Kangaroo Court


As an announcement, as of 1 hour ago of this post, Kaleb Cole, the former leader of the now defunct organization known as “Atomwaffen Division”, has been found guilty on all charges and faces up to 30 years in prison. We, The American Futurist, see this for what it is. A Kangaroo Court. For those unaware, Kaleb Cole was arrested and faces 30 years because he allegedly made posters doxing journalists who had doxed and harassed him and his friends and family. This plot was thought up not by Kaleb but by Swissdiscipline. Better known as the Federal Informant, Joshua Sutter.

This plot was thought up and planned by the FBI, and if Kaleb indeed made those posters, it was only due to FBI manipulation of his circumstances of being harassed constantly by those journalists. This is, of course, entrapment. Just as we saw with Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge fame. Undercover agents use a person’s circumstances to convince them to engage in illegal activities that they otherwise wouldn’t have done.

We’re willing to bet that if Joshua Sutter had never planned this, it would have never happened in the first place. That alone is grounds for dismissal. Yet Kaleb faces 30 years in prison for posters, yet journalists and antifa can do the same thing with impunity. Antifa especially can harass people with the same exact style of dox posters yet nothing is done about them ever. Well, we all know why. Both journalists and antifa are on the same side of this system and are part of it.

So the FBI has no concern over them harassing and threatening us. But as soon as one of our own does it back to them in retaliation. He faces 30 years. What a fucking joke. This doesn’t even mention that Judge John C. Coughenour (the judge on Kaleb Cole’s trial) SWITCHED JURIES ON HIM and expelled all unvaccinated jurors and screened them, making sure only the most pro-system jurors were there. Image related below.

Judge John C. Coughenour also opposes strict laws against violent child rapists and opposes mandatory minimums for criminals for being too harsh. Yet he’s willing to give our friend Kaleb 30 years over artwork. He also gave a guy who planned to blow up LAX airport less time than he’s going to give Kaleb.

Hopefully, Kaleb Cole can get this appealed both on the basis that this plot was entrapment and was planned and coordinated by the FBI; and if Kaleb Cole did in fact make those posters, the FBI manipulated his anger over harassment and stalking from individuals like Chris Ingalls in which “men” such as Chris repetitively harassed Kaleb over his political beliefs.

This also came after the FBI harassed Kaleb Cole and took his firearms away on the basis of his holding political beliefs they didn’t like. Kaleb was the victim of a complete harassment campaign by this system. If these allegations are true of him, then it was due to the campaign against him causing him to be in prime position for the FBI to swoop in and have their informant Joshua Sutter come in and manipulate his anger into having him agree to make posters for a plot that was certainly planned by the FBI themselves.

We ask our readers to give Kaleb Cole proper support during these times of great hardship. His prison address will be provided below. Send money, books, and more. Regardless of your opinions regarding the group he was leader of, Atomwaffen Division, what this system was doing to him was utter and complete bullshit.

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