Government Search Powers

DISCLAIMER: This article contains general legal information. It is not legal advice. All legal information in this article is true as of the time of writing. However, the law may change over time. To obtain legal advice about a specific legal issue that may impact your personal situation, speak to a licensed attorney. If we […]

Focus on Reality

Over the years, we have noticed a disturbing undercurrent among aspects of the National Socialist sphere – a sickening form of abject defeatism disguised as High Spirituality. This sad trend has been seen in many formerly solid National Socialists – a total rejection of real world problems, a lack of interest in the search for […]

Our Sacred Mission

In Friedrich Nietzsche’s book “The Joyous Science”, he poses a question: if a demon were to appear to you, and tell you that you are destined to eternally re-live your entire life in the exact same way, with the same thoughts, pains, joys, and sufferings, would you recoil in anguish and beg for another fate? […]

Satanic Front Exposed

Having seen the fine example provided by the Rat Report, we have decided to archive every known dox of members of the Satanic Front. Many thanks to the Injekt Division for their fine work. Images have been edited to remove addresses and other information due to legal reasons. We will link others who have that […]

Anarchist Direct Action Booklet

Editor’s Note: This is a booklet for direct action from Anarchist circles from a good friend of The American Futurist from the 1990s they had a copy of and allowed for distribution on our site with a digitized copy of. In this booklet contains how-to for Arson, Property Damage, and more. Mostly citing Animal Liberation […]

Eternal Struggle

As National Socialists, we have found that conflict and struggle are the nature of all things. From the beginning of time, Good has struggled against Evil, in a contest for dominion of the universe itself. Nothing is unchanging – everything that has, does, or will exist is in a constant state of change and strife […]


I want to start by saying that I am not a part of, nor have I ever been a part of, The American Futurist. I am simply a former member of Patriot Front who wants to expose the truth about what happened behind the scenes during the disastrous Philadelphia march a few years ago. Many […]

American Imperialism

With all the global conflicts going around, it has become quite the topic in movement circles to discuss them. Many are discussing it with an anti-American bent, including ourselves. The issue of disagreement, however, is the pervasive issue of individuals taking up a third-worldist bent to it. That being how all nations deserve their own […]

The Path Forward

In 2023, the dissident right is in an interesting situation. It is very clear that there are more people convinced of our views or getting closer to them by the day, yet many people rightfully are aware of the fact there is little follow through due to the lack of vessels to exert our willpower […]