The American Futurist on TOR

As an announcement, The American Futurist now has a .onion for The American Futurist to make sure that in the event we lose our .net domain and/or we lose our hosting again, we will still be up through our .onion service. Even though we don’t care for the Daily Stormer, especially now that Andrew Anglin […]

Interview with Albanian Third Position

Tim Turtle interviews the Albanian Third Position, a Fascist group based in Albania, regarding their views, goals, and plans for the future and what they’d like Americans in the movement to know. Images in this article are provided by Albanian Third Position. The views expressed by the Albanian Third Position in their answers are not […]

Remember The Martyrs

Today, the 19th of May 2022, marks 5 years since the martyrdom of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuck, and approximately 6 years for Jake Johnson. These are the 3 martyrs of the late Atomwaffen Division and their sacrifice is celebrated on this day due to the closeness of the dates. They forever live on in […]

Get On Wire

With recent news of groups such as the ADL calling for a mass ban of anything related to our politics from Telegram, we felt the need to advertise another communication app for our readers, that being Wire. For those unaware, Wire is another secure messaging app like Telegram although far better on OPSEC and doesn’t […]


To control language is to control the debate, a trend that has been seen in recent both from the system and in some cases even within our own movement and within the broader right wing in the US in general, language is purposely dumbed down to limit the capability of people to conceptualize and communicate. […]