Satanic Front Exposed

Having seen the fine example provided by the Rat Report, we have decided to archive every known dox of members of the Satanic Front. Many thanks to the Injekt Division for their fine work. Images have been edited to remove addresses and other information due to legal reasons. We will link others who have that […]

NSLF Book For Sale

The American Futurist is proud to announce that we have for sale physical copies of A Short History of the National Socialist Liberation Front compiled by Vincent Snyder (Cameron Denton) with excerpts by Tom Metzger and others. Once thought lost, we were able to secure a PDF and now have published this in physical form […]

AWD Archive

This is a near complete archive of materials from the late Atomwaffen Division which is now defunct. Use these materials as you will. Considering donating to help out as these videos eat up bandwidth on our servers. You can also buy from the store as well to show support. Atomwaffen Division – Fire Up The […]

The American Futurist Store Is Now Open!

The American Futurist’s storefront is now open again, this time as its own independent website known as American Futurist Publishing. We even created a new print-out order form, which will be updated as we expand products. We currently only have American Futurism Flags available in the store.Books will most likely be ready in about a […]

The Futurist Observer’s Future

As an announcement, The Futurist Observer is going to be restructured from a news website to that of a social media news operation. The reason being a lack of manpower for what we want to accomplish with The Futurist Observer and just a general lack of interest in The Futurist Observer’s website over all, which […]


With all the things that have occurred over the past year, this has led to some self-reflection on our part. Especially in recent news regarding Brandon Russell’s arrest, along with this project hitting a plateau of sorts in terms of growth in the movement and sadly seeing us start to fall into the same tar […]

The Rat Report

After some internal discussions, we decided to publish a complete list of rats, traitors, and undercover federal agents. This isn’t a call to action against any of these individuals; in fact, in regards to the federal agents on this list, we ask our readers especially not to harass or threaten these men or their families. […]

James Mason: The Fall

We’ve been trying to avoid releasing this statement for several months, due to wanting to avoid the issues that come with a statement such as this. As of today, however, James Mason has forced our hand. Certain long-standing circumstances that had previously been kept under wraps can no longer be hidden, and we are cutting […]

NSLF Book Released

We at The American Futurist are pleased to announce the release of a thought to be lost book. That being N.S.L.F by Vincent Snyder (Cameron Denton) with the introduction written by James Mason and contributions by the likes of others such as Tom Metzger and others who knew Joseph Tommasi as well. Originally we thought […]

Breaking Ties With The NSO

The American Futurist is cutting ties with and no longer supporting the National Socialist Order. According to recent developments, bad actors have taken over the organization and are now using it to promote The Order of the Nine Angles’ Satanism and Child Rape. In any case, all individuals involved with this takeover are no longer […]