We’re All in the Same Boat Now

That is if it were ever any other way.

When Patrick Buchanan wrote his book, “The Death of the West”, over what is becoming a while ago, he spoke of all White nations, including Russia. He cited practically all of the death symptoms from falling birth rates to alien immigration. The breakdown of our respective societies. The failing of the Christian religion. What he couldn’t very well go into – unless he desired to join our ranks as an “extremist” and a “hater” – was the root causes of all this: Primarily the existence of an alien, Jewish conspiracy which has embedded itself solidly into the deepest workings of every White society.

However, exactly as Commander Rockwell always stressed, you can thus fool everyone except the enemy himself by these essentially cowardly tactics. To pull back just at such a critical point is to effectively defuse your entire purpose and point. It’s a mistake that we, as “extremists”, don’t make.

But the lights are in danger of going out once and for all across the White, Western world. And again I stress Russia is fully included in this. Should that occur then this will have become forever more just a planet of shit and misery. With no hope whatever of any future comeback.

I will maintain always that this is by no accident, that it did not have to be, that it indeed wouldn’t have been minus the poisonous influence of the Jews and the effects of their infernal conspiracy against the West. And I will insist always that the final joke will be upon them as every bit of this terrible drama was seen and written of, predicted, and anticipated from, as they say, “before the beginning”.

So why do I bother with these articles, etc.? Because it is incumbent upon me to do so. As I recall my laughable “parole hearings” of over two decades ago when the outcomes were a foregone conclusion due to my politics, it was a matter of, even as Manson said of his own similar such circuses, if I don’t at least appear, it’s on me; if I do appear and the expected out-come does in fact take place, well, at least I’ve once more made them be what they are.

To know and understand the truth and the reality is about as heavy a responsibility as can be born. To waste it, to throw it away is about as grievous an effort to the power which gave it to you as can be imagined. I wouldn’t want to face the consequences of that.

I’d been kicking around an idea for a fresh article for some time to be entitled, “Some Kind of Tournament?”, and dealing with the devastating fratricidal wars of the past century. It came back to me last night as caught for the second time, “The Great War”, on PBS. I couldn’t watch the whole thing again. It got to the part where these propaganda-crazed idiots over here were going after pet dachshunds in the street. The Germans were the “Huns” – despite the reality that the Germans had STOPPED the Huns – and the Kaiser was “The Beast of Berlin” – despite being the most Christian and honorable of men imaginable.

One thing that series introduced me to that I had been previously unaware of however was the personality of one George Creel. I had been aware of “Colonel” Mandel House who was one alter ego of President Woodrow Wilson and a most baleful influence at that. But Creel I’d not heard of. A quick look through “Google” and it was revealed he was a Polish Jew and his looks really lived up to that assessment. So did his mindset and his actions. The man who had gained reelection for Wilson on the slogan, “He Kept Us Out Of War”, he suddenly became the prime mover in favor of the United States entering World War One against Germany.

What was never mentioned at all was the infamous Balfour Declaration. The series pointed out that in essence Germany was stalemating the war in the west but was winning it in the east. The Allies, Britain and France, had no more to go. Mutinies were breaking out. Then the World Jews stepped in. The offer was that they, through their entrenched power in the United States, would bring America into the war on their side IF, after having won against Germany, they would turn Palestine over to the Zionists. Palestine was then held by the Turkish Empire which itself was an ally of Germany.

What did the nations of Europe, particularly the so-called “Allies”, think that this was, a tournament of some kind? Insane, idiotic talk of “survival”. A German dictated peace would have been far preferable to an essentially Jewish dictated peace. At least it would have been a WHITE peace.

In the meantime, right alongside all of this monkey business, was the so-called “Russian” Revolution. The Jews of Russia in their millions had been fighting an active war against the Christian, White regime of the Czar for over fifty years. Not for so-called “freedom” or “liberty” but simply for the destruction of a Christian, White order of society. The Caucasus region was the ancestral home of the Khazars who then and now make up 85% of all those calling themselves Jews. The Pale of Settlement region was then the home of by far most of the world’s Jews.

The real crux was that the Czarist society was truly closed and this meant that the Jews could not creep in, sneak in and infiltrate it the way they had already been able to do in the nations of the West. Plus they had the physical numbers to make a real fight of it. In Germany it wasn’t quite the same but the world Jews still felt that here was a nut to be cracked. In Britain, France and America the Jews had already done their work. Always the object was the OVERTHROW of the White, Christian order and the implementation of the Jewish agenda over the White peoples of the earth.

“To Make the World Safe for Democracy”. To overthrow our own, natural order and replace it with an alien, Jewish “managed confusion” so that our people could be weakened and destroyed.

A year ago I was fortunate enough to have made the acquaintance of a certified genealogist who revealed to me many fascinating things about my own background. I was totally absorbed by the sight on the computer screen of the draft cards of both of my grandfathers, made out in their own hand, from the year 1917. And the both of them – never having known one another – had fudged on their draft cards to avoid going into the First World War. One had said that he was older than in reality. The other claimed an invalid wife which I knew wasn’t true.

The point being that, just as the PBS series pointed out, this was a most UNPOPULAR war with Americans. We had NO BUSINESS in that war. The second largest group of Whites in America were of German descent, George Washington had warned against any European entanglements. No. This was brought about solely of, by and for JEWISH interests.

But George Creel, the Jew, went to work and actually produced a miracle – through propaganda and logistics – of creating an American army and sending it to. Europe to turn the tide and “win” the war. In record short time. A win for Jewry. A loss for Whites everywhere.

The deaths of millions of good, White men. The best fighting and killing the best. And for what? Those of central Europe knew they were fighting for home and hearth. Those of the western-most countries were told they were fighting for “democracy”. The outcome? The destruction and overturn of Western, Christian civilization on BOTH sides. Aside from the dead, whether winner or loser, the damage done to the societies of all was worse.

They, the Jews, got Palestine which they renamed “Israel” in 1948. And what has it been other than a hotbed and a flashpoint for world conflict ever since? But in this is great insight into the Jewish mindset: It doesn’t matter to them whether this is a good idea, a beneficial idea, or not. The only thing to matter is that it falls in line with their own pre-set AGENDA. And to hell with any cost. Communism has always been their baby and what has communism ever brought other than death and misery? Who cares about that as long as the AGENDA is adhered to? And here and all across the West today? “Democracy”. The people suffer and diminish under its influence. But who cares just so long as it is the AGENDA which triumphs??

Well, to a very large extent, we gave to them, at least here in the western-most nations, “legal entry”. For all of us and far too often it has ever been a case of some kind of damned “tournament” to go to war against our White brothers. All to their benefit, that of the Jews. And at the very same time, of the coloreds of the world. For look at who and what is currently overrunning every Western land!

That old kind of poisonous and divisive “nationalism” has about stopped or at least it SHOULD have stopped by now. Only a fool, an idiot or a criminal would today think otherwise and would go on to promote White conflict on the basis of sub-nationality.

I want to end this with a word of clear-cut optimism.

Despite the horrendous damage done by the so-called “Russian” Revolution to the Russian nation, the nation itself survived and triumphed over it. Exactly as in the way that the French nation survived and triumphed over the equally Jewish “French” Revolution of 1789. Damage was done and some of it as yet remains but the NATION was greater than the Jewish agenda. And today we find ourselves ALL IN THE VERY SAME BOAT.

I’ve said it again and again that the climax is upon us. This is the stage upon which it is set.