practically incomprehensible? The only realistic answer have to be yes and yes again. The only questions remaining are those of detail, to fill in certain gaps. We hold the scenario sufficiently to be able to know what took place “in the beginning.”

Using their own DNA, the extra-terrestrial expedition “created man in their own image” using certain primitive life forms found here, already well acclimatized to earth. The experiment apparently worked so well that the “sons of gods” found the “daughters of men” attractive enough to “go in unto them.”

“Satan” seduced “Eve.” Unmistakable references to childbirth and race-war are mentioned in Genesis. This act of mutiny on the part of one or more members of the expedition led to their being condemned to grovel on their bellies in the mines, eating dust, as it were. The fable, the allegory of the “apple” and the “serpent” have sown nothing but confusion ever since in this area which is so very key to all human endeavor.

God’s breeding experiment went out of control. Humans know they could reproduce themselves independently and at will, and with whomever. Or whatever. The original sin.

And only most lately have we been able to see something most real and basic in an ancient symbol familiar to man since ancient Egypt, and no doubt long before that, but making no apparent sense. The universal symbol of the medical profession, the caduceus, the intertwined serpents. Only now, under our most sophisticated microscopes, have we rediscovered it’s origin in the form of the intertwined doulbe-helix of DNA molecule.

Just as perfect understanding like that can devolve to images of snakes, devoid of real meaning, so can the wisdom of man sink to superstition. And as his wisdom and understanding erode, so too has it even been that his very bloodline becomes polluted through this original sin: Miscegenation. The deaths of Egypt, India, Persia, Greece, Rome – who knows how many others?

Man never learns. Lust, greed, conceit. Finally total and irretrievable genetic debasement. The victory of Satan.

However, in the written record left to us by these colonizers, we have the outline of the way the future concerning ourselves would unfold and we have their promise that their seed, ourselves, would not be allowed to be consumed by that of Satan, ultimately. John in Revelation describes a literal war between the power of earth, totally in Satan’s control, and the returning God.

“Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.” The pride of Satan.

The U.F.O. experts all seem to write of the government’s unwillingness to admit any knowledge of extra-terrestrial presence near earth as, for them, a matter of “national security.”

Only the obtuse could buy into that. What kind of concern for the nation or it’s security could a criminal conspiracy, like that which is in total power, possibly have? Having crept it’s way secretly into control, without the knowledge or consent of the people. Having come to dominate all wealth and media so that “leaders” could be bought and “opinions” made to order. Leeching the lifeblood from the workers. Foreign policies that the people themselves did not want, such as racial integration and the attack upon the Bible, etc.

Now turning this country into a police and prison state to extend their control as well as to try to squeeze the last drop of wealth while holding the collapsing pieces together.

The moment of climax draws very near.

“National security?” Garbage! The security of it’s own, criminal enterprise which is locked onto the national throat like a vampire. Exactly as set forth by John in Revelation, in the very latter times, the world will become dominated by the Beast. Any who cannot recognize the Beast in this Federal system, not only as it dominates this country but the rest of the world, are blind. For if this isn’t the Beast System here and now which we live and suffer under then there is no Beast and the whole thing is nonsense.

But I don’t accept that.

“Who can war against the Beast?” as John poses. From it’s nuclear arsenal to it’s local S.W.A.T. teams, who can withstand the power of the System anywhere in the country or the earth? No one on earth, certainly.

But, at an appointed hour that no one knows, the signal will be given to come in and blast all this to pieces with irresistible force – superior technology from off earth.

A threat to the security of the nation or to the dictatorship of Satan? It is stressed time and again that none will repent of anything until all has been smashed and utterly destroyed. Liars will not admit their lies nor criminals their crimes. They’ll cling to their power and wealth to the end.

A tragedy for all the rest that these are the ones holding authority everywhere. Many will suffer for having been led astray by these types. But an end to abomination shall be made.

God is watching and is very close.

The government will never admit the existence of U.F.O’s. It can’t.

The government is Satan’s instrument of power on earth and, knowing the pride of Satan, one will know that he can never admit to any power greater than his own.

The Change of Mind Club

It seems to come down to this: Whatever a person may believe or accept. Like a version of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.” Extend that to the Constitution and you have the inalienable right to believe any damned thing you choose. Can that be a necessarily good thing upon examination?

It’s one thing to have a supermarket or an automobile lot packed with endless “choices” for the consumer but should it be the same with belief systems? Of course, with a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, this might follow as logical but, again , is this the desirable state of things?

From “the church of your choice” to going shopping for a church that most suits your own liking. Is this a search for truth and guidance or merely a quest for seal-edification? Is it really a pick your own brand of bunk situation and if you believe it hard enough it’ll come true?

In short how “real” can these beliefs actually be to their holders? Simply accept a certain doctrine while following State laws and the hereafter will be yours. Anything and anyone who accepts likewise is a brother while anyone who may believe the exact opposite remains a neighbor. And should one only profess belief on his deathbed, that still gets you in the door.

It required of me to be into my mid-forties and with an extensive background of suppressed information, plus an eye-opening and head-clearing stay in prison, to be motivated to open the Bible and begin to read and, more importantly, for the meaning to leap out at me from the pages as only the purest and most obvious form of logic.

Good people I have known have spent their lives attending Bible study groups and will go to their graves having no inkling of it’s message.

My life-long background is as a National Socialist. I ought to have known that it works both ways: while I embraced Adolf Hitler on the basis of why he was rejected by most, that is, by the way he was repressed through media, I rejected the Bible for the same reason, even though it was accepted by the most. My mistake. The way Hitler had been misrepresented appealed to me while the way the Bible had been misrepresented did not.

Exactly as with “Mein Kampf,” no one actually reads the book, the are content to proceed on the basis of what the media tells them it contains. A dangerous preposition for the lazy man who leaves his decision-making up to others.

So it was with me. First, it was a “Jewish” book, dealing with Jews only and how they were “God’s chosen People.” Second, it was with out relevance in the modern world, full of strange names, strange places, strange customs – all from a very long time ago. Third, it probably all was myth and fable anyway. Forth, the popular conception of God did not sit well at all with an intelligent and questioning mind. Fifth, if the idea was to part company from a misguided and complacent majority, then, “the Christians” surely represented that very body to be dropped like a hot rock.

But did it never to occur to us that we had a plenty in our Movement who staunchly claimed to be National Socialist and yet were in reality nothing close to it? Same principle except on a vaster scale. People trying hard to conform to a misconception whipped up for them by the same crowd and for the same reason. That NS background taught us well the technique of the Big Lie as well as the identity of it’s practitioners.

Perhaps the first major hurdle is God. If you can come to recognize and know God from the point of view of an atheist – as I am – then you know him for sure. Between our own modern advances in science and technology and the most recent discoveries in archeology, shedding new light on antiquity, we know “God” was a colonizing race of extraterrestrials who came to earth futher back in time than most can imagine.

Everything is high-tech and biology. As solid and real as it gets. Not a matter of “believe it or not,” but a question of follow certain immutable laws or die.

The implications in the Bible are plain enough. God fathered a race of people on earth far more, “in his image,” than all the rest. The Bible deals and concerns itself strictly with these people and no other. The Hebrews, names for Heber or Eber, meaning “colonizer”. Later, Israel, or “A Prince ruling With God.” Who and what these people were is important to understand: They were the final wave of Aryans to fall back onto the geographical safety of Europe, joining their racial brethren already there.

“Jews” are taken up well in the Bible for those with the proverbial, “eye to see” and “ear to hear.” Few things are stressed as heavily in the Bible as geneology and purity of bloodline. The Exodus from Egypt was the last of the Aryan element fighting it’s way out of a dying, stinking, alien mess very similar to what we see here today. They occupied for themselves a remote Egyptian province in the north-east much the same way as Separatists here today postulate the northwestern states.

The Bible takes pains to outline how God commanded the Israelites to destroy those found in this province – Canaan – and how they did not complete this task. A complete set of laws was provided by which to live in order to prosper and to preserve racial integrity. But after nearly a thousand years, the Aryans had reached a stage similar to that in which they find themselves today. Corrupt, divided, conquered. Finally they found themselves outnumbered and ruled over in their own land by these very ones God had told them to eliminate in the beginning. These were the Jews. And the Jews, in turn, were ruled over by a succession of empires: Persia, Greece, Rome.

Almost totally obscure is the critical link between where the history of Israel, in the Bible leaves off at about 700 B.C. and it’s direct continuation into the present day. Because all of the extensive prophesy in the Bible also concerns itself with the fate and destiny of Israel. That is, Israel as a distinct race and bloodline and not as a “Change of Mind Club; of believers, much less a clique of alien Jews pretending and supplanting the actual “Elect of God.”

Again, science and archeology have allows us to confirm that those migrations of “barbarians” in the centuries B.C., invading Europe from the east, were the very displaced Tribes of Israel, numbering some ten million, who had literally forgotten who and what they were but who were nonetheless driven to join the north-west portion. It was as “pagans” that they came and it was with other “pagan” that they joined. However, it was all one blood and one destiny.

We know a new page was turned in the earth’s history once all these Aryan elements were gathered together in Europe for out of exile. This history is also Biblical prophecy. And it is only now approaching climax.

There is other major stumbling block of Jesus of Nazareth and his identity and significance. As a National Socialist, I am intimately familiar with Odinism, pagan philosophy, Norse Edda, ect. That and the arguments against Christianity and it’s “alien” origin, that it is a “conspiracy” to destroy the Aryan race, ect. That the church went corrupt long ago is not in question. However, knowing our Norse culture and philosophy as I have all my life, in reading the Bible, particularly Psalms and Proverbs, I can easily see and feel the identical spirt as the author of both.

A people’s blood will give rise to a belief system worthy and representative of itself. Odin, Thor and Freya came out of Egypt prior to Moses and the Exodus. But they are the same people.

A clash of philosophy? The strength of Odinism versus the weakness of Christianity? One must know the time, places and circumstances. Nothing weak in the Old Testament. God tells his people to pick up the sword and kill his enemies. Sounds like pure Viking. Yet Jesus in the New Testament says that the meek shall inherit the earth. Sounds positively subversive. Aryan folk, gathered together, united in their numbers, consciousness and strength can well afford to be brash and blustery. Whether in Canaan or in Scandinavia – or North America or anywhere else. But infiltrated, divided, weakness and rules over by Judas-goats it is a different matter.

Wishful thinking again won’t change reality. Though we are of Viking blood, our physical circumstances reflect most closely those endures by Jesus and his early Disciples. We are everywhere subject to alien laws, alien rulers, our own people are unconscious and compromised to a fatal degree, and we are in many places physically outnumbered. Bombast is hardly the ticket – unless one is suicide bent.

We have arrived full-circle to exactly where ancient Israel did over two thousand years ago. Read the lamentations and be struck by the unmistakable parallels.

When Jesus said, “I am not sent but unto the the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel,” he was making a racial reference and was referring directly to those Aryans now, even in his day, already ensconced in Europe. It was over with in the Holy Land and he had the unenviable task of bringing down certain there while making sire the word reaches the people in Europe so they might know. As Separatists, we know how difficult and even dangerous our “ministry”is. That of Jesus lasted a scant three years before the Jews succeeded in getting the Romans to execute him on totally trumped up charges.

Adolf Hitler? He has already been called “the one before the last.” The last great Aryan King to lead his people in defiance of the descending Jewish worlds order. Or, better put, the “New World Order” of Satan as fully described in Revelation. Hitler drove Satan back into the shadows so that he remained forced to use Judas-goat through which to rule. He even halted Satan’s first attempt at naked world dictatorship – Marxism – right in the heart of Germany at huge sacrifice, causing it to languish and eventually collapse.

Today the signs are as alarming – or reassuring, depending on you point of view – that the climax approaches. Satan’s one-world System is a reality, fully in place. Never before on earth. It feels it’s way to the confidence it requires to step forth and drop the mask. And, for the first time in the history of earth, the Aryans have no place to retire to for freedom and racial integrity. This is it.

In Revelation it asks who has the strength to go up against the Beast System. No one. It states that Satan grows furious as he realizes his own time is short. Do we not see this in the System’s behavior? It states plainly, “I know the slander of those who say they are Jews but are not”.

John, from his prison on the Greek island of Patmos, had a vision of a returning Jesus – the very final manifestation. He was arrayed in bronze battle dress. No more white robes, no more being nailed to a cross. In essence, the same spirit as Hitler. Accompanied by all the martyred saints. Accompanied by all the angels. And coming gunning.

Every ancient record to relate the coming of the extraterrestrials in antiquity also includes their solemn promise to return. In the Bible, it is to save Israel, the “faithful”‘ who will be persecuted above all as the Satanic System lowers it’s mask.

It is made clear the best we can hope to achieve is to stand forth, endure and overcome.

The prophecies? These are too accurate and detailed to be guess work. I expressed my theory some years ago that and who had the power to transverse space must also have the power to travel time, to slip in and out of dimensions. I believe it has already happened and they have seen it. They cared enough to tell ancient man what hey saw. He recorded it as best he could.

Mohammad, the Arab, when he read and comprehended this, saw fit to pen his own religion for his own blood. No way can any but Aryans embrace the Bible – that is if they read it and know it by it’s letter.

Beyond even that, God said to Israel that he chose them, they didn’t choose him. Not exactly a passive thing.

Not a matter then of “belief” or “philosophy”. All a question of awareness of exactly what is what. Many who imagine themselves to embrace Christ will be in for a huge let-down. Many who think him to have been a racial alien will be in for an even bigger surprise. “Each will flee to his own.”

When it happens at the unknown hour, when it comes like the thief in the night, most won’t comprehend what it actually is. They’ll only be terrified at the sight of what apparently is a Hollywood “invasion from outer space” scenario playing itself out. some will keel over dead at the sight. Some will actually resist it on the side of the familiar Satanic System. One-third of everything will be blown away.

Or I could be crazy. The whole thing could be a hoax. Life on earth could be meaningless. And things could go on as they are indefinitely. But who really believes that?

Gun Control

My contention is that conspiracy is of itself every bit the phenomenon any U.F.O. or Bigfoot sighting could hope to be. It’ll get you branded an eccentric just as fast. The difference is that it’s reality affects everyone, like it or not, know it or not. All these things are linked in one way: They are not accepted in the world of illusion; The so-called “real world” where everything is two-dimensional cardboard. I’ll be an eccentric, gladly, anytime.

Graduating long ago from political conservatism where everything was, frustration, outrage and mystification over how “our leaders” kept dropping the ball or otherwise committing some blunder, I matured, woke up as it were into the harsh and glaring light of the world of conspiracy. You don’t really believe all those hard-boiled lawyers and businessmen who run this government are even capable of making stupid mistakes, do you? That’s the part which should rightly bring forth snickers and sideways glances.

Therefore, it has to be planned and then allowed to look like a “mistake” – an honest error – which is endemic to any “democracy” and can be taken care of in the next election. If you survive long enough and are actually aware of what’s going on around you – and are not the sort who keeps going back to be taken again and again by the sideshow charlatan – you’ll inevitably come to realize that all this bumbling around has a distinct pattern about it. It’s heading in a certain direction.

You’ve been sold a “lemon.”

Get hold of a Communist Party program and you’ll see all the “mistakes” of the last fifty years and more fall into place as perfectly as a jigsaw puzzle. Get hold of a copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and you’ll know who’s doing it, how and even why.

The dictionary defines conspiracy as a coming together in secret of those who are planning a criminal act. We can see and know exactly what the nakedly Communist regime did to the land of Russia following it’s sudden, forced take over. Of course, at that, it was to put into place the “workers Paradise” even if over thirty million of them had to be murdered to do it. Criminal? Why else have to disguise you aim?

“But Communism fell, totally discedited, and has been replace by the glorious New World Order.”

They couldn’t represent the same thing, could they?

“Conspiratology” – did I just now coin a word? – relies upon more than just logic. More than just “ye shall know them by their fruit.” Suppressed facts are at the core. Facts suppressed by whom? You guessed it, the conspiracy.

Lenin’s Bolshevik revolution of 1918 in Russia was bankrolled to the tune of tens of millions of dollars by Wall Street bankers right here in the U.S. – Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, Warburg, ect. What’s high finance doing installing a Marxist dictatorship, the Red Terror, over the heads of the Russian people? A seeming contradiction? No. Only the clue as to who the real boss always has been.

What’s all this rambling preamble have to do with gun control? I could have picked from many other examples of phony “issues” forever being batted back and forth, between two false and impossible “positions” all for the distraction of the stupid and gullible masses, to illustrate my point of the way conspiracy works toward implementing it’s secret agenda without the knowledge of and against the wishes of an unsuspecting population. But I choose this one now as it is a prime example.

What’s the excuse “to cut down on violence.”Right off the bat, one has to be an ogre to not want to cut down on violence. Now you’re in the camp with the ” bigots’ and the “extremists.” (Yes, one constant to always keep in mind here is that all media was long ago sewn up by the conspiracy.) All “enlightened” and “progressive” and “responsible” people will naturally support the ideal of gun control: A society free of violence.

But then who wouldn’t have supported the ideal of the “Worker’s Paradise”? Well, it soon came to pass that if you did not, you wound up in the Gulag – or worse, (Yes, The soviet Union achieved “gun control” at a single, quick stroke and, true enough, within that society there was little actual crime or violence. The only violence came at the hands of the government against the people who were helpless to resist.)

I can recall the year 1968 when the first anti-gun laws were enacted. Prior to that time you could literally snip an ad from a comic book and order you weapon by mail. The nation was founded and grew to greatness in just this way: Freedom. The conservative “pro-gun” people have the slogan: Guns don’t kill people; People kill people. Typically, they missed the greater point. If it’s a question ever of “Law and Order,” then unless the law comes from within each members of the society, it has to be enforced from without. And that spells on it’s face loss of freedom, repression and ultimately dictatorship.

One more of my thrusts is that you can examine nothing within a vacuum. Everything is linked.

While 1968 was indeed a violent year in our history, the state of the society itself was still overwhelmingly law-abiding and orderly. In the average-sized Midwestern town where we lived then, we’d only begun to lock our doors the year before. Drugs just were making the scene. Most notably however, the agitation of the racial minorities had reached a crescendo and itself was being deliberately changed. Another great “ideal” which to have gone against, then or now, immediately put you in the same league as – God forbid – Adolf Hitler.

(But on the subject of gun control, under Hitler’s National Socialist regime in Germany, everyone and all homes were not only encouraged to own private arms, the government sponsored competitions and awards for proficiency in their use. Only after liberation” by the Allies did “gun control” come in where even children had to relinquish their air guns.)

The embarrassing fact – and the thing which you are in plain bad taste to point out – is that, as the gun gun control legislation has escalated continuously from 1968, so has the society grown evermore violent and lawless. Forget this apparent dichotomy, hire more police.

A “mistake”? Another of my flashing red lights to always watch for: Once something has been demonstrated to have been a social flop, note the degree of determination to press on with it despite everything. Here is betrayed the presence of a fanaticism devoted to something apart from the rubbish presented to the public as “plausible excuse.” Here is clearly demonstrated the will of the conspiracy at work. And it’s control of government by which it can and will move to impose itself upon the people.

Form an insane policy and then employ the power of state to force it to “work.” Not just a conspiracy but a conspiracy on the part of those whose very spirit and motivation is alien and dominate. This was the essence of Communism then and it remains so today. Names are unimportant.

Again, why conspire, why lie? Do “they” know better than we know and, if so, why don’t things improve? One old saying goes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re not being followed.” All of this adds up to an enemy take-over, an enemy take-over that is already an accomplished fact. The only thing remaining is the gradual maneuvering of the people themselves into the new mould envisioned for them by their unknown masters.

The United States yet remains the most well-armed citizenry in the world. The simple, common people obviously equate owning guns with freedom. Of what conceivable good is having any kind of weapon if you cannot see your enemy? Exactly as a pacifier to a sucking infant, the guns still in private hands merely grant a false sense of security as the Communist program continue right in schedule.

It is rather the inevitable effects of their very own insane and impossible doctrines upon the society which are causing it now to implode that gives rise to the increasingly edgy demands for further anti-gun legislation as opposed to any real need to head off genuine freedom revolt. adly, tragically, the intelligence level here just isn’t going to allow for anything beyond a bloodbath of anarchy.

So there is today’s lesson in Conspiracy 101. A game of masterminds yet, in the end, a game of fools. To win all the battles and lose the war. And at an incalculable human cost.

If anything, it at least ought to make you wonder.

The Secret of the Sphinx

No one in the literate world is unaware of the Sphinx of Giza. When I was a small child, my father – from whom I inherited my awe and fascination of such things – gave me a small, silver-plated antique replica of the Spinx which I still keep and treasure to this day. We knew the Sphinx was ancient, we knew it was exotic, we knew it was mysterious. But at that time there was little else that we did know about this most unique effigy.

History then was but a sham. Everything was all cut and dried. The world had been reduced to the two-dimensional cardboard that I have referred to before. Even out there on the very boundary of the infinite and unknowable, they had it all neatly compartmented. The Giza Plateau in Egypt was the site of the Sphinx as well as the Pyramids. The Sphinx was the creation of Chephren, whose tomb also was the second Pyramid. It was sculpted in his likeness. What more evidence or proof? And the whole complex dated from approximately five thousand years ago, that is, at the earliest beginning of man’s civilization.

So it was established and so it rested. Attention could be turned elsewhere. Case closed. Then problems arose. Newly discovered and deciphered inventions stelae showed that the Sphinx was already there in existence by the time Chephren came on the scene. One quick eyeball glance at a statue positively confirmed as being Chephren, compared against the countenance of the sphinx – scarred as it is by Turkish artillery fire – leaves no doubt the two are in no way similar. Computerized, point-by-point comparison reveals an entirely different skull formation – a different race of humanity entirely.

While almost everyone has at least heard of the Sphinx, almost no one has heard of the temple complex immediately adjacent. While the Pyramids and the Sphinx share the Giza Plateau, the Sphinx and it’s temple lie at a lower level in the rock that the Pyramids. Indeed, the Sphinx is hewn out of the solid, living rock. Indications are that this work was only carried out in stages of great intervals. And the stones of the Temple dwarf anything used in the construction of the Pyramids. The suggestion then is that the Sphinx Complex out-dates that of the Pyramids.

Then one archeologist made another eyeball observation. He took a clear, close photograph of the Sphinx, masked off all areas which would identify it as what it was, then presented it to a geologist, posing the question: What would account for all this tremendous erosion?

Water erosion and nothing else. The masking was removed and the response was, “oh.”

Throughout most of the five thousand years of the history which modern science will grudgingly admit to, the Sphinx has lain buried in sand – protected absolutely from any possible ravages of wind or water in a harsh and unforgiving desert climate. Yet we now know that the area of the Sahara was once green and lush. Ultra-high-tech satellite photography has been able to detect the former course of the Nile River -taking a hard left turn in the area of Egypt and heading west, across North Africa, toward the Atlantic.

Assembling all this data – unknown to science or archeology in the fifties – and estimating how long it would require within a atmosphere full of precipitation for the kind of erosion evident on the body of the sphinx to appear and one arrives at the incredible figure of fourteen thousand years prior to our own time.

What my generation was taught goes instantly into the trash can.

Margin for error? Modern science still man the shaky battlements of the “5,00 year” assertion for the entire Giza Complex. We know the Pyramids and the Sphinx equals the bad guess of the age of them all. Not even within the ballpark.

First lesson: How could any body of trained professional be son badly wrong and still despite all, stand firm on their gross error? Well, we only know that it happens. for our purposes, best keep firmly in mind that it could be happening elsewhere – with other “certainties.”

From this point we really can’t claim any certainties. Only strong likelihoods based on the evidence and on logic.

A question that comes up concerning the Sphinx that I believe has an easy and obvious answer involves it’s head. Over this cam five-thousenad-year period we’re sure of during which time the Sphinx has been mainly covered by sand, only the head has been periodically exposed. And yet, on comparison with the dilapidated condition of the body, the heavy vandalism of the early Moslems. Yet it’s all one piece of rock. What could account for this?

Some have put forward that the head is composed of a much harder strata of rock than the lower body. The best explanation, I believe comes from,once again, making a simple eyeball observation of the complete Sphinx. Of course, the thing is supposed to be a creature with the head of a man on the body of a lion. However, when viewed in it’s completeness from the side, it is badly out of proportion. The head is far too small. The artists who could produce such lifelike qualities confined to the head – would comparable to those of Mount Rushmore – would hardly have neglected the overall natural symmetry of the whole. Unless.

Unless the head is a recarving.

Any facial countenance suffering the same weather erosion as seen on the body of the Sphinx, would have been rendered unrecognizable. And certainly, in order for a recraving to take place, a much smaller product would have to be the result. There, I think, we have the answer to a minor mystery.

But closing the door on the easier, initial question involving the Sphinx only open the door to bigger and deeper ones.

That spot – the Giza Plateau – quite evidently was extremely sacred, or special, to an incredibly enduring civilization for a period of time far in excess of the total allotted to all of the civilizations by modern science. Observation, again, shows us that the site sits astride the crossroads of three continents, that it represents the veritable center of earth’s land mass. However, the ancients were not supposed to be even capable of being aware of this fact. Or were they?

The Giza Complex is situated at thirty degrees longitude and thirty degrees northern latitude. Coincidence? The Sphinx rests on the thirteenth parallel, facing due east. Some thinker on the subject point out that our own NASA chose Cape Canaveral because of it’s orientation to this same thirteenth parallel. Something atmospheric, something orbital. Could God have visited this spot at some point in extreme antiquity? Not exactly an occasion to be tossed off.

It was from ancient Egypt that the Greek traveller, Solon, acquired the story of Atlantis which was preserved for us by Plato. The priests of Egypt told Solon that their civilization had existed from a time before the sun even rose in the east. Might the Sphinx have been created there as a monument and a marker to commemorate the sun’s new place in the sky? And the face? Ra, the sun God himself. (Indeed, the traditional Egyptian headdress is designed to represent the rays of the sun.)

But an even older civilization to which, Egypt was but an heir? The idea of moving the seat of great world empire from a volcanic island in the throes of breaking up to a spot strategically selected for it’s location of maximum geological stability might have appeared sound on it’s face. But with geological stability came ethnic instability. Tough it required untold thousands of years, the racial decline of Egypt was a inexorable as it has been complete.

Mute witnesses in stone out there in the sand.

The story did not end there, however. The spark of high civilization did not die there in Egypt. And neither did the Sphinx.

Our recorded history corresponds roughly to the frame of time as covered within the pages of the Bible. What are we actually seeing in the story of the Exodus from Egypt? Could it actually have been the racial remnant of the former majority 0 the heirs of Atlantis – seen fighting for it’s genetic and biological (not to mention cultural) life in the only way it could, by extricating itself from a hopeless and sinking racial and religious morass? Removing itself to an area it could claim exclusively it’s own, where the belief system could also undergo a purification, separating superstition from truth.

Whatever the case, the Sphinx went with the Israelites. Now referred to as Cherbim in the Hebrew language. This time also with wings. The actual inspiration, the real significance? We may never know. But it has to do with God, the Creator.

Inside of a scant millennium, the Kingdom of Israel fell to pieces for the same reasons that Egypt had fallen. The location, not only the crossroads of continents but of races. The loss of purity of belief and then the loss of purity of blood.

Another lesson of the Sphinx: However great the symbolism of the Sphinx – or Cherub – or how shattering and eternal it’s original inspiration, we may be sure no such creature ever existed in reality. It represents man’s religion itself. Some thing confused and allegorical, already well off down the road to superstition. Where real understanding is missing, one may be certain that gradual deterioration and death are to be the inevitable result.

The high of civilization fled the Mid-East just as it had fled Egypt and Atlantis before that. Into Europe and then retracing old steps around the world. Carrying the story with it along the way in the pages of the Bible but being unable to make the connection between those seeming “fairy tales” and the real, flesh-and-blood world they were now facing.

Following the Napoleonic expedition into Egypt only two hundred years ago, we have dug the Sphinx out of the sands which had suffocated it for longer than anyone can know. We have learned to read again the lost language of the ancient Egyptians. We have unearthed the lifelike images of their kings and queens which look uncannily and disturbingly like ourselves.

Meanwhile, a strange and alien population, who now own the land of Egypt, who are in no remote what related to the ancient Egyptians, much less those who first carved the Sphinx, are selling tickets to foreign tourists who come from around the world to marvel at the great wonders.

To the many then, the Sphinx is keeping it’s secret.

Measure of Contrast

I’ve long held that the key, the great giveaway as to the true nature of what’s what in the society with regard to who and what the real power is, what their agenda is, as well as what is right and wrong is bound up two ways: What critical element or elements are missing; And what is it the power attacks and condemns most. Usually, these will be the same. A double assurance.

It must proceed from the conviction that something is basically and fundamentally amiss. How can one be sure of a situation like that? Despite everything, all efforts in the “most enlightened of all times,” things only become worse. So, unless you are one of those with a stake in the power structure, you should be able to well sense what I’m talking about. That is, of course, if you’re not one of those going through life with a very heavy set of blinders on.

Unfortunately there are many of those. And they are the very ones who shoulder and support the same criminal system I’m referring to. The productive workers. Too involved in chasing the buck to pay too much attention to what’s really going on. Too afraid to lose what they’ve got to ask too many question. Too complacent to do any kind of real soul-searching. The very same class of people targeted by the system for erasure in only a few more generations under present trends and circumstances. But you can’t tell them that. It’s too disturbing for them.

Only the concerned and the aware will be suited and capable to ask the right question, much less be able to handle the right answers.

In one recent article, I compared these timem to mid-roman times, especially as it affected the lives of the earliest Christians. Decadence, corruption and barbarity – the hallmarks of recently great civilizations now visibly on their way to doom. Yet still easily strong enough to persecute and kill any would-be reformers with the nerve and the insight to step forth and declare the truth in the midst of governing lie.

It simply profits the few in control and they will use their power to keep it that way. The future of the people can go to hell. Period. The people themselves have only what they are told by their masters to go on. You can see why Jesus stressed the matter of the rich hardly being able to make it into heaven. They have a stake in this. As for the masses, common types will be occupied by common things. “Many will be call but few will be chosen.”

We in the Movement could barely see any of this until recent decades. For one, most of us rejected the Bible on the basis of how “Judeo-Christianity” appeared to us. We didn’t connect with the way National Socialism and Adolf Hitler were presented to the public at large as the reason they rejected them. Deception and blindness.

Neither did we suspect the full nature of the situation we sought to confront. We formed our “parties,” our “organizations,” to “do something” about it. We couldn’t accept that it was with Hitler that the final effort of significant, independent action against the Beast System, took place. And it ended with a mass crucifixion of the entire German state. However, just as with the crucifixion on Golgotha two thousand years ago, if that started something, if that signalled the time was “close,” then the sacrifice made in the Second World War signalled the time was imminent.

“No political solution,” was what began to dawn over the increasing number of us in the decade of the Seventies. That was also when the term “Zionist Occupation Government” – or Z.O.G. – was first coined. That was when people of like Joseph Tommasi decided that any course of action to be taken now would have to amount to violent and practically suicidal attacks upon the System itself and not the swarming masses of “strangers” filling these streets.

What was happening?

Tommasi had said, “Heighten the contradictions.” Charles Manson said, “Make them be what they are.” This all refers to polarization, greater alienation and of course an increase in contrasts. Well, better than we could hope to do it on our own, the System has been doing it for us at a ratio of a hundred thousand to one. Our frustrated political schemes are thus explained: The times are evil. Nothing good or positive can come about. The Beast owns a monopoly. Jesus said to “hang onto what you have,” and to exercise “the patience of the saints.” Be as cunning as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.”

“For” who can war against the Beast?” And “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.”

This means that we had it backward before. We thought to inspire and guide the events. Wrong. We, in a more perfect awareness, must stand like a rock in a raging stream and allow the onrushing torrent to pass us by and finally expend itself. This means that the System’s hirelings have the power to abuse their authority; We have the power not to let it affect us or our course. They are guaranteed to pass away while we remain standing. “And the meek shall inherit the earth.”

Our own awareness. “First myself and then the world.” We imagined ourselves and our effort as part of the political process long ago. We didn’t appreciate the scope of the thing. We were children. As Paul said, with our maturity it’s time to put away childish things. There is a lock on -and if you haven’t sold out to become part of that lock, you are only kidding yourself, only feeding into their deception.

Total contrast.

But I want to take up how we might best KNOW we’ve not merely cranks as well as how we can assure ourselves of the ferocious speed at which all this is approaching it’s finite conclusion.

I stress again and again the hallmarks of this Movement, the very two which earn us all the division: So-called “racism” and so-called “anti-Semitism.” These no more and no less perfectly align with what the Bible admonishes about not dealing – much less marring with – “strangers,” as well as not permitting “strangers” to be in positions of power over you. This points directly to a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, one dominated at the top by racial Jews.

Bingo! This is why things are a damnable mess and can only get worse. You’ll not hear that across any media – unless it is to condemn or decry “racism” and “anti Semitism” as what is really “wrong” with the society, the biggest “evils.”

Well, the reality is that this nation was formed on racism and anti-Semitism, by racists and anti-Semites. Most of the founding Fathers owned slaves and not just a few, like Franklin, wanted Jews to be banned in the Constitution.

But no. Slavery was abolished but the colored bloc wasn’t removed to Africa the way Lincoln wanted. And Jews were permitted to swarm in and buy up everything by the end of the Nineteenth Century. The new “Promised Land,” the new “Land of Milk and Honey,” was changing.

Look at it now. Where “White racism” is the most anathema thing of all. Where sometime in the next hundred years Whites will be a MINORITY in this land. The identical same thing took place in the Mid-East thousands of years ago and for the exact same reasons. And take a look at that place today. The contention between Jesus and those powers then was RACIAL – though he, in his perfect awareness, presented it a spiritual.

It required many centuries for things to deteriorate to a state like that by the time of Jesus. One might almost view it as “accidental” or “carelessness.”

But it was also at that time that we can see racial Jews developing right within the pages of the Bible – the children of the devil. Now, today, there is no accident – there is a fanatical plan and a conscious drive to extend the Third World “Brown Belt” to encompass North America. And it is led by Jews with their army of “Judas-goat hirelings.” So what if it is accomplished under the guise of “Christianity” just so long as the Holy Seed is erased?

The old Temple Religion in the hands of racial Jews soon becomes Judaism and Christianity in the hands of coloreds soon becomes Voodoo.

We would not have been “extremists” in Washington’s day. But we have held on to the truth while events take all away with them headlong into degeneracy. Even a hundred years ago, or fifty, or twenty-five. Look at the change.

As the hidden alien conspiracy extends it’s tentacles and it’s influence tells more and more, the contract with those who “hold fast” becomes more marked. Whereas we used to be “conservatives” and “reactionaries,” ostensibly on the side of the nominally “White” status quo, we now are flat-out revolutionaries and, more to the point, separatists. This would not have been possible too many years ago – when one could still find himself that this was still “the land of his fathers.”

The Sixties scum who were then in college are now in the drivers’ seat everwhere. The lie is dominant. Look at how it is and know that much worse is on the way.

Two things about this contrast, this clarification: It’s becoming so severe that average people are coming awaken to it on their own, without extensive and practically “underground” Right Wing training such as we had; And as the lie comes to replace all remnants of truth and reality, as things fail more and more and they must resort to more “laws” and more repression to keep functioning, the persecution of truth will get corresponding worse until the climax.

It is this speed that will ensure we will outlive the Beast. Under his own circumstances, time is on his side to finally absorb the last of the Holy Seed on this continent. But by his very own rotten polices and their manifesting failure – leading up to Apocalypse – time is what he’s running out of. “Satan becomes evermore wrathful as he senses his time growing short.”

It’ll get rough.

But it’s coming FAST!

Those who Return

The modern age of empire was certainly entering full swing by the time Napoleon won his famous battle of the Pyramids late in the 18th century. A hundred years later, as the 20th century was about to dawn, practically the whole earth had been divided up between the powers of Europe or their kin in America. Fifty short years after that, it all was breaking up and falling back to what it had been.

A tremendous cycle seen in an incredibly short span of time.

Something hand-in-hand with this great progression of expansion and colonization even conquest, was present there in Egypt with Napoleon and his troops. His “servants.” Beside military occupation was the close examination of the ancient ruins of a lost but obviously high civilization there in the sand.

It was Napoleon’s expedition that was responsible for discovering the Rosetta stone, thus enabling modern man to begin to decipher the lost language of the Egyptians – hieroglyphics.

Always then on the heels of the conqueror, or the explorer, came the archeologist. To this day, the familiar charicature of British explorer-scientist lives strongly in the popular culture. No accident, for the tiny island nation had, by 1990, come to rule over fully one-fourth of the surface of the world, dominating all the oceans in between.

The sight of the European explorer digging, sifting, measuring, at all these strange and forlorn spots across the earth. An odd but consistent circumstance in each case; Always there is a native population surrounding or nearby and yet these ruins stand abandoned, a mystery, a remnant of literally a lost civilization. Why was it left up to outsiders – invaders from Europe – to ponder and investigate these forsaken monument all over the globe?

Is our modern conception of history really so narrow that we are unable to suppose previous cycles to rival that of the 19th Century? Not only that but cycles of vastly greater duration.

A sight unknown is that of the Third World man of science probing Europe for lost civilization signs. Happenstance or in the observations one might make in the present all the answers to the past?

If the terrific speed of the cycle just passed may serve for anything then it should be as a lesson in a bottle for us today of how fleeting, how fragile greatness can be. How vulnerable and susceptible we are to losing our way and forgetting who and what we are. All recorded in meticulous detail, beyond any question of doubt, the story of how we burst out of tiny and craggy Europe to conquer and overspread the earth, bringing culture and civilization with us as we came. Then the momentum stops and deterioration begins. Languages, boundaries, some technology, etc., remain but essentially the jungle begins to reclaim.

From pinnacle to at least the point from which the nadir can be seen, all within the span of a single century. No thinking person can possibly imagine that it hasn’t happened before – at least once.

The evidence is there and is today grudgingly, piecemeal, being admitted by mainstream science. At a snail’s pace, so as not to disturb the general leep. So as not to awaken anyone to the perilous situation we have allowed ourselves to fall into by fully knowing the past.

Pointless to argue for or against the reality of Altlantis. Officialdom has yet yielded to the inescapable likelihood of that. No matter. One tiny piece to the puzzle – to look behind the curtain of the early blind view of history that still endures – involves the indisputable water erosion on the body of the Sphinx of Egypt which modern science dates to fourteen thousand years ago. This doesn’t fit the preconception but it does fit the greater reality.

We didn’t begin our journey some scant five thousand years ago, as school textbooks still parrot. We only began to awaken out of a slumber in that short span. We forgot, as though the great majority of our own story was but a dream locked somewhere in our subconscious. Yet, as sure as we may know the line of succession has remain unbroken since the day of creation, we may be certain that we were there.

What is the passage of time other than the trail of footprints from one place to another? It certainly is not isolated chambers suspended independent of one another. And the footprints themselves? Traces of former dwelling, ancient civilization, or what remains of them. Its a poor tracker who can’t recognize his own footprints.

It’s made easier when one realizes that if these footprints are represented by monumental structures which have stood the test of time, then it can only be the train of one animal. Only one animal makes them and only one animal cares enough to read them: Ourselves.

Ourselves? European? Americans? Shall we know ourselves according to where we called home at a certain moment in time? An “American” of the present might encompass literally anything and a “European” of thirty thousand years ago would have indicated a Neanderthal type. All subject to change. Instead, let’s know ourselves according to what we are and what we do rather than when or where we may do it.

Out of Egypt then, at the start of the present cycle which history acknowledges, came two migrations: One calling itself Aryan and the other call itself Hebrew. The former translating to Nobles, the latter to Colonizers. That’s more like it as it goes above time and place. Look for nobles, look for colonizers and you’ll always find the same people.

Forgetfulness, yes, but at the same time their intrinsic capability to return. No one else on the planet has that trait. For the rest there are no cycles. If not for the nobles, the colonizers and their influence, for the rest one age would be no different than any other. Time would be meaningless. No development. No destiny.

To the Hebrews was handed a message by one claiming to be their father from off earth, who told them their whole past and whole future – lest they forget. They were even told in the message that they would forget but that it would no alter their destiny. And this father said that at the end of the long trail, he himself would return.

A strange people now vanished? Hardly, the message is the Bible and the Hebrews are ourselves. Don’t be fooled by shifts in time and place, the footprints don’t lie.

Planted here untold millennia ago to compass the earth until at last we came to meet ourselves? With super-technology almost worthy of the gods themselves. With the realization that these super-civilization of the past are our own. And with the imminent, deadly danger of the light going out over all earth for the final time, it’s time for the great instigator to make his reappearance.

This science now is all but convinced there has to exist somewhere on the plateau of Giza – perhaps within the Great Pyramid, perhaps near the right paw of the Sphinx – a record, the compliment to the Bible, that will unlock all the “seals” contained in Revelation. Technology equal to “magic” will make it’s discovery possible. My guess however: By the time such discovery is made, the events as described in revelation will be enacting themselves. All in a great circle.

“In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border there of to the Lord.” Isaiah 19:19.

Atlantis and Lemuria

At the time the earth first began to settle and form it’s atmosphere, there was but one sea and one land. That land mass is referred to by science as Pangea. As the earth continued to cool, with volcanic activity going on miles beneath the surface, Pangea began to break up, dividing and separating into continents. The geological records shows that great tracts of high ground today were once part of the ocean floor. How could any intelligent individual possibly imagine that the exact reverse is not also the case? Illustrative of the even now “unquiet” earth are the examples of the Indian subcontinent having literally rammed into the bottom of Asia, raising the Himalayan Mountains as a result, and the great Rift Valley of east Africa which is slowly pulling apart, giving rise to yet a new land mass in the distant future.

Looking at any map of the world, one can easily see exactly how the east coast of North and South America once fit into the west coasts of Europe and Africa. As snugly as a jigsaw puzzle but with one salient exception. The area defined as the Caribbean and the Sargasso Seas, including what has become known as the Bermuda Triangle, comprises what amounts to an anomaly in the geography. Here is a gap. An area which does not “fit.”

Before his death in 1945, the famous “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, predicted that the first bit of Atlantis to be rediscovered would be found in 1968 off the island of Bimini. Right on cue, the “Bimini wall” was discovered in shallow, crystal clear waters off the island’s coast in 1968. The professional skeptics dismiss it as a “natural formation” despite the fact that the massive stones of the fallen wall or road are each cut at all right angles. Furthermore, they are of the same huge “Cyclopean” variety common to great structures still standing in both hemispheres.

Be that as it may, this was not the actual location of the homeland of Atlantis. Still relying on any good, contemporary map, one can transpose the Caribbean anomaly across the waters to where the two lands would have joined and see what is there today. Again, a really good map will show the great, submerged Atlantis Seamount. Any map at all will show the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores. Here are the peaks of the highest mountains of Atlantis.

A little further east, in North Africa, are located the Atlas Mountains. Returning to the Western Hemisphere, there are the ancient Indian legends of a lost homeland called Aztlan or Atlava. We got the name “Atlantic,” from the ancient Greek of Plato whose tale places it just outside and beyond the “Pillars of Hercules,” what’s known today as the Strait of Gibraltar separating Spain from Morocco, and pointing the way directly to the Azores, the Canary Islands, Madeira, etc.

The Spanish, as they just embarking on their explorations after 1492, came upon the Canary Islands and found them inhabited by tall, blond, blue-eyed people called Guanches. This in a place just off the coast of North Africa. They conveyed to the Spanish that they were the descendants of shepherds who’d been tending their flocks high in the mountains of a once great land when the whole world seemingly came to a sudden end. Unfortunately that fragile remnant was quickly assimilated by the Spanish with next to no trace remaining today apart from dwelling carved out of solid rock and some burial sites.

The Bimini location represents but one small part of a great, far flung empire that Altantis had been the center of.

To gauge the approximate antiquity of all this, we can start again with Plato. He gained his information from one ahead of himself, Solon, who’d traveled to Egypt and talked with it’s priests – the keepers of the wisdom and the history. Egypt itself, as Solon was told, had existed since before the sun had assumed the position where it now rose in the east and set in the west. The fact, it was but the inheritor of an even greater, far older civilization – now vanished – that had laid to the west.

The sudden and inexplicable appearance of “Cro-Magnon Man” in Western Europe thirty thousand years ago coincided with one more of the major disturbances that accounted for the ongoing break-up of Atlantis. The “Flood of Noah” which signalled the end of the last Ice Age probably also saw the final demise of Atlantis as the seat of power and civilization. With the melting of the ice caps, the sea level around the world rose by six hundred feet. That date would have been approximately ten thousand years ago.

This in no way matches up with science and history which claim civilization of any kind has only been around five thousand years at most. They claim that Plato’s account is the only reference we have anywhere to Atlantis and that it was written as a piece of fiction. But of course the case for Atlantis is everywhere, all about us. Other detractors say that perhaps Atlantis was really Santorini in the Aegean Sea, destroyed by volcanic eruption about 1400 B.C. Still other insist it was Troy, located in western Turkey – itself dismissed as mere legend only a century ago. Yet mothers, that it was located on Antarctica before the ice.

Why the reluctance to simply believe what was written by Plato?

Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who found the Titanic and the Bismark, now announces that the technology currently exists to allow for 98% of the oceans to be explored. Any government anywhere in control, with any pretenses to humanitarian or scientific advancement, would immediately leap onto this opportunity with the watchword – “find Atlantis.”

The Pacific Ocean is a far different realm than the Atlantic. The former, blue. The latter, green. The great expanses of the Atlantic have very few islands dotting them while the Pacific is noted for it’s countless chains. Particularly what are known as Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia in the South Pacific.

Collectively, these too made the highest peaks of a land mass of far greater extent than Atlantis. This was Lumuria – or “Mu.” We have no idea what it’s inhabitant may have called it, the name “Lumeria” having been given it in most recent times by scientists who pondered the presence of ring-tailed lemurs on such divergent and utterly isolated spots. Their conclusion being that these places must at one time have been joined.

Strange that the same science does an astounding about-face regarding the native populations of these scattered islands. Dark brown, very primitive and until very lately cannibalistic. It is assumed they each got to where they are by boat. But from where?

The insistence to ignore the overwhelming evidence that mankind and civilization are far older than previously supposed gives rise to an equally erroneous and even dangerous misconception: That civilization is the only one that it has represented an unbroken and uphill climb from the basic beginning – a scant five thousand years ago.

Egypt appearing in our history at it’s apex and well into it’s decline. This doesn’t add up. “Cro-Magnon” types essentially identical to ourselves billed as “cavemen.” refugee would be a more accurate term.

The “Cro-Magnon” coming to displace in Europe one more dark and cannibalistic race of human types – the Neanderthals. While, on the far opposite side of the globe, in the area formerly occupied by Lumeria, no such displacement occurred. The inhabitants remain almost exactly as what they were back before time began. Not only an explosion of nature is pin-pointed by this, but the epicenter of all civilization can be determined by tracing back the enduring ripples.

Back to Atlantis.

Legend of the Vampires

There could be no fiction without fact. Man’s mind just isn’t that inventive. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Why the terrific demand then for fabrication? The longing for escape. The object of distraction. Sometimes, however, for the purpose of instruction when to just come out openly with something would be difficult, if not dangerous, or otherwise self-defeating. The question then becomes: How many will be able to read the message and to how many will it remain merely entertainment?

Those are the risks and those are the constraints whenever conditions are such that a certain truth is, first, generally suppressed and unknown, and second, it just isn’t “healthy” to discuss it openly.

The oldest talking film that still turns up on television is the 1930 version of “Dracula,” staring Bela Lugosi. Basically the stage play caught on film, it was an instant hit and the ultra smooth and sophisticated air that Lugosi brought to the part is the one that remains with it to this day.

However that was not the first filming of “Dracula.”

In 1922, in Germany, F.W. Murnau created the silent masterpiece, “Nosferatu.” Instead of “Dracula,” it was “Count Orlock,” and instead of Transylvania, the setting was Hamburg. These small changes so that no royalties would have to be paid to the widow the author, the Irishman, Bram Stoker. At that, the Murnau version kept a lot closer to the book than the subsequent Hollywood rendition.

There was nothing charming or “sexy” about Nosferatu. He was more the cadaverous monster that Stoker described in his book. The horrific makeup on actor Alfred Abel – billed for the film as “Max Schreck” (schreck meaning “terror” in German) – became progressively worse as the film went on. When, as a child, I first saw clips on Ernie Kovaks “Silence, Please” it scared the hell out of me.

Common knowledge today is the story of the source for Stoker’s protagonist, Dracula. An actual medieval prince named Vlad Tepes, “Vlad the Impaler,” after his harsh treatment of Turkish invaders of his Walachian and Transylvanian domains where, even today, he is honored as a national hero. “Dracula” he inherited from his father, as “Son of the Dragon.”

This was and is no more that poetic or creative licence. Ian Fleming took the name for his character – James Bond – from the author of a series of books on bird-watching. “Bond’s” exploits, however, were real – being essentially Fleming’s own as a former part of British Secret Service.

So where did Stoker derive all the fabulous material with which to surround his own creation? During the 1890’s, when “Dracula” was first written, the folk legend of vampires were still very much alive. Lately, modern investigation had revealed that much of the basis for local vampire hysteria stemmed from outbreaks of tuberculosis at times when disease and the physical symptoms of death and decomposition were generally unknown and superstition ruled.

That’s where the stake through the heart originated but, ironically, it was by the act of opening the graves and desecrating the bodies that the disease itself was spread.

These factual revelations, however fascinating and satisfying, are still only representative of the rich pool of source material from which all skillful authors are free to draw their inspiration and their literary building blocks. This is not where the real legend of the vampires started from, however.

Names and identities, for one thing, are totally unimportant except for those very common minds which thrive upon the anecdote in place of actual phenomenon, real historic event. We’re discussing a plural, not a singular. The legend of the vampires involves a broad and enduring social happening, not a one-time oddity.

Location provides the first genuine clue. The fantasy “vampires” or the tuberculosis scares may have found their venues in and around Transylvania but the real legend stems from a much huger but far less known tract of land a little further to the east, just inside Russia, called the “Pale of Settlement.”

Encompassing the Baltic States, Poland, White Russia and part of the Ukraine, all the way to the Black Sea, this was the area in to which the Czars of Russia ordered the Jews once it had been determined that they, collectively, were a baleful influence upon the national life. Here they were to congregate in relative autonomy to carry on their peculiar religious and business practices.

In earlier articles we’ve discussed Idumean Jews, Turkic people who fell heir to the ancient Temple religion of the Old Testament and then turned it to conform to their own, native ways as “Judaism.” During the Eighth Century, A.D., their racial cousins to the north, the Khazars, themselves converted en masse to Judaism. These were the people now know as “Jews” and who were confined in to the Pale.

Vampires and blood. Inseparable. For one, to such blood directly implies parasitism. It was for primarily this social and economic reason that the Czarist government had felt the necessity to locate all of the sizeable Jewish population together there in the Pale, outside the national life of Great Russia. It was from these urban centers that the Bolshevik movement was born among these Jews and their kin the likes of Lenin (Goldman), Trotsky (Bronstien), Stalin (Dzugashvili), etc. , which culminated in the Russian Revolution of 1918 and the murder of the Czar, his family and approximately thirty million other Russians. The “Red Terror,” during which, by the way, the Christian Church was openly declaring war upon.

A vampire’s aversion to the Christian Cross. Merely a neat, colorful bit of theatrics for the sake of effect? Remember Vlad Tepes, fought in the name of the Cross against the Islamic Turks. Some inversion. Or could this symbolism be more real than it occurs to the average person today: The killers of Christ.

Back to blood and vampires again. Even today, it still comes up in books by the Jews themselves about the “Blood Libel,” or the “Blood Accusation.” To the so-called “anti-Semitic” Movement, this is known as Jewish Ritual Murder. Very simply, as each of their high holy days approached – Purim, Passover, etc. – Christian children would disappear, never to be heard from again. Their throats would be cut, their blood collected and then dried to be made into bread to “celebrate” these holidays. Many saints of the Catholic Church from the Middle Ages are some of these child victims whose identities and fates were established.

Which brings us up to the vampires’ legendary ability to “shape-shift,” to change into other creatures such as the bat of or the wolf. Exactly as a Jew can also be an atheist and yet remain a racial Jew, so too can he become a Zionist, or a Capitalist, a Liberal or a Conservative, etc., and still remain first and foremost a Jew.

The vampire must bring with him a coffin, containing his native soil. Until their false and illegal seizure of Palestine in 1948, Jews literally had no homeland of their own. “The Wandering Jew,” stateless, rootless, without loyalty to anything except other Jews. Yet citizens of every country, concentrating near the centers of wealth and actively pursuing the monopolization of same.

The infernal, notorious strength of the vampire: All are aware, or at least have some appreciation of Jewish involvement in finance. One apocryphal quote, attributed to Jews, is “Give me control over a nation’s wealth and I care not who writes it’s laws.” This simply because, with sufficient money, anyone or anything can be bought – including entire governments, entire medias. With front-men everywhere to do their bidding, with a total curtain, a complete information blind in force, their dictatorship is unseen, largely unsuspected. To quote from Bram Stoker, “The strength of the vampire is that no one believes in him.”

The intimate association of vampires with rats, disease, death, etc. As Adolf Hitler succinctly put it, upon investigating any social malady or curse, if one only probes deeply enough, he’ll invariably uncover a Jew”often quite blinded by the sudden light.” Pornography, narcotics, crime. Worse – social policies leading to national degeneracy and death. Integration and miscegenation. To become the vampire’s victim; to utterly lose one’s soul; to in effect become one of them.

Touched upon in the previous paragraph was the aversion of the vampire to daylight. Certainly, operating always as a criminal conspiracy which must remain hidden from it’s victims – hidden in nature from all except those who have sold out to it – it could not survive exposure, the light of day. The Jews have this one covered through their control of mass media – relegating their accusers to the margins and, at that, working hard to remove our presence from these computer networks. Truth is attacked as “hate.”

Mirrors, of course. The vampire can’t stand his own reflection. He has no reflection. He is a lie. A mirror naturally would reflect this. Hence, a vampire will seek to shatter all mirrors he can find. In precisely the same sense then is this present world order, these “worldly” values, all that passes for “reality” a damnable lie, the fabrication of the Jewish which it is designed to serve. And we, the Movement, are the mirrors. “Hate laws” coming into vogue where all the stonewalling and slander of the past have failed.

Dracula’s objective? To invade the West, of course.

Remember that when Stoker first penned his novel, the Jews were just completing their grip over the inner-workings of the great nations of the world. It was in the 1890’s that the, top-most International Jews met in Switzerland to hammer out their infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the blueprint for moving on to outright political control of the earth.

Now that too has become accomplished fact.

If you’ve noticed the society seeming a little weak or anemic lately, or diseased and repulsive, and you can’t figure out why, go back and carefully re-read the full novel for further clues to the mystery.

Or, maybe you’d still prefer the “safe” fiction over my dangerous reality.

Go back to sleep.

Nighty, night!

Whose is the Master Plan

About the year 1897 a gathering of powerful but shadowy international figures met in Switzerland for the purpose of codifying a strategy for total world domination. Primarily representing high finance, the specifics were to discuss just how to extend this already established control inside the respective countries they came from into comprehensive dominance over every aspect of national life and ultimately to subject formerly sovereign states under their one-world government-to-be.

Endless guesswork could be put forth as to the identities of these personalities, although the majority and their names would probably mean nothing to history. Such is the case with those who hold the actual power. And as much was declared by Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister under Queen Victoria. One individual however undoubtedly had to be Theodore Herzl who is known to history as the Father of Zionism. For this was the meeting of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Their document, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, actually the minutes of that meeting, was leaked to the outside world however, a copy making it to the British Museum, another into the hands of the Russian Czar who mass reproduced it for distribution as a warning to the world. The Jews of the world joined together in condemning it as “fake” and as a “forgery.” Naturally, what else could they say? What is Zionism? Precisely that which is reflected within the pages of the Protocols. A movement among Jews to enact a world government with themselves in exclusive charge, over the heads of the rest of the people of the world – “Gentiles” or Goyim,” as the Jews call them. They identify themselves as the ones whom God gave his covenant, by which to rule the world. Some people will imagine that this spirit of Zionism is what animated the Jews of the world to seize Palestine and rename it Israel for a national homeland. Few realize that this one act in a much broader program only delivered into their hands the intended seat of their future world dictatorship.

Note well that the Arabs would have long ago, in their own words, “driven the Jews in the Sea,” were it not for the 100% backing of the United States. But is it truly “backing” or is it what only is to be expected on the part of state having some time ago ceased to function in it’s own interests and now only reacts to commands of it’s real, hidden masters – the Jews themselves?

Conscious yet hidden. That defines conspiracy. If it were a covenant with God, it wouldn’t require stealth or deceit. Yet, note the identity of those primarily upon whose backs all this manipulation and consolidation of power has proceeded. Those ones whose very destiny carries them to dominion over the earth: The white nations of Europe and America. Here is the true covenant. Jews only represent a parasite carried in the bloodstream. “The Elect of God” are almost entirely blind to themselves, exactly as foretold in the Bible.

Well enough to toss off the insidious outline contained in The Protocols as “forgery” in the beginning. Within a few decades the precepts of the Protocols began to be played out on the world stage. The Federal reserve, World War One, the murder of the Czar and his family in revenge, Communist revolution, the death blow to the foundation of White society. By 1920’s, Henry Ford, Sr., was able to aptly observe that even if the Protocols were forgeries, the Jews of the world were following them to the letter, as a blueprint.

Things were proceeding at a lightning pace. Europe and Russia were done. The colored world as yet remained basically within the context of the European empires. There remained the United States. The Great Depression and then the New Deal. Social Security, Income Tax – all the underlayment of what is referred to in Revelation as 666, the mark of the Beast, without which no one could buy or sell. In short, no one could survive. If the Anti-Christ had a face, or more than one face, then Franklin Roosevelt must surely have been a large part of it.

By 1933, it was done. Movement old-timers will already know that within Roosevelt’s regime,the “New Deal,” the spirit and the commitment was that of Soviet Communism. Except that, here again, the American people themselves wanted no part of it. So things had to move carefully ahead in disguise. But this fact itself would indicate positively that the actual nature of this Jewish Millennium was in reality that of Stalinist Russia. It doesn’t get any more brutal and ugly than that.

It was all admiration for the “reforms for the workers” in the Soviet Union as far as the media of the world was concerned. And we know who already had come to own and operate the media. The same style of government was being set up here just as fast as the people – battered and scared to death by the artificially induces Depression – could be conned into it. In working fact, it was a done deal.

Then appeared Adolf Hitler who first took Germany out of the world apparatus – then called the League of Nations – the very linchpin nation originally targeted by Lenin as key to world revolution. The most advanced nation on earth outside the Jewish sphere and fully reawakened just as in the slogan of Hitler’s Nazi Party: “Deutschland erwache!,” Germany awaken!

With but minor exceptions, the rest of the world declared war on Germany right away in 1933, albeit in strictly economic form at first. Finally a hot war was ignited in 1939. Germany accounted for itself magnificently well for six years before being snuffed out by the weight of the world in 1945. Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary, Henry Morganthua, Jr., had previously devised a plan to erase Germany as a country by appointing it’s lands to it’s neighbors, dismantling it’s industry and allowing it’s population to starve. Jewish revenge.

This plan was proceeding according to schedule until the over-action of the Soviets prompted a reaction in the United State. Anti-Communism. The Cold War. Pressure on Germany was relaxed though the respective armies of occupation remained as each side clung to it’s share of that all-important country. Each of the two Germanies soon rose again to pre-eminence in the world. And the original scheme of the Protocols was ruined, thanks to the sacrifice of Adolf Hitler and Germany.

Soviet Communism fell – the only conceivable fate for a system of terror based on lies, having been denied consummation for almost fifty years. The only hope for the Jewish Dictatorship now would have to come through the West where it still was required to conceal itself behind a mark of “democracy” and operate through nominally “White” politicians, or Judasgoats.

Which brings us to the present time and place. The tool of the Jews, George Bush, after leading one more war against a sovereign nation awoke to the Zionist conspiracy – Iraq – himself declared the “New World Order.” There it is. The form to be fleshed at by a Soviet-style reality. And that in proceeding grace. The master plan appears to be within reach of it’s goal: Naked, outright control. Without the requirement to pretenses of front men or branch offices.

The Protocols won’t be fulfilled minus that “brass ring” of openly-declared Jewish world government. An insane ultimate requirement for an insane plan. The wrecked “League of Nations” was quickly replaced by the “United Nations.” While the symbolic seat of their world power is in Israel, the functional seat is the United States itself – the Whore of Babylon, the Beast System.

But there is a hitch to this and I can see it even if you can’t.

We’ve already seen it with the fate of the Soviet system. Lies don’t work. They can be inflated and enforced by coercion and terror but only as long as actual substance by which the rules can pay their hired minions to do their bidding. The substance must be real not a lie. Also, there has to remain some skeletal framework of an actual society over which the covering of lies can drape and be supported. In short, the very essence of what the parasitic conspiracy first set its sights upon to attack.

As any student of World Jewry will well know, their ultimate control equals destruction. Lies consume everything living, of worth, and leave only an impossible, unworkable mess in their wake. The “Midas Touch” in reverse. American society we see today just as such – and worsening rapidly.

To the perfectly detached and objective person I ask how long can these trends continue? Is there or is there not a bottom coming up? Is there or is there not a certain climax approaching? Like the story of the dog who chased cars, what would he do if he caught one?

Dictatorship is here now. Make no mistake. They continue to fumble around with old and familiar forms out of habit but in effect it is dictatorship. The hidden enemy wormed his way into all aspects of national life and succeeded in knocking the natural order way off base, in line with his own Protocols. He assumed control. However, as a result of doing what had to be done to take this control, the object itself was killed. That is a healthy, viable society. With total dominance, the society has come to resemble it’s actual master – the Jews. Insane because of their very impurities. That can’t stand on its own. It can only be supported as a parasite within a healthy organism. The organism is itself now about dead.

Now to the Revelation of St. John.

“Therefore rejoice ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabitors of the earth and of the sea! For the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation12:12.

Satanic – Jewish – rule will last only as long as this current System lasts. It is their system and it is dying as I write these words simply because it is death itself and with its own triumph it has consumed all life. Whether it realizes this or will admit it to itself is immaterial. Any but a fool can see it and, more to the point, the System’s reactions – not the use of the term reactions, for the System is no longer call the shots but is now subject to the consequences of its own policies – are the witnesses that the Beast is now feeding upon itself.

Every move we witness today coming from the government – the Beast – is geared at least as much toward keeping the pieces from flying apart and the foundation from crumpling as it is toward just encroaching their power as in times past. They are feeling the necessity of extraordinary measures now as their empire beings to turn to sand between their fingers, as the very fabric of the society they transformed into their image begins simply to no longer work. A police state will buy it a little more time but eventually all will come up bankrupt. Wrath is the reaction of those whose utopia this is – or was.

Wrath directed toward an impossible situation and against all those who have called it as it is.

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?’” Revelation 13:4

The fate of those within and without the United States who may come into opposition with it’s policies or who may merely seek to exclude themselves from them. The Beast even in death, the unchallenged power on earth.

Even direct reference to “the synagogue of Satan, which says there are Jews, and are not, but do lie;” Revelation, 3:9.

The end? “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” Revelation, 13:10

“And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:,” Revelation 2:26

With awareness should come an increase in patience. Not so much faith as such a great portion of it has already come to pass. How could anyone doubt the outcome?

Who possessed the master plan? Those who contrived to dethrone order – an succeeded – or that which foresaw it from the beginning and set forth its outcome way in advance?


Inescapable is it that a diligent examination of the various kinds of phenomena will lead you to what I reluctantly call “religion.” Relevant because those in whose charge it officially rests have so betrayed it and given it such a bad name. I might even go further and state that neither is even that an accident.

Not a case of the blind man each studying part of the elephant, only to arrive at each one his own, different conclusion of what an elephant is like. Rather a legitimate and accurate worldview is what we are after. What the old-time Germans called “weltanschauung.”

At this point it would be overly presumptuous to think that anyone held the full and complete truth. However, I will risk it an say that we on this website are more onto the right track than anyone else of which we are aware. And we maintain an email address for anyone to point out any error to us and to set us straight.

This we would welcome. But in well over thirty years it has not been forthcoming. We have grown and expanded, slowly and sometimes painfully on our own but it never has occurred that anyone or anything has even come close to overturning our basis or casting doubt as to the course we have followed.

And still we grow and learn.

Compare that to the blind and rigid dogmatism not only of the Church but of every artificial, man-made philosophy. then realize that it is all of these which govern the world. And then you might begin to understand why not only things are the way thy are but why there is no hope of things getting better.

And these churches especially, which are all false doctrine and misunderstanding, preach about the necessity of faith. Faith in what? Not knowing what God even is, much less what his will is, unable to accurately discern anymore between good and evil, totally ignorant of the timeless and universal panorama, when they speak of “faith” it amounts to admonishing you to freeze your mind and don’t think.

For, if it were entirely out of your hands, I doubt the great Phrophets and Martyrs would have bothered to shed their blood. And if there were no variables at all with regard to human awareness and action, I certainly do not believe the dominant World System would go so far out of its way to persecute those who bear the truth now in the present day. (And I do not refer to today’s Christian Church.)

I have tied it all to the role played by extraterrestrials, surely at the summit of any list of anyone’s para-normal phenomena. They colonized Earth half a million years ago in order to spread and to perpetuate their own DNA. There was something left undone, some schism, some mutiny that has resulted in the fruits of this inter-galactic experiment slipping and falling into grave danger of being destroyed. Of disappearing – There is the great contention then. Nothing more or less.

But the end is written. It can go no other way. God – or the gods – come back to rescue their seed at the last moment.

Still, the individual is urgently beseeched to wake up an d to choose his side consciously and deliberately before the chips at last are down. This reveals something that I’m still trying to come to grips with.

For, if it is already said and done, why then did the Prophet cry out – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”? If indeed it is all set in stone, why do we of the Movement devote our lives to spreading the word?

Extraterrestrials and the End of Time? To me right away here is suggested inter-dimensional time-travel. For – intelligently speaking – you cannot have the one without the other. This implies directly that it has all happened already – at least once. They saw it, recorded it and revealed it to a very select few individuals – seers and prophets, etc.

Forget the fakes, enough of it is real.

Today’s religions largely then are separate takeoffs on the tone, actual event of countless millennia ago. Just like the blind men and the elephant. Might this explain what’s behind the positive insistence of many upon that phenomenon called reincarnation? And even among those who don’t traditionally embrace that concept, what about deja vu?

No physicist, I am nonetheless convinced of two things: That the end will come just as it has been written; But that, despite the fact that it appears to be a never-ending story, our own individual free will comes into play each time. Is this how the great Creator hammers out perfection in his creation?

How else? What else?

So somehow it’s not a mirror-image or an instant replay. If the outcome itself then is never in danger, what else? It could be nothing than we ourselves as individuals.

It becomes more encouraging at that point as it then would seem that we count as individuals. Not everyone is going to be visited or handed a vision. But most everyone ought to be able to begin to figure it all out. That is,unless they are total wastes of time. Sadly, most are just that. Well, maybe they’ll get to try again later.

Remember that I base all of this on one consideration. Either the Bible is grounded in fact or it is not. If it is not, we can drop it now. If it is however, we need desperately to explore the form these facts took. The world of phenomena.

And know to faith.

To us “faint-hearted mortals” who can’t quite see and grasp the next or the missing equation, the same God as created mathematics – algebra – also gave us his own track-record as well as the code to understand it.

Fortunate times we live in when 99% of that track-record can be reviewed for comparison with the words of the ancient prophets. Checked for accuracy, as it were, for all doubters and skeptics. If you have the capability to understand the code, the key to the riddle is yours. But how much actual “faith” is required when the track-record we are speaking of is running absolutely true? Why doubt that remaining 1%.

The significance of the individual? This is and has been, after all, a DNA experiment. A case of biologically carried out traits. Only a remnant of an elect will possess the desire or the capacity to come to this. Obviously, this instinct and this awareness must both be well in place ahead of a certain moment when critical decision-making will be called for.

The object, of course, will be the re-joining with the Father.

Why Kennedy Was Killed

In 1918 sons were born to two well-to-do New England families. John F. Kennedy and George Lincoln Rockwell. Their times and lives would bear a great many similarities and both would end in assassination. Both went into politics following their military careers. Both were killed by the same forces. It is the reasons why – as they were totally opposite – which contain the secret to understanding.

Joseph P. Kennedy made his fortune through the bootlegging of liquor during Prohibition. With this new-found wealth he sought to parlay it into political power. His intention was to buy the office of president for his eldest son, Joe, Jr. But he was killed in the Second World War. It then fell to the second son, John.

George Lovejoy Rockwell was headlining comedian in Vaudeville also during the same period, later becoming a successful newspaper columnist. Both the elder Kennedy and Rockwell were intimates with many of the Hollywood crowd of that day. However, “Doc” Rockwell harbored no overweening ambition for his first son, Lincoln, or “Link, ” though he did display many of his father’s own talents toward showmanship – and leadership.

Kennedy, attending Harvard, and Rockwell attending Brown, both enlisted in the U.S. Navy in the Second World War. Kennedy, due to his later political fame is remembered for being in charge of P.T. 109 as an ensign in the Pacific Theater of War. Rockwell, never a media darling is unknown of having coordinated the air support for the retaking of Guam, also in the Pacific, as a lieutenant commander.

Both men had first wives from whom they were divorced in the early 1950’s. However, as for Kennedy being a Catholic an heading for national politics, it was left up to his father’s fortune to not only grease the path but to hush it up as Americans then were not receptive to such things. Both men married a second time.

Kennedy was officially launched into politics in the way that had already by then became essentially the only way if one were to seriously expect any “success”: Through the influence of money and through selling out his services to the powers that existed behind the scenes. Rockwell entered upon a career as a commercial artist even as he raised a large family.

Here was the great divide.

What Kennedy was selling out to in order to achieve personal prestige, Rockwell was only then beginning to uncover the true nature of to his alarm and dismay. Not for personal reasons did Rockwell enter politics, but in order to save his country and his people from the hidden World Enemy. For Kennedy, it was a game, a “job.” For Rockwell, it was a duty, a calling.

Up the ladder from congressman to senator, Kennedy was groomed as the Democratic candidate for president in 1960. The previous year, Rockwell after a nine-year career as a political conservative, decided it was time to come all the way out and announced his forming of the American Nazi Party.

As Kennedy was being carefully promoted for the nation’s highest office, it was required of him to play down his associations with the likes of Sammy Davis, Jr., and his White wife, Mai Brit, as the American people still solidly rejected such things. The people couldn’t know the real nature of the man chosen for them as their new “leader.” For he was chosen to lead them in a direction they did not want to go.

Rockwell, already announcing himself as presidential candidate for the year 1972, as a National Socialist, expounded a program of the most stringent anti-Marxism in all of it’s many guises, including “democracy” and “liberalism”, with greatest emphasis upon racial solidarity and exposure of undue and hidden Jewish influence within the American body-politic. As one who recalls the times very well, this is what was in the hearts of the people, not the kind of world – which now engulfs us – that Kennedy was put in harness to produce against the wishes of the people.

Of course the balance was struck by, the power of the Media – owned and operated as it was and still is – by Jews and their puppets. What represented the actual will of the people and that which in their best national interests was labelled as “bad” and “evil” by the opinion-forming media which was in the hands of their worst enemies. While that which represented national decay and death only a few generations away was being hailed as everything “good” and “progressive.”

Rockwell knew what he was doing as he launched into his openly Nazi career: He was literally sacrificing his life for his people in a desperate attempt to awaken them form the death sleep which they had been lulled into. Poverty and slander were to be his lot for the next nine years.

Kennedy, too, had some idea what he was doing by selling out to the power of the Jews: Committing the most foul treason imaginable against the very people he was sworn to serve. But while he lived, he experienced the kind of riches and “reward” that the power of Mammon can bestow.

Climbing no ladders, making no deals Rockwell immersed himself in a non-stop campaign to awaken the American people – who were essentially leaderless against a world conspiracy which was making it’s headquarters here in the United States – to the deadly danger that was fast enveloping them even as they savored their Post War prosperity. Few saw or felt the “need” as they escaped into their own materialism and into the suburbs.

Kennedy, first selling out to the Jews, had at the last minute enlist the aid of the Mafia in order to swing enough labor union votes to barely ease out Richard Nixon in the national election. As his first act as president, Kennedy withheld air support form the Cuban anti-Communist effort known as the “Bay of Pigs”, causing it to fail and leaving Fidel Castro in power. Here he earned some of his first deadly enemies.

That done, the media arranged a face-saving, incident known as the “Cuban Missile Crisis.” The upshot of that was, while the American people were held in terror of a nuclear war, the stage was set for the “deal” whereby the United States would remove it’s strategic missiles from Turkey if the Soviet Union would remove theirs from Cuba. So the Communists gained the island of Cuba and succeeded in getting the U.S. missiles out of Turkey. Some “great achievement.” Some “hero.”

All throughout, at each step along the way, Rockwell would expose all of this within his own tiny and struggling Party publication whose circulation held to within the thousands by the terrific and unrelenting officially declared press blackout. The people basically never knew what was being done to them.

Second only to hidden, alien conspiracy in control of society’s working as the upper-most issue, was it’s own primary thrust via the national power it had illegitimately usurped: The policy of racial integration. Here was where the people were feeling it and were openly rebelling. All across the country but, most especially in the South.

Following the military loss of the Civil War the South continued a guerrilla struggle on against it’s federal occupiers in order to maintain White society and to drive out the “carpetbaggers” – as General Grant himself identified them, mainly Jews from the North come to prey upon the prostrate South. The valiant efforts of the original Ku Klux Klan succeeded in doing just that by 1876.

And so the South and the nation maintained a delicate balance for the next century under the “separate but equal” system of “Jim Crow”, or racial segregation. An impossible situation demanding resolution, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Kennedy’s predecessor Eisenhower, had already used the National Guard to force racial integration of schools of Little Rock, Arkansas. Government now once again the enemy of the people. In a unified sign of protest against the invasion of sovereignty, many of the Southern states incorporated the Battle Flag of the Confederacy into their own state flags. The Ku Klux Klan experienced a dramatic revival as it appeared the people were preparing to fight.

This vicious campaign Kennedy inherited just as he had inherited Cuba and, also, Vietnam. Coming more into light all the time is the documentation that Kennedy was planning the complete U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, to certainly be accomplished by his second term in office. This would have upset anti-Communists as well as those in control of the military-industrial complex who stood to gain – or lose – an unimaginable fortune. More deadly enemies.

No sooner than elected, Kennedy put his younger brother, Robert, in the office of Attorney General. Immediately, Bobby Kennedy betrayed their erstwhile allies of organized crime and went after the Mafia and organized Labor. Particularly one powerful and independent anti-Communist branch, the Teamsters Union and their leader, James Hoffa. In a secret meeting with George Lincoln Rockwell, Hoffa explained that it was this very independence that had caused him to be singled out by Kennedy.

More enemies.

Word now is that Kennedy sought to place the blame for the “Bay of Pigs” on the C.I.A. and supposedly was overheard to have said he intended to disband the organization and “smash it to bits.” Not good.

All this plus a vice president – the powerful but uncharismatic Lyndon Johnson – who hated and resented him, a “young upstart” who hadn’t paid his dues. The money and power brokers know they can depend on an endless line of those who are ready and willing to sell out in order to advance themselves. Not good, again.

But this is not what killed Kennedy.

It was his foot-dragging, his apparent reluctance, as “moral leader” of the racial integration program which, first angered and, and then alarmed his masters. All of the rest could have been in check for they all shared – and share – the same master: The Sanhedrin, the Kehilla, the Illuminati – World Jewry.

George Lincoln Rockwell was not the only former U.S. military officer who had come to the conclusion that, to quote Rockwell, “every thing that we had fought for in the War was being turned over to the Communists.” These were the days when Jewish Hollywood was turning out such viciously anti-military films as “Seven Days in May” and “Doctor Strangelove.” The Jews still hated and feared the military. Kennedy had been military and was looking unreliable.

The time-honored Jewish solution: Murder.

In newly-released White House footage, a bug-eyed and physically ugly Kennedy can be seen and overhead in telephone conversation with Southern governors, pleading with them to “play along” with him in his monstrously treacherous plan to sell the American people out “nice n easy”, without confrontation. Somehow however, this was not suiting the Jewish plan. They wanted boldness. They needed a coup d’ etat of their own to forestall the one they felt was on the way from the reactionary military unless the deadlock was soon broken.

Everyone now knows what a conspiracy was behind the actual assassination of Kennedy. A masterful job of “damage control” on the part of the media is the significant thing, not the killing of a head of state.

Of all the elements that rightfully could have wanted Kennedy dead, the only one not having a hand in his death was the very one he had most grievously damaged: White America. It was therefore decided the assassination would be staged in Dallas – a Right Wing hot-bed – and would be blamed on the “Racist Right” in order to literally kill two birds with one stone: Remove Kennedy and swing public passion against all forms of reaction. A veritable “Pearl Harbor” repeat at home.

One patsy, one low-level operative in the huge conspiracy was inadvertently apprehended. Otherwise nothing could have stopped the wave of hysteria and backlash upon which the plans of the Jews would have ridden like a steamroller over all opposition. But there was Oswald and Oswald had a Communist background. The assassination was in deadly danger of backfiring if Oswald should talk. The backlash would have been against the conspiracy.

Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubinstein), Oswald’s immediate superior within the conspiracy, who had a record not only in organized crime but the Communist movement, whose apartment Oswald had been enroute to at the Dallas Police Station and then, as soon as Oswald indicated he was willing to talk, moved in to kill him in the old fashioned “Murder, Inc.” way.

The terrific discipline on the part of the media, that Ruby was a “distraught Kennedy admirer acting out his grief for Mrs. Kennedy” and Ruby’s own great discipline in sacrificing his own life in the name of his rotten “cause.” A perfect example of the kind of grip of absolute terror which this nation and the world is in. All these sell-out “leaders” know the same awaits them should they ever break rank.

More sobering, the unbelievable control wielded by the conspiracy by which a thing like the Kennedy assassination and it’s subsequent cover up could be orchestrated, utilizing each of the huge elements – Mafia, CIA, FBI, Dallas Police, Cubans, the media and his own vice president – all of them powers in their own right, as though they were mere marionettes. An “open” and “free” society? An illusion of monumental proportions.

Murder and cover-up had been part and parcel of Kennedy’s presidency all along. Marilyn Monroe, killed before she could blow the whistle on both Kennedy and his brother, Bobby, now that she was pregnant by one of them. The president of South Vietnam, Diem, when he chose not to sell out his own people as Kennedy was suggesting. Now it was Kennedy’s own turn.

The part of the plan that was kept to was the deification of their own throw-away boy. Kennedy was seen to be of more use to them dead than alive – an automatic warrant of death for any who so carelessly permits such a situation to develop. Onto the U.S. half dollar, Cape Canaveral renamed for the time being “Cape Kennedy,” in New York, Idyllwild Airport renamed “Kennedy International.” Boulevards and buildings across the country named for Kennedy. He still turns up at flea markets on day-glo tapestries, along with Elvis Presley – Kings of the Unthinking.

More to the point, now Lyndon Johnson could stand up in Congress and solemnly intone the phrase that the best and most fitting way the representatives of the nation could honor the fallen, beloved president was by enacting without delay all the “Civil Rights” legislation that had been piling up until then. Johnson could be photographed shaking hands with the scoundrel, Martin Luther King (soon to be murdered by the same people for the same reason) Whereas Kennedy could never himself countenance such a thing.

And the nation got Vietnam.

The greater portion of all this was laid out and published in the Rockwell Report even before the year 1963 was out. Way ahead of all the “Jim Garrisons” and “Oliver Stones.” However the press stanglehold still held and people never knew. Sometimes pieces of the lie do come out but not before it is too late for anyone to react appropriately.

On August 25th, 1967, near his Arlington, Virginia, headquarters, George Lincoln Rockwell was shot and killed in ambush by a sniper. One “Oswald” type was convicted of the crime. As he did not make the mistake of talking, he lived to see freedom again. The conspiracy trails lead off in two separate directions and taper off into thin air. Hardly of any true importance. It was one more System hit.

But Rockwell was killed because he had taken his stand against the conspiracy and was approaching success. His gradual, grudging breakthroughs against the media blackout, his warm receptions before college audiences, his recent “Great White March” in Chicago the year before. And the rumor that certain high-ranking military leaders were about to come out openly in support of Rockwell – Marine Corps General “Chesty” Puller among them caused the conspiracy to act once again.

Rockwell’s successor group quickly devolved into a cult of personality, and faded away. While, during the 1970’s, the truly patriotic an nationalistic leaders were retired ahead of their time and replaced by more pliable and willing “politically correct” career stooges.

Meanwhile the process has continued uninterrupted while the media keeps everyone asleep and docile.

Two lives, two careers, two deaths.

So parallel yet so divergent.

Part of the world just beneath the surface that you are not allowed to see.


A number of trends are concurrent throughout the Bible. One, Jews begin to outweigh Israelites. Two, the contact between God and man grows ever more distant. And, three, sacrifices all but cease. This is no accident or coincidence. Rather, it is all part of the trend to corruption and alienation which makes up the tragedy recorded in the Bible.

As one who grew up at a time when the Bible was lightly dismissed as fairy tale, the business of sacrifice seemed the epitome of superstitious folly and barbarism. However, as things matured with the fullness of time, on ecould not only see the “miracle” as manifestations of super high-tech on the part of a race of extra-terrestrials, but one could also see the lamentations as the very mirror of social development as we have them today.

So much space is devoted to sacrifice and in such great detail, can we then afford to write it off as useless appendage?

Only perfect specimens would do. Nothing blemished. Only certain animals. Only certain portions, prepared a certain way. Some sacrificed were given to the priests. Some were consumed by the people themselves. Others were burnt as offerings to God, to send him a “pleasing aroma.” The most stark description of any Biblical sacrifice came as part of the dedication of the Temple of Solomon when, in front of the whole assembly, the fire, or the beam of light, came down from the cloud and consumed the offering.

That moment probably represented the very height in the history of Israel in the Holy Land. For it was from there downhill all the way. Evidence suggests that Solomon himself was the offspring of King David by a Hittite woman – Bathsheba. In other words, he was basically half-Jewish. Furthermore he took for himself innumerable wives and concubines from the “women of the land”, or “strange wives.”

If the great king himself could turn his back on God’s commands and transgress the Law in the manner, we must suppose that people there and then became much the same as this people here and now – an abomination in the eyes God to the point where he ultimately turned his back on them, leaving them to their fate. Complete collapse, destruction and captivity.

Some could cite endless historic examples which first lost their ethnic integrity and then slid down the ladder to degradation and death as only the logical and predictable result. But we have within the pages of the Bible the “joker” or “wild card” of sacrifices directly to God to weigh into the equation.

Is it real or is it garbage? And if it is real, what was it’s form and purpose?

From the days of Genesis when God literally walked with man on earth, to the sons of gods marrying the daughter of men, to the wiping out of the resultant confusion with the Deluge of Noah, to Moses talking with God but not seeing his face to the cloud in the sky over the Exodus bringing a pillar of smoke by day and a column of fire by night, to speaking only through prophets, finally disappearing altogether as man became utterly base and degraded. And with that estrangement went the sacrifice – a token of man’s oneness with his God.

God plainly said through the prophets that he wanted no more offerings from these people as in their hears they really worshipped some foreign god and not himself. And so it was an so they perished. Seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

But not so really. Their corruption led to the downfall of that civilization in that time and place, it led to their being “scattered”, with their eyes shut as to their identity and legacy. It led to a new beginning and greatness unheard of just as prophesied. They were now the Anglo-Saxons of Europe and their kin in the far-flung colonies. No longer “Israel” but now Christendom, yet still, assuredly Isaac’s sons – Saxons.

But there never was again that kind of Godly presence as in the days of old. There was only prophecy to be guided by. A great scenario had to be played out with the majority of the players unconscious even as to their own roles.

Up into the present time. All of the lowest of the low symptoms of a people and a society in decay as could be found in the darkest pages of the Old Testament are everywhere seen as “normal” and “accepted” – if not official policy – in this world today. Any astute person can easily see the end of it coming up. It is the Apocalypse, nothing short.

That ought to speak for itself.

However, in opening this piece I referred to super high-tech in the most ancient times. Man may sink into barbarity and superstition but that doesn’t mean that “God” also changed accordingly. If our own progenitor from space got fed up with us on account of our “hard hearts” and “stiff necks,” if we, buy our own folly, are today governed by those very ones whom “God” commanded us to wipe out – who later became known as “Jews” – and if he today remains totally aloof from our presence, who can hardly take it as a sign of his non-existence. It only means that he is the very self-same “jealous god” that he said he was.

There’s only one way that a life-long and militant atheist like myself can subscribe so wholeheartedly to the Bible and that is by recognizing that all of it had its start in a great truth and it degenerated form there – as did man himself. That great truth is that God was and is a race of colonizing extraterrestrials who came here to start a biological experiment with their DNA. History then is only a record of the travails, the near misses and close-calls of that colony. It only just makes sense.

And they’re here today, hovering close. Closer than in a very long time, especially since the close of the Second World War when Satan drew his knot tight around his control of all earth. That tightening coincided with a suddenly intensified and newly clarified and understood phenomena of the U.F.O. for me, the conclusion and the correlation is inescapable.

The narrow and exclusive U.F.O. investigators apparently have not made any correlation between the ongoing livestock mutilations, which appear to have no explanation, and the practice of animal sacrifice in the Old Testament. To me, when I first read it, it leaped out at me, as inescapable as the rest.

Or, if anyone else has made the connection, they’ve seen fit to keep it to themselves. Spooky in a very real sense.

The very definition of “atheist” means one who does not accept the existence of “deities.” In other words, all is mortal. There is nothing “supernatural.” A meat eating God.

What he’ll no longer accept form man he seems willing and capable – and desirous enough – to take on his own.

Better explanations are invited.


With the final twelve months of the Twentieth Century now ticking past, I feel it is well to enter my own retrospective on this most unique period of time in history. Having lived and witnessed its last half, despite the terrible nature of much that is represented by it, I nonetheless cannot escape a certain feeling of nostalgia for this most tumultuous of times. We lived it, it was our life and along with everything else, we laughed. There’ll not be another like it.

Three elements go together to make the Twentieth Century what it was: Though Western Man entered it as a nominal master of all the earth, he was, even then, under alien domination at all critical levels of all of what still, at that time, were taken to be his own, sovereign states; And although the level of Western culture had achieved the highest degree – probably – of any civilization ever, the invading parasites were even then perfectly position to begin their work of undermining it; Finally, as if to offset the foregoing which, in any case, was as yet far from apparent, the explosion of Western technology – once again in alien hands – actually only served to hasten the effect, the speed which, as far as I’m concerned, will remain the salient feature of the century.

Watershed is perhaps the best term to use in describing the events of the Twentieth Century. The unbroken climb from the fall of Rome despite the unceasing fratricidal rivalries amongst the people of the West as they scarcely realized who they were and what their mission was, now was going to be halted and reversed by these same internal parasites as they not only capitalized upon but actually orchestrated the two suicidal conflicts of World Wars One and Two.

Traditions lacking “why” and “wherefore” were prime targets for brand new subversion, especially in the wake of a calamity such as the so-called “Great War” of 1914-1918. An entire order was swept away and its place was introduced – in it’s most distilled form – Communism all across Western civilization. Actually, a revolt against civilization in its essence. One might not recognize Leninism or Stalinism here today in the seat of the “New World Order” but there in lies the secret of its success in overturning natural order in under a hundred years.

Globalism was the goal as set forth in 1897 in Basil, Switzerland, when the meeting of the Learned Elders of Zion was convened. Today it is an accomplished reality. One economy, no sovereign states, and an overlordship which is both unseen and unknown. Certainly one also which is unelected and not responsible to anyone. It has only to step forward in its own good time and declare itself for what it always has been. That, of course, will make up one of the pivotal moment of the Twenty-first Century.

I have always envied my parents who were able to live in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Disastrous as it surely was, it was equally rich in what had been build up over the proceeding two millennia. Destroyed upon the crucible of two insane World Wars, all in the name of the very highest ideals, engineered by our worst enemies who had burrowed themselves deeply into every government hierarchy, instrumented by probably the worst, most traitorous sell-outs ever in history, and fought by the last generation of true Men of the West – whether “victorious” or defeated in battle, utterly duped and, in effect, warring against themselves – it again was not immediately apparent to the participants.

The lot of my generation – those with the awareness to know what it was they were really living through and witnessing – was to watch the freshly killed corpse as it passed through the various stages of decomposition. All life and vitality gone, no real collective national spirit or will, just the worsening signs of decay. Naturally, the alien masters painted all this as “progress,” “justice,” “fairness,” etc.. With everything of real value or worth now defamed and discredited, the focus and the rush turned to crass materialism and to notions equally bankrupt and silly. The natural hunger and striving within thus totally thwarted and denied, the great and common masses – the very “West” itself – were now fully primed to self-destruct on the family and individual basis.

With an alien overlordship controlling everything at the top and with an ever-broadening alien, colored population filtering up from below, the fabric of the very society quickly began to show the strain. Long ago having been born into this displays multiple symptoms of plain insanity. I at least can remember when it was not so. But I’m showing some age.

I remember my parents’ generation quite plainly in shock and amazement when I was young over what had gone wrong with their world, where their posterity was heading for, the general and increasing deplorabilty of things as a whole. Too much into destroying one’s own future. One does however reap what he sows. Mercifully, my parents have long since left this life. Maybe, toward the end, they got a glimmer of reality and forsake that for which they imagined they were fighting – everything held dear and represented by Western Civilization.

In my treatises about ancient history, and even pre-history, I can toss around concepts such as “give or take ten thousand years or so” and still be effectively on the mark. No longer. Things are racing toward some cosmic conclusion and the most terrific changes take place from year to year. Never before. It is as though time itself is being tightly compressed, moving rapidly toward critical mass. Truly, given these trends and the speed at which they are playing themselves out, history itself can be said to have entered a vortex.

The Twentieth Century has been my home. For good or for ill, I’ve been able to witness a progression of events that otherwise would have required the passage of several centuries. And that is nothing to be overlooked. It carries its own kind of satisfaction especially if one has been fortunate enough to be permitted to hold the key to it all. Nothing self-congratulatory, I can see the pattern that’s there for all to see if they had the desire – and if they were allowed to know.

It requires a person absolutely lost to be unable to at least recognize trends. But that, unfortunately describes the majority. However, that does nothing to affect the course of those same trends not does it exert any influence whatever on the final outcome. But “lost” would aptly describe these people today, the spiritual, genetic – the literal-heirs of Western Civilization. Events would seems to be closely in for the kill. That climax, again, is held in reserve for the century that is about to dawn.

A century in retrospect. Certainly this would beg the question of which personality would stand forth most clearly as Man of the Century. The mouth pieces representing the monopolized elements of all the media will nominate the standard few from among the most notable sell-outs to the trends I’ve outlined previously, those representing falsehood, deception and nation destruction. However, those in possession of the great pattern, and at the same time who are aware of the great purpose, will reject all these and will know – beyond any shadow of a doubt – exactly who the only true Man of the Century can be.

The man who, on a world scale, bucked and very nearly reversed the trend to death. The man, of all world leaders in charge of a great, Western nation, who was not sold out, who was not part of the plan of the Learned Elders. The man who, as a result, a century ago, usurped legitimate authority and today wrestle hopelessly with their fruits. The man who will dominate all until the truth and true order come to reclaim the earth once again, after all this rottenness has collapsed. The only genuine hero in an era of cowards, whose image stands in ever increasing contrast to the baseness of the age. The one sent to split the otherwise total darkness and herald the Golden Age to follow – Adolf Hitler.

And there is the final line. The only stand-out against a backdrop of shame and betrayal. The world may curse him as it once cursed his forerunner two thousand years ago. In their blindness and miserability they may hate him even as they love their own damnation. Not only does it change nothing, it only underscores the reality.

As we bid a mixed farewell to the Twentieth Century, we may know that, the resolution and outcome of all of today’s most pressing issues will come somewhere within the Twenty-first, when Adolf Hitler will find all of his own vindication.