Whole Lotta Race-Mixing Goin’ On

The title of this piece treats the subject in light fashion even though it is of the heaviest gravity. I do this because it is important not to be “bent out of shape” by all of this but to view it as just one more sign of the times. We at least must not be dragged kicking and screaming behind the national and world trends but must remain way out in front of them with the familiar, old “I told you so.”

What do you expect? Some sort of improvement? Some kind of abatement? This could only happen should there be something there to CAUSE IT TO HAPPEN. And there presently is not. That’s just the way things work. This drive toward race-mixing on a massive scale has been the agenda of the Enemy for a very long time. As someone observed long ago, the Whites managed to resist it for quite a while. But it was known by the Enemy and by anyone who was able to know anything that this could not last.

As far as I am concerned and have been able to observe, the flood gates were opened wide by last year to this most abominable of all abominations. What announced it to me? Aside from the marked increase in these dirty sons-of-bitches on the city streets, it came from no one else but Madison Avenue: Advertising. Television commercials, even billboards, etc. You know of course what advertising is all about. It is to get you to GO FOR something by the power of suggestion.

Somewhere, someone issued the order to drop all pretense and to just GO FOR IT. And they are and have been. It means that this represents the tipping point. It means that the climax is that much closer.

Only this very day as I was strolling through a local super market and was going up the “seasonal” isle, I wasn’t much anticipating seeing what I had seen about a week before, which was in the form of an illustration of a blonde female with a Negroid child in a picnic or beach setting. However, since my last visit, someone had defaced the hell out of the White female’s image. So it is. Health remains but it is dispossessed and that is the tragedy and the danger.

Back to the title I chose for this piece. Jerry Lee Lewis back in the 1950s had a huge hit with, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”. The man who controlled Sun Records then commented that what that really meant was that it was a whole lot of fucking going on. Yes, but the general public wouldn’t catch on to that. It was correct. Poison was being introduced and the public – especially the youth – was buying into it. For it was never about the wording but rather about the alien, savage beat. There were those warning of this even at the time but you can imagine how they were received.

And I’m not even going to mention that stupid, dumb-ass bastard over in England. All I’ll say is: Welcome to the death of ancient Egypt, Israel, Greece or Rome. Because that’s what it looked like.

But never forget that it is the condition – the content – of the broad masses of any country that decides exactly what that country really is. Lose your yeomanry and you’ve lost it all.

And they’re falling for it wholesale. Great progress, great headway for all mankind. Such love! Those dirty bastards of that “royal house” all in line with that crap! Those crowds outside equally all in line. I tell you right now that the flood gates are absolutely wide open.

But despair not.

We are at a landmark. The gods – or God – will shortly have to either use it or get off of it. Because here it is. One hell of a botched generation is about to come up. I saw a billboard only very recently depicted a mother – certainly not White – with an offspring one couldn’t really tell what the hell it was in what would formerly have been a Gerber type of advertisement. Just freaks of nature, total bastardizations. And this is what is becoming the accepted norm.

I say again, what have you expected?

Exactly like the sinking Titanic, there must come a tipping point sooner or later. Well, it is here now. Are you so naive as to expect things to get better? Is that some sort of “Hail Mary” or what? Because on what could you possibly base such a hope? This sort of thing ALWAYS happens whenever divergent races are to be found within a single societal unit and accepted as “equal citizens”, etc. It is that much worse in the present day when there is an ENEMY CONSPIRACY in control over EVERYTHING which has as its long stated goal the polluting the White race out of existence.

There is, of course, much more to this phenomenon than meets the eye. What of the countless lives ruined due to all of this deliberate misleading? Hitler said that people are just people and are subject to the powers which control the environment which they grow up in. Otherwise good people are being DESTROYED by all of this. I know, I never fell for any of it and perhaps you did not either and so what is the excuse of anybody else? But that’s no good. It’s invalid. It means only one thing: Some are set apart.

A more heavy responsibility couldn’t be imagined.

A long time ago a conversation that Hitler was having with someone during the Kampfzeit period in Germany was recorded and it went something like this: The person was complaining about too many Germans falling for the Jewish line and, basically, destroying themselves. To which Hitler retorted in a somewhat violent fashion, “DON’T CARP AT ME!” Because it only outlined and underscored the very nature of the struggle which they, then were engaged in.

To complain?

What is to complain? To “bitch” about one symptom or another in an admittedly helpless way.

That is so far beneath what we are supposed to be about that it practically sticks in the throat.

No. We say that this has been the plan of the Enemy all along. If one were to have said back then that we were “crazy” or “paranoid” then we say presently that – well – HERE IT IS!!! That these people – these erstwhile “Whites” – have been seriously beaten down in order to have ever gone for this. And just who, or what, has had the power all along to accomplish a goal like this? Even as Donald Trump would say… THE MEDIA. And just who controls the media? We’ve been blowing the whistle on the media for just as long.

For those idiots who might say, “Big deal”, to all of this or “Whose business is it anyway?”, we must point out all of the sacred loveliness of the colored Third World and then ask, “Is that where you want to go?” Well for God’s sake, GO THERE! But don’t bring it here!!

The wars of this country – apart from its own War of Independence – have all been toward the overthrow of civilization. The brave, White men who fought in these wars were told and imagined that they were “fighting for freedom”. Total lies and nonsense. If they could but have seen ahead to where all of it would lead, then I assure you THEY WOULD NOT HAVE FOUGHT! The best killing the best and here is where it all has led.

But let’s quit the carping as Hitler would admonish.

This is the historic trend. This is the plan of the Enemy alien agenda which governs everything. Every bit of it was set into place a good century ago and it has proceeded according to plan ever since. And now here it is. What could anyone have expected?

Here it is.

We are not – or had better not be – reactionaries. A reactionary would complain about this as though there was someone else to go to for a remedy. Think it all the way out. Go to who?

With hell they are in agreement and with death they are in accord.

Nothing new.

It is really up to us now.

Remain aware and remain steadfast.

The rest may be going to hell but that does not mean that we have to go with them.

Hitler said also that it mattered not whether any particular task appeared an impossibility. Only that it was the right and proper path. As such, we take that path just as though it was a complete possibility.

This means, naturally, that WE are the future if there is to be any future.

Fair questions that might be asked – but of who I wouldn’t know – would include just how long this is going to go on before a break comes. Not long in historic terms. The way it is set to proceed now, only a few of these botched generations will be required before the complete and final death of the West is assured. A little race-mixing leads to a lot more as the resultant confusion increases. The death of all decent humanity on the globe? Flies absolutely in the face of all reason and logic. And it was reason and logic which placed us here.

We were told absolutely that it ultimately would come to this before the final end.

And here it is.

So now is the time to really take heart and to dig in.

They’ll be falling like flies from here on out so be braced and ready for that spectacle.

No one could possibly have counted on a situation like this to continue forever.

Any man who is a man will have wanted for a certain climax to come.

Well, here it is.