3D Printed Firearms: A Definitive Guide

REVOLUTION: A: sudden, radical or complete change. B: the overthrow of one government or ruler, and the substitution of another by the people. C: activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation. REVOLUTIONARY: a strong advocate and active supporter of said revolution. A true revolutionary must be flexible and able to […]

The Fag Example

In my tireless research into movements of the past to see how they’ve worked, how they’ve operated, what their successes and failures have been, and what we can learn from them, I’ve found an example that is, in a way, relevant to us. Namely, the LGBT movement. Even though we are disgusted and dismayed by […]

Gun Control: A Lesson in Media Trickery

With the intense current news cycle shilling gun control, there has been one especially noteworthy takeaway. Specifically, how the system gets things it wants done. In a “democratic” society, we see that when the system wants something, they first have to rile up and manipulate the masses into rabidly wanting it. For months, we’ve been […]

American Sewer Politics

There is an outward lie being shoveled around, even with the current happenings occurring. Within the contemporary American political dichotomy, you have two ends of a sewer pipe. One coated in blue paint, and the other coated in red paint. With the recent shootings and the responses trailing those shootings, we are again seeing both […]

Propaganda: A Will and A Way

As American National Socialists, our political will is obvious – we wish to take power, by any means necessary. This is easily understandable, and non-negotiable. The question that we’ve been asking ourselves for decades, is in what way we shall do it. We certainly won’t be able to use conventional means – running for office, […]