To The Youth

The fascist/NS worldview is separate from all other ideas. Not only is it the only one to preach truth and inequality over a river of untruthfulness and equality, it is also much, much more like an organism. As fascism is the ultimate truth, it is much healthier than all other falsehoods: communism, liberalism, etc. A […]

Stagnation and Decay

An issue within our own faction of the greater movement is that of stagnation and a growing irrelevance. While we’re still a major faction within the greater movement, we must adapt and not only survive but also thrive. We are on a plateau of sorts and starting to show signs of stagnation and even decline. […]


With all the things that have occurred over the past year, this has led to some self-reflection on our part. Especially in recent news regarding Brandon Russell’s arrest, along with this project hitting a plateau of sorts in terms of growth in the movement and sadly seeing us start to fall into the same tar […]

Death to the United States!

Death to the United States! I cannot say this enough. The United States is the most evil country to ever exist, period. It must be destroyed. Many in our movement have been chattering over the years where the revolution might be. Some say Europe, others say South Africa, some say South Brazil. I say this: […]

Sell The Lifestyle!

An issue too many in the movement seem to run into is the issue of how to even sell our ideas. Too many individuals and groups, including ourselves at times, have gotten all technical, listing off reasons why someone should become a part of our movement. Things such as “Here bud, read this pamphlet on […]


Article by Templar and Hydra Nature is full of amazing things: unbelievable beauty, transcendent views, and fascinating creatures. Nature is one of God’s greatest gifts. However, many waste their minutes and years on the computer. This is always a temptation and a pitfall within our movement. Action must be everything; I encourage you to act […]


A few stories are beginning to bubble up from the mainstream media. It’s an important canary in the coal mine for white youth in the United States and the world over. We are seeing a trend of buyer’s remorse from “transgender” parasites. Recently, a Navy SEAL named Chris Beck who “de-transitioned” spoke of the transgender […]