Support The Aryan Freedom Network!

Just as a statement from The American Futurist, we ask our readers to support The Aryan Freedom Network and visit their website The AFN have been good friends to us and have helped us out in more ways than one and we’re personal friends with those who run AFN. Currently right now they’re doing a donation drive to build a hall for both religious services (they’re Christian Identity) and as a venue so any group or organization can hold meetups and events on private land. If this sounds like something you wish to support then click here for more details. Most of what their site is though is as a directory to various information, websites, guides and more. All and all very useful stuff. So check them out and if their fundraising goals sound like something you want to support then give them a donation. These guys have helped us out greatly. Including helping us get the proper contacts in getting a store of our own set up soon and much more. So please support them and use their site as they’ve been a great help to us. Hail Victory!