Public Transportation

A topic that always comes up in my mind when going out for a drive either to the grocery store or to the market or else what is “why?”. Why indeed. Why do I have to spend my time driving a car which after its all said and done ends up being nothing but a money pit. Especially due to the fact that cars are designed to fail. They’re designed to only last you 5-10 years at most before just shitting out and failing. Double for today’s cars which if you buy a new car (don’t) then you’re basically dependent on the dealership unless you wish to void your warranty and pay out the ass on your own dime for repairs and more. Like with my vehicle which I purchased 2 years ago that’s certified pre-owned due to my old car failing due to the planned obsolescence of that car. I’m not even allowed to do an oil change myself without voiding the warranty and I’m already having issues with the vehicle anyways as things start to wear down or the computer system starts screwing with me. It’s a cruel joke. It’s a cruel joke that doesn’t just stop at cars either.

The even crueler joke is that you’re largely stuck with it having to purchase a car. The Auto Industry lobbied hard to end/gut or bought out mass transportation alternatives such as buses, street cars, trains and buses and more. If you’re an American like me ask yourself the last time you’ve used a bus or train or alike? If you’re like most Americans then you haven’t. It either sucks because it’s too slow and/or invested with crackhead negros and is more expensive than using a car or it just isn’t available for your area. Like for my area all you really have for local travel is buses and they’re shitheaps that don’t do anything but take negros back and forth from their ghettos to the fast food jobs they work at in the white communities. That’s basically it. Reason being is due to the vast public transport system that we had being raped into non-existence. 

Ideally we shouldn’t even have cars in most places. Trains, Buses, Metro Systems and alike should be all that we need. We can observe in countries that didn’t get their public transport raped such as China and Japan. Especially Japan. It works great and most people don’t even need a car unless it’s specifically needed for their job such as logistics or you just want a car as a luxury product. But for the average person, the need for a car is just not there. If they need to travel within their area they can easily just walk (no mandatory parking laws purposefully spacing everything out), ride a bus or take a metro train. If they need to travel cross country then a high speed train or cross-country bus are cheap, clean and free of crackhead negros. 

It’s a total shame that the US has nothing of the sort with some exceptions. The biggest exception I’ve seen in my life was the DC Metro System. When I visited DC for the first time it was quite the experience and I recommend all of our readers to visit Washington, D.C. at least once in their lifetime to just see how utterly corrupt the United States truly is. Reason being while in most populated areas of the US including my own and I assume the same for yourself dear reader, the public transport either doesn’t exist or it’s barely existent with barely anyone besides negros using it. DC in comparison had an excellent and dirt cheap public transport system. I could travel anywhere within that city quickly and for cheap. Everywhere I needed to go was within walking distance from a metro station. Why? Oh well it’s easy. Government Employees, Congress members and alike don’t want to be inconvenienced by constantly having to drive everywhere and the pain in the ass that is that they maintain on you. It’s the classic “the rules apply to thee, not me!”. There was a lot more blatant corruption that one could observe in the swamp that is DC that can make up an entire book but I’d rather not sidetrack this article’s topic at hand.

As it stands any future pro-white society that we make must have the abolition of the mainstream use automobile in mind. Why do we need to keep such a thing? They’re wastes of resources from various metals, petroleum, glass and money. The automobile should be something that is mostly common only to those doing logistics such as delivery/truck drivers and other exceptional cases. With all the resources we spend on super-highways, cars and the factories and more. We could literally build the world’s best public transport system in the entire white world easily and probably for a fraction of the cost. But we don’t because it’s not profitable for a small group of Jews and White Collaborators. Instead we’re stuck with shitheap cars that’ll fail on us within 5-10 years and within that 5-10 years you have to spend money on various parts, fluid changes and more. It’s frankly mentally retarded that we don’t change out of this stupid car culture we have within the United States where you have to own a car if you want to go anywhere due to everything being purposefully spaced out and public transport being raped except in areas where our overlords live/work in because even they know car culture is stupid and a waste.

Abolish the car! Hail to the trains and buses!

Hail Victory!