Bleed The System

It has come to my attention in these past few months that there is a rather curious phenomenon and consensus among people in the general movement; even among some of the most die-hard National Socialists. It is mind-boggling to me that true revolutionaries and people with such virulent hatred and disregard for the system cannot […]

James Mason Prison Articles

As an announcement, the essays and articles written by James Mason in the 1990s under the pseudonym of Robert Burns (James Mason’s favorite cigar brand) while in Colorado State Penitentiary for Firearms Charges, all the essays are in the form of two PDFs and made as books. Volume One of his essays tends to deal […]


To control language is to control the debate, a trend that has been seen in recent both from the system and in some cases even within our own movement and within the broader right wing in the US in general, language is purposely dumbed down to limit the capability of people to conceptualize and communicate. […]

New James Mason Video

As a policy, we will be announcing every new James Mason Video uploaded to The American Futurist Odysee Channel. Currently we’ve uploaded two new videos and reuploaded a classic video of his, check them out. James Mason at Auschwitz (reuploaded classic) James Mason on How Societies Decline James Mason on Drugs and Degeneracy We also […]

Emerging Black Markets and the Role of Our Networks Within Them

Several years ago now I penned an article titled “Techniques of Organization in the Surveillance Era” (re-upload) which was published on American Futurist in 2020. In brief, the recommended methodology was that of peer-to-peer networks. Individuals were recommended to form small high-trust groups and then network with other small high-trust groups in lower-trust national scale […]