You Can’t Go Home Again

Recently, I took a trip into a rural area near where I live with a family member. In discussion with that family member, they lamented that an influx of urbanite types, spurred on by the pandemic, have begun flooding into the area, buying up land, raising property costs, and fagging up the culture. They expressed […]

Passive Demoralization

As I strolled through the streets of the downtown section of a major American city, a new phrase popped into my head – “Passive Demoralization”. Any white person in a racially mixed urban area can likely understand what I mean by this – the simple fact that the act of walking through a large city […]


Since its inception the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been a country of intrigue and mystique, something that few understand, yet nevertheless something that exudes a sort of stoic power in the face of the world’s aggression towards it. The DPRK for a long time has been a pinnacle of defiance in the […]

Support Ian Cranston

Ian Cranston is now in jail facing charges of second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, second-degree assault, and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon in Oregon. This case is important for a number of reasons, but let’s begin with what we know so far. From what we know and can see in this video: Ian, […]

Happy Birthday Son of the Swastika!

87 years ago today Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati Ohio to a 16 year old prostitute mother. In the popular system consciousness, Charlie has become a symbol of all that is perverse. The embodiment of greed, jealousy, insecurity, wrath, and manipulation. We know him differently, as he was. A true man. No facade, no […]

Remember the 9th of November

This piece was meant for November 9th, 2021 but technical problems caused our site to be down for that day sadly. Today is a very auspicious and important day of remembrance for our people! Nearly a century ago today, in 1923, 2,000 determined NSDAP members marched on the city of Munich in a supposedly “failed” […]

Atomwaffen Returns?

In response to current events, a site that we previously supported, “Das Paradies”, is  no longer supported by The American Futurist or James Mason. This is due to their announcement of a “reformation” of the Atomwaffen Division. We do not support this whatsoever, and we have also contacted James Mason for comment who is currently […]

Fundraising Success!

As an announcement from The American Futurist. Our fundraiser to get the funds needed to make copies of SIEGE has been a success. We’ve received over $800 in donations from many of our users within days of our post. Which is nothing short of amazing. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts […]

Virginia Run-Off & Democracy as a Tool of Complacency

With in the last few years it is undeniable that the rhetoric among the right as a whole has ACCELERATED. We are now seeing unprecedented demands for actions among even conservatives in America, and conservative talking heads in the mainstream are now saying things which would’ve been unbelievable in the mid 2010’s. Recently, however, there […]

Toy Drive

As an announcement, The American Futurist will be supporting The Aryan Freedom Network (who are in collaboration with organizations befriended to them)’s toy drive. For an explanation this will basically be a Toys for Tots type deal. You can donate toys or money to the AFN and 100% of everything donated will go to NS […]

Kangaroo Court

UPDATE: KALEB COLE SENTENCED TO 7 YEARS IN PRISON. As an announcement. As of 1 hour ago of this post, Kaleb Cole, the former leader of the now defunct organization known as “Atomwaffen Division” as been found guilty on all charges and faces up to 30 years in prison. We, The American Futurist, see this […]

Support The Aryan Freedom Network!

Just as a statement from The American Futurist, we ask our readers to support The Aryan Freedom Network and visit their website The AFN have been good friends to us and have helped us out in more ways than one and we’re personal friends with those who run AFN. Currently right now they’re doing […]


The following is an account of a trip taken by myself, and fellow NS comrade, Mike Von Liechtenstein to Los Angeles. LA is a festering cesspool. However, two very important places are located in LA. The Spahn Ranch, and the grave of Joseph C. Tommasi. Arriving in LA was interesting, sort of movie-esk. I was […]