Article by Templar and Hydra Nature is full of amazing things: unbelievable beauty, transcendent views, and fascinating creatures. Nature is one of God’s greatest gifts. However, many waste their minutes and years on the computer. This is always a temptation and a pitfall within our movement. Action must be everything; I encourage you to act […]


A few stories are beginning to bubble up from the mainstream media. It’s an important canary in the coal mine for white youth in the United States and the world over. We are seeing a trend of buyer’s remorse from “transgender” parasites. Recently, a Navy SEAL named Chris Beck who “de-transitioned” spoke of the transgender […]

Traffic Stop

For the vast majority of political dissidents, the most likely police encounter they will face on a daily basis is a traffic stop. For many years, most have viewed these as a simple operational concern that only impacts them when they are engaging in activism or clandestine activities. In reality, it is one of the […]

Banner Drops

Many groups utilize banner drops as part of their messaging strategy. Hanging a banner with your group’s message in a public place is one of the easiest ways to circumvent internet censorship. The Zuckerberg’s of the internet world are rendered powerless to stop that message from being seen. Therefore, banner drops will never go away […]