The Hero and The Coward

A statement that we at The American Futurist felt was needed was to announce to our readers an update to The POW List. Usually when we update it, which up until now has been just us removing names of people who have thankfully been released. Such as the Rise Above Movement POWs. We do so without announcement. However two names have been removed for polar opposite reasons. First with the good news. Brandon Russell is free! Finally after 4 years, Brandon is free. We are deeply excited about his return and are glad his is finally fully back.

Now for the bad news. Cameron Brandon Shea, better known as “Krokodil”, has completely renounced his beliefs and stated that he is no longer of these beliefs due to him befriending nigger and spic criminals in prison. Literally just the plot line for American History X. His letter will be posted below for all to read.

As you can tell by reading through the whole letter. It’s just the typical sob story of “I was in a bad place when those evil Nazis recruited me into their cause! However I have changed! I have repaired my life and I am also no longer racist because I befriended nigger and spic criminals in prison! I even support the media now!”. What a fucking joke. Again this is literally the plot line of American History X.

Now some people have theorized that “Hey maybe Krokodil is doing this to get less time?” and hey maybe they’re right. However that doesn’t matter in the slightest. Completely renouncing your beliefs entirely, giving support to the Jewish Media who he himself damn well knows are a bunch of dishonest cunts, saying how he befriended nigger and spic criminals and how that made him no longer a racist because said individuals were nice to him. To myself, that makes it even worse. Like now you’re just lying and making the rest of us look bad to save your own skin.

Look at his points regarding how he became a Nazi because he was homeless, a drug addict and his friend died etc. etc. etc. This makes the rest of us look bad and only empowers the Jews and the Leftists who claim we don’t actually believe what we believe. We only believe in what we believe because we’re all incels/mentally ill or other lies and attempts at character assassination they do so they don’t actually have to address our arguments. So now Krokodil has empowered those arguments even more since now those rat fucks can just point at his letter to paint all of us in that light and use it to completely ignore our arguments and beliefs.

For an official statement on Krokodil. Fuck him, he’s no longer supported by The American Futurist and we wish for all of our readers to cut contact if they have contact with this coward.

Reminder that you’re in this forever. You don’t just get to drop your beliefs in the court room. You don’t just get to tell everyone how you’re totally cool with niggers and faggots now and you only hated them because you had a bad childhood and your Nazi friends manipulated you because you want to avoid going to prison. You’re a coward simple as that if you try that shit. You will be disowned. You will have no friends in prison.

On top of all of this, even when you engage in this cowardliness, even when you escape prison and throw your friends under the bus. You’re still a marked individual. You engaged in thought that the system doesn’t like and you’re marked forever. The only real way to be unmarked is to become a Jewish Grifting Puppet for groups like the ADL like Christian Picciolini I guess and you spend the rest of your life openly promoting leftism and Jewish talking points. However most don’t make it to that even. You just remain a marked individual. However this time you have no friends. Justly so if you betray the truth. Similar to Judas in the Bible. He betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver yet even afterwards he was still marked however he no longer had any friends to lean back on. Resulting in his suicide.

If you want to read a good letter on this very subject of cowards. Read Dylann Roof’s Letter to Christian Picciolini which will be posted below.

Dylann Roof really does his job and summarize it all pretty well.

This has been a statement from The American Futurist.

Fuck Traitors and Cowards. Hail Brandon Russell and Thank God for his release, Hail Victory and Hail American Futurism!