White Man’s Death March II

Stew was a friend of mine. The man talked about in White Mans Death March, Pat, wasn’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel for the guy on some level. But I don’t actively think about him when not prompted.

I think about Stew though. I see Pat much more than I see Stew. But Stew’s face will likely never leave me, unlike Pats. Stew is not even my friend anymore. Yet still, I write this with sadness, or more accurately a sense of loss.

I met Stew sophomore year of high school through other friends. We were palling around town and Stew happened to live close by, we had nowhere else to go. And his house had snacks and video games and such.

He was a freshman and I had never met him. I had some reservations, I personally wasn’t interested in settling down for the night. I wanted to keep walking around, and who the hell was Stew? What if he is a cunt or something?

“You don’t know Stew? Ah you’ll love him Sarkic he’s really racist, says the n-word all the time. Like you”. Well at that point I was intrigued, and we were right outside his door anyway.

A skinny white kid answered the door, blonde preppy sorta haircut, and blue eyes with a pair of glasses sitting in front of them. I don’t remember much of that night other than Stew was actually a cool guy and I had fun.

Stew was into a lot of the internet lingo and ironic racism stuff. Of course, I was actually racist, but he laughed at nigger jokes and knew what shit like “based” or “we wuz kangs” meant. And as said he was just a cool dude to be around. A couple other observations I made was his Autism, real diagnosed Autism.

And his parents being divorced. I didn’t know his dad yet, but his mom was very live and let live. Stew would say some outright vulgar shit to her that would get most kids smacked for, and she would just shrug it off. They were fairly wealthy too, so Stew was a spoiled kid. Discipline appeared to be lacking in his family life.

Another thing about Stew was how much he enjoyed 4chan. Which is clearly where he picked up his slang. Still, this guy had been browsing since middle school.

And a board he frequented was r9k. For those unaware, r9k is the defacto incel board of 4chan. And absolute den of complete nonsense. Dysgenics and sexual perversion rule the day there.

Needless to say, it’s cancerous. And certainly not good for a middle schooler, not good for anyone really. He began spouting off things to me about the black pill. He asked me if I knew what that was. I knew what it was, or so I thought. From my point of view, just finishing Siege and sinking my teeth into other NS books.

To be black pilled as I understood it was to simply acknowledge the brutal truth of a subject. Although this train of thought could get extremely self-indulgent and fetishize general misanthropy. Still, the concept was sound. I for example was black pilled on the future of America, which wasn’t a bad thing at all.

America had no future. However, people would use it to also convey that they were generally hopeless or depressed. “Ah man I’m so black pilled dude”, people like this could get really weird about it. However, Stew’s black pill was from r9k. Which was on the topic of sex and dating.

In this context, the black pill generally boils down dating to a brutal selection of genetics. 9s or 10s in terms of looks are required to get laid as a guy. And social media and dating apps have made even the ugliest women vapid whores who won’t take less than a 10/10 or a “chad”.

The future tends to be bleak from this “worldview” although different opinions on this black pilled future are given. It’s not all untrue, but there’s a lot of freaks who dedicate their time to this subject and a lot of goofy ideas mixed in with truths.

I won’t get into it though because that’s not what this article is about, and I don’t care. But this gives an idea of what Stew was talking to me about. He had been asked out on a date, and it turned out she only did it to get to Stew’s friend. This no doubt hurt him and validated all the shit he was seeing on r9k.

At the end of his little spiel, I said something about how that’s not my idea of black pilled.

He asked, “what is then?”. I showed him Siege, he asked what it was about, I said “Just read it if you want, you’ll see how I think”. I wasn’t trying to indoctrinate the guy, at the time I didn’t realize how seriously he was taking the black pill shit. I expected nothing of it.

Then I saw a snapchat from him with the Siege audiobook, back when it still existed on YouTube. “Oh shit, he is reading it, wonder how that’s gonna turn out” I thought. Well, he liked it. He didn’t read the whole thing. But he began describing himself as a Nazi. He would say shit like “me and Sarkic are Nazis”.

We joked about Siege, obtaining physical copies, and even meeting James Mason one day. Also the black pill shit subsided, he still meme’d about it, but he got a girlfriend like a month after all this shit went down. So Stew was doing pretty good. He was reading Siege and getting laid. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I felt good about Stew, I didn’t like seeing a friend in pain. And Stew seemed to have rebounded from a shitty experience. The social validation and reading material was setting him on the right course. And the muck he had picked up from school and the internet would hopefully break down. And lead him on a good path.

One even perhaps on our side. Yet still, we went to different schools. So I didn’t see him a ton. And we sorta lost contact for some months. Next time I saw him, I learned he didn’t finish Siege. And wasn’t going to. He discovered a new author, Ted Kaczynski. And considered himself an “Anarcho-Primitivist” or “AnPrim”

“Are you fucking serious? What kind of gay shit is this?” I thought. There is most definitely merit in Kaczynski’s writings. But AnPrim? That’s just silly meme shit. He may as well have become a National Bolshevist. I was disappointed in him. But it wasn’t all bad. He was more radical than ever. Although only in words, he was very anti-system. And he had nothing against me being a National Socialist.

We stayed up late talking about radical philosophy. Our hatred for the pigs, capitalism, the scourge of modern technology on the youth, the industrialized world breeding weak people, the destruction of earth, and most of all the imperative that the united states be destroyed. He even referred to himself as an Accelerationist. Very cool.

I told him he should still read Siege. Even if he wasn’t interested in National Socialism. The book is useful to any anti-system radical. He said maybe. That night we shook hands, rejoiced that more and more young people were drifting towards radical worldviews. And that me and him, though different in our views, shared a fight against the system.

As said, I was disappointed, however, It wasn’t all bad. An anti-system radical is good, right? I mentioned Stew seemed to have a lack of discipline in his life. His home life was lax on rules and chaotic. His parents were divorced and they had kids of their own. And I thought this was manifesting before my very eyes.

The classic flip flop. Subscribing to radically contradictory and extremely obscure worldviews that exist only in concept, mostly on the internet. And switching at the flip of a coin. Sure enough, I had found out this was true.

He dropped AnPrim, going as far as to rip up his physical Ted Kaczynski books. He had turned into an ultra-leftist. He was ashamed to have ever said the word nigger, and saw himself as antifa. At this point, I didn’t care though.

I could still have a good time with Stew, he was a flip flop. A product of his environment and autism. And that was that. I was playing left 4 dead with some friends one day. We were talking about this and that and Stew got brought up.

“Sarkic didn’t you hear? Stew is a girl now” “yeah whatever jackass” I said rolling my eyes. “No seriously, Stew is a transgender ‘woman’, ‘she’ is taking hormones and everything” “Bull-fucking-shit” “No we are serious, we thought you knew”

“Dude that’s not funny, I know you are fucking with me” “No we are not” “No no no no no no no, I don’t believe you there is no way that’s true, proof or its not real”.

At this point I was no longer laughing, Stew was a leftist fag now or whatever. But a tranny? God please no, they have to be messing with me. 3 texts messages in quick succession flashed on my phone. It was my friend who was telling me all this.

They were all images, I could only make out some of it on the text banners sitting on the home screen. Hesitantly I swiped my phone open. Relishing those last few seconds of ignorance. There was Stew, there was my friend.

In makeup, in dresses, he had tits from the estrogen. I could not believe my fucking eyes. “How in the hell could this have happened”. I said partly to my friends and partly to myself. They were laughing at my reaction but there was nothing funny about this.

Stew was a lot of things but never in a million years could I have seen this coming. And all of these fuckers, his so-called friends, were calling him “she”. They would slip up of course. Calling him “he” because that’s what he fucking is. But they would dutifully correct themselves. I asked them for more details on this.

His parents had supported this, he broke up with his current girlfriend after she refused to accept this, and he was going on gay dating apps getting fucked by a different guy every week. They said something about how he must be attractive if all these guys wanted him.

I said “fuck no. It’s not because HE is attractive. It’s because these faggots have no standards and fuck like rats. And in a bid to satisfy their closeted pedophilia. They fuck trans ‘women’. Who are just young men taking on the characteristics of little boys. No body hair, soft faces/ skin from estrogen, small dicks. It’s sickening”.

“You know it’s not that bad, ‘she’ passes pretty well”. “Oh yeah, he passes does he? Well guess what, women don’t have to ‘pass’. There is no deception, they are what they are. You only have to fool people, you only have to ‘pass’ when your fucking lying”.

I was angry, disgusted, and taken back, to say the least. I thought about it the next day. I brought up at the beginning of the article r9k. The degeneracy on that board, and Stew browsing it from a young age. Well, there was something I left out. Tranny shilling is everywhere on that board.

Fake as fuck threads talking about how much easier it will be for these incels if they just become “women”. Outright liars talking about how they went from shut-ins to social butterflies who everyone loves and are in wonderful relationships.

We know this is a lie. It’s just gonna destroy your body not make you womanly, your friends will consist of people who pity you or similarly perverted and broken “people”. And your boyfriends are just gonna be greasy old dudes who have gotten bored on your standard faggot.

Me and Stew used to laugh together about this shit. This “subculture” on the board has a name. The pink pill. “Cant get a girlfriend anon? Become the girlfriend”. It should be obvious.

This board which he started visiting in middle school fucked with his head. The seeds were planted early. People have gotten screenshots of tranny shill discords. They see middle schoolers and young high schoolers as their prime targets. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

There had to be more, of course, 4chan, and the internet at large is home to as degenerate of pornography as you want. And I know Stew struggled with that. As he tried and failed to stop masturbating. And of course the blatant stream of propaganda in the media and school system encouraging the youth down this path.

Evil kike doctors and failure parents patted him on the shoulder every step of the way. And proscribed him that poisonous estrogen. Even if he does wanna come back, he has destroyed his body. He had his sperm frozen knowing his reproductive functions would be destroyed.

I haven’t spoken to Stew. And I cant. Because the Stew I know is dead. Never to return. What remains is not Stew, and is not my friend. In fact, this new Stew views himself as an “antifa super-soldier”, an enemy to people like me. All I can say to that is I don’t even need to knock out his teeth to defeat him. A house divide cannot stand.

My friend was killed and we didn’t even see it coming. Much like Pat from the first article, the Jew, that most insidious creature. Did not kill Stew in combat like a man. He slinked sneakily into his brain, whispered in his ear. Bound himself to his being until Stew saw no other existence than with this Semitic growth on his soul.

And after the Jew assaulted his brain, Stew spun around and searched for what to do with these voices in his head. And his parents looked to the trusted American institutions. A leering kike therapist told him he was a girl. Your porn addiction is natural and giving in to those voices is the only way you will be happy. The kike wrote him a note to the doctor.

And a kike in a white coat handed him a witches brew of poison, smiled, and said “take this and all will be right”. But we all know Stew is not all right. And when he can no longer stand it he will go back to his reaper and pay him for another solution. And the reaper will happily oblige. But It won’t last. The jew is killing him, and in his sadistic nature, he will humiliate his enemy. This is a war after all. And eventually, Stew will stumble into a home depot, owned by some kike. And buy a sturdy rope.

And only then will Stew’s misery end. Only then will this White Mans Death March be completed.