Undercover Fed Exposed


The gross incompetence of the federal government has enabled us to expose yet another system pig who was involved in the arrests of multiple Atomwaffen members. Through carelessness, an unredacted document was posted regarding the appeals process of Kaleb Cole. 

Full Court Document Made For Download Here

This document revealed the name of the Undercover FBI Agent, Christopher S. Leckinger, who, through the dishonest and cowardly actions of an informant, was able to infiltrate AWD and was the sole agent behind the unjust and false arrest of Cameron Denton in which from our own confidential sources have been informed that he had been charged with a crime (in this case swatting) that he did not commit and in which from what we have been informed, Chris Leckinger had gotten Cameron Denton drunk and got him to admit to things he never did. 

To make sure these charges stuck, he was charged in the Eastern District of Virginia which is commonly known as “Espionage Court” among those within the Justice Department as the jury pool is almost always made up of employees of the FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, and more. Cameron had no option other than to plead guilty and get two years or go to trial and be found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit and get 5+ years. It’s because of stacked odds such as this that 94% of defendents plead guilty as the system has made it the rules that if you don’t and you’re found guilty (which you most likely will in the system’s courts) then you will have extra time added on for punishment.

Unsurprisingly, this undercover agent who was in-charge of busting Cameron Denton has high quality OPSEC. There are no photographs of him easily available online, he doesn’t have any social media, and there are no known videos of him. This didn’t stop us. Through research, we were able to find a rare photograph of this pig, and we are posting it here in order to expose this scumbag, and to prevent him from being able to infiltrate any NS groups.

At the time that I knew him, he went by the alias “Gibson”. His preferred topic was computer security, and this matches up with his real-life background, including a bachelor’s degree in computer science from SUNY Geneseo, and a master’s degree in information technology from RIT.

I’ll provide an update regarding his physical traits. As of 2019 he was roughly 6’2, 180 pounds. He has a full head of dark, graying hair, and at the time he had an undercut. See below for a picture of him at the Nuclear Congress of 2019 for reference of his body shape and height.

These pigs rarely stop at one group, so we believe that he has done this in the past, or that he will try and do this again in the future. If you have seen this person before, or if he is currently trying to infiltrate any NS/related groups or circles, give us a tip at our contact page as well as making sure this individual cannot join your organization.

And, as a reminder, absolutely DO NOT contact this man or his family. This is what the pigs want – any excuse to take you down.

As was documented on The American Futurist, there was more than one undercover FBI agent in the late Atomwaffen Division. For the exact record, there were a total of one informant and two FBI agents. The informant being Joshua Sutter, however the two FBI agents in question are of course Christopher Leckinger as documented in this article but also as was documented several months ago by The American Futurist of a man who went by the name of “Mark” (real name not yet found), all three individuals mentioned here will have their photos posted below by the way. 

So from what we were able to piece together from our own internal investigation onto the full details of the FBI’s operation against the late Atomwaffen Division, Joshua Sutter was the man in-charge of busting Kaleb Cole, Christopher Leckinger was in-charge of dealing with Cameron Denton and in the case of “Mark” he attempted but failed miserably to bust James Mason. Although from what we’ve been tipped off by NSM members, “Mark” had been a hang around at NSM events and really close with one individual at these events. That individual is a man that “Mark” would ultimately entrap leading to the FBI raiding this person’s house and that person dying in a shootout with the FBI. That person being Timothy Wilson, a man who was convinced allegedly by “Mark” to attack a hospital to protest COVID measures only for Timothy Wilson to be gunned down by the FBI in a raid. 

See below for pictures of all three individuals involved in the FBI actions against the late Atomwaffen Division:

“Gibson” aka Christopher S. Leckinger (Undercover FBI Agent):

“Mark” (Undercover FBI Agent):

Joshua Sutter (FBI Informant):


To repeat ourselves, if you see any of these three men trying to join your organization, chat, or friend group, DO NOT THREATEN THEM OR ATTACK THEM OR THEIR FAMILIES, NOR SHOULD YOU TRY TO TRACK THEM DOWN FOR PURPOSES OF THREATENING. Calmly remove such individuals from your chat or property and have everyone else break contact with them and bring awareness to their presence. As much as we can understand there being an urge to do something against these men for the vile things they have done, now is not the time to send yourselves to prison over something stupid like threatening a federal agent or asset. We are not responsible for anyone who goes against this advice and does such idiotic things.