When is Kalki’s Return?

Those of us following the Yuga Cycle estimate that the Kali Yuga or Iron Age will end about the year 2025, bringing about a 300-year transitional period.

Kalki, the last man “against time”, of a divine balance of lightning and sun, returns during this period as the greatest destroyer and savior to lead us into the Golden Age or Age of Truth. Those of us who follow Savitri Devi, understand that a return of Adolf Hitler’s aura has been prophesied to revitalize under the name Kalki in Sanskrit Tradition. If you have ever felt like you didn’t belong in the present time, it may be because the Iron Age is on its last breath. Wisdom is this, you are where you belong. You are pulled to the transitional period.

As the embodiment of nature, we flow with its course and do not pretend that what is happening is not. We do not wish for easy outcomes. Rather, we build the strength to conquer. So, let us spread like fire to hasten the destruction of this wasteland.

In order to efficiently dismantle the system, we can study its procedures. For example, how does the system handle riots? Over the past century or so, the system has made it clear- It condones the unleashing of rioting niggers to burn sections of cities to the ground. It has been pointed out that this leads to an increasingly revolutionary environment. But what is important to note here, are three predictable phases that tend to repeat during the spectacle of a nigger riot.

Feral coons are riled up and let loose.
The system’s pigs are sent in.
The muddied pigs, overworked and undermanned, return to their styes following the climax of the riot.

The American Fascist must think strategically to analyze these procedures and make preparations in anticipation of the system’s next move.

For Example, opportunities an AF may see are:

Phase one provides an opportunity for influencing the times and locations of the riots for our benefit.
Phase two provides an opportunity to free our prisoners of war.
Phase three provides an opportune moment to slip in the area and spread a bit of revolution.

During the transitional period, these scenarios will occur more frequently. The strategic cunningness of our race is second to none and the possibilities are uncountable. So, observe the slow and predictable system. There are always gaps to be exploited. Strike when presented opportunity and when the scales tip in your favor. Always have a plan and think big-picture. Some may act alone, in two, or in few. Regardless, we all work together toward collapse! We struggle onward and lay siege to fulfill cosmic destiny.

Awaken his Spirit

Do not seek Adolf Hitler with your mind. You will find him in the strength of your hearts.” – Joseph Goebbels

For the Futurist State, for our race, for Kalki’s return- accelerate. Let us not be so naive to say, he will come without our action. It is our duty to awaken him through havoc. The power of lightning brings the storms of change. In this radical transition, let us raise hell with the times. May our Führer watch over us as we lead the way.

The lemming is damned in the coming period. We as underground predators will make do for our own and will not allow the system to sustain the weak. Close your hearts to pity. When will you know it’s time? It’s already begun. Far and near. With you or without you. Ask yourself- Am I ready for Kalki’s return?

Heil Hitler

Hail the NSO!