Strategy of Tension: The System’s Dirty Trick

There is a lot of talk and debate in the movement. It centers around the recent attack in Buffalo in which an 18-year-old man shot and killed 10 random shoppers in a grocery store. Most of his victims were blacks and non-Whites. I felt I should explain my own perspective on this happening. I’m not here to cry over the “optics” of this individual. However, this is a great opportunity to discuss the “Strategy of Tension”, a policy strategy used by many governments.

The concept of the “Strategy of Tension” in counter-terrorism is nothing new. The concept is that a system in power, in our case the US Government, tacitly encourages or allows attacks by certain undesirable political groups to occur on soft targets. The attack itself has no real, lasting beneficial effects for that political group. It is allowed, nonetheless. This is done to provide an excuse for mass arrests and crackdowns on those specific political groups.

The Italian Government, with the help of the United States, used this strategy against both Communist and Fascist Paramilitary organizations during the Years of Lead. To quote from the Wikipedia article on Strategy of Tension as used in Italy:

“From 1968–1982, Italy suffered numerous terrorist attacks by both the left and the right, which were often followed by government round-ups and mass arrests. An allegation, especially made by adherents of the Italian Communist Party (PCI), was that the government trumped up and intentionally allowed the attacks of communist radicals as an excuse to arrest other communists, and allowed the attacks of far-right paramilitary organizations as an extrajudicial way to silence enemies. Various parliamentary committees were held to investigate these crimes as well as prosecute them in the 1990s. A 1995 report from the Left Democrats (a merger of former center-left parties and the PCI) to a subcommittee of the Italian Parliament stated that a “strategy of tension” had been supported by the United States to “stop the PCI, and to a certain degree also the PSI, from reaching executive power in the country”.”

While these were Cold War tactics used by the US (via the CIA) and the Italian Government against the wave of militant leftist groups in Europe, it’s not hard to see that the same tactics can very easily be used today. I’m not a conspiracy faggot nor do I believe “OH MY GOD, THE JEWS AND THE SYSTEM FAKED X SHOOTING TO FRAME US AS A MOVEMENT!”

I don’t believe this because I’ve taken the time to study how the system operates. They don’t do things like this. Most of the time, they will allow an attack to happen because its politically beneficial to them. For instance, Pearl Harbor, where the United States and FDR baited the Japanese to attack as an excuse to enter WW2. Also, they will use infiltrators to promote ideas like how you should totally shoot up your local Mexican corner store because that’ll save the White race somehow.

I experienced this first hand with the now confirmed informant Joshua Sutter. When I was in the now defunct Atomwaffen Division, it was a point of conflict between myself, Cameron Denton and Joshua Sutter on his open promotion (especially to younger men) how attacks against soft common targets are good and people need to do them. According to Cameron himself, in a phone call I had with him from prison, he recalled to me how Joshua Sutter would make comments about my writings for Siege Kultur and how pathetic they are. He would say things like “you need to kick Tim off of Siege Kultur and get rid of his autistic articles and promote real action”.

Considering that Joshua was being paid $80,000 by the FBI for his informant work against Atomwaffen Division, it’s pretty funny. This guy went out of his way to try and sell the idea that young men killing themselves over ultimately useless endeavors (like shooting random Mexicans on the street) is this great and wonderful thing that everyone should do. Oh, and you’re just a coward if you disagree.

Man, I wonder why the FBI informant would be going out of his way to promote anti-system young men to kill themselves and waste their lives in ways that do little damage to the system itself? Attacking easily replaceable targets gives the system more excuses to crack down on us, while, specifically whittling down the numbers of our bravest men further. It isn’t much of a mystery why the system would promote and allow these things.

All this being said, I am not non-violent. I do not believe that there is a peaceful solution in dealing with the system. The system, after all, is fundamentally a system of violence.

However, I am opposed to young men throwing their lives away on useless actions. These literally only benefit the system. It gives the system excuses for their actions against us.

I find it very concerning to see people acting as if this recent shooting in Buffalo was this grand action against the system. All this individual did was kill a bunch of random people, mostly non-Whites, in a supermarket. My question is what does this accomplish against the system? The arguments I’ve heard are “WELL TIM IT SHOWS THAT NON-WHITES AREN’T SAFE AND THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED! NIGGERS BTFO’D!” Except, non-Whites are already dying by the dozens every week anyways. I guarantee you that by the end of this week, other blacks in Chicago will have killed more blacks than this guy has in Buffalo. I’m sorry, but the system doesn’t give a fuck about dead blacks and other non-Whites. They’re easily replaceable.

This is a question I always ask myself when thinking on things such as tactics: “and then what?” 

In this case, what have these strings of attacks stemming from Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand accomplished? Nothing. This is because they advocate we go after the bottom rung. Their targets have been migrants, resident non-Whites, Muslims, random queers, etc. All of these people are easily replaceable and are ultimately irrelevant. They could cease to exist tomorrow and it wouldn’t change anything. Their targets are simply symptoms of the system. None of them are the cause. None of them are in charge.

This is why I personally oppose these styles of attacks. They take the good intentions and bravery of someone who wants to do something. Then, they purposefully redirect it into ineffective means that ultimately do more harm than good. In my own experience, the biggest advocates of people doing these things have been federally paid informants. This suggests to me that the FBI has a vested interest in promoting these attacks. The FBI wants an excuse to send us all to prison.

They may be using the “Strategy of Tension” to accomplish this. Allowing and promoting these pointless, low-value attacks gives them the political and legal capital to pass laws to send us all to prison.

he system is completely transparent in that they want to bring the “War on Terror” to the United States to use specifically against our movement. In fact, we have an entire piece on this site documenting the “New War on Terror” against those with beliefs like ours. In fact, on April 21st, 2022, Congress has a bill to expand the Patriot Act to combat people like ourselves, so the Strategy of Tension really is likely being used here.

It’s massively absurd to see people promoting the idea that it’s a great thing to go shoot up the local school for Hitler. In reality you’re just playing into the system’s hands. There is no damage to the system and it in fact benefits them. It’s exactly what happened when the Japanese were baited into attacking Pearl Harbor to give FDR an excuse to join WW2.

We as a movement need to be more aware of our surroundings, actions, and how we can actually achieve our goals. I wish to see my ideas of a Fascist North America realized. I don’t want destruction for the sake of it. I only see the destruction of this system through intelligent means as a means to an end. The end goal is a robust Fascist North American under our worldview.

I’ll add to this article with a quote from my friend Cameron Denton regarding the aftermath of the New Zealand shooting. “Accelerationism is great when you actually accelerate the system’s collapse and you have your ducks in a row ready to establish your society. Accelerationism is suicide when all your doing is giving the system the perfect excuses to send everyone of our politics to prison for no good benefit to ourselves.”

He’s right. If all you’re doing is giving the system the perfect excuse to arrest us all with no real benefit to ourselves, then you’re better off not shooting up the grocery store to kill random niggers.

Remember to always ask yourself “and then what?” on any action you are considering. Just as I criticize the advocacy of useless shootings, I also heavily criticize many other things that are pointless. A big issue I’ve seen within the SIEGE section of the movement is people wanting to tear the system down while having nothing to replace the system. It’s just “We take down the Government through Collapse then we win instantly!” However, this was already addressed in my other article titled “Collapse”, where I detail how countries actually collapse. Also, I detail how we as a movement can actually build our movement to take and sustain power in a collapse environment.

Carefully consider your actions based on how effective it will actually be. Don’t just do things because of e-clout, boredom, selfishness, or just because it seems cool. Do things because you feel it helps us get closer to achieving our political goals of a Fascist North America.

I’m not here to sit around and make friends or be in some social group. I’m here because am viscerally disgusted by this NeoLiberal Republic that is the United States. I wish to see it replaced with a Pro-White Fascist system. I wish to accomplish this by any means necessary as long as those means are effective. I’m not interested in wasting time, money and manpower on pointless actions. We’re stretched so thin on all of those things it isn’t even funny.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t have the time or manpower to send more of our young to die or waste their lives on actions without point. Right now, we need as many men spending their time and effort on things that have historically bore better fruit than killing some random mexicans at a Walmart, an old jewish hag at a synagogue, a bunch of Pakis at a mosque, or killing niggers at a supermarket. I explained this thoroughly in my Blair Mountain article.

o quote James Mason: “Good Men are like Diamonds” and we’re throwing our diamonds into the gutter with actions such as Buffalo, NY. While we certainly honor and respect those who give their life for this cause, or may spend the rest of their life in prison for their actions, we wish that the ultimate sacrifice be made with ultimate effectiveness. We don’t want it wasted on ineffective means. We by no means condemn the good intentions of anyone. However, we wish to offer considerations for what is and isn’t the most effective use of that most noble sacrifice.

Stay smart and stay vigilant and most of all stay effective.

Hail Victory!