Christian Identity

Christian Identity has quickly been revived in recent times in the movement. Something that hadn’t been significant within the American movement in well over 20 years is now gaining steam again. With many who were formerly Orthodox and Traditionalist Catholics converting over. While not significant within accelerationist/SIEGEist circles of the movement, within our own corner, […]

One Big Union

For centuries, the political left has held a nearly unbreakable stranglehold on the workers-rights movement. By and large, the so-called right-wing has completely abdicated its responsibility in this field, choosing to represent the interests of big-money corporations and wealthy donors. The right-wing panders to its white, conservative voting base by offering them political table scraps […]

American Treachery

At my own discretion, I wish to speak about the recent renewed war on The American Futurist by what we call the “movement mafia” internally. This has intensified after the arrest of Brandon Russell, although prior to Brandon’s arrest we were already the target of a large scale disinformation campaign and behind the scenes tomfoolery […]

The American Futurist Store Is Now Open!

The American Futurist’s storefront is now open again, this time as its own independent website known as American Futurist Publishing. We even created a new print-out order form, which will be updated as we expand products. We currently only have American Futurism Flags available in the store.Books will most likely be ready in about a […]

The Futurist Observer’s Future

As an announcement, The Futurist Observer is going to be restructured from a news website to that of a social media news operation. The reason being a lack of manpower for what we want to accomplish with The Futurist Observer and just a general lack of interest in The Futurist Observer’s website over all, which […]

To The Youth

The fascist/NS worldview is separate from all other ideas. Not only is it the only one to preach truth and inequality over a river of untruthfulness and equality, it is also much, much more like an organism. As fascism is the ultimate truth, it is much healthier than all other falsehoods: communism, liberalism, etc. A […]

Stagnation and Decay

An issue within our own faction of the greater movement is that of stagnation and a growing irrelevance. While we’re still a major faction within the greater movement, we must adapt and not only survive but also thrive. We are on a plateau of sorts and starting to show signs of stagnation and even decline. […]


With all the things that have occurred over the past year, this has led to some self-reflection on our part. Especially in recent news regarding Brandon Russell’s arrest, along with this project hitting a plateau of sorts in terms of growth in the movement and sadly seeing us start to fall into the same tar […]

Death to the United States!

Death to the United States! I cannot say this enough. The United States is the most evil country to ever exist, period. It must be destroyed. Many in our movement have been chattering over the years where the revolution might be. Some say Europe, others say South Africa, some say South Brazil. I say this: […]