So a lot of people have been putting up stickers in their local communities lately and that is very good to see. It’s good for a number of reasons; it shows others like us that they are not alone and that our ideas are prolific enough that people are willing to go out and spread […]

War is Politics

To define the 20th century in a word would be “change”. World War II marked an end to total war. No longer were all civilian and military resources mobilized for army against army pitted on the battlefield. A change in consciousness swept across the world, one that would, for the most part, destroy the last […]

New James Mason Video

We here at The American Futurist have made the decision to now every time a new video is posted to James Mason’s JamesMasonVideos Odysee Channel. It will be announced here. New Video here: Siegecast #4- “Modern-Day Villainy”

The Aeonic Futurist Manifesto

A submission to us has been made by a group calling themselves “The Aeonic Futurism Team”. We’ll be linking their Manifesto and a video they included with it for download. They’re inspired by us and hold many of our ideas with some small differences. So good to see other individuals taking it upon themselves to […]

On F.T. Marinetti

A topic that I feel should be addressed is on the topic of the man who founded Italian Futurism, that being F.T. Marinetti. Thanks to this project, The American Futurist, F.T. Marinetti is regaining some interest from people again. People are looking into his old writings once more. Even digging up writings that have never […]


While most of the movies produced by Hollywood are utter shit and ripe with all sorts of degeneracy, every so often a quality movie slips through. The movie that I am talking about is called “Taps” from 1981. Without spoiling the plot of the film, I want to touch on the major theme that is […]

The Futurist Manifesto

As a further statement towards our enemies who think they can stop us. You cannot. We’ll always be online and there is nothing you can do about it. You can arrest the team of individuals behind this site as well and confiscate everything. It matters not because we’re not a simple organization with a central […]

Parallel Polis

A concept that I feel that our readership should be aware is that of Parallel Polis. That being in simple terms, a parallel society. Parallel Polis was a concept coined by Czech Conservative and Anti-Communist Vaclav Benda in the 1970s. The idea is basically to create a parallel society of your own. A counter society […]

John Wilkes Booth: A Hero

Often do I see people within the movement give credit to Abraham Lincoln. How “good” he was. How “The Jews killed him because of X reason!” and more. The truth is that Abraham Lincoln deserved the bullet in his skull from John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln himself was an open leftist and pen pals with Karl […]