American Imperialism

With all the global conflicts going around, it has become quite the topic in movement circles to discuss them. Many are discussing it with an anti-American bent, including ourselves. The issue of disagreement, however, is the pervasive issue of individuals taking up a third-worldist bent to it. That being how all nations deserve their own […]

Revolutionary Conditions

“What will you do when the revolution comes?” is an often-discussed topic in NS circles. Idle talk about firearms, revolutionary fantasies that sound like they’re straight out of “Mad Max”, and talk about “who needs to be killed first” are standard fare. Before any revolution comes, however, we need to discuss revolutionary conditions. It is […]

Radical Youth and Revolution

With all these self-appointed “experts” chiming in left and right to comment on the rise of domestic extremism, particularly the rebirth of the Revolutionary Racialist movement within the United States that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. As someone who is a radicalized individual, I felt the need to comment as someone from the inside. […]

How To Spot Feds

As a member of the Atomwaffen Division from 2016-2020, and as a member of two other Revolutionary National Socialist groups from 2020-present, I’ve had a number of experiences with people who were later found to be FBI informants or out-and-out FBI Agents. Having avoided arrest and/or prosecution despite numerous attempts by the aforementioned Agents & […]

Texas Independence

In the past few years, Texas independence has been on the minds of a lot of Texans. Especially after the 2020 election and in today’s political climate. Every day, 1,000 people move to Texas to escape the growing societal decay taking over the country, especially in the Northeast and West Coast. The majority of these […]

Don’t Steal From Amazon

As a warning, we will be detailing how one could get free things from Amazon as a way of avoiding such mistakes. Please do not replicate these steps; you could get free items from Amazon, and that’s bad. As stealing from a multi-billion-dollar corporation is bad, they need that money to bribe government officials, lobby […]