Donating with Cryptocurrency:

BTC/Other Crypto Addresses:
Email Us

XMR Address:

How do I buy and send Bitcoin securely?

See here on where and how to purchase Bitcoin, there are tons of ways. The next step is getting a wallet. We recommend just getting Electrum as your wallet of choice. Do not send us Bitcoin from the exchanges such as Coinbase for example. You might get banned and it isn’t a wise thing to do anyways. The only purpose for Coinbase and other exchanges is to easily buy Bitcoin for cheap then send it to your independent wallet for sending to us. If you wish to send us bitcoin, please use a wallet such as Electrum where you’re in control of your own wallet and you will not be banned from for giving us money.

How do I buy and send Monero?

See our guide on buying and using Monero here.

PO Box for Physical Currency Donations:

The American Futurist Inc.
PO Box 18511
Denver, CO 80218

Physical Currency Donation Address for those want to mail Physical Currency through non-postal means such as UPS, Fedex, DHL etc.

The American Futurist Inc.
1541 N Marion St #18511
Denver, CO 80218

How do you donate to the PO Box with Physical Currency?

We have both a postal and non-postal address for mailing physical currency to the PO Box. Mailing physical currency is easy. Just wrap said physical currency with paper before mailing. Though if you mail to us with something like a documents envelope then this step isn’t needed. Make sure the physical currency is hidden where you can’t tell from the outside. The US Postal Service has a reputation of its employees opening letters if they suspect there is cash in them to steal it. So be sure its secured.

What Physical Currency is accepted?

Any and all. US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and more. Any and all. Do not send us coins, especially if you are sending non-US currency. Banks don’t accept them. We currently don’t accept money orders or checks either since that would require us to give out real names and alike in order to process them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Other PO Box information

Do not send us gifts or any other things of that nature that will come through in a box. For safety’s sake we’re not opening those things. They’d just be thrown into the trash. We appreciate the gesture if you want to send us books and other things but hopefully you can understand why we do not accept packaged physical gifts. Don’t send us letters for James Mason either. James Mason doesn’t run this PO Box or check it so those letters won’t reach him. Any questions or concerns just email us.

What will my donation be used for?

Donations will be used for site maintenance and upkeep as a first. Anything that is surplus will be used towards other projects of interest. We all have our own careers that pays our living costs already so none of the donation money will be used for petty personal purposes. We don’t do this as a form of making money. To us this is simply volunteer political work. Donating isn’t expected and we will not shame you for not donating to us. This is just an avenue for people who want to support our project financially to do so as we’ve been receiving repeated requests on questions of donation. To see what projects we mean in great detail, see here.

Donation Problems or Questions?

Contact us at [email protected] with “DONATION INQUIRY” as the subject.