The New War On Terror

As the situation in regards to the current political climate within the United States seems to escalate as fallout from the Capitol Building Siege continues. One theme has popped up again and again. We are entering a new “War on Terror”. This time, however, the target isn’t far away: Islamic fundamentalists. It’s us. The Joe Biden Administration, including those within the Democratic Party, are now openly stating their goal of passing a US domestic terrorism law as well as massively overfunding the FBI, DHS, and other alphabet agencies in an effort to destroy us forever. This has been openly indicated and is something that is unavoidable at this point. It’s no longer a question of if, but of when. All resources related to this information will be provided below.

If enacted, a US Domestic Terrorism Law would essentially allow the same applications of the Foreign Terrorism Designation to be applied to domestic organizations. Allowing the US Government to simply ban an organization outright and imprison anyone stupid enough to not flee before the ban with a 30 year prison sentence on charges of terrorism.

This has been something that Jews such as Rep. Max Rose of New York infamously called for against the defunct and disbanded organization known as Atomwaffen Division. At first demanding the US bend its laws and declare Atomwaffen Division as a foreign organization. Despite being US-based, that didn’t happen. So now the system is simply going to make new laws allowing them to simply ban any organization within the US that they personally don’t like.

So, what is the solution if this does occur? Simple: We go with the nuclear option of no longer having political organizations as a movement. The real solution is to simply organize with trusted friends while not announcing anything public. They can’t ban something if they don’t know about it and don’t know it even exists. They’ll also have a hell of a time infiltrating it if there is no public record of it for them to use to plan their methods of infiltration. The only public organizations should be media organizations such as this.

The true winners among political radicals are those who can adapt to any given situation. This time around, it seems the system going to adopt similar laws as the United Kingdom when it comes to political organizing. That being anything right of a Neo-Conservative is illegal in terms of having a political organization on the matter and you’re a “terrorist” if you promote those ideas through political organizing.

We’ll be the first to tell you that it absolutely sucks to be put in this situation, but what would you rather have? That we continue with the political organization shtick and all end up in prison if this occurs? Or that we adapt to the coming situations and thrive as a result, while causing our enemies’ efforts to ruin us to be worthless? We know what we pick, but how about you?

The system cannot easily crackdown on you because they are unlikely to know who you are. Even if they do, as long as you maintain decent OPSEC and only work with people you trust. Your odds of dealing with feds trying to trick you into building them a sawed off shotgun or dealing with some has-been journalists trying to use you as a meal ticket or job application credit are pretty low.

Our biggest fear is seeing more of our people, including yourself, end up in prison due to system crackdowns. We don’t need to lose more able men like yourself, dear reader. We’re already running low on them. So watch your ass, keep your powder dry, don’t do stupid shit, and be prepared. There is a coming storm, and the only ones who survive are the ones who board up and prepare properly. The only ones who get swept away are those who think they can beat the storm by fighting it head-on. Use your head and stay out of prison. You do no good to us, dead or in jail.

As stated below, there will be links to many resources. From information relating to this coming “War on Domestic Terror” among other information such as privacy-related materials, what to do when the cops try to talk to you, and more.

Links relating to the “War on Domestic Terror”:

Twitter thread Explaining this topic in detail. (archive)

Video clip of ex-CIA Agent and current US Representative Elissa Slotkin explaining what exactly is going to happen when Biden takes power.

Links relating to Privacy & OPSEC & Alternative Services:

Ghostbin of links to such services that an autistic anon on /pol/ compiled together. Some of the links are MAGA cringe but still a good list.

“Don’t Talk to the Police” Seminar by a Law Professor on what your rights are, tactics by law enforcement and what your should do. (his book)

“National Alliance Rights Card” that you should fill out and carry in your wallet at all times.


Lawyer Search (Look for one that can work with Federal Offenses as that’s what you’d most likely be charged with and make sure they have a good reputation too)

Before we get the “but I can just get a public attorney that’s free! Why should I save up several thousand dollars for a private one!”. Public attorneys are garbage and are a sure way to get screwed. So the recommendation is to just bite the bullet and save up/spend the cash needed to hire a private attorney.

That’s just how our “justice” system works. You just have to deal with it. It’s better to spend the several thousand dollars than it is to get fucked in court because your free attorney is a collaborator with the prosecutor. I’m just making a point here. All of this is on you though to do these steps. We can only warn.

That about sums up the information we wish to share. We wish all of our readers to stay safe out there, stay smart, and don’t do anything stupid. Keep in mind that we are not attorneys. We strongly advise our readers to do further research into all of this. We’re only sharing the information that we personally know of. This is on you to accomplish.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!