Successful Propaganda

Propaganda, “marketing”, and “spreading the message” is one of the – if not THE – most important missions of our sphere. It has always been a pivotal part of the struggle, since the days of the Kampfzeit to today.

Think about it: how did we ourselves come into this sphere? How did we become truly convinced National Socialists? Through effective propaganda – whether it was factual arguments, well-made videos, catchy music, internet memes, the aesthetic of fascism or perhaps all of it – or something else! All these things became the gateway into National Socialism for hundreds, thousands, and ultimately tens of thousands of White men and women. That, in its most simple praxis, is effective and successful propaganda!

Ever since 1945, this modern “propaganda machine” hasn’t been coordinated. It hasn’t been organized by a single “bureau of NS propaganda”. It doesn’t have a united aesthetic and in some (or most) cases it doesn’t even agree with each other. All of this is especially true in the latest generation of internet-focused zoomers. Still, this unorganized ecosystem of independent creators have all contributed to awakening countless numbers of men and women to our cause and, hopefully, activating them into real world contribution for our cause.

Propaganda has different shapes and sizes. It works through different means, some more subtle while some are in your face. Something communist-leftist-tranny-liberals like to scream in terror is that “we” (again, especially true from 2015 and forward) use irony, sarcasm and memes to normalize the message. Though I myself have some skepticism towards the practice – someone who comes to conclusions through “irony” can never be genuine, your convictions have to be seriously believed – I have to admit that it seems to have been effective.

Leaflets and flyers are another timeless method of propaganda. This works as a shotgun effect – trying to cover as much ground as possible (a neighborhood, a city block) and hoping it hits at least one; if not, at least it shows the world that National Socialism exists. GoyimTV/Goyim Defence League and the local White Lives Matter groups have been especially effective in this regard. Stickering is also another method which is important to real life presence.

Another, sometimes forgotten, method of propaganda is culture. Music, art and entertainment. I’ve had the experience of being scoffed at when bringing up the importance of modern NS culture being created. Some nitpick that this is “bugman hobbies but with a NS aesthetic”. I always respond with the fact that culture will always exist. TV-shows will always exist. Games and entertainment will always exist – and I assure you that the future NS society will have these things (yes, with a NS aesthetic).

Not everyone will be convinced by political facts and figures. Many were convinced by humor, by art, by beauty and culture: different strokes for different folks. People have different interests. That is exactly how propaganda should work. You use different methods to reach different people and unite them all under National Socialism.

Here is a perfect, successful element of National Socialist propaganda from Sweden. It is from the “cultural branch” of our “propaganda machine”.

A manga titled “Neo-Germania” recently gained attention for becoming the best-selling book on the fantasy manga section of Swedish Amazon. Then it became THE best-selling book on all of Swedish Amazon, topping the list with books written by Jordan B. Peterson behind it. The reason for the attention is because Neo-Germania’s author is the Swedish National Socialist painter and poet Henrik Jonasson – also the leader of a small NS group called the Neo-Germanic Party.

(Before I continue, I want to recommend all of you readers to check out Henrik Jonassons NS art on which is fantastic.)

So basically, a Swedish Nazi, pictured in full brownshirt uniform, became the best-selling author on all of Swedish Amazon.

This has led to leftist news outlets crying about the fact. Even Reddit discovered it, with over 10s of thousands Swedes having seen it. Worth noting that in the Reddit comments some people react with a “neat, where can I see more?” or just joyful laughter instead of anger and calling for the head of the “evil nazi”. Normalization? You bet.

Neo-Germania or Henrik himself is not cloaked in “dog-whistles”, it’s all quite publicly and unabashedly NS. Henrik has written poetry about Hitler’s divinity and his manga features heroic Volksturm battles in the Berlin ruins of 1945. The rest of Neo-Germania features – rare for our sphere – young female Valkyries going on adventures through a post-apocalyptic neo-medieval Sweden, slaying demons without remorse. Demons having infested a torn apart Sweden. Is that a dog whistle?

Which other country has a movement that can proudly say they have a NS manga? Let alone it having reached the public consciousness? This is perfect propaganda praxis. It might not convince people to drop their lemming lives to become National Socialist activists, but it does normalize the message, it normalizes Nazis being an everyday part of culture and life…because, truly, we are.

We work, shop, play, exercise, sleep, and dream alongside everyone else. The demonizing lies of hate filled Jewish terrorists should not undermine our confidence in our contributions to culture.