How is this site legal?

A common complaint we have been seeing in regards to this site by our opponents within the greater movement is that “That Siege site is a fed site because there is advocacy of political violence and they host books that advocate for that! Advocacy of political violence is illegal and if you don’t get arrested for it then you’re a fed!” It’s a bullshit line we’ve heard before against other Siege related projects. The biggest propagator of such claims being Andrew Anglin (owner of The Daily Stormer) who routinely lies about anything Siege related due to him continuously being asshurt since 2018 that John Cameron Denton made fun of him publicly. So we feel the need to clarify the legality of advocacy of political violence for our readers and those ignorant of US Law regarding the topic.

Contrary to what retards and dishonest people state. It isn’t illegal to advocate for political violence within the United States. It is illegal to plan violent actions as that falls under conspiracy law. However advocacy of such things as armed revolution, militant direct action and alike is not illegal whatsoever within the United States of America. To clarify further, there was a US Supreme Court case over this very thing called Brandenburg v. Ohio in which a Klan Leader was arrested for statements regarding governmental overthrow and the execution of politicians by the State of Ohio. The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Brandenburg that Brandenburg’s speech was protected by the First Amendment in regards to his Freedom of Speech. Advocacy of political violence is only illegal as in the words of the US Supreme Court if that speech is “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action” . Below will be two YouTube videos explaining in detail on both Brandenburg v. Ohio and the extent of the First Amendment within the United States including advocacy of political violence. I recommend watching both.

Nothing on this site can be construed in even the most dishonest matter of “producing imminent and lawless action” at all. In fact on this site we actively discourage users from engaging in such behaviors due to the fact that most illegal actions tend to be stupid, short sighted and only take a good person out of the fight and sticking them in prison. We’ve made that clear in articles prior. However we won’t stand being smeared by movementarian con-men either. We make no effort to hide the fact that we are in fact Radical Militant Fascists who enjoy the works of men such as Adolf Hitler, F.T. Marinetti, George Lincoln Rockwell, James Mason and more as seen in our Library. None whatsoever. We don’t have the time for lying about our positions or the men we admire. As a result, those who do will lie about us and lie about the law to scare those thinking about abandoning them for us and our worldview that having such views is illegal and that we work for the FBI. It’s a classic smear tactic and we won’t stand for it. Keep in mind dear reader that Bad Jacketing is real and is often used against militant movements to disrupt them and discourage support.

The American Futurist is based within the United States of America. All of the permanent staff who maintain and operate this site are citizens of the United States of America. As such we are placed under US Law and as far as US Law is concerned as of the time of this statement including the words of institutions such as the US Supreme Court. This website is legal and is protected under the First Amendment. Don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise because they’re either retarded or they’re lying to you for their own personal reasons.

This has been a public service announcement from The American Futurist and from Editor-In-Chief Texas Pete.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!