Patriot Front: A Lesson in Insanity

Patriot Front has been a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for well over a year now, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the ability to do so properly with all my ducks in a row. I also want to state that I do not think that Patriot Front is an “FBI Honeypot” like you’ve recently been seeing as a response from everyone, including major media figures like Joe Rogan. Patriot Front, in my opinion, is a group run by incompetent individuals, and the activities they engage in are both ideologically and tactically stupid. So let’s begin.

Chapter I: A New Beginning

Let us start with a summary of the beginning. Patriot Front as an organization was born out of the flames of the fuck up that was Charlottesville. In essence, it was a rebranding of the defunct group, Vanguard America. With Thomas Rousseau, a higher up within VA, creating the group. Why? Heather Heyer. The man alleged to be behind the attack, James Fields, was photographed with Vanguard America logos and shields. The media claimed he was a member of this organization. Thomas simply as a response, made a new group because he felt that Vanguard America had “bad optics” and that changing the aesthetics of the group to an American Patriot aesthetic would be better.

Ironically, this problem is a problem that Thomas himself started. As far as we’ve collected, James Fields wasn’t a member of Vanguard America. What really happened was Thomas being incompetent and passing out Vanguard America stuff to random attendees because, in his mind, having the media take photos of everyone with their stuff makes the group look bigger. Obviously, this can and has caused issues if, for example, one of the people you give your group logo merch to does something illegal that garners a lot of media attention.Then your group gets fucked.

Well, Charlottesville happens, a fat communist dies, and from that, Pandora’s Box opens on everyone that attends. What’s left of Vanguard America gets the brunt of the consequences of Thomas’s incompetency while he quietly slips away and forms Patriot Front. Vanguard America but with an American Flag. Basically changing nothing except this time Thomas is the leader and the aesthetics of the group change. Nothing else changes.

Chapter II: Ideology

The ideology of Patriot Front is one that is hard to pin down in its specifics. Sure, they put out a manifesto, but that manifesto is nothing but a rouse. It’s optics cuckery. They’re simply trying to hide the fact that everyone there is a big bad old nazi. Everyone knows it, including Patriot Front themselves. Yet they lie through their own writings because like any Alt Right group, they’re too cowardly to state their real beliefs. Instead, they hide behind platitudes and aesthetics that they don’t truly believe in.

One glance at this manifesto written by Thomas Rousseau and one can see that there is no meat to this. I myself am a political writer and have been for over 6 years now. So, from my own judgement on this manifesto, It’s just Thomas repeating platitudes and talking in vague terms about how America is occupied by tyrants and how we need to return to tradition, with no real explanation for these things, and reading this is more akin to reading the script of an action movie hero speech from the 1980s. No in-depth details, it’s just something you can easily hear at a conservative rally. That’s the point as well. The point of Patriot Front is roughly the same as Nick Fuentes -to influence the Conservative Movement to become National Socialist. A failed project that’s been a failure for 70 years now. Although when you talk with Patriot Front shills on places like Telegram and 4chan, they’ll talk in vagueness as well and dodge the subject because it’s not something they can easily defend.

However, through recently leaked recordings of Thomas, he’s pretty clear in private that he wants to influence the conservative movement. Specifically Thomas bragging in calls about how he’s been garnering support from Conservative Movements like the Anti-Abortion Movement known as March for Life. The same way Nick Fuentes often brags about getting his support from individuals and movements like Alex Jones and various other individuals and groups within the Paleo-Conservative Movement. However, despite all of this, these tactics are stupid. These conservatives stand in opposition to our worldview and our people. For example, at their marches in DC they often cry and bring up how most abortion victims are black and how it’s quickly becoming in many areas that most black babies are aborted rather than born and how Jesus wouldn’t want that. This isn’t to paint all anti-abortion individuals in this light of being pro-black. However, in this case, March for Life is an organization run by Conservative Catholics and Evangelicals who don’t see an issue with things like rising non-white populations or racial mixing and often encourage it themselves.

So why on earth, as a Pro-White organization, would you want to pander to these freaks and racial traitors? These people are a poison to our people. They promote non-white populations and often encourage racial mixing. It’s absurd. For example, Evangelicals worship the state of Israel and the Jewish people as holy. They donate large sums of money to the Israeli State and specifically funding Israeli Settlements in the West Bank to uproot Palestinians from their homes in favor of Jews. The only cooperation I’d have with such people is to see them cooperate in putting a noose around their necks when they’re found guilty of racial treason.

Even disregarding the fact that Patriot Front doesn’t believe what they say and the American Patriotism ideology is a ploy to pander to Conservatives and influence the Conservative Movement towards becoming National Socialist. Let’s pick apart why Americanism is such hot garbage and is antithetical to Fascism. From both the issues with the founding fathers themselves, their ideas, the effects of their revolution and who funded it for what interests. Let’s begin, shall we?

The American Revolution was a Jewish-funded Funded Revolution to promote the ideas of The Enlightenment. The Enlightenment being a movement which birthed things like Liberalism and Leftist Ideologies. All of the Founding Fathers were students of this intellectual movement. This movement rejected natural tradition, religion, family, and hierarchy. In favor of Secularism, Liberalism, Anti-Hierarchy and more. By its own beliefs, it is Anti-Fascist to its core. The founders themselves were sick in the head men who would have been better off executed.

When I say the Founding Fathers were sick men, I mean it truly and I can explain. Starting off with Thomas Jefferson, the author of The Constitution, was someone who was a deep believer in Secularism and Liberalism. So much so that he made his own version of the Bible but with all the miracles of Jesus Christ and of the Supernatural Removed. Jefferson was a man who was a firm believer in the Enlightenment. Hence, why it is hilarious to see Conservatives and even those in the movement prop him up as this great man. When in reality, he was no better than Atheistic Liberals of today who hate religion because it tells them they can’t be homosexuals or degenerates.

John Adams was the most left leaning of the Founding Fathers and absolutely loved Jews. He is quoted to have stated how he feels that Jews are superior to White People even. He opposed things like Imperialism and was largely pacifistic famously. Why value someone like that as a hero to our race?

Speaking of Jews. As something most people are unaware of, the American Revolution was funded by Jewish Investment Bankers such as Haym Saloman. Which isn’t a shock considering that nearly all of the prominent Founding Fathers were Freemasons. An organization banned by the Third Reich due to the fact that Freemasons often collaborate with Jews to destroy a civilization and are often degenerates themselves. Ben Franklin, for example, a Freemason and one of the key ideologues behind the Jewish Revolution in France, was a known degenerate. He was a member of the Hellfire Club which was a degenerate sex club for elites. Akin to today’s Jeffery Epstein’s Degenerate Island for Elites.

Before I move on from the Founding Fathers themselves. I want to cover that it is absolutely hilarious to me Before I move on from the Founding Fathers themselves, I want to add that it is absolutely hilarious to me that Patriot Front quotes Alexander Hamilton talking about using divide and conquer against his enemies. Alexander Hamilton being the Founding Father that pushed the most towards a Jewish Central Bank and using the United States to push ideological interests of the United States, that being of The Enlightenment and of Jewish Finance Interests. He was so obnoxious, in fact, that he was killed in a duel by Thomas Jefferson’s Vice President Aaron Burr because he was that annoying about it. Image made by Patriot Front below. I don’t know why they thought celebrating Hamilton stating his intentions to further Anti-Fascist and frankly, Jewish interests through manipulation and divide and conquer would be good for a Fascist Group to promote. Not a good look to say the least.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us move onto Americanism itself. We must see that Americanism is the greatest threat to the White Race and to the World. It is even worse than Communism in my opinion. The United States has since its founding been the Golem of Jewish Interests and the Jews have used the United States and its values of Liberty, Equality and Enlightenment Values to reek havoc on the world. While the Soviet Union and the Bolsheviks were indeed a threat. The Golem of America has done far more damage, from the massive resources this continent has, the Jews and White Traitors have used them to destroy smaller nations against the Jewish World Order and promotion of its rotten ideology throughout the world.

Nations have been sent to the graveyard by this demon, such as The Kingdom of France, The Confederate States of America, The 2nd Mexican Empire, The Spanish Empire, The German Empire, Imperial Japan, The Third Reich, Fascist Italy and the list goes on. After World War 2, the United States pushed hard for the destruction of all European Imperial Holdings in Africa and Asia. Giving over control to the subhuman populations of these colonies to which they burned all of the European accomplishments in these lands away, returning them to the jungles they once were. There were states in Colonial Areas like Africa such as Rhodesia and South Africa which maintained White Rule and opposed the Golem. Well, they got destroyed by the might of the Golem.

Ask me then, why should we celebrate such things? Why should we dress ourselves in the garb of the American Flag and celebrate disgusting freaks like the Founding Fathers? Outside of being cowards and saying how we’re not nazis, I fail to see a point. F.T. Marinetti coined a term here that I absolutely love. Cultural Necrophilia. Cultural Necrophilia being a term used for those who obsess over the past for its aesthetics and having a near sexual attraction to it. In the case of Patriot Front, they wear the rotten carcass of this Golem and parade around wearing it. Yet beyond that, it’s nothing but a fetishization of America and of Americanism.

To someone like myself, I feel that Americanism should be burned to the ground and destroyed, thrown into the dustbin of history and only remembered as nothing more than a bad memory. Americanism is our enemy, and I reject the protestations of cowards like Nick Fuentes and Patriot Front who demand we wear the garb of this demon golem to fit in with the masses and appeal to conservatives. I intend to slay this demon of Americanism and banish it back to hell from where it came from.

Fuck Americanism, Fuck the Founding Fathers and Fuck the American Flag. Damn it all to hell.

Chapter III: Tactics

Obviously, since Patriot Front is a rebranding of Vanguard America, they inherit the tactics of the Movementarian. That being useless marches that serve nothing but e-fame from websites like 4chan and narcissistic circle jerking about how cool they are. The demographic most susceptible to Fascist messaging is White Rural Americans. They’re disenfranchised with the system and are practically abandoned by it due to the lack of social services, poverty, and the like. Patriot Front and other Movementarian organizations, on the other hand, don’t seem to care about such a demographic.They’d rather focus on useless things like marching through nigger shithole cities like Philadelphia and Washington D.C. for brief periods of time just to do photo ops to show their friends and followers how cool they are.

Let me ask you this: Do cool slogans and videos pay the bills of disenfranchised whites who hate this system? Of course not. Patriot Front and groups like it don’t do anything like this. They don’t care. All they care about is internet clout and bragging about how many followers they have and how many group members they have. It’s all just narcissism, really. I’d hardly consider even calling these groups “political advocacy groups” since what political change are they really accomplishing here? Nothing is what they’re accomplishing. Believe me when I say I know what doing nothing is like. I myself was a member of the Atomwaffen Division for years. While I believe that the Atomwaffen Division succeeded in mainstreaming things like Siege and Revolutionary tactics in the greater movement, forcing movementarians to at least copy some of our rhetoric and tactics.

The Atomwaffen Division as a group in its goals of revolution failed. One big reason was that, rather than focusing on being politically effective, the Atomwaffen Division in the latter span of its lifetime instead focused on shooting cool videos constantly of them shooting off guns in the woods and sending them to journalists and on 4chan and seeking attention. Doing the same stuff that Patriot Front does now. Shooting videos and photos for e-fame and not really doing much of anything else. So I myself am fully aware of the mindset behind these tactics, and this isn’t without self-criticism either. Hence why I myself feel so strongly against these tactics of e-fame since it does nothing but waste time and stagnates an organization to failure while giving the illusion of success.

The difference, however, between movementarian organizations like Patriot Front and ourselves on the revolutionary side of the movement is that we learn from our mistakes and fuckups. They don’t. Hence, unlike the Patriot Front and other movementarians who receive little to no pushback, we get our websites shut down by the United Nations. Since the system cares not for people who are predictable and do nothing, The system however, fears those who are unpredictable and make plans that can actually affect things. Hence, why this rotten system uses its agents to promote everyone as being federal agents so you don’t do anything besides bitch and moan on 4chan or they promote you to do mass shootings so you can throw your life away and we have fewer men to work with.

What we advocate most isn’t to go shoot up your local mosque or to kill some random Jew. No, what we advocate is real revolutionary agitation, which mostly doesn’t require a gun. It requires empathy and seriousness. Every revolutionary underground movement’s tactics that have succeeded are all the same. An emphasis on outreach to the demographics that are disenfranchised by the system you seek to get rid of. 2,000 years ago the Christians of the Roman Empire were but a tiny irrelevant cult from Palestine. However, what they made up for was investment in social services. Their churches were used as hubs to provide food and goods to the Roman poor. Through this process, Christianity then went from an irrelevant cult from Palestine to a major political force in the Empire that, despite Rome’s best efforts, couldn’t destroy. Even when they were killing off Christian leadership such as St. Peter, it didn’t matter. Christianity outlasted the leadership because Christians became too numerous. This is not the only example either.

As I outlined in my own article here, another great example of a successful revolutionary organization is that of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Palestinian off-shoot, Hamas. Most people are unaware that prior to the 1970s, Islamic fundamentalism was considered extremely fringe and irrelevant in the Arab World. Pretty much all Arab countries prior to that were either secular liberal republics or monarchies with semi-religious overtones. This bothered an Egyptian schoolteacher and Islamic Fundamentalist Hassan al-Banna, who wanted to see an Islamic Theocracy overthrow the Secular Liberal Republics and Monarchies that cooperated with European countries and the United States. However, he didn’t do this by having himself and his men march around Cairo with cool chants. Nor did they record themselves shooting off guns in the desert. Instead, they focused on social services such as food banks, thrift stores, and schooling for Egypt’s poor, and his organization, from that point on, started spreading all over the Arab World and Islamic Fundamentalism with it. Now his ideas are so wide spread that the Arab World is defined to the rest of the world by them.

Another example of the Muslim Brotherhood I’d like to bring up is that of Hamas. While Hamas is famed for its rocket attacks against the illegitimate state of Israel, they didn’t start off that way, nor is that the majority of what they still do. Hamas started in Gaza as a social services corps. They ran food banks, religious centers, and the like. They did this for decades before they had enough support to win over the population of suffering Palestinians in Gaza, and in 2006, they won total control of Gaza through an election between them and the Moderate Israeli Collaborators of Fatah. In turn, Israel and the United States gave weapons and funds for Fatah to overthrow the new Hamas government in Gaza, which failed due to Hamas having too much public support in Gaza.

Now imagine if a Pro-White Fascist movement came into a Poor Rural White area of the United States for sake of example and did these same things. Providing social services such as thrift stores and food banks. Opening upNow imagine if a Pro-White Fascist movement came into a Poor Rural White area of the United States and did these same things. Providing social services such as thrift stores and food banks, opening up community centers and book stores, gaining real influence in such areas and radicalizing these populations towards total white revolution. Imagine that. That has been a goal of mine and many of my colleagues here for a long while. Hence, people like myself get angry when we see resources wasted by organizations like Patriot Front and others. They spend tons of money, manpower, and alike to do what is nothing more than photo ops so they can get people on 4chan and elsewhere to tell them how cool they are. It’s disgusting to us. Tom Metzger himself said it best in his speech on Charlottesville when he talked about what they could have used those resources wasted on that event on. All the money and manpower spent on travel, hotels, marches, bail and court costs and more. You might as well flush that money down the drain.

Now we ourselves, here at The American Futurist, aren’t just criticizing and not practicing what we preach either. By next month, we plan on launching our own bookstore on this site, which will sell physical copies of Siege by James Mason as well as other items such as booklets. After that, we plan on doing other things, such as investing in social services in poor white rural communities throughout the United States starting hopefully by next year. Things like Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, Book Stores, Community Centers and more and gaining real legitimacy among populations who don’t have anyone helping them and hate the system. We may be small, but we have a grand vision of the future. An American Futurist Future. It may take a couple years, ten years, one hundred years. It doesn’t matter. What we do know is that we will win and the future belongs to us.

As another article of note. I heavily recommend readers here check out my Parallel Polis Article as well.

Chapter IV: In Conclusion

In conclusion, what I want the reader here to take away is this: To avoid wasting your time with organizations such as Patriot Front and alike, who don’t have any prospects for the future or care about doing anything politically worthwhile, to avoid groups that only care about posturing and e-fame. Instead, spend your time being inventive and creative. To find new ways of doing things like what we’re doing here at The American Futurist. For obsessing over the past and being a cultural necrophiliac is only going to keep you in the past of failure instead of the future of success.

That’s the point of this criticism piece here. While fanboys of these movementarian groups may shrill at us, we will always advance further, while they’ll be stuck in the past. I am nothing but optimistic for the future. I saw our ideas go from unknown and extremely niche in the movement in 2016 to now Siege by James Mason is a mainstream book that even media outlets mention by name. We’re now a serious faction within the movement. Granted, we’re still a minority, but my God have we grown. We’ve grown to the point where now the movementarians are copying our rhetoric in a vain attempt of not losing relevancy to us.

In the end, we will not only win the movement, but we will win against this system. The only thing stopping that is ourselves. The whites who will it shall have their Fascist state.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!