The American Futurist is an American Futurist publication founded in 2020 that seeks to spread the message of American Futurism and of Revolutionary Fascist Ideals. This includes the promotion of books, articles and all other forms of media that is within our worldview. We are not an organization based around physical action but that of merely a propaganda organization. We are not Atomwaffen Division, We are not the National Socialist Order or any other organization besides the media publication known as “The American Futurist”. To find out what we mean by “American Futurism” read here and learn about our relationship and beliefs around F.T. Marinetti here and our symbol, the Hook & Hammer is a nod to the Italian Fascist Group that was Terza Posizione. To find out why this site is legal read here.

We, The American Futurist, seek to empower our fellow brothers-in-arms by giving them a platform to spread their own works. Many Fascist/NS/WN publications out there exist but follow the traditional means of having a staff on hand and only publishing their works. We seek to change that. Decentralize that. Our readers are our staff also. They have just as much a right to publish their own works as those within our staff structure here. We will gladly publish the works of anyone who submits their work for publication as long as it meets the guidelines here.

Hail Victory!