Whose Jews?

One would surely think that what with Jews in Trump’s own family plus his moving of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the Jews themselves would be pretty much in his corner. But no.

One of the absolute cornerstones of basic awareness is that the media everywhere is in the hands of Jews and their brain-raped or sold out minions. This media hates Trump. This media declared war against Trump well before he rightly stated that it was the worst enemy of the American people. One can see it being played out day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. Like the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy during the Vietnam War. Like the crucifixion of Richard Nixon throughout the Watergate ordeal. It is as carefully orchestrated as it is vicious.

Now, as an aside to all of that Watergate business, we have seen one of the two Jews mainly responsible for that, Woodward, having come out with a book claiming another “Deep Throat” inside Trump’s White House and declaring himself to represent a “resistance” to Trump. It was a big splash and then… gone! Probably a hoax as it went no further.

I want to stop to carefully point something out that should never be missed. This attack against Trump just as the subversive efforts during Vietnam and the death by character assassination against Nixon are more aimed at WHITE AMERICANS than anything else. Trump and his nationalism; the attempt to halt the spread of communism in Vietnam; Nixon and his own anti-communism going back to the 1950s, etc.

Another of the cornerstones of awareness is that communism is and has always been a Jewish thing. Basically, it is the movement by which to FORCE the dirty lie of “equality” among humanity. And not only “equality” but every form of filth and degeneracy to go along with it.

As one example, in Colorado about twenty some odd years ago a bill was put forward which would allow decent people – especially those in business – to defend themselves against the push of homosexuals to penetrate to all levels of the society. The bill passed and became law. THEN the Jews and other communists went wild! The “leader” of this backlash was none other than Hollywood Jewess, Barbra Streisand, who threatened that all her Jew and other scumbag buddies in Hollywood would BOYCOTT the Colorado resorts like Vail and Aspen unless this decision on the part of the will of the good people of Colorado were reversed. THEN the Jewified Supreme Court went into action and struck the bill down as “Unconstitutional”. You cannot even try to defend yourself effectively.

(At present there is a Jew-Queer running for Governor of the State of Colorado and bets are that he’ll make it.)

Now we are witnessing truly the surreal. Trump is on the verge of packing the Supreme Court with conservatives and with the votes in hand to ram-rod it through. Everyone knows that the object in mind here is the overturning of the so-called “Roe vs. Wade” decision which legalized abortion. One ought to know our position on abortion: To abort a healthy, White child is one of the worst crimes imaginable; however, we frankly don’t give a damn about any of the rest. And so a few more or less of the others matters not while even ONE more or less of our own does indeed matter a great deal. Abortion, then, is a blot, an abomination and should be eradicated.

But no, again. It does seem as though these communist types have as their very reason for living anything and everything which is flat-out ANTI-LIFE. Abortion has to be right up there at the top of the list along with queerism and race-mixing, etc. To call it – or them – “sick” is to way understate the case. They are positively intent upon FORCING all of this sickness and DISEASE upon the rest of us until there is no life or health left anywhere. And they happen to OWN the media, the politicians, the educational system, etc.

So… when Trump stated – more than once across this very media – that the media is the worst enemy of the American people at least a shot was fired in response to this enemy attack against our very existence. They never forget this sort of thing. Not ever. I still say that Trump didn’t know just how right he was and is.

However, as far as the enemy is concerned, they feel that they cannot let “Roe vs. Wade” go down. Think about it. To my awareness they have NOT ONCE taken a step backward in their drive to destroy this country and its people, indeed every Western nation. If it ever has been a step back, then it has been also two steps forward for them. These people are the tyrants to end all tyrants. “No” will not be accepted as an answer. The will of the people be damned, as far as they are concerned. Mere guinea pigs, as far as they are concerned. But no lab assistant ever has harbored the kind of SICK HATRED toward their guinea pigs the way these communist/liberal types HATE any sign of health and strength, especially as it is demonstrated in the White Race.

Plus to strike down this evil in a perfectly legalistic manner also would be too much for them. They love best to portray their opposition as thugs and as criminals. This is the real reason why they hate Hitler: He EXPOSED them and STRIPPED THEM OF THEIR POWER legally! By the will of the people. This they cannot stand.

So now we have seen two women step forth and charge Trump’s Supreme Court nominee with “sexual misconduct” going back decades. This is a desperate, last-ditch stand. If this man is installed, then “Roe vs. Wade” goes down and they suffer a shattering defeat. And it might only be the first of such defeats. But all of this “Me Three” crap does to me smell like the worst of desperation.

This nominee – Kavanaugh – is a jurist. His training at least seems to be propelling him to hold out and wait for the rubber to meet the road in the form of actual evidence. We’ll have seen by the time this article goes up on the web. The man has even come out and stated something that I couldn’t expect any man to admit: That he was a virgin through high school and college! I would hope and expect that Trump, with his billions, would hire an army of private investigators to dig into these women’s pasts and come with the dirt. Who exactly recruited them for this task?

Worst case scenario: Even if Kavanaugh doesn’t make it, Trump will pick one more conservative and with the same object in mind. Then let the communists go ahead and attempt more of their bullshit. Even the stupid public would have to begin to get the idea.

You might begin to get the idea that I’m loving this.

Back to Trump as Friend-of-the-Jews. Trump is a nationalist. Benjamin Netanyahu is a nationalist. Vladimir Putin is a nationalist. Netanyahu expressed the most sincere of gratitude when he thanked and congratulated Trump on the U.S. Embassy move although everyone knew it meant the end of any hopes for peace in that area… as though there ever was any real hope for peace in the first place. And it should be super-obvious to all the way they HATE Vladimir Putin. (He brought back the Cossacks and there had been talk of bringing back the Czar.)

After visiting Paris on Bastille Day and witnessing a grand military parade, Trump expressed that it would be a good idea to stage something similar here to coincide with Veterans Day. The communists went wild with outrage. The only parades they want are strictly THEIR OWN. They have robbed this country of its national pride. All they want is “gay pride”, “Black pride”, etc. At once I thought the idea to be terrific. Even though the marching columns would be dotted with coloreds, dikes, etc., the overall effect would have been momentous! In the end however, Trump post-poned the thing due to the extravagant cost which was presented to him. He said he refused to be “held up”. Personally, I’d have gone for it at any cost. Maybe next year.

There it is.

As I’ve said before, even Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” still has them jumping up and down for that is pure nationalism and, as anyone ought to know, would have to mean “Make America WHITE Again”!

This is a struggle of life and death. A struggle of life AGAINST death. The enemy enjoys every material advantage which he took great care to gain for himself before coming out too boldly with exactly what he is and what he wants. But a sudden reaction, a sudden over-play, a sudden awareness on the part of sufficient Whites and the game is up. This is what we stand for. This is what we fight for and will continue to fight for until it has become reality.

A long time ago, when I was embroiled in possibly the worst and most dangerous quasi-legal mess I’ve ever faced, I commented to one friend that, despite all appearances, this scheme against me would not succeed. My friend then asked why I believed as I did despite all. My instinctive response was that it would not succeed because it was too filthy. That and because I refused to bow and because of the help of God and a few good friends. And, sure enough, it did collapse.

This will too.