Our Sacred Mission

In Friedrich Nietzsche’s book “The Joyous Science”, he poses a question: if a demon were to appear to you, and tell you that you are destined to eternally re-live your entire life in the exact same way, with the same thoughts, pains, joys, and sufferings, would you recoil in anguish and beg for another fate? Or, would you bravely accept this fate, affirming your life and your existence?

This is a difficult question. I would like to pose a similar one: what if an otherworldly figure appeared to you, and told you that, despite whatever effort you may put in, despite the millenia-long struggle of the Aryan race for supremacy, that we are destined to lose, and that the most evolved being yet known to the Universe will disappear forever into the hideous mixture of red, black, yellow and brown? Would you give up the fight forever, knowing that you were wasting your time? Or, would you, despite it all, continue the struggle?

We must know in our heart of hearts that, if that dilemma were posed to us, we would pledge to continue the racial struggle.

We must strive to purge all self-doubt. We must be incapable of ignoring what we know is wrong. Good must be upheld, and evil must be opposed. We have not become National Socialists for material reasons; we are National Socialists because we recognize that National Socialism represents Natural Law and Eternal Truths. We are National Socialists because we are truly in touch with our collective race-souls, and we know that our path is the RIGHT one. Just as an animal is bound to follow its nature, so are we bound to follow ours.

If our nature leads us to ultimately be fighters for a losing cause, if our fate is that of the famous Roman soldier, who died at his post after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius after no superior officer relieved him, so be it. We will have had the honor and the privilege of fulfilling our racial duty, of fighting for the most noble cause in the known history of the universe.

But, we are certain that this terrible path is not preordained. The Aryan Race has overcome more obstacles than any other species known to man: the tough climate of Europe, the asiatic invasions, the black plague, etc. Despite this, our inherent quality, our natural strength and nobility have allowed us to struggle through these challenges, and to reach a level of evolution yet unparalleled.

As of now, we may be down, but we are not out. As long as one of us is still breathing, still able to continue the fight, and still wholly dedicated to Total Aryan Victory, we are not defeated. We can NEVER allow doubt to creep in- it is more destructive than any weapon that the enemies possess , more insidious than any technique that the system has honed. The fight against the enemy is tough, but the internal struggle may be even tougher. We must always seek to AFFIRM the holy nature of our struggle. We do not represent a simple political movement, dedicated only to short-term issues. We represent the first conscious effort to EVOLVE, to willingly seek to ascend past what we are now.

If we are victorious, we will not only rule the Earth. Eventually, the cosmos itself will be ours, and we will have crossed the bridge from man to superman. When we look at the goals of our enemies, and contrast them with our lofty task, do we see any room for doubt? Or, do we see goals that are worth fighting for, win or lose? I know what my answer is.