The Hamas Example at Successful Revolution

If it wasn’t known prior, The American Futurist is an ardent support of the Palestinian Group known as Hamas and to us their government in the Gaza Strip is the only legitimate government in the region of Palestine. Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority are both illegitimate. With all of this established prior, it must be explained why Hamas is a model for us to follow for our own liberation of North America. Why is this though? Let me explain.

Despite being an openly militant organization, Hamas did not start off by just lugging around guns and getting in shoot outs. Quite the opposite. While still keeping their militant and revolutionary beliefs such as being expressly anti-Jewish and open about the fact that Israel needs to be destroyed and Palestine be liberated under their rule. The way they started this was quite brilliant. Instead of building up an armed force ready to fight Jewish Occupation first, they instead focused on building up a powerbase among segments of the Palestinian population and gaining support from that base to then build up a militant armed force to be reckoned with and waited for the opportune moment to strike.

They built up their powerbase mostly in the Gaza Strip, the poorer section of Palestine. They did this by starting up food banks, giving out free literacy classes to teach people how to read and write, did political education and more. They built themselves into the communities they wanted support from and in a revolutionary way. Instead of begging for the masses to join them through useless marches or toting around guns and threatening people. Instead they began to build the society they wanted to achieve. Leading by example. You can criticize and shit-talk the Israelis for not providing social services and ignoring the needs of the Palestinians all day long, however if you have nothing to offer yourself then why should anyone take you seriously?

Right now in Rural White America in areas like Appalachia and the Rust Belt and more there is poverty and hunger. People there rely on EBT cards and food banks just to stay afloat. Job prospects are shrinking and all and all these communities are in desperate need of help. This system however has no interest in helping. They’d rather help out niggers and migrants from the third world instead since if we’re all being honest here the elites of this system would rather see Rural White America die out more than anything. As a result from my own experience and observations. Many of the people in these communities resent the fuck out of the system. They hate it and want it overthrown. They’re worried over degeneracy, worried over non-whites moving into their communities and more.

One thing I reject and find disgust in is people in our own movement who sneer at these people because they’re not totally up to speed on Fascist ideology and usually tend to fall into reactionary false prophets such as Donald Trump. This disgusts me because I’ve had lengthy conversations with these people. Yes, they tend to support Trump and think that he’ll come in and fix all their problems over night. How he’ll totally overthrow this system and see the execution of the elites of this system the traitorous collaborators who work beneath them. But to myself I don’t care. These people sympathize with our ideas and our struggle. I know because I’ve brought up my ideas and they tend to be sympathetic. It’s disgusting and counter-productive to be some arrogant prick who refuses to interact with the people you claim to care for. You’re no better than the system elite in my opinion if you think this way.

To myself we need to exploit the system’s failure to provide for White Rural America. We should open Fascist Food Banks, Education Centers, Provide other social services needed and more! Why not? Why would anyone take us seriously on our ideas if we’re not willing to put them into practice. We put our ideas into practice now, not “After the Revolution!” NOW! Hamas for example did this for a long while before they even picked up a gun. They always preached that a revolution would be needed to end Jewish Occupation of Palestine. However they didn’t just pick up a gun and start shooting. Instead in areas like Gaza, they set up needed social services. They gained the trust and respect of the communities they wanted support from.

Hamas of course getting this idea from the Muslim Brotherhood, which to be honest Hamas is just the Palestinian Branch of The Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood started by an Egyptian Teacher named Hassan Al-Banna. Who he himself was against the British Occupation of his land of Egypt and wanted it removed and for Arabs to embrace their culture and religion and reject westernization and secularism. He didn’t do this by demanding everyone take up arms and shoot up their schools. Instead he preached that in order to make the society that he wanted to see, then he and his followers must build that society in the here and now. Not waiting for some magical day to come and then doing that. He opened up schools, food banks, medical centers and more. After that then you can focus on militant activities.

Hamas because of their powerbase building is now untouchable in Gaza. They drove out the US/Israeli supported collaborators of Fatah in 2005 and now have the Israeli Puppet Government in the West Bank suspending elections out of fear due to Hamas being too popular there and the population being sick and tired of the Palestinian Authority and its Jewish Collaboration. They’re the sole power in Gaza for a reason. The people there love them. They do the best they can still to provide for the people of Gaza and defend them from Jewish Occupation. In fact they drove out the Jewish Settlers in Gaza, something the Palestinian Authority doesn’t do as Jews slower take the West Bank. Hence why Palestinians of the West Bank getting so sick of it all now support Hamas taking over, seeing the example of Anti-Jewish Resistance in Gaza working.

Hamas only used militancy after they built up their powerbase in Gaza and then slowly built up their armed forces and waited for the time to strike. They got their time, the First Intifada. Where Israel went to war with the Palestinian People through open warfare. Hamas quickly took advantage and had it’s militant wing do its first acts of attacks. They struck at the IDF causing the IDF to take causalities. Eventually everything went back to normal but due to this Hamas gained a favorable position of power. Then after the Second Intifada ending in 2005. Their militant activities secured them a successful takeover of Gaza and finally forming their government to oppose Israel after long years of work.

Why can’t we do the same thing here in North America? Why not? Why can’t we build up our powerbase in Rural White America? Let us provide social services, build the society we preach for and radicalize those who are already angry at this rotten system and want to see its destruction. Let us be welcomed into these communities and help them out. After that and only after that should we even consider anything militant. This is a criticism I have of the now defunct Atomwaffen Division. Now I don’t hate Atomwaffen Division. I myself was a proud member and I’m still proud of my involvement and through Atomwaffen Division I’ve met the best possible people in my life that have helped me become the best possible version of myself. However the problem Atomwaffen Division had was it worked backwards on what it should have done.

Taking up arms should have been the last thing on the list of things to accomplish. As stated, Atomwaffen Division should have built up a powerbase to work off of, radicalize marginalized populations susceptible to our propaganda and more. However because of it being done backwards, the group was eventually disbanded. Though we all have our learning experiences and Atomwaffen Division was just that, a learning experience and we’re better off for it.

So let us build our society now, let us radicalize those sympathetic to our cause and let us build up the case for revolution over reformism and remove power from the cowardly moderates and the disgusting system collaborators. Let us not fall for stupid traps or do stupid things. Let us build up a proper Vanguard movement to crush this system beneath our feet! For if it isn’t us to crush this system then who?

Hail Victory! Death to this system!