How to use Monero

We decided to post an easy to understand and easy to use guide on how to obtain and use Monero. Since Monero is privacy oriented and unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the exchanges are encrypted and private. So much so that the IRS is offering a nearly $1 million reward for anyone who can develop them a software to break Monero’s encryption. Even though we had these instructions on our donation page, we feel a post such as this is important since Monero can be and should be our currency of use. It’s private, easy to use and makes the Jews seethe.

Step 1: Get a cryptocurrency to exchange for Monero

Any cryptocurrency can be used for this although it’s recommended to just use the mainstream coins such as Bitcoin or Etherum for this. You can obtain these easily at any exchange. Coinbase being the easiest to work with with the lowest fees when buying Bitcoin. For more resources on buying Bitcoin including stuff on Bitcoin ATMs see here. You could also use Coinstar (that green machine you see in Grocery Stores and at Walmart that counts your change) to use physical cash to purchase Bitcoin too.

Step 2: Move your coins from the exchange to a private wallet

Do not use the exchange as your main wallet. Your wallet should be a program on your computer that you’re in control of. This prevents situations such as you getting banned from a service or alike. There are plenty of private wallets to use. If you’re using Bitcoin as your currency of exchange, Electrum is the way to go. Other coins such as Etherum have their own private wallets to use as well. So after you buy your crypto at an exchange, move them to your private wallet.

Step 3: Get a Monero Wallet

Getting a private wallet that you have control over is pretty easy and needed for this step obviously. You can easily look up wallets to use. Including the official Monero wallet here, although the official Monero wallet does have its bugs and tends to crash depending on your computer specs, OS and alike. So for easier use, just use FeatherWallet.

Step 4: Exchanging your coins for Monero

This is pretty easy to do. To make this as simple as possible just go to and use their cryptocurrency exchange to exchange things like Bitcoin/Etherum/etc. for Monero by sending in your currency then having them exchange that for Monero and send that Monero to your Monero wallet. Usually the exchange minimum, although changes, usually stays between $20-$30 as a minimum. With ChangeNow taking a few dollars as a fee. Which isn’t that bad. Meaning you send them $30 in Bitcoin, you get $28 in Monero sent to you as of their current fees. Which for fees in getting Monero is pretty good.

Step 5: Converting Monero back into Cash

This step is pretty easy as it is just doing what you did to obtain Monero but in reverse. Simply go back to an exchange like we recommended with but just send your Monero in for whatever cryptocurrency of your choosing such as Bitcoin then sending that Bitcoin to your wallet that you’re in control of then transferring that Bitcoin to an exchange such as Coinbase from your wallet or even going to a physical location such as a Bitcoin ATM (Which B-ATMs have higher fees but you get physical cash on the spot) and there you go. You successfully turned your cash into a regular mainstream cryptocurrency then turned that into Monero then reversed the process to turn it back into cash.

Step 6: Congratulations!

Congratulations! You now have the knowledge to easily buy and use the cryptocurrency Monero as you please. As pointed out in Tim Turtle’s Parallel Polis article. The need to build a parallel society for our movement is needed. This included building our own financial systems that aren’t owned by Jews, which with coins such as Monero, is possible. This is why those in power fear Monero and have seethed time and time again over this. From mainstream journalistic outlets warning of us using Monero. To the SPLC whining and crying over Monero being widely adopted and how they can’t just call their Jewish cousins at the Bank to shut us down anymore. It’s all very interesting and pretty exciting to say the least.

Finally with the help of technology the movement can be financially independent of the system. Now you can be financially independent of the system. It terrifies our enemies but excites us heavily. What a time to be alive in the movement.

Hail Victory!

Bonus: How to Mine Monero and Make Profit