White Man’s Death March

The inspiration for this article is the unfortunate story of a co-worker, who will be called Pat. Although Pat’s story is hardly unique, it was his dismal little version of this tale that got me inspired. And we have likely taken his trail to a degree, although, we had the good sense to stray.

When I met Pat for the first time, it was very informative. He was extremely talkative, a devout non-denominational christian, and republican.

When I heard him on the phone talking about Biden, I sort of squirmed. Not because I give a shit either way how he feels about him, or any president.

But simply because of his willingness to get political near a co-worker he just met, especially on a topic as heated for normalfags as Trump vs Biden, I was worried I would get asked political questions.

And for the sake of self-preservation as a Fascist, I tend to hold my tongue, which gets hard when people around me get political (although I ultimately grit my teeth and conceal my beliefs). He told me about how trump was better than Biden, and how he’s had his share of debates with “democrat” coworkers.

“Oh yay” I thought. I tacitly agreed in hopes of changing the subject while being polite. But seriously, “I’m gonna be treated to the most basic bitch republican cowardice aren’t I?” And I was.

Days passed and I was treated to such profound commentary, the Democrats are the real racists. Dude have you heard of Ben Shapiro, they call him a Nazi while he is in a yamaka. The founder of BLM lives in a mansion, hypocrite. SOCIALISM. Israel, Israel, Israel, I love kikes I love kikes. And of course a healthy dose of cop dick sucking.

A textbook right-wing coward I had on my hands. Ever beholden to niggers, kikes, spics, gooks, and pigs. Never defending his positions but simply deflecting to what aboutisms and hypocrisies he had to stitch together elbow to asshole, in an attempt to discredit the other side.

Always bitching about how him and his wife are in their 60s and will work till they die, but never identifying the anti-white capitalist jew system that puts white couples in these ruts. And yes he is in his 60s. Making him a baby boomer (the memes just keep flowing). And yet again, a textbook baby boomer.

Entitled, lazy, judgmental, and acts as if he endured hardship even though his generation reaped the benefits, of oceans of Aryan blood. Going to school for pennies on the dollar and inheriting a house at 19, he really toughed it out. Of course, it’s Gen Z’s fault the country sucks, them and the white liberals.

Finally his Christianity. Can you guess how he is? “All hail king kike”. This guy told me to burn my Bhagavad Ghita because it’s “heretical demon worship” “no way to heaven but through Christ”.

“What about the Jews” I said “what about them” he retorted in confusion “will they go to hell, they reject christ” “of course not, they go to heaven” “but you said-” “I don’t know why, but that’s how it is”.

Pat is also a fast food addict. He eats pretty much only fast food and frozen food. And washes it down with diet soda. God knows his wife would never cook for him, or even know how.

But the worst of it was when Waco got brought up. I thought he might at least be into some anti government libertarian stuff. Like a lot of these goofy boomers. I brought up how America has committed evil against its citizens. “Like what?” he said. “what about Waco?”. “what about Waco?” he replied.

This spiraled into a debate in which he defended the compound being surrounded because some mailman thought Koresh had a live grenade.

Even though he didn’t. Pat’s linchpin was he broke the law, and that was justification for a siege instead of an arrest attempt by 1 or 2 deputies. Appropriate use of force in other words. “No, where does it say they can’t use their resources on criminals, it doesn’t matter they started off with tanks, he broke the law”

This got heated, I called his precious pigs dickless, bully-cowards who just want a badge and a gun to look cool and maybe finally get laid. Which is true. He didn’t like that, and I called Pat what he was, a bootlicker.

So this is who I’m dealing with. And it depressed me. This guy for all his faults was kind enough and of solid Aryan genetics. Although he has neglected his body, a solid base exists (or existed).

And all of his energies are directed at the wrong, anti-white, anti-natural order channels. This guy is working day and night for peanuts, and doesn’t even have kids.

So this is Pat, in recent weeks Pat has been alienating himself more and more from the rest of us at work. This started with him getting in an argument with some nigger co-worker who had been getting moody with him in recent shifts. This lead to the nigger saying she refused to work with him and complaining at HR, literally storming off and going home before the shift even started.

This only lasted a few weeks seeing as how they require the employees to work together. I had heard more sour words on Pat from others, about how obnoxious, overbearing, and racist he was. Recently he got into a nasty and explosive debate with an individual who has massive control over how hard or easy our workdays will be.

Which is fucking stupid. But Pat also doesn’t understand that being right isn’t everything, of course, he is not right. But let’s say he was, James Mason’s quote is fitting, (paraphrasing) “if being right was all that mattered, we would have won a long time ago”. But instead, he would rather piss off the leftist who has major power over us.

Things such as capitalism, BLM, the capitol riot, and reparations were discussed. Pat was dragged, not because this guy was right, but because Pat is a right-wing coward jackass. And couldn’t actually argue anything, just tell the guy what aboutism and perceived hypocrisies (again typical right-wingers thinking they are smart).

But I stayed because it was hilarious. Of course, the word of this got spread, so now people are saying Pat is not only a moron, but also a racist. This is all coinciding with tiffs with the wife here and there and estrangement from his former best friend.

In light of this mad spiral, Pat decided to get moody with his nigger co-worker. Which yet again lead to another argument and bitch fest midway through the shift to our owner/management. Whatever happens, it won’t end well.

This is Pat, his personality, beliefs, and actions. Why the fuck does this matter though? This article is called “White Mans Death March”

All I’ve done is talk about some old loser at work. As of 2 days ago of the writing of this, my nigger co-worker was bitching about how much she hates Pat to me and 2 others. Which lead to stories, annoyances, and grievances against Pat being swapped. And an off-hand comment as we were parting ways struck me

“you got a man who has just lost all will to live, not sticking up for him just saying”, huh. This got me thinking of other comments, one from my family member “as silly as it sounds, he’s going through puberty for old people. Everything is changing for him. The world is getting confusing and he cant stop it”.

And a comment from Pat himself “you know I’m getting scared. Because as the days go on, I’m hating people more and more and understanding them less. And I don’t know what to do”

I had given much thought to integrating Pat into an article, or even an article purely about him. The above information speaks for itself, there was something to learn from/say about this guy which would be useful, or at least funny. It was these comments I was mulling over in my head on the way home, which finally gave a binding thread of all this guy’s antics.

I have known people like this, and have seen people on a one way train to Pat-ville. Pat is very unhappy right now, he is old and damn tired, he hates his job, his co-workers hate him, his wife is just as stressed as he is, his friends are being distant, and he is hating the world and unironically praying for hellfire to just end it.

It struck me, Pat is an ideal white man for the kike system. There are others like, for example, some anti-white dissident antifa. But Pat is one of a certain stripe, all the subverted white men lead astray, have a use to the system.

Pats goes this way, Pat is a defeated man. He hates life and has lost all fire in his belly. Which has lead to him lashing out randomly to try to alleviate his frustration. But does he lash out at the system? Of course not, he lashes out at work which only isolates him and buries him in deeper shit.

Even with all this anger, he cant stop working. He will work his fingers to the bone for king kike until the day he dies, and will defend the capitalist system dutifully. His only reprieve throughout the day is a pile of greasy poison, muck thrown in the trough for ZOG slaves without discipline. His favorite treat and main source of “nourishment” is killing him.

At this point, he has no reason to stop debating. Which will make everyone hate him more, even though all he can say is the leftists are actually mean to the shit skins, and the right-wingers are the nice ones.

Comparing leftists to the “Nazis”, the Aryan heroes who died in the biting cold so that the Aryan race, his race, could be the master of its own destiny. This is however the apex of evil in his eyes. And at night he goes home and prays to a Jewish god, a completely neutered image of Christ which tells him to lay down and allow himself to be fucked.

Do you see the problem here? Pat spends every day with bitter resentment, working for the kike, lashing out at anyone except the kike, eating the kikes poison, debating in favor of the kike system, and getting down on his knees worshiping the kike as a literal god.

He affects nothing, threatens nothing, and controls nothing. A rag doll to be thrown around. He couldn’t break these chains even if he wanted to, or knew what shackled him. Spirit, broken. Every day Pat inches ever closer to death. Crawling to his grave, while still serving his reaper. A perfect and sadistic little hell built for the white man.

And when he finally dies he will leave nothing behind, no money, no arsenal, no resources, no property, and worst of all, no kids which is the greatest seed of resistance he could have cultivated.

A suicide in slow motion, a march to his death. A White Man’s death march.

(I took some digs at Jesus/Christianity in this article. This is not a condemnation of my Christian Identity comrades, who I respect. But a condemnation of the subverted judeo-christian idea.)