Why Does the System So Hate “Fascism”?

I originally was going to entitle this piece, “Why Does the Left So Hate ‘Fascism’?” But it isn’t just the left, it’s the whole System which includes the Left. Note that they don’t “hate” communism. Maybe they’ll deride it at times as having been a failed economic system and perhaps a wee bit on the “repressive” side. But “hate”, no. Hate requires strong emotion and that just isn’t there whenever the System media brings up communism. But it’s certainly there whenever Fascism is taken up.

Of course, being rational and objective in these things is to miss the point but still it is a good starting place.

Whenever I would address student groups at schools during the 1980s, I would toss out a series of questions as to who the supposed greatest mass murderer of all history was according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Mao Tse Tung came in first with a score of about 50,000,00; Stalin was second with a tally of about 30,000,000 and Hitler came in a distant third with a mere 12,000,000. And yet, when most people think of a mass murderer, they think of Hitler.

I would ask these high schoolers – political science majors – how many G.I. soldiers died in the Second World War. Nobody knew. I would ask them how many Jews died and they all knew. And the figure that they all knew was nothing more than baloney at that. More than strange?

But again I stress, do not miss the point here. An important tale is thus being both implied and established here at the same time.

I’m still being told of news items such as, if I am recounting it correctly, a German SS veteran in his nineties who had been a radio operator at Auschwitz who was only recently sentenced to five years for his role in “The Holocaust”. At the same time, it does slip out that in none of the formerly Soviet Bloc countries – including Russia itself – were any of the communist overlords ever brought to any kind of justice. This is a tale screaming very loudly.

It’s a tale of just who’s “touchable” and who is “untouchable”. And who would decide and enforce a thing like that? Why, only those in ultimate control. According to this then, 50,000,000 Russians don’t count. 30,000,000 Chinese don’t count. A quarter of a million American servicemen don’t count. And, more to the point, more Germans who died after the war than during the war don’t count either. (But of course, THEY HAD IT COMING TO THEM for daring to touch the untouchable.)

Then to the matter of just why it remains “Fascism” that is the prime epithet of these mindsets and not “Nazism”. It’s very twisty and turny. When they do at times give mention to the latter, it is almost always in the form of “Neo-Nazis”, or, literally, “New Nazis”. This beats me. I’m not a “New” Nazi. I am just a Nazi. But one does have to keep one thing in mind here at all time: Before 1945, we were a Party; After 1945, we have been a Religion.

However I believe it can be positively traced to this: As Hitler stated in Mein Kampf, he would have never believed it possible that Bolshevism could be turned back were it not for the example of the Fascists in Italy under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. Indeed, it was Lenin who said, “When we lost Mussolini, we lost Italy.” And as that German SS veteran in his nineties could tell you, these types don’t forget.

The honest and objective person outside the movement – should there even exist such a thing – needs to ask themselves these things. In some of my earlier writings, I suggested to the reader that, should you ever want to get a sense of what the scene of hatred must have been like that day at Calvary two thousand years ago, just view the footage of the scene in Milan in April of 1945 when the bodies of the murdered Mussolini, his mistress and some of his aides were desecrated and displayed publicly – not by the Italian people – but by Red Star Brigades of communists.

And exactly what “crimes” had Mussolini been guilty of? Stop and ask that of yourself for a moment.

Why, he was guilty of the greatest crime of all. He not only awoke in himself to the false and deadly communist premise, he formed an organization which defeated it in his homeland of Italy. That plus giving hope and encouragement to the other anti-communists around Europe and the world. His government, which lasted for two decades, was the best and most stable in Italy’s history. In helping to overturn it once general war had broken out and general madness and lawlessness prevailed, this country happily allied itself with such forces as the communists and the Mafia. The truth once again cries out.

How few have considered together the sign of the Cross and the name of Fascism? Setting aside for the moment any thought of the supernatural with regard to the sign of the Cross, the early Christians took the symbol of murder, shame and martyrdom and made it their own. What a bold step, would scare the hell out of the weak and faint-hearted. Would tell their enemies that their own best effort had failed ultimately. One reason I never deny or disown Fascism.

Point being, that symbol then could get you killed. And today, that name could well get you the same with the right – or wrong – circumstances. Such is the carefully cultivated hatred.

It was the System then and it is the System today. It was and is the Jews behind both. And they were in control of the West just as much as they were the East during the Twentieth Century as well as on into the present. It is the SYSTEM. Watch ho wit behaves and operates.

I had long grown disgusted by all representation of the Spanish Civil War of the Nineteen Thirties because they all hailed the losing communist side as having been the “heroes” of that vicious and brutal struggle. Nowhere was there to be found a true representation. Why? Because the Fascist had been the victors. It had a truly happy ending. Franco had been shrewd enough to have kept his country out of the general war and had managed to survive. Otherwise, he too might have been strung up in a square in Madrid. (Contact International Historic Films for their catalogue and a source for the best documentary on this largely unknown chapter in recent history.)

They today condemn Chilean General Pinochet for having ousted the communist Allende and having killed a great many of his followers in the process. He was a “Fascist”. What? They’d have preferred a communist Spain and Chile? They tell on themselves.

At the very height of the Cold War and in the midst of the great Conservative backlash of the Fifties and Sixties, it was correctly observed – perhaps even by the John Birch Society – that, to the mind of the trained communist, anyone is a “Fascist” who consciously and openly opposes communism.

And make no mistake, it doesn’t have to identify itself as communism. They know what they’re about. A myriad of “social” and “progressive” fronts. Anything “liberal”. Certainly anything “leftist”. Anything that has at its core the dismantling of White Civilization. And with the dismantling of that, the erasure of the White race itself. That has always been the business of the Jews and all of their dupes and tools.

You see, and as I have stated, they have all the ease and luxury. They have governments, economies, militaries, medias, etc., on their side. It as yet remains in the conspiracy stage but it is very real and most effective. When they had it ALL and in the OPEN, as in the case of Bolshevik Russia, it was mass murder. Undisguised. Hitler and the sacrifice of Germany made an end to that. And they hate Hitler ahead of anyone or anything on Earth, ever before in history. (Take away the falsehood of the “gas chambers” and what do you have left? Hitler dared to TOUCH the supposedly UNTOUCHABLE!)

We, on the other hand enjoy no such luxury. We have no citadel. No back-up. No fall-back. No publicly recognized or universally hailed “hero leaders” such as the media built-up scoundrels idolized by the left. The Second World War took care of that. Or at least it was supposed to have done. But, thanks to George Lincoln Rockwell, we have taken on, and adopted as our own, that symbol of shame and defeat, of infamy and all things vile – according to the World Enemy who presently calls all the shots and names all the names – the Swastika.

And whereas the symbol of the Cross no longer drives them into a frenzy as it once did – its role in the history of our race having played itself out – the symbol of the Swastika certainly does. The deluded masses of our own people curse and hate it: The symbol of their own EARTHLY salvation. But the ENEMY knows what it represents. As long as there are those who hold it sacred, the Enemy knows his battle can never safely be called won.

The Enemy fully knows why he hates. The duped masses hate but they don’t really know why.

It is a situation that can be reversed. But it’ll require a miracle to accomplish.

We do not have much time left for the White race, as it is so diminished that the Earth no longer possesses any true destiny. A fool could see that a climax approached. All there is to do is work, brace and wait.

When I was still working as a retail security agent, the thieves – made arrogant by all the “civil rights” bullshit – would boldly declare to us that, “You can’t touch me!” That was a guarantee that they were to get “touched”, then and there – and take a sudden trip, face-down, to the concrete floor.

I’d like to be around to repeat that action on a grand scale.