Anarchist Direct Action Booklet

Editor’s Note: This is a booklet for direct action from Anarchist circles from a good friend of The American Futurist from the 1990s they had a copy of and allowed for distribution on our site with a digitized copy of. In this booklet contains how-to for Arson, Property Damage, and more. Mostly citing Animal Liberation Front’s own how-to in this material. Obvious disregard any leftist politics contained and also keep in mind that this book is older than 90% of our readers. So please keep that in mind. This is for historical and educational purposes only and we actually do mean that firmly due to the age of this booklet. We don’t condone illegal activity but there are better books to educate yourself on things like Arson and other such fun for example such as Poor Man’s James Bond and Uncle Fester’s Books than this guide. Thank you and enjoy!